How to have a cheap rest in the Crimea – 7 secrets

Where to rest cheaply in the Crimea in 2022

Where to have a rest inexpensively in the Crimea in the summer of 2022? We tell you about the places for a budget holiday in the Crimea, where to go after the pandemic, so that it won’t be too hard on the wallet. And it’s definitely not Yalta, Alushta and the entire South Coast of Crimea. If you are looking for low-cost resorts, look farther away.

The Crimean peninsula was in demand back in Soviet times and was considered an elite holiday destination for the Soviet middle class. In 2022 the holidays in the Crimea are very much in demand, especially since abroad is partially closed, there is little money left after the quarantine, and someone has lost his job. By the number of tourists the Crimea has even overtaken Sochi, and there are many “budget travelers”. After passing through the resorts, we saw such a huge number of cars from all regions of Russia, campers, motor homeowners and others that it is immediately obvious that people want to cut costs as much as possible.

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When you travel to the Crimea, the offline Travelinka map will help. It is downloaded to your phone, works without internet, doesn’t consume mobile traffic, and creates routes via satellite. On the map marked hotels, cafes, attractions. By the way, mobile internet in the Crimea, “Megafon”, “Beeline” and “Tele-2” is paid, so the map saves a lot of money.

Where to have a cheap vacation in the Crimea.

Where to have a rest inexpensively in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

Looking for where to have an inexpensive vacation in the Crimea in the summer of 2022 is not so easy. This is more of an expectation than a reality. In 2022, the number of tourists who want to save on their vacation has increased significantly compared with previous years. But there are main budget locations for tourists :

  • Western coast from Saki to the Black Sea;
  • The east coast from Kerch to Feodosia;
  • On the Azov Sea from Zolote to Kamenskoe.

Trolleybus Yalta

Where inexpensive to have a rest in the Crimea in 2022? Where it is cheaper to have a rest in Crimea?

If you are interested in where to rest cheaply in the Crimea, then it is worth paying attention to new areas, which is just coming tourism. The most inexpensive and therefore the most affordable options for recreation in the Crimea are located on the west coast. Holidays inexpensive in the Crimea in 2022 can be in Evpatoria, medical town Saki, Nikolaevka, Sevastopol, Zaozerne, Sandy, Corner with an abundance of children’s health resorts, Mezhvodnom, Black Sea, Olenevka. These resorts have the most affordable prices for accommodation, meals and other resort services.

If you want to vacation cheaply in the Crimea, choose your vacation spot away from hyped resorts. These places include Solnechnogorskoye, Malorechenskoye, Pushkino, Kanaka, Privetnoe, Rybachie. There are wide pebble beaches, very attractive for recreation with children, but not as beautiful as the South Coast. The sand in these places is dark volcanic, in appearance inferior to the usual yellow sand or pebbles.


More expensive options for recreation in the Crimea is the eastern coast of the Crimea. Relax a little more expensive will turn out in the Beregovoe, Novy Svet, Shelkino, Kurortnoe, Koktebel, Ordzhonikidze, Feodosia, Kerch and Sudak . This region has a lot of comfortable hotels at affordable prices. Eastern coast of the Crimea is famous for its picturesque nature: an incredible combination of sea beauty on the background of mountain ranges.

Truth about Lubimovka. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

The highest prices for holidays in the Crimea in 2022 – on the South Coast, Alushta, Utes, Yalta, Foros, Gurzuf, Alupka and Partenit. Prices for holidays in the Crimea are consistently rising year by year. Previously the growth was about 10-15%, and in 2022 the growth of 30%. At the same time, many hotels are already filled to 100%.

Crimean coast: map

Where to have a rest in the Crimea inexpensive accommodation in 2022

The cheapest way to have a rest in the Crimea 2022 inexpensively is a feral camping not far from the sea. Even better option is a camping holiday in the Crimea. They can also be found at our sea. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. When you arrive in the Crimea and see a lot of tourists with huge backpacks, you realize that they came to rest wild. Here is such a “wild” tent camp on the beach in Rybachiy, as in the photo below.

Camping in Fishing

If you are interested in a holiday in a more comfortable conditions, but at a low price, choose Soviet boarding houses, mini-hotels or recreation centers of Crimea, where the cost of rooms and prices for food is not high, but the convenience will be minimal. Such a small house we rented in Solnechnogorskoye, the convenience of a separate room with a minimum of furniture, but the price of 500 rubles / day.

Boarding house Crimea

What are the prices for housing in the Crimea in 2022? It is no secret that the price segment of the housing market in the Crimea strongly depends on the remoteness of the hotel, pension or apartment from the sea. The farther from the sea the cheaper the Crimea is. Just do not overdo it with the economy, and do not settle at 10 km from the sea, then you are unlikely to be able to enjoy your vacation. Optimal location of the sea – 5-10 minutes on foot, such housing will cost the most. Consider that 10 minutes walk from the sea means that you will have to spend 10 minutes on foot, and 20 minutes walk uphill from the sea.

What currency to take with you on vacation in the Crimea? Take cash with you to the Crimea, because at this time on the peninsula there is no Sberbank, and cashless payment is available only in chain stores and cafes. An exception – if you have a card VTB, Alfa Travel, or Home Credit, withdrawal at any ATM commission-free cash, cashback, miles, and bonuses as a gift.


Prices in Alushta for studio apartments start from 15000 rub, and 2-bedroom apartments from 20000 rub. There are no apartments in Alushta directly on the seashore. The coastal zone is occupied by a pedestrian embankment, as well as hotels and resorts. Therefore, the apartment will be in the city, and in a bathing suit to walk from her to the sea you can not, that’s for sure. You can rent an apartment in Evpatoria, 5 minutes from the sea for 25000 rubles. a month. In Yalta a 2-room apartment costs about 35000 rubles. Sometimes you can rent a 3-room apartment in Yalta for this price. In Sevastopol you can rent a studio for 20000 rubles, 2-room apartment for 30000 rubles, and 3-room apartment for 37000 rubles. In Kerch one-room apartment will cost 15000 rubles per month, and 2-room apartment – 20000 rubles. You can check the prices for private accommodation on the site

In the high season, good options are booked 2-3 months in advance. And if they ask you where you’re coming from, do not name major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. . Dodgy Crimeans know that the price level in large cities is higher and will slam prices for accommodation, you can be sure. Well, of course, haggle to the last. Knowing that there is a ready “customer” with money for an empty house, the owners in no case will not want to miss it.

Do not forget that there are intermediaries at the station and in the trains. If you do not want to risk with private accommodation and looking for it through intermediaries, you can find a more civilized way to book housing in the Crimea – look at the booking sites . As for hotels, the prices start at 1500 rubles per day.

Holidays in the Crimea with children - 2022. Best resorts and hotels

Holidays in the Crimea for Summer 2022

It is not always profitable to go to the Crimea on your own, a few days before departure there are excellent hot tours. And if you are not tied to time and work, be sure to consider this option. A charter flight is cheaper than even a train ticket. And if the tours are not sold on time, tour operators are forced to lower prices. You can find tours to the Crimea on the Travelata website.

There you can also buy not burning tours. The most inexpensive option for mid-July was found in Solnechnogorsk, it is pension “Crimea 3*”. Which will cost for a week 11000 rubles for one tourist with airfare without meals. Tour for two people to the hotel “Kara-Dag” in Koktebel can be bought for 23000 rubles for two, and the camping house “Mir” in Alushta for 25000 rubles. As you can see, traveling with a short-term tour is more profitable.

So if you’re coming to Crimea with a travel agent, check out these travel sites on Onlinetours, Travelata, and

Where to have a rest in the Crimea 2022 inexpensive: train ticket

If you decide to go to the Crimea on your own, the cheapest option is to buy train tickets. Southern destinations are always the most popular, and tickets are sold out in the first days of sales, ie for 45 days.

When planning your vacation in the Crimea inexpensive, remind yourself in advance what day the sale of tickets for your chosen destination opens. Now there is a new train “Tavria” to the Crimea, and you can go straight to Simferopol. Then change to a bus or cab, because there is no rail transport along the sea. The exception is Kerch, the train makes a stop there, and there is the sea (but it is not very).

Simferopol airport How to buy an inexpensive ticket to the Crimea

To buy an inexpensive ticket to the Crimea , use different air ticket aggregators. We look for tickets on the Aviasales site. You can download their application on your phone from the official website on Android or iOS. To find cheap airline tickets to the Crimea, below is a search widget by month and widgets for popular destinations. The best thing is to buy airline tickets to the Crimea three to six months in advance.

Tips where to have a cheap vacation in the Crimea.

Holidays in the Crimea is a highly sought-after tourist destination. Many tour operators are trying to earn good money on holidaymakers by overcharging exorbitantly on their services. Take advantage of the rules of low-cost holidays in the Crimea, so that the trip to rest does not strongly hit the wallet.

  • No matter where to vacation in the Crimea 2022 inexpensive if you go to the peninsula in the low season. At this time the prices will be 1.5-2 times lower everywhere. Low season lasts from the beginning of the year to the May holidays, and then from October until the end of the year. If you are going to visit the Crimea in this period, you can save twice as much on food and lodging, but you will not get a chance to sunbathe or splash in the sea.
  • The holidays in the Crimea will cost a bit more expensive: from May Day until mid-June, then from mid-September until October. Due to the fact that the Crimea is located well-known health centers, which treat many diseases, you can visit the Crimea and not in high season. Prices for treatment and accommodation will be much lower for the same set of health services. Many frugal tourists choose the autumn and winter period for treatment in the Crimea.
  • To save 20-30% of the cost of the holiday is possible if you cook your own food. Visiting cafes, bars and restaurants is a major expense on vacation. If you rent a house or apartment with a kitchen, you can cook yourself a full meal, and thus do not spend money on visiting restaurants. At a minimum, you can make your own vegetable, fruit salads, cook eggs for breakfast, it will literally take 10-15 minutes, and save money. If you can’t afford to cook on vacation, choose guest houses and recreation centers with meals. In this case you will know exactly the cost of your expenses before the trip.
  • On the other hand, in some cities in the Crimea, such as Alushta, a lot of canteens, literally at every step where you can eat for 250-400 rubles. If you do not want to spend your vacation, standing at the stove, then consider eating in canteens. The prices in seaside restaurants are not very low anymore.
The most beautiful and interesting places in the Crimea

Prices in Alushta

  • Book lodging in the Crimea beforehand . To save money on accommodations don’t plan your vacation at the last minute. If you take care of your accommodation in advance, you can save 10-30%. Many hotels offer discounted rates to ensure occupancy throughout the year.


  • Even if you have a “super budget vacation,” there is no need to limit yourself to sightseeing, because there is so much to see. In the Crimea, the chic nature, the sea, mountains, waterfalls, canyons . Do not skimp on excursions, it may be most memorable for the entire vacation. For example, for 300 rubles you can take a tour of the cave town Mangup – the legends and secrets of the principality of Theodoro, 550 rubles tour of Yalta, 600 rubles for the temple of the Sun and Ilyas-Aya. You can find something inexpensive, but you must take it. At Sea we took an excursion to Zelenogorye, to tract Panagia and Arpatsky waterfall, it cost only 350 rubles, but it was very cool, we still remember! Climbs, descents, pools in the rocks, vertical stairs in the mountains and steps, polished feet of tourists. An insanely interesting hike into the mountains that is unlikely to be repeated without a guide.

Zelenogorye Crimea

  • Download an offline map of the Crimea, where all the attractions, hotels, cafes, bus stops, ATM. Maps work completely offline, you do not need the Internet! Plot a route, show places of interest nearby.
  • If you travel in a company or with children, it is easier to order a cab, which at a price will not be much different from the intercity bus. The most profitable is to order a cab for 4 people and for 7 people. That is to fully load the car. For example, from Simferopol airport to Yalta the trip will cost 2200 rubles for 4 people (550 rubles per person), to Yevpatoria – 1800 rubles for 4 people (450 rubles per person), to Alushta – 1900 rubles for 4 people (475 rubles per person), etc. To see all prices click here .
  • Buy food, drinks, souvenirs, decorations not in tourist places. As a rule the food bought on the beach is 2-3 times more expensive. This also applies to other goods in the Crimea.

Fruit in Partenit

  • In the Crimea, there are inexpensive and good supermarket chains, such as “PUD”, “Furshet”, “Silpo”. where you can buy not only groceries, but also inexpensive ready-made food.

Crimean coast: map

Inexpensive rest in the Crimea. Money in the Crimea

How much money should I take to the Crimea? If your hotel does not include catering, then expect to spend about 1000 rubles for food on vacation if you eat in a cafe. If your accommodation includes a kitchen, you can cook by yourself. In this case a meal in the Crimea will cost you 100-500 rubles a day. You can spend and 5000 rubles. There is no upper limit.

Ticket prices to the Crimea - 2022. When is cheaper to fly

Now you know where to have an inexpensive holiday in the Crimea in 2022 and where to have a cheap rest in the Crimea. Crimea offers an interesting pastime in the study of local attractions, visiting the beautiful pebble and sandy beaches with clear water and fresh air. Every year hospitable Crimea attracts more and more tourists, travelers and those who want to improve their health. I would be very grateful if you share this article with your friends.

Six great tips for a budget holiday in the Crimea.

Everyone knows that the cost of recreation in the Crimea is comparable to the cost of five in Turkey. This is why I and VipGeo have prepared a list of tips on how to save money on vacations in the Crimea. If you are going to the Crimea, take a look at this post!

How to save your money on vacations in the Crimea

  • Tip 1: Save money on accommodation
  • Tip 2 Save money on car rentals
  • Advice 3. Going Wild to the Crimea
  • Tip #4. Discounted Tours in the Crimea
  • Advice 5. Saving on food
  • Advice 6. No cab!
  • Useful Links

Tip 1: Save money on accommodation

The first thing you can save money on is accommodation. As it was already said more than once: the farther from the sea the cheaper the hotel/pension/private house is, the more expensive it is. In some cases, the difference will be 2-3 times more or less. Ideal – a private house with amenities in 10-20 minutes walk from the beach. This is a lot at first glance, then you get used to it.

Apartments in tourist areas discarded at once. In 2022 in Yalta near the seafront studio apartment will cost 35 000 / month, and that with the condition of early booking. Of course, the owner will not get the whole amount, the percentage of the mediator will still go, but for domestic tourism price is simply impossible – a mid-sized hotel will cost cheaper.

Accommodation in the Crimea is better to look at the sites:

    – if you need a hotel or a hotel. – If you need an apartment or apartment.

Recently the travel search engine Travelata began selling tours without the flight, ie just hotels and hotels at very good prices. And with the early booking can find very favorable options. They accept MIR cards. Open the site →

Tip: If you are going to rent an apartment directly from the owner – bargain to the last. Believe me, it is absolutely normal practice, so you will be able to save up to 30% of the asking price, and maybe even more, if you can skillfully argue the bargaining. If the host refuses to pay for a week or a month, but offers to pay for any period, but “daily” – you should immediately refuse and look for another option, it is a typical scheme of “cheating” of inexperienced tourists.

The cheapest accommodation is in a suburban area of Alushta, Sudak and other settlements of the second and third order. If you are lucky, you can find a decent house for 800-900 rubles per day per person with private facilities are not in the yard, the Internet and even a satellite dish. Hotels in these settlements in the summer will cost at least 1500 rubles per day.

Tip 2 Save money on car rentals

Renting a car in the Crimea is a great idea. You will save at least on cabs to/from the airport, excursions and accommodations. Having a car, you can choose a little further from the sea, but a little cheaper. You can take a car for only 800 rubles per day. Cab from the airport is more expensive than renting a car!

In a separate article I will tell about all the nuances of renting a car in the Crimea, which I have encountered. And here I will just share the website where I found the lowest prices for cars in the Crimea – and there are affordable options even in the peak season. MyRentacar official website →.

Rest with children in Sudak 2022 - 7 best hotels in Sudak

How to save money on vacations in the Crimea

Advice 3. Going Wild to the Crimea

Travelling on a wilderness trip is a great way to save money, but you will need to know the places where it is allowed to pitch a tent, and where the nearest services and facilities are needed in case of emergency. The most frequently mentioned are the wilderness areas near the Fiolent and Soter capes, as well as near the fig tract and Orlovka village, not far from Sevastopol. You can study the map of camping areas in the Crimea – there are more and more of them every season.

Rest in the Crimea with a tent

Tip #4. Discounted Tours in the Crimea

A good variant is to have enough time to buy a last minute trip or a so-called package tour. The cost of the tour is already included in the hotel or resort, a small entertainment or sightseeing program, transfers, and travel insurance. The obvious disadvantage is the dependence on a specific date and the need to be already sitting “in suitcases” at the time of purchase. We advise to look for last minute tours in the Crimea on Level.Travel.

Of course, the best deals will be closer to the end of the season, in the third week of August. The sea is still warm, and the rain, even though it increases from time to time, but does not bother vacationers. Autumn tours are still cheaper, but from mid-September on a beach holiday in the Crimea is better not to think.

Important! Carefully read the terms of the tour before buying! In order to make the tour cheaper some tour operators have stopped including transfer to the Crimea, and you will have to get there on your own.

View of Alushta from Demerdzhi Peak, the Crimea

Advice 5. Saving on food

The thrifty tourist can solve the question of better food in the Crimea by himself. The average bill for a complex dinner or supper in a cafe starts from 600 rubles per person – without alcohol and seafood delicacies. If you buy food in supermarkets and cook yourself – you can save a lot, but during the long excursions hunger will have to endure until the evening.

Buy products on the official markets of the Crimea – a big mistake. The prices here can be two times higher than in the supermarkets. The only exception is the so-called Privoz or markets, which are farmers’ markets that operate on specific days in certain areas, usually outside the city. Here both the prices are much lower and the products are always fresh and meet all sanitary norms.

Prices of fruits and vegetables in the Crimea

Advice 6. No cab!

It is better to travel only by public transport or your own (rented) car. In the high season, even by reservation by phone, cabs charge such prices that you can get around the whole Crimea by bus or trolleybus for the same amount of money. In general, you should avoid street cab drivers in Simferopol and not react to their “cheap fare to the sea.

If you need a cab in Simferopol or any other city in the Crimea, the most reasonable would be to order a cab in the service and pay by the meter.

Here you can find numbers of all cab services of Simferopol.

Following this link – numbers of cab services in Sevastopol.

Cab service “Metro” in Kerch: +7 (978) 101-90-22

Useful Links

And for a couple of useful links to help you save money:

  • Bus schedules from the bus station in Kerch →, in Simferopol (Central av here, and Kurortny a/v to the railway here), in Sevastopol →
  • Rent a car in the Crimea without a markup on the website of Mayrentakar.
  • Ferry schedule “Port Krym” and “Port Kavkaz” on gosparom website.
  • More posts about interesting places in Crimea can be found at this link

Hi, my name is Tatiana, and I’m happy to see you on the Life is Unpredictable! blog. I love to travel, and on the blog I share my experiences, tips and other useful notes.

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