Kotor, Montenegro: Reviews, prices and tips for your vacation

Kotor: Ancient Town on the Shore of Europe’s Southernmost Fjord

Leisure time in Kotor

The sea capital of Montenegro impresses with its magical views and medieval architecture. Find out how tourists rate Kotor: which beaches, hotels and restaurants are considered the best.


The look of the resort

Montenegrins call the unique Bay of Kotor “Boka Kotorska.” The resort town on the shore of the bay is insanely beautiful. Kotor traces its history back to ancient times, and for hundreds of years it has absorbed the culture of the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Serbs. The historical part of the resort is protected by UNESCO.

Many tourists are brought to Kotor by buses and cruise ships, so large ships and expensive yachts can be seen in the port. Although a wealthy crowd likes to vacation here, the prices are not overpriced.

Visitor Reviews of Kotor

The historic part of the resort is protected by UNESCO. Photo: Smallredgirl / Depositphotos.com.

Tourists’ impression of the resort

During the day, tourists relax on the beaches, swim in the sea, explore the Old Town and go on excursions, and in the evenings, take a promenade along the waterfront. At nighttime in Kotor they turn on the beautiful lights and the city becomes very lively. Restaurants, cafes and bars are full of people, music and laughter can be heard everywhere.

Kamilia: “Wonderful view: the bay framing the city, boats, yachts, and all surrounded by mountains! The color of the water is just magical! Be sure to go up the mountain along the wall of the old fortress to see this marvel.”

j_voronina: “A tranquil boat ride on an unusually picturesque bay surrounded by beautiful nature. Wonderful little towns are scattered on the shores. Red shingles surrounded by greenery.

During the day tourists relax on the beaches, swim in the sea, explore the Old Town and go on excursions. Photo: katerina120289 / pixabay.com.

Best Hotels

Overnight accommodations in Kotor can be found for thrifty tourists, and for those who do not care how much the amenities cost in the hotel. Prestigious “five” are located on the first line, 3-4 km from the historic center. If you want to dive into the Middle Ages, choose hotels 3-4* in the Old Town. The most budget accommodation – apartments and guest houses – accept guests in Kotor itself and in the vicinity of the resort. Look for accommodation in Kotor on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Kotor, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

S&I 3* – A cozy guesthouse with a sea view 200 meters from Kotor’s Clock Tower. During the high season a room for two costs from 30 €.

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Marija 3* – comfortable accommodation in the historical buildings. The picturesque streets and cobbled streets are visible from the windows. A room for two with breakfast costs from 70 €.

Monte Cristo 4* – A romantic hotel in a restored 13th century building in the Old Town. Appreciate the luxury of the house where the first bishop of Kotor once lived! Double room with breakfast costs from 63 €.

Vardar 4* is an excellent hotel on the main square of the city. Tourists like elegantly furnished apartments and ultra-modern wellness center. Room for two with breakfast costs from 82 €.

Boutique Hotel Astoria 5* – a wonderful opportunity to live in a UNESCO-protected 13th century palace in the heart of Kotor. The luxurious interiors of the hotel combine ancient stone elements and modern design. Double room costs from 102 €.

Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort 5* is a luxury beachfront resort for adults. Guests are welcomed by a private beach, wellness center, outdoor pool, stylish lounge and cafe-bar. Room for two with breakfast costs from 206 €.

Beaches of Kotor

Beach recreation is not the strongest point of the Montenegrin resort. In Kotor there are only pebble beaches 30-60 meters long and concrete platforms with stairs to enter the water.

Near the ferry pier there is a city beach with cafes, kiosks with food, drinks and rent of deck chairs. Because of the port and the active ship traffic, the water is not too clean.

If you want to swim in the clean sea, go to the suburb of Kotor – Dobrota. From the old town, you can walk there in 15 minutes. The concrete and pebble beaches of Dobrota stretch for a few kilometers. There are parking lots, cafes, bars and playgrounds for kids.

Best Beaches of Kotor

Near the ferry landing is a town beach with cafes, kiosks with food, drinks and rent of deck chairs. Photo: Charly7777 / Depositphotos.com.

Cafes and restaurants

There’s good food in the port city! The menus of Kotor restaurants offer traditional Balkan meat dishes and Mediterranean fish cuisine. Try the shrimp carpaccio, carp baked in sour cream, black risotto, risotto risotto, rich chorba soup, hot chops veshalitza and pork shish kebab razhnici.

A set meal in a cafe costs 6-8 €. The most expensive restaurants are in the Old Town, and the beautiful view of the bay you can enjoy from the seafront.

Marina: “Konoba Bonaca is the first restaurant in Montenegro which my husband and I visited and we were absolutely delighted. Everything is on the highest level.

KateLeksa: “We found Tanjga from the reviews. Were there twice, very tasty meat. The assortment of meat is above all praise. Preserves for sausages and everything else, apparently they cook themselves. We took two assortments for two for 12 €”.

When it is better to relax in Montenegro. Weather by months and seasons.

Food Prices in Kotor

Pleskavica. Photo: wikmedia.ru / Igor todorovski.

What to see

Connoisseurs of excursion tourism feel like a fish in water in Kotor! There are many historical monuments in the resort – the well-preserved Old Town, fortress walls, palaces of noble families, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Trifon, the Orthodox Church of St. Luke and the citadel of St. John.

From Kotor are popular excursions to the Montenegrin canyons, Lake Skadar, Monastery Island, Dubrovnik, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and rafting on the Tara River.

Karakulova: “To get to St. John’s Fortress, you have to walk 1350 steps. At first we were enthusiastic about overcoming the obstacle, but in the middle we realized that it was not an easy task. The view of the city, the bay and the sea is extraordinary. It’s well worth the effort.

Kamilla S: “The old town of Kotor is a must-see place. Come to wander through the streets and breathe the atmosphere! A couple of hours, usually included in the tour, won’t be enough for you.

Sights of Kotor

Church of St. Nicholas in Kotor. Photo: bloodua / Depositphotos.com.

Holidays with children

Kotor can not be called an ideal resort for holidays with children. The main reason is the entrance to the sea. Going down into the water from the stairs with a child is uncomfortable.

With older children, it is interesting to visit the old town and take a boat trip along the picturesque bay. There is a small museum of cats in Kotor. You can take the whole family to see photos, coins and engravings depicting tailed creatures! For entertainment you have to go to Budva, Igalo and the “Adventure Park” on the slopes of Mount Lovcen.

Silent_Den: “The Cats Museum is a very atmospheric and cozy place. There are vintage items featuring cats, but there are also little meowing, lively specimens, we liked the museum.”

When it’s best to go

Kotor has a mild, warm Mediterranean climate. The beach season begins in May and ends in early October. The Montenegrin resort is surrounded by mountains, so there are no strong winds.

It rains rarely during summer, 2-3 times a month. In July and August the air heats up to +31 … +33 ° C and the sea water +24 … +25 ° C. According to reviews, the best time for a holiday in Kotor is September, when the heat goes down and there are fewer tourists in the city.

Natalia: “We came to Boko-Kotor Bay on July 27 for a week. The first couple of days it wasn’t hot at all, because it rained. Then the weather normalized: up to +32 ° C during the day. There is almost no wind, because around the mountains.

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Eramov E: “Water in the gulf is purest, in the second decade of October water temperature was +22°С. We swam every day”.

Leisure time in Kotor

View of the Bay of Kotor. photo: yakovlevmax0 / pixabay.com.

Worth the trip

The city on the shores of Kotor Bay is good for exploring Montenegrin history and culture, boat trips, interesting excursions and gastronomic tourism. As beautiful as Kotor is, the beach vacation at this resort is not the best in Montenegro. Concrete piers with stairs are uncomfortable for children and elderly tourists.

Kotor travel guide


In Boko-Kotor Bay there is a wonderful place to stay called Kotor. I do not know why it is not so popular among Russian tourists. But this town deserves special attention. It is truly unique, insanely beautiful and is protected by UNESCO. Kotor is a medieval town, which has been preserved to this day, there is an old town with narrow streets and local antique flavor, which attracts a lot of tourists who come here for walks, many come from the huge cruise ships. If you pay attention to the local port, it is studded with them, as well as private maritime vessels of millionaires. In Kotor likes to rest the rich crowd, but despite this, the prices in the city are not overpriced, but the same as in other resorts.

Kotor attracts tourists not only by its nature and the bay, but also by the fact that it constantly organizes various folklore festivals, one of the famous is KotorArt. In addition, there are many interesting sights: the Cathedral of St. Trifon, the Church of St. Luke, the old town, the fortress of the 13th century.

In the evening Kotor is very lively, illuminated embankment, where tourists go for an evening stroll. Restaurants, cafes and bars are filled with guests. From everywhere you can hear the music and happy laughter.

From the minuses it is necessary to note that in Kotor the entrances to the sea are very inconvenient, everywhere concrete piers with ladders. For tourists with children it will be very uncomfortable to go down the stairs, which are not convenient.

Where to stay in Kotor?


Montenegro today is, without exaggeration, a tourist paradise. First of all, for our fellow citizens. There are several reasons for this. The first is the visa-free regime. The second is the low prices. The third is the unique opportunity to combine a comfortable beach holiday with a rich educational and tourist program. This interesting Balkan country has many tourist centers and recreation areas of tourists. You can stay in Budva, Ulcinj, Becici etc. But I recommend spending a few days in the heart of Montenegro – in ancient Kotor. A city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are a few accommodation options that I would recommend in Kotor.

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1. hotel Galia (Prcanj bb). This small three-star mini-hotel has a very good location, just five minutes drive from the center of Kotor. Each room has a nice view of the bay of the same name. The beach is at hand. In general, all conditions for comfortable rest are created here. This also applies to the furnishings of the rooms. There are options for single and double accommodation. In each room of the hotel you will find a small seating area, TV with a good selection of satellite channels and air conditioning. The minibar is full and includes a small selection of drinks and snacks. The cost of the contents is in the information folder on the table. Each room has a balcony. Wi-fi is available free of charge in all rooms of the mini-hotel. Guests of this hotel are, as a rule, people who are passionate about… read completely

Useful information


Kotor resort town is located on the Adriatic Sea coast and attracts tourists not by excellent beach recreation, but by its medieval architecture, which perfectly fits into the peaceful atmosphere of the city. Most visitors come to Kotor to admire the old town, which is a well-preserved ancient settlement with squares and streets, churches and residential buildings. It is because of this amazing integrity of the historic district of the city was recognized as a world heritage site and is included in the list of protected sites by UNESCO.

However, seeing the historical sights and beautiful architectural monuments is not the only reason to visit Kotor. In the resort town, of course, there are several beaches. And even if they are not as comfortable as in nearby Budva, but tourists can take a dip in the water and get a tan in the sun. Of the available set of coastal recreation areas travelers should pay attention to a picturesque corner with clear water – Dobrota, and adored by locals pebble beach Baeva Kula, surrounded by laurel groves. An excuse to visit Kotor could be one of the festivals, carnivals, theatrical parades and international fashion shows that are held there. Young tourists may be interested in the program of the children’s theater festival, and creative travelers – the festival KotorART. Yet Kotor is at its liveliest during the International… read more

Old Town of Budva

How to get there?


The nearest airport is Tivat. In most cases, airlines do not offer direct scheduled flights to Tivat. From this point of view, for an independent traveler, such a policy of airlines can create a problem. After all, a ticket can be sold by a travel company, but only if you buy a tour. As far as I know, the only option to get to Tivat is to fly several airlines with one or even two connections in European cities. In this case the travel time increases by 5-10(. ) times, the cost reaches $ 600 for one person. If traveling by car is acceptable, it is better to get to Kotor by your car. On the way to see a lot of interesting things.

There are regular buses between all cities in Montenegro. Kotor is no exception. In the vicinity of the old town of Kotor is a bus station, which receives buses from the coast and the airport. A cab from the airport Tivat to Kotor is about 20-25 euros, but you can get and 50 euros, you need to be careful and not rush the choice.

As an option for a flight to Montenegro, you can consider Podgorica airport. However, it is much further from Kotor.

What to see in Kotor?


The ancient city of Kotor is located deep in the Bay of Kotor, near Mount Lovcen. Kotor is surrounded on all sides by picturesque scenery. Medieval narrow streets and squares give the town a unique charm.

Among the main attractions are the city gates: the Gurdic Gate, the Sea Gate and the River Gate.

Special attention of the tourist will certainly attract the Cathedral of St. Trypun, which was erected in 1166, and the ancient frescoes are admired by both tourists and experienced art historians. Numerous old fortifications, churches.

You can’t go past the Princely Palace and the Drago Palace, the Napoleon Theater and the Clock Tower.

The old town is enclosed by a fortress wall and a water moat.

You can climb the fortress hay, entrance is paid, but the price is symbolic – 1 euro. It takes about an hour to climb the hills and after climbing you can see the bastion, an abandoned ancient church and of course – a beautiful view of the area.

Through the old town you can walk all day, turning in the narrow streets, visiting souvenir stores, cafes and pizzerias in the Italian style. And also in Kotor the promenade is beautiful: so quiet, cozy, nice.

To summarize, Kotor is a symbiosis of medieval architecture and the center of festival life in Montenegro.

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