How to get cheap flights to Turkey in 2022. All ways and prices

Flights from Moscow to Turkey from 3 026 ₽.

Aviaseils will find you the cheapest airfare Moscow – Turkey by comparing the cost of your ticket to Turkey from 45 agencies, 5 booking systems, and 728 airlines. It’s up to you where to buy your flight tickets Moscow – Turkey.

It is worth noting that the direction Moscow – Turkey is most popular in August, September and October. During this period, the average cost of airfare is 18,843 ₽ .

The most popular destinations on the Moscow – Turkey route are:

  • Moscow – Antalya
  • Moscow – Bodrum
  • Moscow – Dalaman

During low season – May, June and July, the average price of flight tickets falls to 16 371 ₽ .

Direct flights from Moscow to Turkey

  • Pegasus Airlines to Istanbul (daily flight PC885)
  • Turkish Airlines to Antalya (2 days per week, flight TK212), to Ankara (4 days per week, flight TK422), to Istanbul (daily, flight TK416)
  • Aeroflot to Antalya (4 days per week, flight SU2142), to Istanbul (daily flight SU2130)

Travelling from Moscow to Turkey with a connection you can make your trip even more interesting because connection can be made in:

  • St. Petersburg (flight S71021 Moscow – Antalya of Rossiya airlines, flight DP209 Moscow – Bodrum of Azur Air, flight Y71061 Moscow – Bodrum of Turkish Airlines, flight EO147 Moscow – Istanbul of Red Wings airlines, flight FV6030 Moscow – Izmir of Aeroflot airlines)
  • Sochi (UT249 Moscow – Antalya by Turkish Airlines, DP115 Moscow – Antalya by Pobeda, U6471 Moscow – Istanbul by Ural Airlines)
  • Krasnodar (Pobeda flight DP159 Moscow – Antalya)

It is a great chance to get acquainted with these cities, as the transfer time is usually no less than 6 hours.

Keep in mind that, depending on the number of days remaining until your flight, the price of a flight Moscow – Turkey can change by more than two times.

Aviaseils suggests buying airfare from Moscow – Turkey in advance so that you can choose your flight according to your preferences and financial possibilities.

Ticket prices from Moscow to Turkey

Best airfare for Moscow – Turkey, found by our visitors in the past 48 hours*:

Itinerary One way Return trip
Moscow – Istanbul 09.01.2021 26.01 – 02.02.2021
Moscow – Antalya 08.01.2021 24.12 – 31.12.2020
Moscow – Alanya 12.01.2021 09.01 – 24.01.2021
Moscow – Dalaman 24.01.2021 14.01 – 24.01.2021
Moscow – Bodrum 31.01.2021 19.01 – 23.01.2021
Moscow – Izmir 20.01.2021 20.01 – 24.01.2021
Moscow – Ankara 11.01.2021 14.02 – 24.02.2021
Moscow – Adana 15.01.2021 31.12.2020 – 09.01.2021
Moscow – Kayseri 18.09.2022 30.12.2020 – 08.01.2021
Moscow – Trabzon 24.12.2020 18.09 – 25.09.2022
Hotel Theft in Turkey: Our Cases and Our Advice

* The prices found by the users for the last 48 hours are not an offer.

The cheapest airfare from Moscow to Turkey, found by our users in the past 48 hours: a ticket from Moscow to Istanbul from Pobeda airlines with a flight time of 09.01.2021 and cost 3 026 rubles .

The quickest airfare from Moscow to Turkey: a ticket from Moscow to Istanbul with the next flight on 12.09.2022 with a duration of 3h 5 min.

Moscow airports from which flights to Turkey depart:

The most popular airports serving Moscow – Turkey:

The most popular on Aviasails

Flights from Moscow

  • To Sochi from 1,480 ₽
  • To Simferopol from 2,197 ₽
  • Makhachkala from 1,885 ₽
  • Mineralnye Vody from 1 349 ₽.
  • to St. Petersburg from 1,200 ₽
  • To Krasnodar from 1,745 ₽
  • To Kaliningrad from 1,585 ₽
  • Anapa from 2,458 ₽
  • To Yerevan from 3 584 ₽
  • Istanbul from 3 026 ₽.

Flights to Turkey

Statistical information on flights from Moscow to Turkey

Flight cost from Moscow to Turkey by month

The cost of flights always depends on the time of travel. The chart will help you to compare flight prices from Moscow to Turkey, track flight price trends and find the best deals.

Flight Dynamics from Moscow to Turkey by Months

Statistics will help to determine the season of low prices. For example, in August prices reach an average of 21 637 rubles, and in November prices drop to an average of 11 844 rubles . Planning your trip now!

Flight searches from Moscow to Turkey by months

Aviaseils users make hundreds of thousands searches on our site every day. We analyze this information and create graphs to make it easier for you to plan your trips.

Flight Dynamics from Moscow to Turkey by months

During periods of high demand, it is recommended to purchase airfare from Moscow to Turkey in advance. For example, the number of searches in September reaches a maximum of 622286 searches, and in June their number drops to 19 of the maximum.

Price trends according to the number of days left before a flight from Moscow to Turkey

What is more advantageous: to buy tickets in advance to avoid a general rush, or closer to the departure date to take advantage of the “hot” offer? The schedule helps you to determine the best time to buy tickets.

Price dynamics depending on the amount of days left before a flight from Moscow to Turkey

See how the price of flights from Moscow to Turkey has changed depending on the time of purchase. Since the beginning of sales their cost has changed by an average of 23%. The cheapest price for a flight from Moscow to Turkey is 39 days before departure, around RUB 13,534 . Maximum price for a flight from Moscow to Turkey is on the day of departure , approximately 19 754 rubles . So if you are flexible on dates, check “what is on sale now”, to get the best price!

Food in Turkey . What to try? Prices - 2022
Flight prices from Moscow to Turkey depending on the day of the week

The cost of flights from Moscow to Turkey is not a fixed amount. It depends on many factors including the day of departure. Dynamics of changes can be seen on the diagram.

Price dynamics for flights from Moscow to Turkey depending on the day of week

Statistically, the most affordable flights from Moscow to Turkey are on Tuesdays, with an average cost of 15,065 rubles . The most expensive flights are on Saturdays, their average cost is 17,164 rubles . It is necessary to consider that the departures on the pre-holiday days are usually more expensive. We hope that this information will help you plan your trip in the most effective way.

Price trends by flight time from Moscow to Turkey

The cost of airline tickets depends not only on the date, but also on the time of departure. An airline may have several flights on the same day, and they will vary in price category.

Price dynamics depending on the time of flight from Moscow to Turkey

The chart shows the cost of a flight depending on the time of day. For example, the average cost of a flight from Moscow to Turkey in the morning is 14,992 rubles and in the evening is 13,382 rubles . Check all the conditions and choose the best offer.

Price trends depending on the airlines flying from Moscow to Turkey

The chart shows comparative airfare prices from Moscow to Turkey for the most popular airlines. Based on this information you can plan your trip and buy tickets from Moscow to Turkey with the right carrier.

Price dynamics depending on the airlines flying from Moscow to Turkey

Statistics helps to choose the flight taking into account your financial possibilities, as well as your wishes for comfort and flight conditions. The lowest prices for air tickets from Moscow to Turkey are offered by Air Serbia, the highest prices are offered by Swiss International Air Lines.

How to get to Turkey cheaply now

Details about all the ways to go from Russia to Turkey in 2022. How much more convenient and how much cheaper.

We will consider Istanbul and Antalya as a destination. But if you want you can similarly get to other cities in Turkey: Ankara, Bodrum, Izmir, Alanya and so on. It’s just Istanbul and Antalya are usually the cheapest places to fly to. And from there you can go anywhere without problems and for little money. Cheap flights to and from Turkey to other countries look here.

To Turkey by yourself - 2022. All the secrets of relaxation without a travel agent

Options to get to Turkey via countries that require a visa, I do not consider.

The easiest ways to get to Turkey are the first four . The other options for many people will seem more tedious and not too economical. However, some tourists will suit them as well, so I have described in detail all the available ways.


Air from Russia

If you live in Russia, the easiest way to get to Turkey in 2022 is to fly from a convenient city. Look for cheap tickets on Aviasales. There are direct flights and charters from many airports right now. One bad thing – prices bite, because the destination is terribly busy and there aren’t as many flights as there used to be. Let’s see exactly where it will be more convenient and cheaper to fly to the Turkish coast.

If you want to save money, then buy tickets at least 2-3 months before your trip. This rule is always relevant, but especially important in 2022 because of the high demand. The price difference can be double or even more. Below are the ticket prices if you buy a few months before your flight.

Prices from Moscow

Moscow – Istanbul . One way tickets for a direct flight cost from 10,000 ₽. A connecting flight to Sochi will be one or two thousand cheaper, but much longer. View tickets →

Moscow-Antalya . One-way tickets for a direct flight cost from ₽16,000. A connecting flight is only slightly cheaper. See tickets →

Cheapest tickets

The cheapest way to get to Turkey right now is from Sochi and North Caucasus airports. Here are the prices in 2022:

Sochi-Stambul . One way tickets for a direct flight cost from 6,500 ₽. View tickets →

Sochi-Antalya . One-way direct flight tickets cost from ₽10500. View tickets →

Minvody-Istanbul . One-way direct flight tickets cost from 7,500 ₽. View tickets →

Vladikavkaz – Istanbul . One-way direct flight tickets cost from 11000 ₽. See tickets →

Makhachkala-Istanbul . One way tickets for a direct flight cost from 7000 ₽. See tickets →

Makhachkala-Antalya . One-way direct flight tickets cost from ₽11,000. More cities → Other cities.

Other cities

You can fly to Turkey by direct flight from many other cities in Russia, but the prices will be higher. For example, tickets from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa cost from 18000 ₽ for a direct flight and from 10000 ₽ for a flight with connections.

    – The best tours – bargain car rental and – inexpensive transfers

On tour.

Charters fly to Turkey and tours are sold from many cities in Russia. Often the package is cheaper than the self-booked tickets and hotel. Tours in 2022 have greatly increased in price, but Turkey is still one of the most inexpensive destinations. Check how much the tours to Turkey from your city cost – perhaps this way to get will be more profitable and convenient for you.

What to see in Kemer and the surrounding area on your own

We buy tours on Level.Travel and Travelata services – it is more profitable and convenient than traveling through travel agencies. Learn how to buy tours cheaper, and be sure to use promo codes for discounts.

Tours from Moscow for 7-10 nights now cost from 80000 ₽ for two. This is the price for staying in the most basic hotel, the rest in a good five with “all inclusive” will cost at least twice as much. Check the search form below for the current prices.

Independent rest in hotels in Turkey

Sometimes you don’t want to think about complicated itineraries and flights, but just fly on a vacation package and relax. This is me resting on “all inclusive” in a wonderful hotel Sunprime C-Lounge 5* in Alanya.

Via Armenia

Tickets from Russia to Armenia are cheaper than to Turkey, and from there you can fly to Turkish cities rather inexpensively. So this way to get there may be less expensive for you. At the same time you will not only save money but also get to know Yerevan if you stay here for a day or two between flights.

The one way tickets from Moscow to Yerevan cost from 6,000 ₽ (with connection) and from 9,000 ₽ (direct flight). The cheapest tickets for you can get from Moscow to Yekaterinburg.

The cheapest flights to Yerevan are from Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala and Sochi. Tickets for direct flights cost from 4000 ₽.

Direct flights from Yerevan to Istanbul and Antalya cost from 6000 ₽.

Via Georgia

Inexpensive travel to Georgia is available to residents of southern Russia or those who find cheap tickets from their city to Vladikavkaz. From there, shuttle buses run to the Georgian capital. If you go not in high season, when the carriers are heavily slamming prices, such a transfer will cost 1500-3000 ₽ per person one way. We and many of our friends have taken this route, it’s not too long and complicated, and on the way you can admire the stunningly beautiful Georgian Military Road. You can also go to Georgia by your car, leave it in Tbilisi, fly to Turkey and return the same way. Read about all ways to travel to Georgia.

Tickets to Istanbul from Tbilisi and Batumi cost from 4000 ₽ one way. You can fly to Antalya from ₽5,500. We just flew this route on a flight by Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus.

Antalya in October 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Go to Turkey via Georgia

It has been a long-time dream of mine to take a ride on the Georgian Military Road. Glad I could make it happen, and I will definitely do it again.

Via Serbia

It’s hard to find inexpensive tickets to Belgrade from Russia right now, but if you’re lucky, you can fly from there to Istanbul from ₽4,000. Flights to Antalya are much more expensive.

Via Azerbaijan

The cheapest way to fly to Baku is from Kazan, Sochi and Mineralnye Vody – tickets cost from 4500 ₽ one way. Once we also flew from Kazan to Baku, and from there just flew to Istanbul, our tickets cost only a few thousand rubles. Find out what’s worth seeing in Baku.

Flights from Baku to Antalya and Istanbul cost from 8000 ₽ one way, and to Izmir and Ankara from 5000 ₽.

To Turkey via Baku

Baku is the city of contrasts. The futuristic Flame Towers shine in the background of the old city.

Via Kazakhstan

If there are very cheap tickets to Kazakhstan from your city or you are willing to go there by car or train, then you can get to Turkey via it.

A one-way flight from Nur-Sultan to Antalya and Istanbul costs from 12,000 ₽, from Almaty from 9,000 ₽.

Via Kyrgyzstan.

From many Russian cities, you can fly cheaply to Bishkek or Osh. And from there, there are inexpensive flights to Istanbul and Antalya – from 8,500 ₽ one way.

Via Israel

Tickets from Tel Aviv to Istanbul and Antalya cost only ₽4,000 one-way. However, it’s not easy to fly to Israel cheaply from Russia – prices start at ₽12,000.

By Car

It is possible to get to Turkey without planes at all. Recently, many people travel to Turkey by car. Here you can find out all the details on the way. The trip is less expensive than flying, if the whole family or a company. One bad thing is that to get there will take about 3-5 days and the same amount of time back. But the trip will be interesting, because on the way you will travel through Georgia and see a lot of interesting places in Turkey, which most tourists have not even heard of. I especially recommend visiting Cappadocia and the Black Sea resorts, near which are the “Turkish Alps.

The Georgian Military Road, which you will take on your way to Turkey. The beauty is unbelievable! Exploring the rock dwellings in Cappadocia. I advise you to visit this place!

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