How to walk on the rooftops of St. Petersburg: excursions, restaurants, walks

Excursions and rooftop walks

Found 59 tours on the rooftops in St. Petersburg. Current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for guided walks from 750 rubles. Read the description, choose a route and enjoy the panorama of St. Petersburg.

A fascinating and unique tour through the courtyards and parades of St. Petersburg with a visit to the observation roof at the end of the event.

If you have seen St. Petersburg from all sides, walked dozens of streets and looked in all the museums, then discover a new perspective.

St. Petersburg has a special atmosphere. Its unique look is created by the architecture of past times. We will go on a tour of the courtyards and gala buildings.

St. Petersburg strikes its grandeur to the core. Our tour will lift you high above the ground to show the city from a different perspective.

You will travel on a comfortable rooftop in the company of only those closest to you, accompanied by a fascinating story guide.

We invite you to take a walk around St. Petersburg, during which you will see the historical center from different angles.

We will walk through the old staircases, on the restoration of which was spent about 1 million dollars.

Photo session on the roof is a great opportunity to stop a moment and remember for a lifetime with the cultural capital of Russia…

Tourist Reviews

A wonderful tour that is not limited to one small roof like most similar ones in St. Petersburg, but includes a walk through a system of rooftops with beautiful views. The tour guide tells an interesting story.

04.08.2022 shook our walk with Anastasia on this route. Let’s say straightforwardly the weather we had was classically St. Petersburg’s. The sun, then rain, but a cozy and interesting story Anastasia warmed us and carried away so that we did not notice the vagaries of nature … Walking in St. Petersburg in any weather, most importantly with the right year, Anastasia is fully such)

How much does it cost to go to Peter - 2022. Let's do the math!

We took a tour along the rooftops, staircases and courtyards – it was an unforgettable experience! We saw Peter from another side! I recommend to everybody, you will not regret!

Very cozy roof, panoramic view from there – impressive. Not a lot of material, but quite interesting, no excessive load. Tea on the roof – perfect to enjoy the atmosphere.

The tour went great, the guide is responsive and charismatic man, told a lot of interesting stories about the sights, it is safe to move around on the roof, I will recommend it to acquaintances!

All excellent, panoramic views, the city as in the palm of my hand. I recommend everyone who is not afraid of heights. Had a lot of emotions and took lots of beautiful pictures. Went up on the roof when it rained lightly. Safety was ensured by rubber tracks on top of the roof and ropes.

All ways to walk on Peter’s rooftops

It used to be difficult for an outsider to get on a roof safely in St. Petersburg. Now it’s much easier to see Peter from above – just book a tour, go to a restaurant with a panoramic view, or find open rooftops. From our article you will learn how to admire the Northern Capital from a bird’s eye view.


A self-guided walk.

If you like to spend time high above the ground, enjoy the views and relax from the hustle and bustle, go for a self-guided walk on the rooftops of St. Petersburg. You don’t have to pay for the pleasure and the portion of extreme! By rule, the attics of houses must be closed, but there are exceptions to the rules. On the Open Roofs website you will find the addresses of open rooftops in St. Petersburg, but be extra careful up there!

Tips from experienced St. Petersburg roofers:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and non-slip, low-heeled shoes.
  • Do not bring pets and small children.
  • If it’s raining, or there is a thunderstorm, postpone your trip to a brighter day.
  • It is almost always windy upstairs. In the cold season on the roof is more comfortable in a windproof jacket with a hood and warm gloves.
  • Altitude is a very strict examiner, and you have to pay dearly for some lessons. If you are not confident in your abilities and not too good at navigating the city, look for a guide.
7 best sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg

Renata Mukminova: “The best place in St. Petersburg for a romantic encounter are the rooftops, agree? But this is a sore subject for tenants of the last floors of old buildings. Tenants raid rovers, those who like to climb on the roofs, with curses, threats, and calls to the police. So once they caught our editor-in-chief, Alexey Sinitsyn. Fortunately, they got away with swearing. I was “lucky” to live on the top floor of Vaska, and almost daily heard the swearing of an angry neighbor, dispersing the hooligans. But I was really lucky at Tekhnolozhka – we had the keys to the roof.

Tours of the rooftops of St. Petersburg

The best place in St. Petersburg for a romantic rendezvous are rooftops, don’t you agree? Photo: dimaberkut /

Rooftop tours

During walks on the rooftops of St. Petersburg with a guide you do not have to worry about safety. Organizers prepare routes together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and supervisory authorities. They know the convenient passages and take tourists to places that have fences. Prices for tours on the rooftops of St. Petersburg depend on the duration and size of the group. The more people, the cheaper!

Conquer the rooftops of St. Petersburg.

Inexpensive walk for adults and children can enjoy the atmosphere of St. Petersburg rooftops, hear the mysterious legends and take great photos for the family album. The roofs of the two houses in the center of St. Petersburg are safe, with special paths and fences.

Цена : 750 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Walking on the safe roof of a residential building

The advantage of this tour of the rooftops of St. Petersburg is that it is held for a small group of up to 10 people. Participants admire the streets, temples and houses from one of the highest rooftops in the city center. The marvelous observation deck has railings.

Цена : 700 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Tourist reviews for holidays in St. Petersburg - 2022

Reviews Reviews of tours on the rooftops of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg roofs. Photo: AntRozetsky/

Rooftop view of St. Petersburg’s drawbridges

The most romantic event of the city’s nightlife is the drawing of bridges. You can watch it happen during a rooftop tour. Beautifully lit St. Petersburg will seem the best place on earth!

Цена : 1500 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

5 panoramic roofs of a former bakery

A Peter Roofer and history buff leads a tour of the rooftops of St. Petersburg for a compact group of up to 5 people. The Smolninsky Bakery was opened in 1938 and operated until 2005. In 1.5 hours you will visit 5 rooftops, learn how the city was defended during the war, and get a nice surprise from the guide at the end.

Цена : 1290 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Excursions on the rooftops of St. Petersburg with the best views

View of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Photo: luengo_ua /

Photo shoot on the streets and rooftop of St. Petersburg

An hour-long walk with a photographer is the dream of anyone who wants professionally processed pictures as souvenirs. The photography takes place in the streets, embankments, courtyards and on the terrace with a beautiful view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Цена : 2800 рублей за группу до 4 человек. Уточнить цену >>

Very St. Petersburg excursion: the paradels + the roof

Two pleasures in one – see the best paradels and climb to the roof are offered on a tour that lasts 3 hours. Learn what hides behind the elite facades, who owned the best mansions, and get a bird’s eye view of the city!

Цена : 1400 рублей за человека. Уточнить цену >>

Peter and Paul Fortress – from tunnels to the roof

A non-trivial look at the city’s most famous landmark – an exciting walk from the secret underground passage to the roof of the fortress walls. From the high Nevsky Curtiny there is a picturesque view of the Trinity Bridge, the Palace Embankment, the flag tower and lighthouses.

Цена : 3900 рублей за экскурсию для 1-10 человек. Уточнить цену >>

What to see in St. Petersburg: 24 the most interesting places for tourists

Open rooftops of St. Petersburg

View of the city from the territory of the fortress. Photo: druii /

Restaurants on the roof

To see the city in all its beauty is nice in a comfortable environment. These are the conditions offered in restaurants that operate on the rooftops of St. Petersburg. There are quite a few establishments that offer a great panoramic view of the city.

Cafes, bars, hookah houses and fashionable restaurants on the upper floors of St. Petersburg buildings have a special atmosphere of lightness and freedom. It is a great place to meet friends or have a romantic dinner! Restaurants on the roofs are popular: visitors who want to drop in to “just look at the city” will not be allowed in. Book your table in advance!

“Heaven and Wine

This stylish rooftop bar-restaurant has two rooms. Guests are offered a rich wine list, tapas, pastas, pastas, pizzas, cheesecakes and omelets. In the warmer months you can sit outside on the terrace.

Address : Pirogova Lane, 18.

Average bill: 1000 rubles.

Rooftop restaurants in St. Petersburg

View from the terrace of the restaurant. Photo : luengo_ua /

“Sails on the roof.”

One of the best panoramic restaurants in St. Petersburg opened on the roof of the 10th floor of the Tolstoy Square business center. Visitors love the hearty breakfasts of shakshuka, fried suluguni and beef stroganoff with porcini mushrooms.

Address : 9, Leo Tolstoy Street.

Sails on the roof : 1200 rubles.

Restaurants with panoramic views in St. Petersburg

Panoramic windows of the restaurant. Photo: Sails on the roof.

Hi So Terrace

If you dream of dining while admiring St. Isaac’s Cathedral, go to the rooftop restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg. It is located above the hotel and is open only in warm season.

Address : 6 Voznesensky Ave.

Average bill: 1700 rubles.

Rooftop Restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg

View of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Photo: Hi So Terrace.


One more place where you can easily see St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the summer terrace of the restaurant of the hotel “Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic” 5*. Everyone is allowed to visit it.

Going to St. Petersburg in winter: 7 ideas! Worth the trip and what to see!

Address: ul. Pochtamtskaya, 4.

Average bill: 1400 rubles.

“Wine and Water”.

You can get a stunning view of the historic center from the restaurant in the boutique-hotel Indigo. This place with panoramic windows and glass roof is located at the height of 25 meters. You will see how three bridges of St. Petersburg are being raised at once!

Address : Tchaikovsky Street, 17.

Average bill: 2300 rubles.

Rooftop Terrace Restaurants in St. Petersburg

Terrace restaurant in the evening. Photo: Wine and water.

La Vue

The elite restaurant on the roof of the hotel “St. Petersburg” offers high cuisine from a talented chef Nikita Sechin. While tasting delicious dishes you can admire the picturesque water area of the Neva River and the cruiser Aurora.

Address : Pirogovskaya nab. 5/2.

Average bill: 2200 rubles.

Restaurants with a view of Peterburg

Panoramic windows of the restaurant. Photo: La Vue.

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