How to get from Vienna to Salzburg – all ways

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg – 5 options

Vienna and Salzburg are the most visited Austrian cities, no wonder tourists are interested in the route Vienna-Salzburg, how to get from one locality to another.

Westhbahn train

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg cheap and fast

It is an unforgivable mistake to come to Vienna and not get to Salzburg. There is only 296 km between the cities, each of them has an amazing history, castles, unique atmosphere and festivals. There are several ways to travel the distance between Vienna and Salzburg – train, bus, plane and car. Which trip to choose – it depends on individual preferences and budget. Each method has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, the car will have to travel long enough, the flight by plane is expensive, to go by bus, you have to pick up a specific time and adjust to it.

Vienna-Salzburg – how to get by train

On the local Westhbahn train

The distance from Vienna to Salzburg by train is 326 km. Different trains run between the localities:

  • Westhbahn – local trains;
  • OEBB – intercity;
  • Railjet – fast trains, you can get there 20-30 minutes faster, the ticket will cost 25 € more, about 52 €.

Note: Of these options Westhbahn offers the most comfortable journey conditions. The cars have free wi-fi, are equipped with changing tables, places for bicycles and baby carriages, air conditioning and capacious luggage racks.

The train from Vienna Airport to Salzburg costs 33.50 €. Visually, the ticket resembles an ordinary check. As for the schedule, it varies, but as a rule, trains leave once an hour.

Railway Station Salzburg

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof

In Salzburg, trains arrive at the main train station. Tourists spend at least 2 hours and 15 minutes on the road. The maximum travel time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The duration of the trip depends on the number of stops.

Important: Tourists can buy tickets in the second class cars of OEBB trains, their cost is 19€. There are a few conditions – a travel document must be purchased no later than 72 hours before the trip. It is non-refundable and valid only for a particular train.

OEBB train

Another offer from the carrier company OEBB, beneficial for tourists traveling together, is a ticket for a group of 2 to 5 people, its cost is 34 €. Passes are valid at certain times:

  • on weekdays – from 9-00 to 3-00 the next day;
  • On weekends and holidays – all day until 03-00 the next day, it entitles you to make stops along the way.
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The carrier company Westbahn offers travel on two routes:

Vienna-Salzburg trains depart from the Westbahn train station. The trip costs 33.50€ and lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. The trains run frequently, but the only inconvenience for those who have just arrived in Vienna is the time and money it takes to get from the airport to the station. Public transportation to the station is as follows:

  • Streetcars No. 6, 18;
  • Subway lines U6 and U3, station “Westbahnhof”.

Important: Buying a ticket does not mean booking a seat on the train. If you want to reserve a seat, you will have to pay a surcharge of 4 €.

You can buy tickets for the night train. In this case seats are available only in the second class cars. The cost of a normal seat is 70 €, and the cost of a sleeping seat is 100 €. You will have to spend about 4 hours on the road.

Experienced tourists recommend not to take risks, and to take care of the trip in advance – to buy tickets online. By the way, the carriers offer promotional fares.

Some tickets provide an opportunity to stop on the way to admire the views, walk through small towns. This is the only place to find out what Austria is really like. After the walk you can continue your trip on any train.

Important: For more information on schedules and ticket prices, see the official website of the Austrian Railways:

How to get to Salzburg from Vienna Airport by train

Austrian Railways coach salon

Direct trains from Vienna International Airport to Salzburg are a convenient way to travel. The carrier is Austrian Railways. The fare depends on the comfort level of the coach:

  • 1st class – 55€;
  • 2nd class – 33 €.

The cars have comfortable seats, places for luggage, coffee tables and air conditioning. Trains depart from terminal 3, level 0 of Schwechat Airport.

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg by bus

It is not possible to get from Vienna to Salzburg by direct bus, there are only flights with connections. They depart rarely, the fare starts at 20 €. The trip takes 5 hours. Public transport starts at the bus station “Erdberg”.

Erdberg bus station


Important: Detailed information about bus times, ticket prices and trip times can be found at:

Journey in a rental car

A trip by car will take approximately 5 hours. The route between Vienna and Salzburg goes through the city of Linz. You will need about 24 liters of gasoline for the trip, the price is 45€.

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Rent a car at the airport

There are no difficulties with renting a car in Vienna, as well as in the whole of Europe. There are car rental companies at the airport. You can rent a car on arrival to the Austrian capital or in advance on the website of the company.

The requirements for the driver:

  • The availability of an international license;
  • driving experience of at least 12 months;
  • A credit card with the necessary amount;
  • at least 23 years old.

It is obligatory to have insurance. It is better to take out an extended policy that includes insurance against theft.

Infant car seat

Be prepared that a serious system of penalties applies in Vienna, for the slightest offence the driver will have to pay a large sum of money. If you are traveling with a child, a child seat must be ordered in advance. It is noteworthy that the winter tires are provided free of charge.

Remember that in central, historic districts, parking is prohibited or allowed for a short time.

How to fly from Vienna to Salzburg

The flight takes at least 1.5 hours (including the trip from the airport). The flight itself takes approximately 50 minutes. Ticket prices start at 195€. The carrier is Austrian Airlines. The planes depart daily and are scheduled for three flights (only during the day).

By plane to Salzburg

Salzburg Airport, located 4 km from the city, takes the planes. You can get to Salzburg by cab or by public transport.

Transfer from Vienna to Salzburg

If you are flying into the Austrian capital Vienna at night, the best way to get to Salzburg is by transfer or booking a cab. This is the most expensive way to travel around Austria – the trip will cost from 345€. The duration of the trip is 3.5 hours.

A cab in Vienna

Transfer companies from Vienna to Salzburg offer different transportation, depending on the number of tourists. You can rent a car or minibus. In addition, the client himself selects the level of comfort in the cabin.

  • round-the-clock service;
  • The transport will deliver to the specified address;
  • it is possible to order a car for a definite and to a definite address;
  • a trip without stops;
  • payment by card is possible.

Important: If you plan to take a cab from Vienna Airport to Salzburg, you need to go from the airport building to the cab rank. They are located opposite all terminal exits.

All prices on the page are for March 2019.

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Popular tourist route Vienna-Salzburg, how to get from one city to another depends only on your individual wishes and allocated budget. We have considered possible options, and you choose the one that you prefer, because the trip should be comfortable and enjoyable.

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How to get from Vienna to Salzburg – all ways

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg

We’re talking about all the ways to get from Vienna to Salzburg on your own. Which is the fastest way to get to Salzburg? Ticket schedules and prices for tickets in 2020. Where to buy tickets and how to save money.

How to get by train from Vienna to Salzburg

The capital of the country and the city where Mozart was born are the most visited places in Austria. By train between the two Austrian cities is 326 km. An easy and inexpensive way to get from Vienna to Salzburg on your own is the high-speed train.

What trains run between Vienna and Salzburg . The railroad is operated by the state company Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) and the private company Westbahn . You can take the train, which can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, or you can take the slower local train. The fastest trains will get you there in less than 2.5 hours.

Timetable . There are many trains from Vienna to Salzburg and they run once an hour or more. For up-to-date schedules check the Omio service. Trains depart from Vienna Schwechat Airport (VIE), Vienna Westbahnhof and Wien Hbf stations . In Salzburg they arrive at the main railway station Salzburg Hbf .

Where to buy a ticket . Tourists can buy train tickets from Vienna to Salzburg at the ticket booths and vending machines at the train station or from the controller during boarding. Keep in mind that pre-departure prices are quite high – 25-52€. The winners are those who buy tickets in advance. If you buy a second class ticket on the ÖBB train 72 hours before departure it costs €19.

It’s more convenient to buy online on the Russian-language service Omio. Also double-check prices on the official ÖBB and Westbahn websites, but there is no Russian language there. Recently, train tickets from Vienna to Salzburg are also sold by bus carrier Flixbus.

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After payment, you will receive a ticket in the mail as a PDF file. To show it to the ticket inspector, you have to print the ticket out in advance. You can do this at ÖBB vending machines using the code you received by text message. You cannot do without the printed ticket! You will have to pay a fine of €70 for going without a ticket and €100 through the bank.

How to save money . Get your tickets 1-2 months in advance. The lowest prices on Westhbahn trains . There is an interesting offer for tourists who travel in a group of 2 to 5 people. For 34€ the ÖBB sells an Einfach-Raus-Ticket, a pass that is valid for a limited time from 9:00 to 3:00 the next day.

Take a train from Vienna to Salzburg

Route: Main Station – Salzburg. Photo: evgeeeenchik /

How to get by bus from Vienna to Salzburg

There are no direct buses between the cities. If you want to get from Vienna to Salzburg on your own, you will have to travel with connections in Munich, Bratislava or Prague. There are modern air-conditioned buses with padded adjustable seats, Wi-Fi and toilets along the route.

Timetable . The Flixbus departs from Vienna’s Station Erdberg at 7:15, 10:15, 12:20: 13:50, 14:30, 17:10 and 00:05 and arrives in Salzburg at Hbf Bahnsteig . You will spend between 5 and 9 hours on the way.

Where to buy a ticket. We advise you to buy tickets online at Omio. Also check prices on the Flixbus website to see if they are cheaper. The fare starts at 28€.

How to save money Get your tickets online in advance and they will cost less.

Excursions from Vienna to Salzburg

A great solution is to go on a trip with a tour group. Travel agencies offer bus tours from Vienna to Salzburg in Russian, which are designed for 12-12.5 hours.

During the trip guide will tell about all the attractions that are visible behind the bus window and conduct a walking tour of Salzburg. The group tour “Salzburg and the Lake District of Salzkammergut” costs 109€ for an adult and 90€ for a child under 12 years old.

Popular excursions in Vienna:

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Castle. Photo: alexanderxiaoyu /

BlaBlaCar pickup

If you can’t afford a cab but want to have a comfortable ride, find a hitchhiker and share the cost of your trip with him or her. It’s easy to do on the BlaBlaCar site. The search won’t take long! Enter the city of departure, the place of arrival, the desired date and time, and you’ll see offers from drivers who are willing to take passengers. We’ve found very cheap ride options for as little as 12€ per person.

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Popular Salzburg tours:

From Vienna to Salzburg by car

The distance between Vienna and Salzburg by road is 298 km. The trip by car will take 4-5 hours. A rental car from Vienna with return in Salzburg costs from 25 € per day, and with return in Vienna itself from 19 € per day. You will spend about 24 liters of gasoline for a one-way trip – 45€. Learn the ins and outs of renting a car abroad.

How to save money . Plan a car tour through Austria and rent a car for a few days. A rental car for a week costs from 78€.

Drive from Vienna to Salzburg

Europastraße in Salzburg. Photo: julianhochgesang /

The best way to get from Vienna to Salzburg

The fastest way to get from the Austrian capital to Salzburg is by plane. You will spend only 50 minutes in the air. Disadvantages of flying: high price – from 115 € and waste time on the way to the airport, pre-flight waiting and getting the luggage.

A cheap, but not too convenient option to get from Vienna to Salzburg on your own is the bus. The road is too long. There are no direct flights on this direction, and the transfer can take from 1 to 3 hours.

Tourists who like to travel to new places with a guide will find a bus tour from Vienna to Salzburg suitable. You do not need to think about the schedule of public transport and buy tickets. The downside of any tour is a strict time limit. Getting to know Salzburg will be superficial and short.

If you like to drive, but do not want to spend a lot of money on cabs, look for companions. Traveling in company will appeal to anyone who likes to socialize.

Renting a car from Vienna to Salzburg is suitable for a trip with a family or in the company of friends. Austria has impeccable roads. Plan your own route through the beautiful Austrian cities!

The best way to travel from Vienna to Salzburg is by high-speed train. You’ll get there in 2.5 hours and won’t spend too much on a ticket.

How to get there:

Cheapest way to get from Vienna to Salzburg

Residenzplatz in Salzburg. Photo: patresinger /

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