How to get to Ålesund cheaply

How to get to Ålesund cheaply

Apanhar o metro na estação de Kitay-gorod.

Travel time 37 min. Distance 20 km.

Carrier: Moscow Metro.

Walk 541 m from Kotel’niki to Kotelniki Bus Station, Moscow.

7 min. The distance is 541 meters.

Take a Mostransavto bus at the Kotelniki Bus Station, Moscow.

There are 50 minutes en route. Distance 24 km.

Walk 433 m from Zhukovsky International Airport to Zhukovsky (ZIA).

Walk for 6 min. Distance 433 m.

Fly to Zhukovsky (ZIA) from Budapest Airport (BUD).

Journey time is 12 hours. 10 min. Fare from €170

Carrier: Ural Airlines.

Take a bus Vy Buss at Domodedovo Airport stop.

Your journey lasts 17 min. Fare from €14 Distance 144 m.

Train, car ferry, bus, night bus

Get on the train Moscow, Leningradsky Station at Go Rail station .

Your journey will take about 15h. Fare from €55 Distance: 1011 km.

Take bus Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS at Balti jaam 6 stop .

Travel time 12 min. Fare from €1 Distance 3 km.

Carrier: Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS.

Walk 527 m from Reisisadama D-terminal to Tallinn.

Walk 6 min. Distance 527 m.

Embarque no ferry Tallink no porto de Tallinn.

Journey 17 hrs. 15 min. Fare from €75 Distance: 459 km.

Take bus SL at Londonviadukten stop .

Journey time is 16 min. The distance is 5 km.

Take the bus FlixBus at Stockholm stop .

Journey time is 7h. 7h 20 min. Fares from €26 Distance 534 km.

Take the bus Vy Buss at Oslo bussterminal stop .

Journey time is 8h. 8h 32 min. The fare starts from €80 Distance: 581 km.

Bus, night bus

Apanhar o metro na estação de Ploshchad Revolyutsii.

Travel time is 29 min. Distance: 14 km.

Carrier: Moscow Metro.

Take a bus Ecolines at the Moscow Central Bus Station stop.

It travels in 9 hours. 30 min. Fares start from €30 Distance: 747 km.

Take a bus Minsktrans at the Minsk Central bus station stop .

Prices in Norway - 2022. How much does it cost to travel

Journey time is 18h. 20 min. The fare begins from €17 Distance: 1126 km.

Get on Bus FlixBus at Berlin ZOB [Fernbus] stop .

Travel time is 17h. 15 min. The fare starts from €50 Distance: 1195 km.

Take a bus Vy Buss at Domodedovo Airport stop.

Travel time is 8h. 32 min. Fare from €80 Distance 144 m.

Train, bus, night bus

Apanhar o metro na estação de Teatralnaya.

Walking 5 min. Distance 3 km.

Carrier: Moscow Metro.

Take Moskva Belorusskaya train in Russian Railways station.

Going 15 hrs. 7 min. Fare from €95 Distance 1090 km.

Carrier: Russian Railways.

Walk 1006 m from Brest C to Brest.

Going 12 min. The distance is 1 km.

Take a bus Minsktrans at the Brest stop.

The journey time is 5 hrs. 40 min. Fare from €10 Distance: 215 km.

Get on Bus Sindbad at Warszawa stop .

Travel time is 27h. 27h. 45min. Fares from €55 Distance 1824 km.

Take the Oslo S train at Sj Nord station .

Journey time is 4 h. 8 min. Fares from €45 Distance 309 km.

Take Vy Buss bus at Dombås stasjon stop .

Journey 3 hours. 35 min. The fare from €40 Distance 227 km.

Train, bus, ferry

Apanhar o metro na estação de Biblioteka Imeni Lenina.

Walking 7 min. Distance 3 km.

Carrier: Moscow Metro.

Take Moskva Oktiabrska train at Russian Railways station .

Travel 35 h. 4 min. Fare from €50 Distance 1915 km.

Carrier: Russian Railways.

Take a bus Pasvikturist AS at the stop Murmansk .

Going 4 hours. Distance: 222 km.

Carrier: Pasvikturist AS.

Take bus Snelandia at the stop Scandic Hotell Kirkenes .

Journey time is 35 min. Fare from €5 Distance 11 km.

Walk 764 m from Prestøya to Kirkenes Hurtigrutekai.

It takes 9 min. Distance 764 m.

Embarque no ferry Hurtigruten no porto de Kirkenes Hurtigrutekai.

Travel time 108 hrs. Fare from €700 Distance 2095 km.

By car

By rented car. See on this website which rental company offers the best deal with discounts of up to 20%.

Prices in Norway - 2022. How much does it cost to travel

Travel time 36 hrs. 40 min. The distance is 2958 km.

The cheapest way to get from Moscow to Alesund is to fly from Moscow Domodedovo to Alesund. The trip will cost about €142. Travel time will be 13 hrs. 18 min.

The plane from Moscow Domodedovo to Alesund is the fastest way to get from Moscow to Aalesund. The ticket price is about €142. The trip will take 13h. 18 min.

The distance between Moscow and Olesund by road will be 2958 km, that’s about 36 hrs. 40 min by car.

A trip by car from Moscow to Olesund will take you about 36 hrs. 40 min.

Flights to Olesund: Flight tickets and timetable (Norway)

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Flights from Ålesund to other countries

Below is a list of popular countries where people from Norway like to fly.

Flights to Aalesund

Here are the best prices for airfare to Olesund found by Bilety Plus .ru users . The cheapest ticket is from St. Petersburg for 3,844 р. and expensive – from Oslo for 6814 р.

*The prices are given for one-way flight.

The cheapest airfare to Aalesund that our search system found: economy class ticket Saint-Petersburg – Aalesund on flights FR1171 – W61765 by Ryanair at the price of 3844 r (all taxes and fees included).

Flight Schedules to Aalesund

The flight schedule to Aalesund is very dynamic and constantly updated.

*The price is published in one way.

Airlines flying to Aalesund

Direct flights to Aalesund are operated by 23 airlines. The most popular airlines are: AirBaltic-Baltic Airlines (BT) , Wizz Air (W6) , Rosa Wind (7W).

Direct flights
Flights with a connection

Flights from Ålesund

In the table below you can see the cost of flights from Olesund on popular flight destinations. The cheapest ticket is to Moscow for $3,647. The cheapest ticket is to Moscow for 3,647 р.

Prices in Norway - 2022. How much does it cost to travel

*Tickets for a one-way flight.

The cheapest airfare from Olesund found by our system: economy ticket Olesund – Moscow on DY413 – LO484 – LO735 from Norwegian Airlines at 3647 p (including all taxes and fees).

Flight Schedules from Olesund

Flight schedules from Ålesundn are updated daily. Depending on many factors, flight arrival times may vary.

*One way prices.

Airlines flying from Olesund

Direct flights from Ålesundn are operated by 1 airlines. The most popular are Norwegian Airlines (DY) .

Direct flights

there are no direct flights to olesund. Try to use flights with a connection.

Flights with a connection

Aalesund Airports (AES)

The city of Ålesund has one airport. The airport in Olesund has several dozens of direct flights every day, as well as many connecting and layover flights. Due to the busy schedule of air traffic, frequent changes in departure and arrival times are possible. Airports in Olesund on the map – here you can see all the airports on the city map, flight schedules and transfer information.

How to find and buy your own ticket?

How to buy a ticket on your own?

To buy an airline ticket to or from Olesund, it takes a few simple steps:

  • Fill in the search form – specify departure and arrival cities, round-trip dates, and start the search.
  • Choose a suitable ticket – pay attention to departure/arrival airports, travel time and connection time, luggage availability and price, and use filters and sorting to make your search easier.
  • Click “Buy now” on the ticket you prefer – it will take you to the retailer’s web-site.
  • Fill out the form and make the payment – provide passport and contact information, double-check everything carefully and then pay for the ticket by one of the ways listed: via Internet Banking, by bank card, by e-money or in cash at Svyaznoy or Euroset outlets.
  • That’s all. After the payment within 10 minutes you will receive an e-ticket with your flight details. It must be printed out and taken with you to the airport. For boarding you need only a passport.
Prices in Norway - 2022. How much does it cost to travel

Help with booking ?

To contact the online support service, you must first run a search for tickets for specific dates and then you will have the opportunity to write your question in the online chat to our operators. For detailed instructions on e-tickets, how to purchase and check the status, how to return or exchange, and how to correct inaccuracies, you can view here.

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