June, July and August weather in Greece – 2022

Weather and vacations in Greece in June

Summer is a little life, and we want to live it as rich as possible. Most Russians can not imagine a full vacation without the sea, beaches and hot sun and choose a vacation in Greece.

Greece or Cyprus?

Greece June summer port beach city

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For unsophisticated northerners, any trip to the sea will be an unforgettable adventure. The main thing is to be warm, beautiful and not boring. For those who decided to go abroad, the Mediterranean Sea seems more accessible. If you have already passed Turkey, you have to solve the dilemma – Cyprus or Greece.

The countries are similar only at first glance. It would seem that the sea is gorgeous, the fruit is fresh, the beaches are marked by the Blue Flag. And yet there are differences:

  • In Cyprus, the beach holiday begins in May, the water gets warm earlier;
  • Greece in June immersed in greenery and flowers, while in Cyprus the hot sun scorches the vegetation;
  • Cyprus is a small island, you can cover it in a day by car, Greece is a huge country with many resorts for every taste and purse;
  • sights in Greece are much more.

Visiting Greece, unlike Cyprus, requires a Schengen visa. This obstacle only at first glance seems difficult to overcome. But all difficulties are forgotten when in front of you will open a great interesting country where the European civilization was born, and the historical and cultural monuments are found at every step.

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Weather in June

Greece beach beach sunbathing sea

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The weather in Greece in June allows to rest comfortably for all categories of citizens – from babies to older tourists:

  • The air temperature during the day from 26 ° to 30 °;
  • at night at least 19 °;
  • Water temperature from 22 ° to 24 °.

The solar activity has not yet reached its maximum, but at noon hours from the hot sun you should take cover in the shade. It is not by chance that locals take an afternoon siesta to protect themselves from burns and heatstroke.

If the summer heat tires you out, come to Greece in early June. The sea will be a little cooler, but excursions are available. In addition, the main flow of tourists arrives later, and meanwhile you can buy cheap tours.

The highest temperatures are expected in the continental part of the country. On the coast, no matter how many degrees it is on the thermometer, the heat is softened by low humidity and fresh sea breeze. In late June, the thermometer passes the 30° mark. The peak of the heat is in July and August.

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To decide where to vacation in Greece in June, consider the weather by resort.

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Northern Greece

Thessaloniki city Greece architecture square

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The northern part of Greece is washed by the Aegean Sea. The weather here is characterized by a range of daytime and nighttime temperatures. While the daytime air temperature is 28-29°, at night the thermometer drops to 16-17°. Precipitation is not uncommon in the region. There are six rainy days per month. So take an umbrella, some warm clothes and waterproof shoes. Water finally warms up only in July. In June, the sea temperature does not exceed 22 °.

Choose a better place to relax:

    – the capital of the region, a major city with an international airport and a variety of accommodation options – from small private apartments to apartments of the highest VIP category. You can go inexpensively in the first half of June for 26 300 rubles. – is a very picturesque region, famous for its clean sea with golden beaches, magnificent Olympus, the ruins of ancient cities. Pieria perfectly combines beach, recreational and sightseeing tourism. The region is famous for its water reserve, fur stores and fish markets. A week of rest costs 34,300 rubles. – Peninsula, which is shaped like a trident. Each prong is a separate resort. There are Sithonia, Kassandra and Athos. There is no severe heat here, the water temperature is 22-24 °. Younger groups are more suited to partying and crowded Kassandra. You can pick up hot deals for 16800 rubles for two (departing from St. Petersburg and Moscow). Sithonia – a luxury resort, where the rich tourists have a rest. The calm sea, luxurious hotels and the best beaches influence the value of the tour – from 37 400 rubles.

The resorts of Northern Greece, even in the height of summer, are drowned in lush greenery. The beaches are surrounded by pine forests and olive groves. The sea is especially impressive, reviews of tourists never tire of describing its bright azure color.

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Southern Greece

peloponnese beach beach bay

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The Peloponnese Peninsula is the southern part of mainland Greece on the shores of the Ionian Sea. You won’t find so many ancient monuments, natural sights and associated legends anywhere else.

In early summer the sky can get cloudy, but it rains rarely, 3-4 times a month at most. The temperature doesn’t drop below 24° and doesn’t rise higher than 28°. The sea has not yet warmed up thoroughly, in water 20-22 °.

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In late June, the sea is warmer – 24-26 °. In the region comes the heat, the air heats up to 32 ° and above. The situation is saved by a fresh breeze from the sea.

The warmest resort in southern mainland Greece is Loutraki. The city is known for its thermal springs, pristine beaches with developed infrastructure and the largest casino in Europe.

The beginning of June is not in high demand. The cost of a week’s stay for two people – from 20 000 rubles.

Crete beach beach tanning sea

© jarmoluk / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

The island of Crete also belongs to the southern Greece, but it is worth talking about. Greeks assure that it is the warmest island, where the warmest sea splashes. Summer here starts in mid-May. In early June Crete enjoys dry and clear weather. The temperature during the daytime is around 24°, and sometimes reaches 30-32° and the water temperature reaches 22-24°. The nights are cool at 18-19°. The weather forecast promises no more than 2 rainy days per month. Usually it rains for a short time, bringing a pleasant coolness.

The unofficial tourist center of Crete is Hersonissos. It is a lively, bustling town with restaurants and youth clubs. The beaches are sandy and pebbly, and the party doesn’t stop even at night. Families with children are not too comfortable here, but the young have all the fun. For peace and quiet is better to go to the small villages, scattered along the coast.

In early summer the prices for recreation are not high. You can get a tour for 32 200 rubles.

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Island Greece

rhodes island sea

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Greek islands are scattered over the three seas. The famous resorts have become a place of elite recreation, and tours to Greece in June pleasantly surprise with prices:

    – An emerald island with orange orchards, lemon and olive groves and a sea that changes color from delicate turquoise to thick sapphire. June is the driest month in Corfu. The air is 25-28° during the day, 19° at night and the water 21°. For swimming choose small enclosed coves where the sea is warmer. Last minute tour with a flight from Moscow costs from 16 700 rubles.
  1. The island of Rhodes is washed by two seas. The Aegean Sea in the west is fancied by surfers. In the Mediterranean, the water is calm, you can swim with children. The sea warms up to 23 °, the average daytime temperature is 28 °, and at night 23 °. A trip to Rhodes will cost 37 700 rubles for two people, including the flight from Moscow. In June, there comes a big wave, professionals get on a board, beginners take lessons from local instructors. In their free time, tourists dive into the thermal springs or see the monuments of antiquity. The sea temperature ranges from 21° to 24°. The average daytime temperature is 26°, and at night it is 22-23°. An all inclusive tour for two for 4 nights costs from 35,400 roubles. Thanks to the cold mineral springs, the sea has acquired a special transparency and a delicate aquamarine hue. To get to Zakynthos is possible only by sea. Guests admire the Blue Caves, the snow-white beaches, meet the sunset in the rocky cinema. The air is 27° during the day and 21-22° at night, the water is 22°. You can buy a package for a week for 37 900 rubles for two. Separated from the mainland by a strange strait, where the waves change direction up to 14 times a day. Tourists enjoy comfortable sunny weather – 26 ° C during the day, 19 ° at night, the sea 22 °. Visit the famous Heraklian Thermae, petrified forest, dragon houses and the temple of St. John the Russian. A tour to the beginning of June costs from 39,000 rubles for two without meals.
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To save on vacation, plan a trip at the beginning of summer, look for bargain deals, take advantage of early booking.

Holidays and festivals

Greece hosts colorful festivals throughout the country during the summer. Events begin in June and end in late fall. Among them:

  • The hippie festival in Crete;
  • a theater festival in Athens;
  • light and music shows on the Acropolis;
  • wine festival;
  • the festival of the Bull on Lesvos.

Villagers hold their own festivals where everyone is welcome.

Join in, your vacation will play with bright colors and give new impressions.

Summer Weather in Greece

summer weather in Greece

How, when and where can I enjoy my holidays in Greece in the summer of 2022? An overview of the weather in June, July and August, as well as tips and feedback from tourists on what’s best to do in each of the months.

Greece has a Mediterranean subtropical climate with warm, rainy winters and dry, sultry summers. The north and central parts of the country tend to be slightly cooler than the south and islands. July and August are the hottest months in Greece with temperatures tending towards +40 ° C, so most tourists go to the islands, where the hot weather is easier to bear because of the constant breezes. In addition, in late July – early August is the time of traditional sales, which cannot fail to please fans of shopping of all nationalities and ages.

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Weather in Greece in June

The first summer month is characterized by mild comfortable warmth. Weather in Greece in June pleases with an abundance of sunny days and pleasant temperatures: during the day +27. +30 ° C during the day, the water in the sea warms up to +22. +23°С. According to reviews, the end of May and the beginning of June is perfect for a vacation with babies, the elderly also feel well.

The warmest weather in Thessaloniki and Kos island: +29 ° C average daytime temperature, slightly below +28 ° C on Crete, Corfu and Rhodes, even cooler at the resorts of Halkidiki Peninsula and the island of Santorini – about +27 ° C. At nighttime it is +18. +20°С.

Things to do

It is the best time for sunbathing on the beach, diving and kiteboarding, sailing on a yacht or a boat on the open sea. The steady wind off the Aegean islands is excellent for windsurfing and sailing.

Ancient Greek temples, acropolis and orthodox monasteries are also best visited in early summer. Judging by the reviews of tourists, the sun though scorching, but the weather in Greece in June is quite bearable even for long trips. Given the elongation of the mainland and the peculiarities of the geographical location of the islands, the trip is worth taking a light jacket, because the weather can vary. It all depends on the chosen route.

Leading positions in excursion destinations are Athens, Peloponnese, the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Zakynthos and Corfu. Tourists recommend visiting the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Zeus the Olympic, Mount Olympus, the Valley of Butterflies, the Palace of Knossos, the Blue Caves, the Orthodox churches and monasteries.

In June, there is the Festival of Culture in Crete, and in the Peloponnese Peninsula – sports competitions. The Hellenic Festival in Athens lasts all summer and ends in September. During this time, theatrical groups from other countries come and stage productions on the stage of the ancient amphitheaters. Vivid performances on the Acropolis hill every year gather thousands of fans.

And on June 23rd, the day of the summer solstice is celebrated in Greece. On the night of June 23 to 24 the Greeks burn on bonfires the flowers they picked back in May to get rid of the unclean.

Greece June weather

(Photo: Kathleen Waters Photography / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

The weather in Greece in July

It gets hotter in July, especially in central Greece, where it is not uncommon to see readings of +40. +45 ° C, there may be strong gusty winds. The water heats up to +26 ° C. The average daily temperature on the islands of Kos and Corfu is +31. +33 ° C, on Crete, Rhodes and Halkidiki Peninsula +30 ° C. The average temperature at night is +22 . +25°С.

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The weather in Greece from mid-July to mid-August is not very pleasant: The hottest period begins, and many Greeks travel to the northern part of the country, even though the air there gets up to +35°C.

Where better to rest in Greece in July 2022? According to reviews, at this time is not bad in Rhodes: from the north-east there are fresh winds, so the climate seems to be milder. The peninsula of Halkidiki is well protected by mountains, it does not rain, the air temperature does not exceed +35 ° C, sea +26 ° C. It can rain rarely in Corfu, and the heat seems to be milder than in other resorts.

Things to do

The sun is merciless, and most vacationers spend their time by the sea: swimming, sunbathing, doing water sports, scuba diving. The afternoon sun is dangerous for sunburns and heatstroke, so after 11 o’clock the beaches slowly become deserted, and the taverns and stores close.

The midday heat is better to wait in a cool place until 17, gathering strength for the evening swimming and entertainment. By 19 o’clock the heat goes down and you can rest well, because in July there are often wine festivals, fairs and various musical events.

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Greek weather in July

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Weather in Greece in August

According to reviews, the weather in Greece in August is almost the same as in July: daytime temperatures can be +30. +During the day the temperature may be around +30 . +26°С. But the heat is much easier to bear because of the monsoon, which brings freshness and coolness.

It is better to choose Peloponnese and Halkidiki for your vacation. The difference in temperature is not much, only 1-2 degrees, but it feels a lot better. Surfers go to Crete and other resorts in the Mediterranean Sea.

Things to do

The August heat does not dispose to excursions, so vacationers spend the morning and evening hours by the sea, sail boats, scuba diving, have fun at water parks.

In August, many Greek cities hold major cultural events – music and dance festivals, folklore shows, the religious holiday of the Assumption of Mary.

Lovers of cultural leisure visit local temples and museums, small souvenir shops. The nights are warm, and in the evening many go to the tavernas, where you can heartily enjoy the Greek cuisine and listen to the music.

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