Kaliningrad airport: How to get there

How to get from Kaliningrad airport to the city

The distance from Kaliningrad Airport to the center of Kaliningrad is 23 km. It is 20km to Zelenogradsk, where the Curonian Spit stretches, and 78km to Baltiysk and the Baltic Spit.

The only bus goes to the city center and further to the bus station and South Railway Station. You can also take a cab, a transfer, a carshare company.

Journey time by bus – 40 minutes, by car – 25 minutes.

To get from “Khrabrovo” to the neighboring towns – Zelenogradsk and Baltiysk – you can take a cab, a bus or a shuttle with a necessary change, or a carshare car. A cab will take you to Zelenogradsk in 20 minutes and to Baltiysk – in 1 hour.

If you go to Zelenogradsk by public transport, you take bus 244-E, get off at the BSMP stop, change sides, and take bus #140 at the stop with the same name.

The way to Baltiysk by public transport is the following: you should take bus 244-E, get off at “Leninsky Prospekt” stop, walk 500 meters to “Teatralnaya Street” stop and change to the fixed-route bus number 207E.

Below we are going to discuss in details how to get from the airport to Kaliningrad, how long the trip takes and how much it costs.

Airport – Kaliningrad bus

How to get from Kaliningrad airport to the city

You can get to the city by public transport. Every day and on a regular basis from the airport departs bus number 244-E.

This is the so-called “express bus”, which makes on the way a minimum number of intermediate stops.

The departure point is a bus stop near the passenger terminal. Transport moves along the road Primorskoe semicircle, Alexander Nevsky Street, Chernyakhovsky Street, Leninsky Prospekt. Arrival point – Kaliningrad bus station, which is located near the Southern Railway Station.

The trip along the whole route will take 40-50 minutes. The final travel time depends on the current traffic.

The stops are: BSMP, Marshal Vasilevsky Square (next to the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum), Central Market (intersection of Chernyakhovsky – Gorky Streets), Leninsky Prospekt (near Victory Square with the Cathedral of Christ the Savior), Hotel Kaliningrad.

Landing place at the airport:

The closest stop to Königsberg Cathedral on Kant Island, Königsberg Castle, the House of Soviets and other central attractions is the “Hotel Kaliningrad” stop. Therefore, if you need to go downtown, you should get off there.

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The first bus 244-E departs from Khrabrovo Airport at 08:30 and the last one – at 22:30. The interval between flights is from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on time of day. You can check the current schedule on the website of the airport in the corresponding section.

Basically, the buses on the route are low-floor buses with a large capacity (70-100 passengers), rarely – medium-class buses (40-70 passengers).

The ticket costs 100 rubles. It is purchased directly at the boarding.

Cab from Kaliningrad airport to the city

An alternative way to get from “Khrabrovo” to any point of the city, whether it is a train station, a bus station, or any tourist attraction, is a cab. You can order a car directly at the airport. Dispatching desks are located on the first floor of the terminal. The official carrier the airport cooperates with is the cab service “HELP” (+7 (4012) 911-911).

In addition, you can order a car of a suitable class via a mobile app. In Kaliningrad there are online services for searching and selecting a cab – Uber, “Yandex.Taxi”, “Veset”, Maxim.

Approximate cost of a cab ride from “Khrabrovo” airport to Kaliningrad is 450 rubles. It will take 25 minutes to get to the center.

It will take about 30 minutes (450 rubles) to get to the Southern Railway Station and 25 minutes (420 rubles) to the Northern Railway Station.

While ordering a car via a mobile app it is worth remembering that some operators are practicing dynamic pricing. This means: the higher the demand in a particular area, the higher the cost.

If the accuracy of departure and arrival is important and you do not want to lose time waiting, it is worth considering a transfer. This option is suitable for families with children, travelers with bulky luggage, traveling companies and business trips. Prices for transfers start from 900 rubles per car.

Popular transfer destinations, including to Zelenogradsk and Baltiysk, are listed below:

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Carsharing at Kaliningrad airport

How to get from Kaliningrad airport to the city

You can get from Kaliningrad airport to the center by using a carshare car. This opportunity is offered by the company “City-Rent. You can take the car directly at the airport at a special parking lot.

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The requirements to the driver are standard for carsharing: age from 23 years, driving license category B, driving experience from 3 years, Russian citizenship.

The company’s fleet includes Hyundai Solaris and Renault Logan cars. The calculation is made only for the actual time of use of the car.

The cost per minute rate – 9-12 rubles per minute, depending on the car brand and rental time. The most expensive is the night rent. Accordingly, the trip by the carsharing car from the airport of Kaliningrad to the center will cost about 200-300 rubles.

The hourly rate is 499 rubles for Hyundai Solaris (mileage not more than 25 km) and 429 rubles for Renault Logan (mileage not more than 25 km).

To join the carsharing system, you need to download a mobile app. It is available in the AppStore and Google Play. Then it is necessary to provide the necessary documents (photo of some pages of the passport, driver’s license) and wait for the verification of the account. After registration a map with the location of available cars will open.

More info about service conditions, rates etc. is available on official website of the company. – on the official site of the company.

Car rental

There are several rental offices at the airport. It is possible to reserve a car in advance. Child seats, navigators and other additional equipment are available as an option.

You can choose an option that suits all criteria with the help of an aggregator:

Kaliningrad airport: How to get there

How to get to Kaliningrad from the airport

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How to get to Kaliningrad from Khrabrovo airport. Bus, cab, carshare – let’s see all available ways.

Although there is a shuttle bus to the city from the airport, the best way to get to Kaliningrad from the airport is probably a cab and below I will tell you why.

Bus Khrabrovo airport – Kaliningrad

Between the airport and the bus station Kaliningrad there is a shuttle bus number 244e. The distance between them is 25 kilometers and travel time is 45 minutes. The cost of travel one way (as of spring 2021) – 100 rubles.

The bus stop is on the right side of the airport exit:

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How to get to Kaliningrad from the airport. Kaliningrad bus stop

Bus schedule 244e airport Khrabrovo – Kaliningrad

The schedule on the photo below (full size by clicking clicking). Buses from the airport to the city start at 08.20 am and finish at 21.30 pm. From Kaliningrad to the airport you can go from 7 am till 20.20 pm.

Bus schedule 244e Khrabrovo airport - Kaliningrad

You should not hope for absolute punctuality, because even the schedule says that there may be changes in case of flight delays. But in general, if you don’t arrive too early and not too late, you can catch this bus about once every 40 minutes.

Tip: Yandex Maps service and the smartphone app with the same name allow you to monitor the current location of Kaliningrad buses on the map in real time. Including the bus 244e airport Khrabrovo – Kaliningrad. You just stand at the stop and see where the bus is going now. Try it, it’s really convenient.

The size of buses

Some of them are quite large and comfortable, with a luggage compartment:

Bus 244e Khrabrovo airport - Kaliningrad

But I, for example, got a different size:

Bus 244e Khrabrovo airport - Kaliningrad

I don’t know if it has a luggage compartment, I was with a backpack, and no one opened the luggage compartment. In fact, it was just a normal Pazik:

You can certainly get there, you won’t get tired in 45 minutes. But, you must agree, for a host city of the World Cup, and hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists every month during the season, it’s kind of frivolous.


It is important to know that the routes from the city to the airport and in the opposite direction (from the airport to the city) are different.

So from the airport to Kaliningrad bus makes more stops (5 in the city limits), passes through the city center (on Cherniakhovskogo Street and Leninsky Prospekt).

Bus 244e route from the airport to Kaliningrad

List of bus stops of bus 244e en route from Kaliningrad airport (with links to the map):

In the opposite direction (from Kaliningrad to the airport) the bus does not go to the center of the city, it goes round Kalinin Prospect and Ulitsa 9 Avril. In this direction, in addition to the terminals, it has only 2 stops, all along Nevsky Street.

Bus 244e route from Kaliningrad to the airport

The list of bus stops of bus 244e on the route from Kaliningrad to airport (with links to the map):

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Note: the list of stops may change over time. If you’re not sitting at the bus station, please make sure you clarify whether your stop is still active on this route (at least on Yandex maps).

So if you stayed somewhere near Nevsky St. or Southern Railway Station – you are lucky and you can easily get to the airport. But in most cases you have to get from the hotel to the airport bus stop by public transport, and that means extra time and money.

In general, the bus fare from the airport of 100 rubles does not seem excessive, but let’s calculate all costs. You have to pay for your luggage separately – 25 rubles. You will have to pay another 28-30 rubles if you take public transportation from the hotel (and most likely you will have to, because the route of bus 244E to the airport is not convenient). Total, the cost to the end point will be 155 rubles. And the cost of cab from the airport to the city center or vice versa – from 450 rubles.

Is there any point in using the bus at all?

There is some sense if you go alone and you have a lot of free time. It will save about 300-350 rubles. And if there are at least two of you? It will save you 150 rubles, but it will take you two hours longer to get there. If there are three or more of you then there is no sense in economy at all and it is easier to call a cab.

How to get to Kaliningrad from the airport by cab

The cost of cab riding from the Khrabrovo Airport to the center of Kaliningrad starts from 450 rubles at Yandex.Taxi service. It’s better to pre-install their application, but you can also order by phone.

Cab fare from Khrabrovo airport to Kaliningrad

It is possible to call and official cab at the counters at the airport, but the rates are higher – 650-750 rubles.

Cab drivers usually arrive in advance for incoming flights and take 1-2 minutes to answer the call, so it’s better to call a cab through the app after you’ve picked up your luggage. However, do not delay calling, because all the cars can be disassembled by the fellow travelers who came with you on the same plane. And then you have to wait for about 20-30 minutes when new cars arrive or call a more expensive official cab.

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In general, the algorithm is as follows: take your luggage, call a car and go to the area in front of the airport:

Cab stand at Khrabrovo airport

Only official cabs go to the first line, so if you called Yandex or Uber, you need to walk across the crosswalk a little further, the cab driver will drive up there.

Kaliningrad airport transfer

Shuttle service from Khrabrovo Airport is for those who focus on comfort. You will not need to look for anything on the spot or nervously search for a cab. The driver will meet you with a sign at the airport, take you to the car (with an umbrella if necessary), and then take you to the hotel.

All parameters: the class of the car, the number of seats and luggage places, air conditioning or a child car seat can be chosen beforehand, from the house. The cost of transfer will also be known in advance, without surprises on the spot.

Airport transfer services in Kaliningrad offers a service KiwiTaxi. The cost – from 1050 rubles, depending on the class of the car and the number of passengers.

Transfers are also convenient for large companies. You can order one minibus for 7, 10 or 16 people instead of ordering 2-3 cab cars.

Carsharing at Kaliningrad airport

In Kaliningrad there is a carsharing service from the local company City-Rent. The airport is included in the coverage area, so if there is a free car at the airport, you can take off in it.

Carsharing at Khrabrovo airport

Photo: https://vk.com/city_rent_arenda_avto

The only thing you need to do is to install their application beforehand, register an account and upload your documents there (driving license, passport). Then you have to wait for the procedure of documents verification (it may take up to a day). If you don’t do it beforehand, you won’t be able to rent a car upon arrival. Here is my personal experience of using carsharing in Kaliningrad.

And if you need the car for a longer term – read the review of car rental services in Kaliningrad.

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