How to withdraw cash in Crimea without commission

How to withdraw money from a card in the Crimea

After the accession of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation, the problem with the use of bank cards remains relevant. This is explained by the fact that the largest Russian banks still do not have their own representative offices here. Cash withdrawals are made through self-service devices: the amount of the fee depends on which Russian bank card is withdrawn.

Where can I withdraw money in Crimea?

There are 6 banks, none of which are among the largest twenty Russian banks. You may use ATMs and terminals of the following banks to withdraw cash:

In most settlements of the peninsula you can withdraw cash from a card at ATMs of the following banks. Products and services of these banks are not in great demand among individuals in other parts of Russia, so cash is mostly withdrawn from cards of other banks: Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank, etc.

Withdrawing cash from cards of Russian banks

Due to unstable political situation major Russian credit institutions do not open additional offices on the territory of Crimea. Consequently, holders of cards of Russia’s top banks have two options: either visit the peninsula with sufficient cash, or use the services of local banks.

Banks operating on the territory of the Republic are not in partnership relations with the largest credit institutions of the country. This is why you may have to pay a fee for withdrawing cash from your bank cards. The final amount of commission also affects the name of the bank card.

SberBank of Russia

You can withdraw the necessary amount of cash from the card of SberBank in Crimea only with a commission. For named cards the fee is 1%, but no less than 100 rubles per transaction. For cards of instant issuance for each withdrawal at ATMs of other banks will be charged a fee of 1%, but not less than 150 rubles.

With credit cards from Sberbank it is also allowed to withdraw cash. In Crimea, such an operation will cost the customer 4% of the withdrawal amount but no less than 390 rubles. From this point of view Sberbank products are considered the most unprofitable to use on the territory of the peninsula.


Holders of Alfa-Bank cards have significantly more privileges in terms of cash withdrawals. The most popular card of the bank is Alfa Card with benefits. Its holders can withdraw cash up to 50,000 rubles per month at any ATMs and without fees. To do this, the following conditions must be met: make purchases on the card in the amount of 10,000 rubles last month, and have a minimum balance of 30,000 rubles. If you don’t meet this condition, withdrawals from ATMs of other banks will cost 1.99% of the amount withdrawn, but no less than 199 rubles.

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With credit card “100 days without interest” you can withdraw up to 50,000 rubles per month at any ATM without paying commission. However, there are no conditions that should be met for free withdrawal.

A fee may be charged for amounts in excess of the aforementioned amounts:

  • 5.9%, but not less than 500 rubles (Classic / Standard);
  • 4.9%, but not less than 400 rubles (Gold);
  • 3.9%, but not less than 300 rubles (Platinum).

VTB debit cards that do not include a package of additional services charge a 1% cash withdrawal fee, but no less than RUB 300 per transaction. If the card provides for the connection of service packages, this fee may be reduced.

The Opportunity Card credit card withdraws its own funds with the same fee as a debit card. If you cash out a credit limit, the fee increases to 5.5% of the amount withdrawn, but not less than 300 rubles. It is not possible to withdraw money from the card VTB in the Crimea without a commission.


For most debit cards of Gazprombank, the so-called “free conditions” are established. They are understood as a system of requirements that must be met by the client to withdraw cash for free at ATMs of other banks. “Smart card”, which is issued in the Gold category, allows you to withdraw cash from any ATMs 3 times a month for a total of up to 100,000 rubles. In other cases, a commission of 1.5% is charged, minimum 200 rubles.

With credit cards own funds are withdrawn with a commission of 1.5%, but no less than 200 rubles per transaction. If a credit limit is withdrawn, the fee increases to 2.9% + 290 rubles.


Tinkoff Black – the most popular card of Tinkoff Bank, which provides the option of free withdrawal of funds equal to 3000 rubles per transaction. The maximum limit per month – 100,000 rubles. If a lesser amount is withdrawn, the fee is 90 rubles. If the monthly limit is exceeded, the fee for each transaction will be 2%, but no less than 90 rubles. With credit cards, the fee is always 2.9% + 290 rubles.

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What card is better for traveling to the Crimea with?

In terms of cash withdrawal the most convenient is rightly considered a Tinkoff Black debit card. The bank has a relatively new ATM network of its own, so the credit institution is not going to refuse to use the services of partners yet.

In addition, Alfa-Bank and Gazprombank have quite good conditions for cash withdrawal. If you follow the requirements of the issuing bank, the money is withdrawn without additional costs to the holder.

As for the services of other banks, you can summarize as follows: it is recommended to travel, including within Russia, connect special options for travelers. Also, a number of banks offer bank cards designed for a certain category of holders – people who frequently travel. It is important to focus on the VISA or Mastercard payment systems, as in the Crimea other systems are virtually absent.

It is also important to remember that contactless payment systems Apple Pay from Google Pay do not work in Crimea due to the current sanctions. Therefore, visitors must necessarily have the physical medium of the card itself.

Smart card Mir

The easiest and most reliable option is to get a debit card from one of the banks operating in Crimea. A number of local lending institutions have debit cards with free issue and service. To this end, you will need: to issue a card before your arrival on the peninsula, then replenish its balance for a certain amount. After your arrival in Crimea you will be able to withdraw money from “own” ATMs without commission.

Alternative ways

Bank cards of Russian banks are freely used in Crimea to pay for goods and services. If there is a need for cash, you can resort to alternatives. One such option is to cash out by making a purchase at any point of sale on the peninsula that accepts bank cards. The mechanism works as follows:

  1. The cardholder makes an agreement with the purchaser of some product to make a cashless payment.
  2. After buying a product (or paying for a service) the buyer reimburses the cardholder for the cost of the purchased goods in cash.


Thus, the owner of the bank card actually cashes in the necessary amount. In addition to this, cashback or bonus points may accrue for the purchase – it all depends on what kind of bonus program is provided on the card. The same scheme works for credit cards, cash withdrawals from which in most cases are subject to a fairly large fee.

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Banks of Crimea

Many tourists before traveling to the Crimea wonder, “Where can I withdraw money without interest? What cards are accepted?” and so on. In this article I decided to tell about the banking system of the peninsula, to describe the processes of favorable cash withdrawal. To outline some of the nuances of financial transactions.

To travel in the Crimea (and not only), I recommend getting a debit card “Tinkoff Black”. You can withdraw money from any ATM, no fee (from 3000 rubles). Order a card

VBB Bank in Feodosia

VVB Bank in Feodosia

In the Crimea to date, there are 7 banks in Russia, 2 Crimean. Consider only organizations that work throughout the country. Today on the peninsula you can still see a branch of one of the largest local banks VBB, but since April 2022 it has had its license revoked. Therefore, I would not recommend going to branches of this structure.

List of banking organizations in the Russian Federation:

  • “RNKB” (Russian National Commercial Bank);
  • “Joint-Stock Bank Russia”;
  • “GenBank”;
  • “KB IS bank” (Industrial Savings Bank);
  • “KrayInvestBank” (Krasnodar Regional Investment Bank);
  • JSC Rublev Bank;
  • “Taata”.

It is worth noting that not so long ago there were about 16 banks in Crimea, but for certain reasons some had their licenses revoked, others closed their branches themselves.

Bank Rossiya in Sevastopol

Bank Rossiya in Sevastopol

Important: the list does not include the “giants” of the Russian banking system – SberBank, Alfa and Tinkoff. But, they entrusted all financial operations to small credit and financial institutions, which are not affected by the sanctions.

The absence of these banks does not mean that tourists can not conduct any transactions with payment cards. Banks in Russia not so long ago came to the Crimea, but in just a couple of years have opened branches, operating cash desks in almost all the territory. Representatives of banking institutions can easily be found on the streets of settlements such as Yalta, Alushta, Simferopol and Sevastopol.

The largest banking network with three hundred branches and about 5 thousand ATMs belongs to the banking organization “RNCB”. Other organizations do not have as many ATMs, but if you know certain subtleties, the withdrawal of cash will not be a problem.

“KrayInvestBank” in Sevastopol

Cards of bank institutions

MasterCard and Visa

On the peninsula for payment cards “MasterCard” and “Visa” absolutely all banks of the Russian Federation. With these cards you can easily withdraw cash, pay for a purchase through a payment terminal. This service is possible due to the processing of requests in the bank processing offices of the Krasnodar region. Therefore, sanctions do not apply to them.

Important: cards issued by Sberbank “Momentum” and “Maestro” are not accepted, as well as banks in Ukraine.

The “Mir” card

Not so long ago, a new system “Mir” appeared on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. Banking transactions with this card are conducted throughout the country. Any ATMs and terminals accept this card. It is issued free of charge in any branch of the bank. Most pensioners, students, employees of government agencies receive “Mir” necessarily. By the way, if you had a card “PRO-100” – it should be replaced with the “Mir”.

Yusupovsky Palace

My World card (Sberbank)

My Mir card (sberbank)

Profitable withdrawal of funds

You can withdraw cash from any bank in the Crimea ATMs of the Russian Federation.

“Alfa Bank.”

Money from the cards of this bank can be withdrawn from partners (in ATMs). That is:

  • “RNKB”;
  • “KrayInvestBank”;
  • “Genbank” and “Russia”.

In total these organizations own about 1,5 thousand ATMs. Therefore transactions are easy, without delays, anywhere in Crimea. Withdrawal of funds is not free – 1.25%, but not less than one hundred and fifty rubles.

It is possible to withdraw funds from “VTB” card only in “RNKB” and “Rossiya”. ATMs and branches of these organizations are not everywhere. But you can always get money at ATMs of other financial institutions, although with a fee of 1 to 3% (depending on the amount).

“Tinkoff, GazPromBank, Yandex.Money

Cash withdrawals from the above cards are possible at any Crimean ATM. But there are nuances.

With card “Tinkoff” without interest are withdrawn only amounts not less than 3 thousand rubles. If the amount is less, you will pay 90 rubles in commission.

This is important: in small towns, it can be problematic to withdraw large sums of money, especially on weekends. Therefore you should withdraw cash in the morning on weekdays, or ask the local population in which ATMs the required amount is always available.

Tinkoff card

Tinkoff card

Sberbank charges

If you need to withdraw a certain amount from a Sberbank card, without commission, you should do it in the branches of partner banks:

  • “RNKB”;
  • “GenBank”;
  • “KrayInvest”.

In the branches or ATMs of other organizations to conduct operations only with a commission of one percent of the requested amount. But not less than one hundred rubles.

Withdrawing money without interest and commission

To save money on bank fees, it is worth following the tips below:

  • Open an account at RNKB (account – account – card, so the transfer will be made);
  • Before traveling to draw a card Tinkoff, I use Tinkoff Black, withdrawal of cash – no interest; Order the card can be here (during the week will bring).
  • Interest-free, you can withdraw 10,000 rubles a month from the card Yandex money – at any ATM in the country.
  • Make a card GazPromBank and receive funds through ATMs RNKB.
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One of the easiest and most convenient for many users is the first option. There are branches of the commercial bank of the Russian Federation in almost all settlements of the Crimean peninsula. When you arrive at the resort you go to the nearest branch with your passport and ID code. It takes about thirty minutes to open a card and checking account.

Then, through online banking, you can deposit any amount of money to your P/S. As soon as you get the card, you cash it out without a fee. But I find it easier to use Tinkoff, especially since I never withdraw less than 3,000 rubles.

GenBank, Simferopol

GenBank, Simferopol

Important: in the process of transferring to the account of the card “RNKB” the transaction fee is withheld. To avoid this, it is recommended to open another current account and receive transfers without interest charges. After free of charge, you can transfer funds without interest to the card account.

GazPromBank cards can also be cashed out without interest (large sums). And for purchases in stores, a variety of services can pay with your card (any) through POS-terminals. They are in all more or less major outlets, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.

ATMs in the Crimea (map)

As you can see, there are enough Russian banks and ATMs in the Crimea. Transactions can be carried out without a fee, so there should be no problem with getting cash or paying at the retail chain. In order not to bother, I recommend ordering a debit card “Tinkoff Black, and withdraw at any ATM in the country, at least 3000 rubles. Have a nice rest everyone!

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