How to rest in Sochi in winter – 10 ideas. Weather and prices

When it’s winter in Sochi

Sea in Sochi in winter

When it’s winter in Sochi, which is the best place to go and what to expect? What to buy, what to wear, what to buy, how to dress, prices, etc. 2022/2023. found out where to stay and where to go in Sochi in winter with or without children, before and after the New Year and whether it makes sense to go to Krasnaya Polyana and Abkhazia.

It is believed that Sochi is associated with the sea and the sun. That is why the idea to spend vacation in this city at the hottest time of the year is not the most controversial at first. Not a delight, but surprise. And even … wariness?!

After all, it is not too clear how warm it is in winter in Sochi? And, accordingly – what clothes should be taken to the (seemingly) sea? Not only for yourself, but also, say, for a small child.

Who you may well take with you just for a change of scenery. And it doesn’t matter that (and who said?) The winter months are not the best time to vacation in Sochi with kids. Ha, and if in another well do not work?

To bathe in the Black Sea obviously will not. But this is not a reason to forget your swimsuit or swim trunks at home – perhaps there are places where you can do it!

All this mass of questions requires study. And then it takes some getting used to, because the answers may well lead to a break in the familiar patterns. However, in order!

For the record

Last winter hotels and guest houses of all resorts in the Krasnodar Territory – and Sochi is only one of them – now check in only if you provide a certificate of vaccination with two doses or at least the first vaccination. As well as those who have had a covid or have a medical certificate plus a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours.

  • The number is also given to those who are not vaccinated if they sign a consent to be vaccinated within the next 3 days

If you were going to stay in the private sector, that is, numerous (in Sochi and Adler) apartments or flats, the provision of such documents is not required.

Starting from March 4, 2022 all the restrictions were abolished. And now, to check in Sochi hotels and guest houses is enough to show your passport.

Weather in Sochi in winter.

Of course, a lot worse than its summer version: both in terms of heat and humidity, the amount of sun. Although, if you compare it to central Russia, shrouded in unfriendly darkness and dank cold, you can easily come to terms with it. And even enjoy it!

After all, warmth as well as cold is relative: if you compare Moscow region and the Black Sea coast in cold January, the estimation will crystallize by itself. And it will not be in favor of the “below Moscow” region.

A beach in winter Sochi

Sochi in December

Air temperature during the day steadily reaches +10-12 degrees. At night, it rarely drops below +5. December 2019 in Sochi, for example, turned out in general a fairy tale!

Almost exactly by Christmas Eve, the temperature jumped to marks +18-19, as if rejoicing along with people. But on New Year’s Eve it returned to the traditional values of about +10.

Of course, this is unusual: instead of frost and snow it is warm in southern European style. The asphalt is clean and even dry at times – people relaxedly flit about in light jackets. Often the windows are wide open!

The sea smells from all cracks. And though directly mandatory at the resort things that you take with you in the season, this time, for the most part, are absent in the suitcase, it would be desirable to behave in a completely summer-like way. That is carefree!

Rest in Sochi in June 2022. Weather and prices

At some point you realize that you’re tired of being wrapped up in a down jacket and a scarf. And also blowing on your palms and constantly shoving them into your pockets. This behavior soon leads to freezing. But the soul is clear, and to such an inconvenience lazy to pay attention.

We want to walk, and a lot! And walking excursions sell out on a hurrah. Especially those of them, on which logically decrease the price in a not season. And at the same time profess the unconventional approach.

It rains not too often, but sometimes very much. According to statistics, December in Sochi is the rainiest month of the year. Sometimes it also snows.

Though it lies for a long time only in the mountains, like Krasnaya Polyana. It snows down very quickly at the resort, leaving no trace.

At the same time there is enough sun! For at least 15 days in December the sky in Sochi is bright blue, with occasional light clouds.

Plane - many people go to Sochi to have a winter vacation.

Prices 2022/2023

We did not just mention the private sector – today it is the best in terms of price and lack of additional concerns. In the form of certificates and other documentation!

Curiously, in some cases, you can even count on – warm! – swimming pool. In any case in Green Palace Apartments it is available! And the price tag – 3 thousand per night for three people after the Christmas holidays – urges not to look for “better” options.

We recommend to pay attention to other interesting offers. For example, two-bedroom Apartment Comfort (45 m2) on Bamboo Street can sleep up to 5 people!

The studio under the name Apartment Sunny recalls even lower price with an excellent (9.3) rating. And the apartments in Moscow at a modest cost and the location near the Arboretum.

Prices for airline tickets are not too wide. Unless, of course, you exclude a couple of December and a few January dates. As soon as the holidays are coming to an end, stability reigns on the flight market again.

Beginning in mid-January, a flight to Adler from Moscow and back will cost 10-12 thousand tenge. And the luggage is included in the price!

The New Year

What can I say, it is a holiday. Sochi is becoming lively, although not so lively as to be comparable with summer or even the “velvet season. Prices jump up considerably and the quality of the weather leaves much to be desired.

In any case, it is absolutely unclear what there is to overpay for. Except for the right to meet the chimes not at home, but at a resort. Under palm trees and on seashore, but without a chance to be warmed and swim…

Certainly, there is also Krasnaya Polyana “rizort”, and it is really cool there. But here’s the rubbish – most are limited to “haponic” acquaintance at the excursion – krasnaya-polyana-i-shou-fontanov. For even a week’s stay in a hotel in the Sochi mountains is worth as much as a trip to Austria.


It rains less – statistically. But because of the greater number of overcast days and the atmosphere, rarely getting warmer than +10, you are always getting chilly. It is cold and uncomfortable, promenade walks quickly get bored. Constantly want to return to a warm room, literally spitting on executed severe beauty panoramas of the winter Black Sea.

Sunny days are rare. Though when the sun looks out in Sochi in January you decide to forgive the rains and dampness. You even go to the beach. Though you won’t dive into the water, just looking at bouncy lush waves and the grayish blue tint of the sea discourages you from taking chances.

Arboretum - the green heart of Sochi. Ticket price, photos, tips

Snowfalls do happen. But since the temperature almost never drops below zero even at night, the “white blanket” is not very pleasant. For it soaks even thick-soled boots, quickly turning into babbling brooks.

As for travelling motorists, many of whom drive from Moscow to Sochi by their own car, they must be doubly careful. Since the wet road in subzero temperatures is disloyal to, for example, studded rubber

Not all – in most cases, of course. If you multiply it by the hilly terrain, and if you move away from it, the terrain is mountainous, it becomes clear that you should drive here strictly according to the rules.

At the ski resort Krasnaya Polyana in January, once again, is the most fun. It snows almost daily, the thermometer reads -2-+4, everyone is skiing and happy. Such a place is so optimistic. Even a one-day trip, especially for ridiculous money, lifts your spirits.

Krasnaya Polyana, photo by Arseny Togulev

Red Glade

You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to join the holiday for a longer period. Yes, hotels in Esto-Sadok and Rosa Khutor are not cheap. But if you plan your vacation in advance, you can find very decent and moderately expensive options.

Consider, for example, the private guest house Park Chalet Residence in an amazingly beautiful place. Alba Inn Apartments also has a great view from the windows. Accommodating up to three people, by the way!

Blagodarny Krugly God Aparthotel is notable for its moderate price appetite. All rooms have balconies, their own dining and even kitchen areas! About the parking in a closed courtyard can not be said.

You can always rent a much more budget hotel room in Adler. And then go to the slopes by train – the fastest “Lastochka” spends on the road a little over half an hour. And what views from the window…

Self-confident drivers may well rent a car. The good thing is that at this time of year the prices for the service drop.


More dry and sunny month. Some days almost heralds the spring – the temperature may jump up to +14-17 – but in general it is rather cold.

Daytime usually +7-10, nights the atmosphere cools down to +4-6. Frosts are probable, long periods of minus temperatures are nonsense.

The intensity of rainfalls drops down to September level. There is more sunshine, daylight duration increases from 10 to 11 hours. You want to spend a lot of time outdoors, we recommend you to take an inexpensive and soul-searching excursion.

Forecast December January February
Temperature during the day, °C +10-12 +8-9 +8-10
Temperature at night, °C +6-7 +4 +4-6
Number of sunny days 15-17 9-11 10-12
Precipitation, mm 100-120 90-100 60-70

How to dress

From the above it is obvious that you should have warm clothes when going to Sochi in winter. But comfortable and light enough. That is, it is better not to take with you down jackets, and warm jackets. On his feet wear comfortable shoes with thick soles, hands will sometimes be nice to wear gloves. Lightweight hats and scarves – for the eternally chilly and children – also will not hurt.

A special way to equip going skiing or just walking in the mountains. Thermal underwear, waterproof ski jackets and pants, gloves to avoid freezing fingers must be in order!

Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

What to do

Most entertainment facilities are open even in winter.

On weekends there is Sochi-park, a city amusement park, which usually causes a storm of positive emotions among children. And even some adults!

Skypark in Akhtyrsky Gorge operates without interruption. Regardless of the weather, it charges visitors with powerful doses of adrenaline. It makes you feel that office and home routine is not the whole life, there are more interesting things.

Honestly about Veselovka. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Every day even in December and February AquaLoo water park and Krasnaya Polyana’s “Galaxy” are open. Of course, there are not so good slides under the roof there. But the latter has a heated open-air pool. Where even in the cold season one can swim with pleasure. With satisfaction and a sense of superiority looking at the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

A natural continuation of the “banquet” for fans of active recreation is a variety of skiing exercises. If you come to the biggest ski cluster in the country – you need to match! If not, take a ride on the cable car and see the mountain forests covered with snow lace from the height.

We will not repeat what you can visit in Sochi, it was written in detail in a separate article. We advise to pay attention only to interesting museums in the Olympic Park – children shall like them. Yes, perhaps take part in an individual excursion through the center of the city.

Of course, it’s for a fan. But it is interesting to know more about the history of the city, the celebrities who were here, to get acquainted with monumental Soviet architectural monuments!

Let’s not forget about the neighboring Abkhazia. Which in winter is just not a beach destination: it is often quite warm and not snowy at all.

Republic is not difficult to visit on your own. Not wishing to strain at the wheel holidaymakers are addressed and numerous excursions.

Individual cost is not too cheap – about 10 thousand rubles and above. But in quality of impressions and safety – in the era of coronavirus it is valued – and did not stand next to the group ones – abhaziya-kruglyiy-god.

How to have a good rest in winter Sochi – 10 ideas

Winter holidays in Sochi

Learn how to rest in Sochi in winter – where to go, what to do and where are the popular vacation spots. What the weather on the coast and at the ski resorts. How much does it cost for popular entertainment.

What winter is like in Sochi

The resort is located on the northern border of humid subtropics and protected by mountains, so the Sochi winter can be called warm. The average temperature in winter in Sochi is +8 ° C. During the day the thermometer shows +13. +15 ° C, and on clear days rises to +20 ° C. In the mountains it is colder, and a lot of snow falls.

From December to February it often rains on the coast. Windless sunny days are replaced by a piercing wind.

For a comfortable holiday in Sochi in winter 2021-2022 take a windproof jacket. It may be useful for travels in the mountains and walks by the sea. Put in your suitcase demi-season clothes, waterproof shoes, sunglasses, an umbrella or raincoat.

Leisure reviews in Sochi in winter

Red meadow. Photo: World Poker Tour / / CC BY-ND 2.0.

Skiing in Krasnaya Polyana

There are three modern ski resorts near Sochi – Gorky Gorod, Rosa Khutor and GTC Gazprom. From the central part of Sochi and Adler to Krasnaya Polyana can be reached by cab and shuttle buses 105, 105c and 135.

“Gazprom” is located below the other mountain resorts. It’s a little warmer and less crowded on weekends than the Gorky Gorod and Rosa Khutor resorts, and there are excellent green slopes for beginner’s training. “Rosa Khutor is loved for its blue slopes and the largest skiing area in Krasnaya Polyana.

The season for mountain skiing and snowboarding begins in December, but the best time is February. In the middle of winter 2021-2022 in Sochi is guaranteed excellent snow and great conditions for freeride. You do not need to bring equipment with you. You can rent everything you need. If you do not know how to ski, take an instructor! The course for beginners – 12 hours of lessons and 3 hours of theory in Riders School costs from 15 thousand rubles.

Thermal springs of Adygea. Prices for recreation centers - 2022

How to rest in Sochi in winter

Red meadow in winter. Photo: tetrakiss /

Swim in warm water pools

The Black Sea in winter is cold, but this is not a reason to give up the pleasures! Many sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels in Sochi have heated pools. Especially nice to swim in the heated sea water. A huge outdoor pool with warm sea water is famous for the Sochi Grand Hotel “Pearl” 4 *. The pool is 50m long, 25m wide and 1.8m to 4.7m deep. Year round it maintains a temperature of +27. +28°С.

During your vacation in Sochi in winter 2021-2022 relax in the indoor heated pools in Krasnaya Polyana and at the ski resort Rosa Khutor. Imagine how nice it would be to spend the day on the snow-covered slopes and in the evening admire the Caucasian mountains from the panoramic windows of the pool!

What to see in winter in Sochi

A hot tub at the Radisson Blu Resort hotel. Photo: Radisson Blu Resort hotel.

Have fun at the water park

Summer holidays in Sochi is unimaginable without the noisy resort water parks. Although most of them operate only in the warm season, in winter in Sochi you can have a great time at indoor water parks.

According to reviews, the most popular is Mountain Beach in the village of Esto-Sadok. It occupies the top floor of the shopping mall in Gorky Gorod. There is snow lying outside, and the water park under the glass panoramic roof resembles a paradise tropical island! It is +28°C here, the water in the wave and swimming pools is warm and even the white sand is heated up so that it is comfortable to walk barefoot on it and play beach volleyball.

The circular bowl with a bubbling Jacuzzi is furnished with lounge chairs and green palm trees. There are seven slides especially for those who love water slides, but not too extreme ones. Admission for adults on weekdays costs 1400 rubles, and on weekends – 1500 rubles.

Go on an excursion

What to do in Sochi in winter for fans of excursions? Explore the interesting sights around the resort! Popular with tourists sightseeing tours around the city, trips to the Caucasian Reserve, Agura Gorge, Yew-Box Grove and trekking along the Aibga Ridge. In winter 2021-2022, group tours from Sochi cost from 800 rubles, and individual tours – from 2000 rubles. Look for excursions in Sochi on Tripster service. Here are the most popular tours:

    – 10 thousand ₽ for 1-4 people. – 15 thousand ₽ for 1-6 people. – From 12,000 ₽ for 1-11 people. – From 3,000 ₽ for 1-2 people

To visit Abkhazia

A one-day tour to Lake Ritsa will be a great experience! Sochi is situated near the Abkhazian border, and no visas are needed to visit the Land of Soul. You will be surprised by the contrast between the azure waters of the Sochi coast and the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus. A trip to New Athos will allow you to see the Orthodox shrines and the large New Athos Cave. Taste delicious Abkhazian cuisine and buy a gift of mountain honey and wine!

Group tours from Sochi to Abkhazia in winter 2021-2022 spend in minibuses and large buses. Prices start from 1400 rubles. Seeing Sukhum and New Athos is not a problem, but tours to the mountains are not always. Depending on the weather, the winter road may be closed. Learn about holidays in Abkhazia in winter.

    – 10900 ₽ for 1-3 pax. – 10400 ₽ for 1-3 pax. – 1,150 ₽ for 1-3 pax.
Akhshtyrskaya cave: how to get there, prices, our review and photos

Swim with dolphins

The weather in Sochi in winter is unstable. When it rains, it is not very pleasant to go for a walk. Find something interesting to do under the roof! In the Riviera Park there is the largest dolphinarium in Eastern Europe. Smart sea animals meet guests in a pool with a water temperature of +24°C.

Swim holding the fin of a merry dolphin, and you will feel absolutely happy! One round in the pool and a photo with a dolphin costs 2000 rubles, a 5 minute swimming session costs 5000 rubles. Don’t forget to bring a change of shoes, a towel and swimwear!

Get a dose of adrenaline at Skypark

Sochi Skypark is the best place of the resort for an extreme vacation! It is the longest suspension bridge in our country and 10 kinds of exciting attractions – flights on high-speed trolleys and high swings, mountain climbing and freestyle bungee jumping.

High altitude adventures are always energizing and positive. Walking along the 439-meter-long SkyBridge costs 1,500 rubles. On one side you will see snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus, and on the other – the Black Sea coast. Try not to lose your temper over the gorge that is more than 200 meters deep!

Admire the coast from viewing platforms

If you want to get the most out of Sochi in winter, take a look at the resort from the heights! Mount Akhun is considered to be the best observation platform in the vicinity of the city. If you climb the tower, you will find yourself almost 700 meters above sea level. On a clear day one can see for 70 km from there! The whole center of Sochi, Adler, the Black Sea and the mountain ranges are visible. Keep in mind that there is always a piercing wind blowing on the mountain in winter.

Much less extreme conditions are on the observation tower, which is located on Mount Batterjok, as well as in the elevated Primorsky Park, on the roof of the club restaurant “Oblaka” in Sochi and on the Ferris wheel in Adler.

Winter holidays in Sochi

View from Mount Akhun. Photo: Ilya Bunin / / CC BY-SA 4.0

Take a walk at the arboretum

The Arboretum is very nice in winter! A picturesque natural oasis in Sochi does not suffer from low temperatures at all. There are a lot of flowers, green palms and lianas, swans, ducks and pelicans swim in the pond, and the air is filled with the scents of pine needles. Especially wonderful exotic plants look under a fluffy layer of snow. True, in Sochi the snowfalls are rare and the snow cover does not last long.

In winter months the territory of arboretum is open from 9:00 till 17:00, the ticket office and the ropeway work till 16:00. Entrance to the Upper and Lower parks costs 320 rubles, and the cable car ride in one direction – 500 rubles.

What to see in Sochi in winter

A view of Sochi from the arboretum. Photo: Blooming soul / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Getting to know the Olympic venues

What to do in Sochi in winter 2021-2022 with children? Take your child to the Olympic Flame Bowl, Iceberg Ice Palace and Fisht Stadium, which were shown during the 2014 Olympics broadcast. All of them are within walking distance of each other in the large Olympic Park in Adler.

In summer it is hot to walk in the park, and in winter it is very pleasant. Every day there are excursions for tourists and master classes for children. From Sochi to the Olympic Park is convenient to get by bus and train. We advise to visit here in the evening, when the beautiful lights are on.

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