Ikar Airlines: Passenger reviews

Ikar (Ikar Airlines) – reviews

Good afternoon! My husband and I flew with Ikar or Pegas Fly this winter from Nha Trang. Originally we had an economy class ticket, but after paying extra 20 thousand rubles for the ticket we changed to business class, expecting an appropriate level of service and appropriate people in the cabin.

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My experience with this airline was spontaneous. To fly to Nha Trang (Vietnam), my husband and I were supposed to fly with Azur Tour airline, but 6 hours before the flight, we were offered either to fly from another city and another airline, or unpack our suitcases and stay without a vacation.

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Good afternoon ツ Almost 2 years, I did not fly anywhere by plane.This year I planned to fly to Tunisia.bought a ticket from Pegasus, which included the cost of return flight, shuttle to the hotel, accommodation, meals and medical insurance.It turns profitable and no hassle, that is, all registration takes …

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Good day, I will start with the fact that when I flew I had no plans to write a review in this thread, so the photos that I have I did for myself just for fun and for the quality of immediately apologize.

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I flew with this airline in 2014 on route Kazan – Nha Trang, on the way back with a stopover in Perm. From the very beginning I was suspicious about the name. I know what happened to the famous Icarus, it seemed to us strange to call the airline by that name, because, as they say, you name the ship.

Good afternoon dear readers. Reviews have never written, but then as they say boils over I am a frequent flyer, fly enough and usually by foreign carriers. But it so happened that I organized a trip with my friends from Baku for May holidays 2017.

Hello! I flew with this airline on July 13th. I flew from Sochi to Krasnoyarsk – direct flight. The flight took off without a delay, the plane was a Boing 767 Chairs are located in 3 rows A B in the middle C D E F and on the edge of G H.

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Good day friends! I flew with Ikar airline from Krasnoyarsk to Greece on a tour bought from Pegasus. Ikar is doing charter flights for Pegasus. One star I’ll take off for the two hour trip.

Very highly do not recommend long flights with this airline! I flew to Thailand from Samara in November. First, they changed the airport of arrival (Krabi instead of Phuket) and drove another 5 hours by bus through traffic jams!

On the flight Moscow-Monastir, 14.10.2017, IK1723, was misled by the flight attendant Anton (alas, I did not get the last name). At the beginning of the flight it was said that the washroom in the nose of the plane could only be used by passengers with children, for everyone else there were two bathrooms in the back…

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It was the first time I encountered this airline, and the flight was 11 hours. The first thing I was worried about was the food, and I couldn’t find any up-to-date information about it. We were happy with the flight to Vietnam and back. We flew there for 11 hours and back for 12.As always after takeoff we had a choice of water and lemonade.

Nordstar Airlines : passenger reviews

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I’ve never written a review, knowing that all kinds of situations happen, but here I am terribly bombarded. I have not been able to fly anywhere with this company for almost a year and no one is going to refund my money. What is the essence of the problem? I bought tickets on the Moscow-Blagoveschensk route for May 2020.

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I used this airline twice, and both times as a part of a package tour from Pegas Touristik. It is worth noting at once that the airline is a charter airline (there may be an adjustment of the departure schedule within 24 hours), it mainly flies to popular tourist…

Flew with icarus airline just recently, in June 2016. Now they have changed their name again and are called pegas fly. Although all the planes still have Ikar written on them, or Ikar painted on them.

Good afternoon, I still have negative impressions of the airline before the flight. It all started at the check-in counter where I was told about the impossibility of uniting luggage with my wife.

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We were going to Vietnam in January 2017. When we found out who our air carrier was, we flinched a little at the name – familiar with Greek mythology, yes. Some of the company’s owners, apparently, have a sense of humor.

I got on board this airline by accident, but I was very happy about it. April 15, 2017 at night I was supposed to fly the route Moscow – Orenburg airline “North Wind” (the ticket was bought at a very modest price (2780r.) And I did not torture great illusions to the flight), but arrived at the airport,…

The plane was old. We flew from Irkutsk to Antalya on Boeing 767-300. The plane was a bit cramped, but it was ok to fly. You will have problems if you’re taller, 180+, as you need somewhere to put your legs. Separately, we should note the booking fee – $15 per seat, somehow too expensive.

We paid for hot meals on the flight. Went on the flight with a child. It took us 5 hours to get to our destination from another city. The flight is not fast, so we ordered a hot meal, which is not provided on the flight, for an additional fee.

Flight July 2018 To Turkey. Despite the fact that the flight was more or less calmly (the pilots did not make turns, took off and landed smoothly) to fly on a company plane with the name “Icarus”. was uncomfortable, although the flights are normally tolerated.

To be honest I am not a picky tourist, I have flown only 3 times in my life and I have only positive impressions about Icarus Airline. This year our family was flying to Vietnam from Novosibirsk and when we found out that Ikar is a subsidiary of Nord Win we were a bit upset because several of our…

Pobeda airlines: passenger reviews

No way to reach the customer service dispatchers. No explanation as to why the flight was canceled? The airport says it just didn’t arrive. And they sell tickets a month in advance for people to plan the flight. But people have no idea that this airline does not care about people’s plans.

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This spring I flew with Ikar or Pegas Fly. Against the background of other tickets, these tickets were the cheapest. It didn’t take long to fly in Russia, the main thing was inexpensive and quick to arrive at the destination). The flight was a little delayed, but that happens sometimes.

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Greetings, everyone! I flew with this airline three times: to Israel back and forth, and once to Bulgaria. On the whole my impressions are positive. I liked the professional stewardesses, who did their job. Good food: there was buckwheat with meat, a bun and a small chocolate bar.

Flew from Berlin on 10/28/2021. The flight was very comfortable and comfortable. The plane was comfortable and spacious, as the pilots said – called “Embraer”. After Boeing and Airbus, the plane was a pleasant surprise.

We flew with this airline to Greece. At first we were alarmed by the fact that the airline was new, and we had not heard of it before. And the name was not very good. Immediately I remembered the myth of Icarus. But our fears were not justified. Landing and departure took place without delay. The plane was in good condition. Everything was clean.

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Ikar Airlines. A nightmare that lasted 11 hours. We read the reviews and did not believe it, and in vain.

Just the name of these airlines Ikar Airlines caused people to laugh Homeric laughter. How it is, how it is. Everyone learned history and remember the story of Ikar.

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Compare prices for 1,000 rub/km roundtrip with S7 Airlines (UPDATED 2021) All about hand luggage (how much liquids you can take, what sizes, etc.) ✧ Flight with baby with a cat in the next seat✧ Food and drinks ✧ People on board ✧ Quality of service

Hello everyone! I do not know S7 before I flew with them for the first time but my husband often flew with them to Moscow for business reasons. If you ask me, S7 is very popular now. Many people praise this airline for comfort and food on the plane, but the tickets are expensive.

Airline Ikar


Ikar (Pegas Fly) is a Russian airline based at Yemelyanovo airport in Krasnoyarsk. Its history started in 1997 in Magadan with the use of Mi-8 helicopters. Their main task was cargo transportation and patrolling of forests. In 2013 the company changed its location to Krasnoyarsk, where it started charter passenger flights, actively cooperating with the tour operator Pegas Touristik.

Yamal Airlines: passenger reviews

For flights Icarus Airlines uses nine aircrafts, each of them undergoes considerable modernization before start using them. Significant expansion of the aircraft fleet is expected in the future.

Passenger reviews 2018 about Ikar Airlines

It so happened that this summer the whole family flew from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk (Sheremetyevo airport) not on the plane of Nordwind, but as it turned out only to get out of the bus on the plane of Ikar! We still do not understand how it happened! They drove us for half an hour. We did not like this airline a long time ago, and mostly because of the uncomfortable flight. The plane was very old and the cabin was dirty. The seats were stiff and recline very bad, the cabin was very cold and we were not given a blanket, although we have two children in the family (6 and 14 years). Not to mention meals, it was a familiar theme for all.

Horrible airline! Not only did we pay 500 rubles to book seats, and get completely different ones, but they also have a mess with luggage and its weight per family. To fly for eight hours, there was no TV and the food was terrible. That is, many planes in other airlines have such a pastime as television, but here the quality and “age” of the aircraft probably wants better! In general, terribly upset and never again will choose this company and you do not recommend it!

I bought a trip to Thailand, flew business class, just before departure announced that the business class is canceled, fly like everyone else, economy. I was shocked, of course I was sure I was flying in business class for three months. How can I call you after this? And for three months the money for the business was somewhere and someone used it. Disappointment(

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the purchased seats on the plane! Flew August 8, 2018 from Kamran to Vladivostok, bought 2 seats in the comfort zone for $150 two seats! At the beginning of the flight it was said that it was forbidden to transfer there by the management! But during the flight passengers from free seats moved to free paid seats! And the flight attendant didn’t say anything about it!

We were flying from Sochi to Moscow. A Boeing 767. All was well: took off on time, the plane is old, the seats are worn out, but very clean, the stewardesses are pleasant. The spacing between the seats is good, knees fit, but the width of the narrow 2-4-2 scheme, but for short distances is fine.

Went to Tunis Monastir 15.07.18 there and 26.07.18 back (read reviews – just a nightmare). But we were just fine – took off on schedule (both there and back), flight attendants were very caring, polite: the entire flight drinking soft drinks (water, juice), food – there was a choice (when flying from Tunisia – meals “Tunisian” – a kind of cuisine). The blankets were distributed to all. The crew – thank you: take-off and landing – excellent. The flight impressions are positive.

VIM-Avia airlines: Passenger reviews

We were flying to Turkey in July on Icarus (of course they made up the name… have you ever read the legend of the Icarus?) Take off and landing was normal, but the service left a lot to be desired. The flight took over 4 hours (plus 2-3 hours at the airport, plus 2-3 hours to the hotel). During that time there was no food. Tea, coffee were not offered, of drinks only water. No mineral water, no lemonade, etc. The stewardesses have stone faces and do not smile. Rags give out selectively, it is not clear, on what principle. In general, a maximum of three.

Now July 24, 2014. The time 10-20. Sitting in the plane Moscow. Sheremetyevo. Flight 177. Flight to Peter was supposed to be at 8-20. There’s a two-hour delay. And there’s a system check on the plane. No one says anything about what time the flight will actually take off or if it will take off at all. It’s creepy when you get on a plane that doesn’t work. I would like to know if it is always necessary to check the airplane with the passengers, or if the airplane is checked before takeoff. On the whole, I should be walking around St. Petersburg and admiring its beauty, but unfortunately I am looking through the window of an illuminator at a grey Moscow. Everything is very bad.

I flew with this airline twice: 03.07.18 from Syktyvkar to Monastir (Tunisia) and 14.07.18 back. To date I can confidently say that these are the two worst flights of my life. Now in order. Departure was scheduled for 03.07.18 at 00:40, registration began as usual three hours in advance. In an hour all passengers had passed registration and passport control and we had to wait for two hours in the waiting room of Syktyvkar International Airport. Here I really want to switch to mate, but I’ll try very hard to control myself. The room was more like a cattle pen, gray walls painted with oil paint probably from Soviet times, ventilation was not working because the ventilation holes were bricked up, and there was no air conditioning “why, it’s the north. There were only seats for half of the passengers at best. At the appointed time of departure no one took us to the plane, no one from the airline or airport representatives came up and there was no message on the loudspeaker about the reasons for the delay. An hour passed, two hours passed and nothing happened. In the third hour of “great stand” when the half of the passengers who were not lucky enough to have seats on the plane became weak from fatigue and just did not have enough air to breathe, people began to be indignant, to call the “hot” line airline and airport demanding at least to explain the reason for the delay, but no one was able to explain clearly, saying that most likely there were some technical problems with the plane which will soon eliminate. In general, there was a delay of three hours before our flight. We spent a total of almost five hours in this enclosure. At the entrance to the plane nice smiling young cabin stewards finished exhausted passengers with the phrase “Good morning!”, I really wanted to punch them in the face, but I restrained myself. It turns out eating on board is a paid service that should be pre-booked on the airline’s site. I especially liked how the stewardess announced over the speakerphone that we would be offered “soft drinks”, which actually turned out to be plain water under the name “Kirul”, I do not understand why she talked about it in plural and generally called the water a drink? The flight back was even more fun, the flight was delayed by almost ten hours, but this time they took us to a nearby hotel and fed us lunch. The only spoon of honey in this barrel of tar was the flight crew. Thanks to the captain of the ship, I do not remember his last name (flight #EO1664, 14.07.18), for finding the strength to apologize to the passengers for the delay and explained the cause of the delay serious damage to the plane, it turns out we were flying on the reserve board sent from Simferopol. The flight attendants were very nice and behaved in a very dignified manner. All in all it seems, the second day coming off the flight, the main thing I have gained positive from this story – is an invaluable life experience, next time booking a trip from the tour operator will look carefully at the air carrier and of course if there is a choice, it will not be Pegas Fly is the worst in my opinion the airline in our troubled country! Good luck!

UTair airlines: passenger reviews

I flew with this airline for the first time on the Ekaterinburg-Phuket-Ekaterinburg route. Initially I was unpleasantly surprised by paid and expensive online check-in, seat selection for about 2500r. Although many airlines offer this service free of charge. Of course, the plane was old, but looked more or less decent. It was nice that the backrests of the last row, which we got, also recline well. The flight attendants were friendly, the service on board was good enough. No complaints in general, as a charter airline it lived up to our expectations.

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