Kos island : reviews of holidaymakers in Kos (Greece) – 2022

Kos – traveler reviews

Reviews about Kos, based on personal experience. Which Kos cities are worth visiting and why, general pros and cons. What to pay attention to those who are going to visit Kos for the first time. Which cities should be chosen for a family vacation and which ones for a youth vacation and why? What is the most interesting for tourists, recommendations from the experience of their journey.

Kos for a peaceful family vacation

We flew to Greece to the island of Kos on last minute packages. We did not really know anything about the island and the hotel where we were going, we decided that we would find out on the spot. And yes, figuring it out was not so hard. Kos is a small island, not more than 50 kilometers long and about 11 kilometers wide. Very sparsely populated, not like other new resorts with crowds of tourists.

The island greeted us with warm sunny weather. The bus rolled amidst thick vegetation, which gently turned into steppes and plains with parched grass. And here was our hotel. It turned out that we were quite far away from the capital of Kos. And what surprised us the most was that there were no stores, no pharmacies, nothing. Just a field with grazing cows and a horse farm. That’s when we wondered what to do next. There was no transport, not even a bus stop. Having had a good breakfast, we rushed to the sea. Azure water was 10 minutes walk from our hotel. We exhaled. Well, at least the sea is nearby! The coastline stretched for miles in both directions, and most importantly, around – except for us – a few more people. Well, absolutely wild beach. Light grey sand and tender sea with warm water pleased us. According to the forecast, the water in the sea reached 19 degrees, but by feeling, it was a few degrees higher. I would say that not less than 23 degrees.

After swimming and wandering around, we came to the conclusion that we can’t do without a car. We walked a couple of kilometers to the nearest sign “Rent a car” and rented a small but capacious car for 20 euros a day for a week.

Our way was going to the park of peacocks. Is located in the village called Plaka. It is difficult to call it a park. We arrived in a beautiful forest with firs and pines and other vegetation, where we were greeted by peacocks with loud joyful shouts. They walked toward us, opening their beaks to consume whatever they were offered to taste. We knew about this park, so we picked up cookies and bread to feed the “hungry” and beautiful birds. There were enough like us – tourists – for the peacocks to get plenty to eat. They say if you arrive early in the morning, they straight up run to people for food. Be sure to please the children, if you go to the family on the island.

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Next we went to the capital city of Kos . Echo how it sounds! And it is just 20 minutes away from our remote hotel. Here is where the life is already boiling. We visited the ruins of an ancient city, and, of course, we couldn’t help admiring the power of architecture, or rather what was left of it. We looked into the open-air amphitheater with stone steps on which the Greeks once sat to watch performances.

The tree of Hippocrates, the great healer, is also nearby. The huge tree, under which the doctor worked, still delights tourists with its sprawling branches, although it is said that it is not the tree planted by Hippocrates himself, but his descendant. After all, the tree can live no more than 500 years.

Then we wandered along the promenade, where all the sea transport of Kos is concentrated. By the way, if you want fresh fish, every morning the sailors sell the fresh catch they caught during the night at the wharf. Usually from six to eight in the morning all the seafood is bought up by restaurants or, well, locals.

The thermal springs – that’s a must-visit destination. The road led us along a steep serpentine road, we admired the sea landscape and steep cliffs. And here we arrived. The car was parked on a special parking place. From here we continued on our own and walked down the well-trodden path among the rocks. The smell of rotten eggs informed us that we had come to the right place. Hydrogen sulfide. That’s exactly what it smells like. The springs themselves are on the coast and move smoothly into the sea, enclosed by large boulders so that the healing hot water does not mix so much with the cold sea water. In anticipation of taking a warm bath, I was shocked when my foot stepped into the boiling water and turned bright red. No one bathed in the bath itself except for one burgundy-colored daredevil, who basked in this “fragrant” water. All the other tourists were lying in the water on the other side of the rocks, where the water mixed with the sea and was warm. I first followed their example, but it was not for me to push in the cramped space, and I risked after the cold sea to plunge into the boiling water. And it was cool! The main thing is to swim faster to the other side of the bath, and then back to the cold sea! We came to this paradise place one more time, when the sea was stormy, and the water in the bath mixed with the sea and was a comfortable temperature, but now there were many tourists and that kayf I no longer felt.

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Paradise Beach or Paradise Beach on the Greek island of Kos. It is surrounded by coves and is a beautiful lagoon with white sand and sea smoothness without a single wave. A few meters from the shore, right in the water, there is a green islet that you can swim to. The water in the bay is oddly cool, 19 degrees.

Cheered up, we went to the north of the island. And here we were amazed. The farther we went from the south, the thicker vegetation surrounded us. Thick pines and spruces were seen on both sides of the serpentine. And at the end of the road, a gorgeous sight came into view. Emerald waves were laden with white lambs. This was a surfer’s paradise. Wild beaches with absolutely no people. The beauty is indescribable.

The village of Zia is located right in the mountains. They say that it was built specifically to attract tourists. Souvenir shops, stores and many cafes and restaurants among the picturesque nature. There is also a mini zoo where children will enjoy a few animals. The zoo itself is in a very green area among the mountains. It opens up gorgeous views of the entire island from a bird’s eye view.

The disadvantages of resting on the island of Kos:

– The island itself is not very well maintained, you can find some iron grids, scorched grass. And it gives the impression of devastation. Only on some beaches in expensive hotels is ennobled and civilized.

– The island is very small and can be covered in one day, so if you plan a two-week vacation, just not on Kos. Well, unless you’re not a fan of hotel holidays and you do not need anything but the sea.

– Lack of transportation. You should definitely rent a car. It would be very boring to stay in a hotel. And who have no possibility to take the car, it is possible only to sympathize for them.

– Not very many attractions. In fact, all that I have described above is the whole island of Kos.

Isle of Kos: tips for vacations.

Leisure reviews on Kos

Reviews about holidays on the island of Kos – the birthplace of Hippocrates. What do tourists think about the weather, sea, beaches, hotels, excursions and entertainment? Pros and cons of vacationing in South East Aegean in Greece in 2022. Tourist tips.

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Weather reviews on Kos.

From November to March, while Greece is in low season, there are almost no tourists on Kos. During these months, the island often rains, and the ferry service to the mainland and other islands is irregular.

The tourist season starts in April. In spring, everything on Kos blooms, but the sea is still cool. You can swim in May, when the sea warms up to +19. +20°С.

June, July and August weather in Greece - 2022

Children come to the resort in June. In early summer, the air temperature during the day +30 ° C, and sea water +22. +24°С.

According to reviews, in July and August on Kos, only those who can tolerate hot weather are comfortable. The daytime heat reaches +35. +38 ° C and above, and the water in the sea +25. +26°С. In summer, the weather is dry, and there is almost no rain.

The velvet season lasts two months. During the summer months, the Aegean Sea heats up a lot, and cools down slowly. At the end of October, the temperature of the sea water is +22. +23°С. Warm weather and deserted beaches are preferred by parents with small children, older tourists and those who are contraindicated to the summer heat.

Dina Kharlamova: “In March there were clear days without precipitation. The weather was very comfortable for leisurely sightseeing, you can not be afraid of the midday heat.

Lyudmila Voronova: “I can’t call the May trip a success. I`m not comfortable to have a rest here at the end of spring – it was cold. The same applies to the sea. The water is heated to only +19 ° C. Thankfully, the beauty of nature compensated most of the negative.

Holidays on Kos

Kos Island (Photo: unsplash.com / @_louisreed)

Kos Hotel Reviews

The island’s hotel infrastructure caters to everyone’s needs. There are luxurious 4-5* hotels that take guests on an all-inclusive program. Many of them are aimed at parents with children. If you are interested in a budget holiday, you can easily find inexpensive apart-hotels and gesthouses by the sea.

Ivan and Ksyusha Scherbakow: “Pyli Bay Hotel 3* is good for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The room was clean, the sanitary facilities worked, and the food was good.

Sabre : “The breakfast at Giakalis Aparthotel 3* is very modest but hearty. At that time you could not order lunch and dinner. But we really like Greek tavernas, so we weren’t even upset.”

Alexander B. Alexander B. : “Atlantis Hotel 4* is excellently located 2 km from Kos. Walking or biking to town is a pleasure.

Hotel reviews on Kos

Atlantis Hotel grounds (Photo: booking.com / Atlantis Hotel)

Beach and Sea Reviews on Kos

The island has a coastline of 112 km. More than half of the coastline is beaches, and almost all of them are Blue Flag. Whichever part of Kos you stay, there are several convenient places to relax by the sea within walking distance.

The most popular sandy and pebbly beaches are found in the resorts of Mastikhari, Kardamena, Kefalos, Marmari and Psalidi. Tourists also like Paradise Beach, Thermal Beach and Lambi. All of them are equipped for comfortable rest. Beach, where nudists rest, is located in the place Tigaki.

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According to tourists’ reviews, the conditions for children on Kos are ideal. The entrance to the water is gentle, the sea is clean, and there are no strong currents near the shore. Shallow water is perfectly heated by the sun, so it is safe even with the kids.

To make your vacation on Kos in 2022 a success, read the reviews of tourists about the beaches.

Elena: “The sea is clean, you can see the fish and the bottom. There is a lot of mica in the sand, which in the sunlight sparkles like diamonds.”

Maria-Vladi: “The beach in Tigaki has become a favorite: white sand and shallow transparent sea. We even started joking: the farther from the shore, the shallower.

Reviews Reviews of Holidays on Kos in Greece

The beach on Kos (Photo: samchills / flickr.com)

Reviews of excursions on Kos

Look for author interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

According to legend, Hippocrates was born on the island, so there are many sights on Kos that are associated with the famous ancient Greek doctor. These are the ruins of the ancient temple Asklepios and the huge plane tree of Hippocrates. At 4 km from the beach of Agios Fokas are the popular thermal springs. The site is believed to have been a balneological resort in antiquity.

Picturesque Kos is part of the Dodecanese archipelago of Greece. The island is only 4 kilometers from the mainland, and opposite is the Turkish town of Bodrum. Kos takes tourists to the nearby volcano island of Nisyros and the other islands of the archipelago.

Tourists leave good reviews about the eponymous capital of Kos. Colorful seaside town is quite small. You can visit the majestic fortress of Neratzia, the Italian courtyards, the picturesque Palm Avenue and the oriental bazaars.

VovanD: “Great boat trip along the coast of Kos. Lunch barbecue included. Loved it all. Better to go with friends.”

Volcano on the island of Nisyros (Photo: samchills / flickr.com) Hippocrates sculpture on Kos (Photo: samchills / flickr.com)

Entertainment Reviews

The north of the island is windswept, so local resorts are popular with fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The clear Aegean Sea attracts snorkeling enthusiasts. There are several diving centers in Kos for those who want to dive. Nightlife connoisseurs have fun in trendy clubs and bars.

If you come to the island with kids, explore the coast on bikes and horseback tours. Take a trip to Aquis Marine Water Park in Tigaki and the Lido Water Park in the resort of Mastikhari.

To make your holiday in Kos 2022 a success, study the reviews of tourists about the entertainment on the island.

2303vl: “Diving takes place from the hotel beach. Diving is quiet and not deep. Instructors are good, communicate in several languages.”

Mpanja: “I was always afraid of diving, but my trainer George just helped me to deal with my fears and I had a great time.”

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Tamara Smirnova: “The purpose of my visit to Kos was to teach windsurfing. The station is willing to teach anyone and they do it wonderfully. My instructor was creative in the process. I was happy with my progress. The feeling of being one with the elements – the wind and the waves – is inexpressible. It’s worth experiencing.

Reviews of tourists on Kos in Greece

Windsurfers on the beach on Kos (Photo: samchills / flickr.com)

Pros and cons of vacationing on Kos

Despite the fact that Kos is not as hyped tourist destination as Crete or Rhodes, many people like it. It is a versatile resort with maritime entertainment, ancient ruins and nightclubs. According to the reviews, which left tourists in 2021, a great impression was made by the luxurious nature of the island.

The pros of vacationing on Kos in 2022:

  • There is an international airport.
  • Well-developed hotel infrastructure.
  • Many inexpensive Greek tavernas.
  • Warm sunny weather.
  • Great sandy beaches.
  • Fauna is rich – pink flamingos, loggerhead sea turtles, white-bellied seals and mountain goats.

Urbanishka: “It’s a beautiful island. I fell in love with it at first sight! Picturesque places, its own culture, the clearest sea, gardens and the hospital of Hippocrates himself, all this really won my heart.”

Cons :

  • Compared to mainland Greece, Crete and Rhodes, Kos is a bit boring.
  • Bank cards are not accepted everywhere.
  • Windy coast.

Montana: “The beaches can be very windy, and on many beaches no one swims at all. But you can get a good tan, and the most important thing is that the tan is a nice golden color.

A useful selection:

Kos holiday reviews

The Mountains on Kos (Photo: unsplash.com / @schaffler)

Tips and tricks for your holiday on Kos

There are four cathedrals on the island, and the locals widely celebrate Orthodox holidays. If you want to see unusual processions and dressed-up Greeks, come here for Easter and St. George’s Day in April or the feast of Agios Ioannis, which falls in late summer. Those whose vacation is in July can participate in the colorful Hippocrates Festival. Tourists can enjoy fairs, open-air concerts and performances of Greek dancers.

The beaches of Kos more often belong not to the hotels, but to cafes, bars and restaurants, which are located near the shore. Rent two sun beds and an umbrella for a day costs 6-7 €.

For holidays with children choose the beaches in the south of the island. Winds here are rare and there are no big waves.

At the height of summer, the air temperature can rise to +40. +45 ° C, but do not fear the heat. Kos is surrounded by the sea. Along its shores, fresh breezes are always blowing.

Tatiana Leontieva: “Little kids without special swimming aids should not be allowed in the water. After a few meters there is a small step, which rather sharply leads to the depths.

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