Kemer or Belek: Where to go in 2022?

Belek or Kemer – where to have a better holiday in Turkey?

The popular Kemer and no less famous Belek are located on the Antalya Riviera, 80 km from each other. This is a very popular resort among Russian-speaking tourists. Each of them has a unique characteristics and a number of features that may be decisive in choosing a place for a vacation. Let’s consider which of the cities to prefer for a particular type of vacation.

Both resorts have significant differences in size, geographical features and price category.


Located 40 km west of Antalya, in a small valley in the middle of the relict pine forests and Taurus Mountains, which surround the city from three sides. Local nature and landscapes are very similar to those in Georgia or Abkhazia. The same abundance of subtropical vegetation and mountains, as well as the rocky coast and pebble beaches.

In all, there are about 20,000 inhabitants. In appearance – it is a nice European town, built up with neat low-rise cottages in the Greek style. The streets are shady and green. It is interesting and pleasant to walk around.

Kemer is positioned as a budget resort, which made it extremely popular among tourists from post-Soviet countries, especially among young people. They prefer to buy real estate and rest retirees from Western Europe.


Located 42 km east of Antalya, in the steppes. There are no dense forests and mountains, but the local landscape brightens up the tropical gardens at the hotels and a huge golf park. It only has a population of 6,000, making it more of a village than a city.

Belek or Kemer - where better to rest Turkey?

Belek is designed for high-budget holidays in 4-5* all-inclusive resort hotels. They have all the necessary tourist infrastructure, which allows you not to leave the hotel until your departure. All hotel complexes are located in a secluded resort area by the sea – it is separated from the residential village, a golf park. It is very secluded and quiet place with attractive attractions .

Last minute tours – where better to fly?

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The most lucrative trips are sold in Kemer. It is full of cheap hotels, where Russian tour operators like to book rooms en masse. In addition, the local beaches will not appeal to all holidaymakers, which has a positive effect on the price.

Where is it easier to get to?

Resorts are 40 km to the west and east of Antalya – the main transportation hub of the region. This is an equidistant distance. However Belek is the easiest to reach, as it is situated 30 km from Antalya Airport, which is a 40 min drive.

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To reach Kemer, tourists have to drive first through the whole of Antalya, where they may get stuck in traffic jams, and then take a good quality multi-lane, but somewhat winding, mountain road. All this takes up to 1.5 hours.

Climate and weather

The resorts are on the same latitude, but the climate is slightly different. Because of the mountains in Kemer is colder at night than in Belek . But during the day there is not as hot as in the steppes, and in the spring and fall, there is almost no rain.

TIP! Rain in Kemer is a real Event. During this rare weather phenomenon, lights may be turned off throughout the city, but not for long.

Where is cheaper?

Kemer is in many aspects cheaper than Belek . Therefore, it has acquired a strong reputation as a budget resort for not wealthy tourists. Holidays here cost almost as much as in the Crimea or Sochi. And some tourists argue that even cheaper.

Rental housing

Kemer has a huge range of housing, including private . Despite the fact that the town has a population of only 20,000 people, many of them rent their property to foreigners. And at bargain prices.

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Also there are enough hostels, guest houses and hotels 2-3*. There are also expensive resorts, but they are few.

Find private accommodation in Belek is almost impossible, due to the tiny size of the village and its remoteness from the resort area. Even if there are rented some private apartments, they will be located a few kilometers from the sea. Given the lack of public transport – the distance will have to overcome daily by cab.

In Belek there are almost no cheap hotels. This resort is designed for high-budget rest in resorts 4-5*.


Meals in Belek hotels are mostly “all inclusive”. That allows not to spend money on food.

In Kemer the food system “buffet” is not particularly common. But there are a lot of cheap cafes, as well as supermarkets and grocery markets. If you rent a private accommodation, the meal in Kemer can be a good savings – preparing it yourself.

Prices for goods and services

Prices for goods in all cities on the Antalya Riviera is the same (if you do not take into account the stores and souvenir shops in tourist areas, where everything is more expensive). The cost of services in Kemer is lower . For example, to get a haircut here will cost much cheaper than in the barbershop at the 5* hotel.

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Internet and mobile communications

Their quality and price is the same throughout Antalya.

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  • There is no need to set up roaming and buy a local SIM card.
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Kemer has public transport: There are dolmushis (cabs), which ply around the city and into neighboring villages, and cabs as well. The fares depend on the distance and range from 2,5 to 7 Liras.

There is no public transport in Belek, unless you count cabs as such. However, the village does not need buses, because all of its hotels are either at the beach, or dozens of meters from it.

Where are the best beaches and sea?

About the best beaches in Turkey in detail here. In Kemer, the sea is very clean, but the beaches are pebbly. They are also very clean, but not particularly comfortable for swimming. The bottom in many places is stony, so the entrance to the water is by underwater paths, cleared of stones.

Belek or Kemer - where better to rest Turkey?

There’s a swanky sand beach in Belek, but the water in the sea is a bit muddy because of strong underwater currents in the region.

TIP! Beaches with the most expensive hotels are filled with imported sand.

Attractions .

In Belek there are no sights, but they are nearby, 30-70 minutes by bus. Nearby are:

  • The historic center of the city;
  • several interesting parks, including theme parks;
  • the natural Canyon of Geyniuk;
  • Mount Olympos with a cable car and tourist center at the top; ;
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis;
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Olympos;
  • The caves of Beldibi ;
  • Yanartas mountain of fire (burning gas comes out of it).


In Belek there are no special attractions besides golf, a local water park The Land Of Legends Theme Park (Turkish Disneyland) and what is offered in the hotels. For more interesting leisure will have to go to the neighboring cities.

Kemer offers plenty of entertainment:

  • bungee jumping, suspended over an abyss on the 2360 m top of Mount Olympos;
  • Trekking on Mount Olympos, mountain biking or quad biking safaris on the mountain or in the forest park at the foot of the mountain;
  • Trekking one section of the Lycian Trail;
  • a cable car ride up Mount Olympos; ;
  • visiting an ethnographic museum or a dinosaur park;
  • rafting on local mountain rivers.

Tourist comments

  • Belek : “Quiet, tranquil and quite expensive place. The quintessence of the very package holiday, glorified by generations of Russian tourists.
  • Kemer: “This town has something of Greece or Montenegro. This similarity is seen in the architecture, climate, nature and prices. It is cheap and there is always something to do. However the beach rest leaves much to be desired because of a pebble.
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Let’s summarize – so what’s the best choice?

If you do not want to leave the hotel “all-inclusive” until the end of the vacation and are willing to pay a tidy sum for such a rest, then the right decision will be to settle in Belek. It is also suitable for lovers of quality beach holidays.

Active tourists and those who have a modest budget, it is recommended to opt for Kemer.

Where to have a rest in Turkey in 2021: Belek or Kemer

On the Turkish Mediterranean coast several resort towns that are loved by tourists. Each in its own way attractive. Antalya, Kemer, Belek or Side – which is better, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Belek and Kemer are two popular resort towns among Russian tourists. Both are located in the province of Antalya, are separated from each other by only 80 km, but have their own distinctive features, including climatic, which may affect the choice of location.


Belek (Turk.) is a resort of the Republic of Turkey, located 42 km east of Antalya. The area is steppe, without mountains and forests, the lack of vegetation compensate for the lack of hotel gardens and large-scale golf park. The population of Belek is only 6000 people. The town is known as a golf center, is considered a prestigious resort area, mostly families with a good income. There are mostly five-star all-inclusive hotels in Belek. They are provided with necessary tourist infrastructure. Each hotel has its own resort area at sea, isolated from local residents. Belek surrounds tourists with complete comfort, they do not have to leave the hotels until the end of vacation.

Advantages of Belek

Belek has significant advantages:

  • The resort is close to the airport, it takes about an hour to get there.
  • Belek is environmentally friendly area, away from the industrial zone.
  • There are free sandy beaches in Belek, the coast is clean, the water is clear, the sand in it quickly settles to the bottom.
  • The resort season in Belek covers the whole of October, at the end of which the temperature stays above 20 °C. When the heat goes away, the water in the sea continues to be warm.

Beach lovers will love Belek. And those who go to rest with the kids, to choose, Kemer or Belek – what is better for children, even will not have. In Belek the most suitable conditions for such a holiday.

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Disadvantages of Belek.

Active and curious tourists will see disadvantages in this resort town:

  • In Belek mostly elite hostels and five-star hotels, which include an infrastructure complex and golf centers. There are no budget hotels, and therefore the resort of Belek costs tourists three times more than Kemer.
  • Belek is not rich in attractions, tourism is more focused on entertainment, including golf, billiards, horseback riding lessons.
  • The lack of shopping, for purchases have to go to Antalya.

The listed disadvantages are relative. For affluent tourists who dream of peace and quiet, this resort town will be full of advantages.


Kemer (Turk.) is a resort town and port on the Mediterranean coast of the Republic of Turkey, 42 km southwest of Antalya, located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. The local population of about 20,000 people. Kemer is surrounded by picturesque nature: mountains and subtropical vegetation. It looks like a small European town, there are green streets, along which stand small beautiful houses. Rest here is quite budget, in contrast to Belek, so Kemer is popular with tourists of average income. For young people Kemer attracts nightlife and the opportunity to visit interesting places.

IMPORTANT: The resort area of Kemer also includes nearby villages: Beldibi, Geynyuk, Kirish, Tekirova, and Chamyuva.

Pros of Kemer

The resort has many advantages:

  • Proximity to Antalya, a short drive from the airport.
  • A lot of inexpensive hotels, hostels, there are fashionable, but in Kemer they are not in demand.
  • Rich nature: coniferous forests, mountains.
  • Thanks to the pebble beaches, the water by the shore remains clear, even when the sea is rough, but more often it is calm.
  • Fashionable hotels have their own bulk sandy beaches. For safe night swimming underwater lighting is equipped here.
  • Kemer and its resort surroundings are rich in historical and architectural monuments and natural sights (the ancient towns of Phaselis, Idiros, Olympos, Yoruk Ethnographic Museum, Ataturk Boulevard, Clock Tower).
  • Reasonable prices for food and accommodation.
  • A lot of stores and markets, there is an opportunity to buy clothes and shoes inexpensively on sale at the end of October.

Lovers of hiking, sightseeing tours will be appreciated.

Disadvantages of Kemer.

  • Pebbles on the beaches are not suitable for children: they love to build sand castles on the shore.
  • In Kemer resort season until mid-October, as it gets colder to +20 ° C during the day and up to +10 ° C at night, storms, rains are rare, but very heavy, dangerous for communications, the power is turned off at this time.
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The disadvantages of the resort are minor: you can find a sandy beach if you want, and most Russians’ vacation ends by September.

What is better to choose for a vacation

The choice of a resort town in the series Antalya – Kemer – Side – Belek depends on individual preferences and opportunities:

  • Lovers of antiquity will probably want to stay in Side.
  • Antalya will suit those tourists for whom the main purpose of a trip to Turkey – shopping.
  • The resort village of Beldibi is a great place for active recreation lovers.
  • Kemer with its nightlife, restaurants, bars, parties is preferable for young people.
  • Belek, a prestigious resort with expensive hotels and first-class service, suits wealthy tourists who want a quiet, comfortable vacation.

If we consider Belek or Kemer, where it is better with children, there is no clear answer:

  • In Kemer pebble beaches for kids is not very convenient, but for a family vacation there are great places in nearby resort villages such as Tekirova and Kirishi.
  • Resort Kemer is not as hot as Belek, you can always find shade under the green foliage, pine forests saturate the air with pine scent and protect from the hot sunlight, under the crown of pine trees nice to walk.
  • Belek is ideal for young children sandy beaches, playgrounds, water parks.

For lovers of lush nature of Turkey Belek and Kemer are incomparable:

  • Although in both cities the environmental situation is favorable due to the remoteness from industrial areas, Kemer definitely wins in the beauty of its natural surroundings. The smell of pine trees, picturesque corners and eco-parks appeal to holidaymakers.
  • Belek lacks the beauty of wildlife, but the resort town itself is remarkable shady parks, which are carefully cared for.
  • Belek is hotter, the water is warmer by two degrees, the holiday season lasts longer, but those who do not like the heat, choose Kemer.

In the end, we can say that Kemer is a great resort for young, not very affluent lovers of picturesque nature, history and monuments. Kemer is perfect for those who like to go on excursions, go shopping, markets, take part in parties and other nightlife events. Belek is ideal for wealthy tourists with young children, fans of luxury hotels and passive recreation – just lounging on the sand by the warm sea.

If you compare the resorts in general before a trip to Turkey: Belek or Kemer, which is better, – Kemer has more advantages.

Everyone decides what is more important and more interesting for him: to rest on a quiet beach after a hard day’s work or spend your vacation in travel, excursions, noisy and fun.

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