How to get from Paris to Bruges – all ways

Paris – Bruges

How far from Paris to Bruges by different modes of transport? Paris – Bruges route: travel time, distance in kilometers and miles and route on the map, fares, transportation options and reviews and tips from experienced travelers 2022.

Fares and travel time

Below you can find information about how many hours it takes to get from Paris to Bruges and the approximate travel cost (average ticket price) by whichever mode of transportation.

Paris – Bruges – route on the map

Distance between Paris and Bruges

The distance between Paris and Bruges is 269 kilometers or 167 miles in a straight line and 292 kilometers or 181 miles by road.

Interesting facts

  • If you decide to ride it by bike, you will spend 15 hours and 78,804 calories
  • It would take you two days to walk it.
  • Your dog will cover that distance in 1 day.

Where to go from Bruges?

If you are planning a long trip where Bruges is just one of the stages, the following routes will be useful for you.

You can read more about Bruges and its sights in the article Bruges.

Flights Paris – Bruges

I am a fan, one might even say a fan of Salvador Dali! People I know think that there are a lot of “normal” artists whose works I should be fond of and not hang copies of this “mustached weirdo’s” paintings in my house. But there’s no stopping me! And since Bruges is home to the Salvador Dali Museum, during my vacation in Paris, I set aside a day to visit my neighboring country Belgium, and take my breath away at the Museum of my favorite artist. And now I will tell you how you can get to Bruges and what you can see on the way to this city.

From Paris to Bruges by train

The international train operator Talus operates this route. The operator’s high speed trains serve the line on which the coveted city of Bruges is located. However, I must warn you, there are no direct flights to Bruges from Paris. You have to travel with one or two transfers. Change at the station in Brussels (Midi) and at the Ghent station. On the way to Bruges you will be about three hours. The schedule is quite tight with the first train leaving the station Nord at 6 am and then there are either one or two trips per hour depending on the schedule. Trains run until the evening.

How to get to Brussels

Ticket prices

A second class ticket to Bruges can be purchased for 50-60 euros.

Buying ticket

You can buy a ticket to Bruges at the ticket office of Gare du Nord in Paris or online:

From Paris to Bruges by bus

This option has the right to life only in theory. In practice, however, the possibility to get to Bruges by bus is very problematic, because there are no direct flights, and you first need to get to Brussels or Ghent by bus, and then go to Bruges by train, and that trip seems a little “inadequate”, given that the train ride is much more convenient than traveling by bus.

From Paris to Bruges by car

This is another “worthwhile” option to travel between Paris and Bruges, and the route is quite simple, going “in a straight line, almost without turning anywhere,” along the A1 freeway. The distance is three hundred kilometers and if you will not stop anywhere, and there are no traffic jams (which can sometimes be due to traffic accidents), then you get to your destination in three hours.

Where can I stop on the way?

The answer is definite – the city of Lille! The city is rich in historical districts, museums, cafes and restaurants, as well as souvenir shops. If we talk about sights, I would single out the gate of Paris, the Old Bourse, the Gate of Roubaix, the Old Tower, the Ghent Gate, the Hospital of the Countess and the House of Coyo as must-see sights. On the latter I would like to dwell a little more. Its cladding looks like the greenish-blue skin of a prehistoric lizard. The author of such a strange design is Hector Guimard, a famous architect who worked in the Art Nouveau style. Guimard had designed the house for Louis Coyo, a master craftsman who was making enamelware which was very rare at the time, and to show it he decided to use it in the design of his home. The façade was irregularly shaped, asymmetrical, just like the rest of the mansion. A variety of materials were used in the design of the facade: enamel, wood, steel, bricks, tiles. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the house inside, as it is privately owned, but you can admire it outside at any time.

Brussels - Bruges: How to get there

As you can see, the best options to get to Bruges, there are only two car and train. Getting by bus is not convenient, and the ferry or plane is impossible.

How to get from Paris to Bruges

The distance from Paris to Bruges is 299 km. One of the most picturesque Belgian cities can be reached from the French capital by train and bus. Those who have a driver’s license are free to rent a car, and those who prefer comfort – find a companion driver.

Travel time by train is 2.5-3 hours, by bus – from 4.5 hours, by car – 3 hours. The most inexpensive tickets, of course, by bus.

Below we will consider in detail, on what you can get from Paris to Bruges on your own and how much such a trip will cost.

Train Paris – Bruges

The Thalys train

There are no direct trains on the route. Change in almost all cases in Brussels. Departure – from Gare du Nord in Paris. The end – Bruges train station.

The first part of the trip from Paris to Brussels, passengers travel in comfortable high-speed train Thalys, which can reach speeds of 300 km / hr. There is free WI-FI in the cabin, sockets for charging mobile devices, and a bar with snacks and drinks.

Thalys trains start at 6-8 am and end at 9 pm. Travel time is 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Then change trains (10-20 minutes) and take regular IC trains to Bruges (1 hour). The transfer is a simple matter, you usually just need to transfer from one platform to another. If you doubt yourself, then ask the conductor to tell you which carriage is the best to get off and which way to go. Explain that you are not Belgian and do not know all the subtleties.

So the whole trip will take from 2 hours 40 minutes to 3 hours.

There are also some flights with two connections, they are usually, but not necessarily, cheaper. The trip will take 3 hours 20-40 minutes.

The price of a train ticket between Paris and Bruges in 2022 is from 39.9 to 126.6 euros, depending on the flight. First class tickets are more expensive: from 45.1 euros .

Belgium: Travelling by yourself

You can buy tickets on the website of the national rail company of Belgium – SNCB, on the website of Thalys (only to Brussels, buy separately to Bruges), on the Russian-speaking service Rail Europe, which specializes in European destinations, and through the single ticket search service for transportation around the world.

Bus Paris – Bruges

How to get from Paris to Bruges

Not the fastest option, but pretty budget.

FlixBus operates several flights a day, with more buses from Thursday to Sunday. Flights are direct or with one transfer (Lille or Brussels). Travel time ranges from 4 hours 30 minutes to 7 hours, depending on the flight.

Buses leave from different points in Paris, mainly from the bus station in the Bercy Seine. Be careful when choosing a ticket on the website.

Arrive at the stop on the south side of the train station or at the Bruges Bargeplein stop.

The price of a 2022 Paris-Brugge bus ticket is €9.99-35.99 . Often the company arranges promotions and a ticket can be bought for only 3.99 euros . Bus schedules on the FlixBus website.

  • Compare all options for travel between cities by price and travel time through a single ticket service OMIO.

From Paris to Bruges by car

The trip takes about 3 hours. The distance from Paris to Bruges by car is 299 km. The way lies along the highway A1. Please note that the section from Paris to Lille (221 km) is a toll road (16.90 euros). The fare is displayed on the board and can be paid in cash or by card, as well as online.

Travel on Belgian roads is free.

We also recommend visiting the portal of the French freeways to calculate the fare.

A step by step description of the route:

Paris – Bruges route description

Route length between Paris and Bruges: 291km

Approximate travel time: 3h 17m Show route description

Distance Time Note
21м Go straight on to Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.
265м 31с Go straight on to Avenue Victoria.
894м Turn right on Sevastopolski Boulevard.
119м 13с Go straight ahead on Sevastopolski Boulevard.
363м 40с Go straight on to Boulevard de Strasbourg.
822м Go straight on to Place du 11 Novembre 1918.
131м 16с Turn left at Place du 11 Novembre 1918.
35м Go straight ahead on Rue du 8 Mai 1945.
895м Turn right on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis
658м Go straight ahead on Rue de la Chapelle.
951м Go straight ahead on Rue de la Chapelle.
140м Head straight ahead
329м 23с Go left onto E19.
7km Go straight on to E19
4km Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
1km 39с Go left onto Autoroute du Nord.
111km 1h 8m Go left onto Autoroute du Nord.
1km Go straight on to E15
39km 24м Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
12km Go left onto Autoroute du Nord.
41м Go straight on to E17
7km Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
735м 27с Go left onto Autoroute du Nord.
326м 12с Go straight on to E17
1km 37с Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
147м Go straight on to E17
6km Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
7km Go straight on to E17
1km Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
334м 12с Go straight on to E17
7km Go straight on to Autoroute du Nord
265м 24с Turn right onto the D656.
660м Go right on D656.
5km Go straight on to the D656.
595м 54с Turn left onto E17.
11km Go straight on to E17
96м Go straight on to the A22
4km Go straight on to E17
826м 30с Head right
1km Take the exit on the right.
3km Go straight on to E403.
37km 23м Turn left into E403
1km Head right on E403
1km Go straight on to E403.
2km Go straight on to Expresweg
358м 39с Turn right into Torhoutsesteenweg
1km Turn right into Torhoutsesteenweg
312м 34с Go straight on to Buiten de Smedenpoort.
161м 32с Go right on Hendrik Consciencelaan
259м 51с Go left on Hauwerstraat
24м Turn right into Vrijdagmarkt
76м 10с Go left
52м Go left at ‘t Zand.
212м 23с Go right on ‘t Zuidzandstraat
427м 47с Go straight on to Steenstraat
296м 32с Go left on Vlamingstraat
Go right on Academieststraat
67м Go straight on to Academiestraat
Belgium: Travelling by yourself

Rent a car

You can rent a car for a day trip to Bruges. Those who are confident behind the wheel will enjoy a drive on the European freeways.

We recommend you to read the feature article “Rent a car in France”.

Searching for a hitchhiker

Given the popularity of the Paris – Bruges route, you can easily find a fellow driver. Drivers take a symbolic fee – “for gasoline”. Drivers and passengers arrange a trip through the service On the site you must register to contact the driver.

From Paris to Bruges via Lille

You can think of a compound route through Lille, located 14 km from the Belgian border.

Every day from Gare du Nord in Paris to Lille there are a few dozen trains TGV. Travel time is 1 hour 5-10 minutes. The ticket price – 18-32 euros. The trains arrive at the railway station Lille Flandres.

From there one must take a bus FlixBus. The company has two or three trips a day, the connection is more than real. Buses leave from the bus stop near the station Lille Europe (Lille Europe; 600 meters from Lille Flandres):

Travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ticket price is 5 euros.

Thus, the trip will cost 27-37 euros and will take 2 hours and 30 minutes excluding the connection. The time you have to spend waiting for your connecting flight could be better spent walking around Lille and seeing the sights closest to the station.

OMIO one-stop ticket search

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