Kusadasi: my vacation review, tips and prices 2022

Kusadasi: a recipe for a great vacation

Rest in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is not as popular among Russian tourists as Antalya or Alanya, and for good reason – it is a very pleasant resort. We share our personal experience of vacationing in Kusadasi and give useful tips.

We have prepared this guide with the support of the service of unusual excursions Tripster. There we easily found experienced guides who helped make our holiday in Turkey vivid and had an incredible experience from the locals. Thank you Tripster for the experience!


Impressions of the resort.

Kusadasi is a small resort on the Aegean Sea near Bodrum and Izmir. It made a pleasant impression: the resort has an impressive history, good beaches, a comfortable climate even in summer, a long promenade with a developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment. But most importantly, from Kusadas it is convenient to travel to nearby scattered ancient cities.

Russian package tourists undeservedly bypass Kusadasi, preferring the usual resorts. If you want to expand your horizons and see the Other Turkey, I advise to visit Kusadasi. I will tell you below how to organize your holiday.

Kusadasi is the pearl of the Aegean coast of Turkey! Do not count on the landscapes of Kemer and Antalya, the Aegean coast has no such mountains, no such lush greenery and such hot water. The climate in the area is not hot and not as humid as in Kemer. Fresh sea air, moderately warm and clear water – if that’s what you like then this is the right place for you.

The promenade in Kusadasi is long and wide. It is nice to walk here in the evenings. There are many seals in Kusadasi, fishermen feed them. Once we witnessed how a resourceful seal almost stole the catch of an inattentive fisherman boy.

Tour Prices

Holiday tour in Kusadasi will cost a little more expensive than in Antalya or Alanya. Let’s see what the prices are in 2022 for tours from Moscow for 7 nights for two adults.

  • The cheapest tours to 1-2* hotels cost from 50,000 ₽.
  • Staying in a nice 4* hotel will cost from 68 000 ₽.
  • And for an all-inclusive vacation in excellent 5* hotels you will have to spend over 100,000 ₽.

You can search and book your vacation with travel agencies such as Travelate or Level.travel, which are very convenient to use, and the prices are lower than in travel agencies located on the streets. For many years we buy tours only there. Learn how to find the best tours. Check out promo codes up to 2,000 ₽ on tours.

Rest in Kusadasi

Color Quarter in Kusadasi.

How to get there

The nearest airport to Kusadasi is in Izmir, which is about an hour away. However, charter flights mainly arrive at Bodrum Milas Airport, and from there it takes about two hours to get to Kusadasi. This discourages some tourists, although I don’t see this as a problem.

There are direct flights to Milas airport from Moscow, inexpensive tickets from Pobeda – from 5000 ₽ one way. Look for tickets on Aviasales.

If you’re an independent tourist, look for Havaş buses at Izmir or Bodrum airport that will take you to the resort’s bus terminal. There are several options from Izmir with transfers by public transport, but it’s tedious. The most convenient way to get to the hotel is by individual transfer. We usually book cars at Intui.travel, Gettransfer.com or Kiwitaxi.ru by comparing prices and choosing the best option. This way you can win a few hours of vacation!

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We came to Kusadasi by rented car as part of our big trip to Turkey. We rented a car in Antalya from Localrent. Learn more about rental cars in Turkey.

Which area should I choose?

Kusadasi is the city itself and the resort coast with hotels to the south and north of it. If you come for beach recreation and entertainment, settle in the south, in the areas of Ladies Beach and Long Beach. There is a large selection of hotels, cafes and restaurants, and there are two water parks and an amusement park near Long Beach.

We settled in the town itself, because we were going to drive around and explore the center of the resort and the promenade on foot. For this we chose the upper part of town. From there you have an unforgettable view of the sea and sunsets! The only trouble is that all life is concentrated down there, and there are big supermarkets. Walking on steep narrow streets, sometimes without sidewalks, is uncomfortable. However, there are dolmushi down to the beaches.

Conclusion: For a beach holiday, settle in areas Ladies Beach and Long Beach. If your main goal is to look around the resort by car, it is more convenient to live at the top of the city, closer to the highway.

Rest in Kusadasi

Kusadas Center.

Best hotels in Kusadasi

In Kusadasi, compared to Alanya and Antalya, there are not many star hotels. The 3*, 4* and 5* all-inclusive resort hotels are near Long Beach. Note, some hotels in Kusadasi have only a platform instead of a beach.

These are the resort hotels in Kusadasi where you will have a great vacation:

There are city hotels, mini-hotels, apartments and houses for rent in the city itself. We stayed at the inexpensive city Demir Suit Hotel. We chose it because of the convenient check-in, free parking and gorgeous views of the city, but for a beautiful and comfortable holiday by the sea, I advise to live in a beach hotel.

Our hotel we found and booked with a good discount on Hotelluk. It is a service for independent travelers. If you are flying on a tour to Kusadasi, you can choose a good hotel according to ratings and reviews of tourists on Travelat.

Rest in Kusadasi

Hotels in the center of Kusadasi and public beach.

Is it expensive to rest in Kusadasi

According to tourist reviews, prices in Kusadasi are slightly higher than in other resorts in Turkey. It is understandable – the resort is focused on Europeans. We haven’t noticed a big difference in prices compared with other Turkish resorts, except that the hotels are more expensive. You can adjust the vacation to your budget everywhere!

We ate in Kusadasi on a budget: we had breakfast in the hotel, had lunch there or snacked with our own products, and had dinner at a restaurant on the seafront of ALO 24. It was inexpensive and had big portions. While walking we noticed that near the fish market there are a lot of seafood restaurants and a whole alliance of interesting places. We bought our products in Migros and Carrefour supermarkets.

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Mira: “It is definitely worth visiting small local cafes with homemade food. You can find them on every corner and near the hotels. A two-course lunch for two costs from 15 USD to 25 USD. Of course if you do not order alcohol and cocktails. A light snack with shawarma or pizza will cost about 5 USD.

Where to swim in Kusadasi

Most beaches in Kusadasi are sandy, but there are also pebbles. Some hotels don’t have their own beach because of the rocky coast, so they have arranged pontoons.

There is only one public beach in the center. It is sandy. The beach is close to the old town and the new marina. It does not have very good reviews: Turks write that it is noisy, small and with muddy water.

The beach is much more popular with tourists and locals Ladies Beach, which is located in the south of the resort. The beach is sandy, with a comfortable entrance and clear azure waters. There is all the infrastructure for a comfortable holiday. There are many hotels and cafes nearby.

Nearby is a small Green Beach – partly sandy, partly platform.

A little further is a popular Long Beach . He sandy, with the necessary infrastructure. In reviews, tourists write that the sand is a bit dirty and part of the beach is occupied by hotels, but free sections missing. Also the entrance to the water is not everywhere good. Someone thinks that the Long Beach stretches all the way to Dilek, and others write that it is only 4-6 km long. I do not know the right way, but the map shows that there are other beaches closer to the park: Love Beach, Dedikodu Beach, Güzelçamli.

As I understand it, the locals prefer to swim on the beaches of Dilek National Park, because they are clean and beautiful. The beaches in the park have different tastes: sandy, sandy-pebbly and pebbly. Equipped for picnics and wild, crowded and quiet. But all the beaches have one thing in common – funny little boars that beg for food. When the boars show up, they create a sensation! You have to pay to enter the park but it is worth it: 10 lira on foot and 30 lira by car.

Elena Grach: “I liked that there are no industrial objects in the city so we have only clean sea to enjoy. By the way, the Aegean Sea is much saltier than the Black Sea. The beaches are clean, in some places crowded, but it is still nice to relax.

A sandy beach in the Dilek national park. Local families come here with their families for a picnic. A young boar walks onto the beach looking for food in Dilek National Park.

Panorama of Ladies Beach

What to see in Kusadasi

There are not many sights in the city itself, it is possible to manage in one day: we looked at a beautiful caravanserai from the beginning of the 17th century, saw the Old Town and the bazaar, walked along the long promenade, reached the colored quarter and looked at the resort from the observation deck on Ataturk Hill. Tourists also advise to go to the fortress on Pigeon Island, but we had no time left.

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But outside the resort is full of interesting places, so it is convenient to live and drive radially. First of all, go to the spectacular ancient city of Ephesus – we loved it! At the same time, check out St. John’s Basilica in Selcuk, the remains of the temple of Artemis, and check out the Ephesus Archaeological Museum. Nearby is the beautiful mountain village of Sirince in which time seems to have stopped. You can also take a trip to Izmir.

To the south of the resort, in the direction of Bodrum, we went to rest in the national park Dilek with beautiful beaches and almost tame wild boars, and on the way we stopped to see the cave of Zeus. A little further away are the ancient cities of Priena, Miletus, Didim and Evromos. I told about them in my article about the 18 most beautiful ruins in Turkey.

Pigeon Island with a fortress. A 17th century caravanserai. A mosque in the old town of Kusadas.

Where to Buy Tours

Unfortunately, our favorite service Tripster doesn’t do tours in Kusadasi yet. To choose high-quality excursions, we advise to read reviews of travel agencies on the Google map or ask advice from acquaintances.

As I have already written, in Kusadasi there are few attractions, so all excursions are out. Tourists are taken to Ephesus and other ancient cities, Izmir and Istanbul, Pamukkale and Cappadocia, the village of Sirince and the Greek island of Samos. There are boat trips, diving tours and jeep safaris in the national park.

The picturesque village of Shirindje. You can go here by rented car or take a tour. Celsus Library in Ephesus.

Where to rent a car

If you have rights, desire and time, rent a car for a couple or three days and see the sights around Kusadas on your own. It is very easy! The roads in Turkey are excellent, the rules are ordinary, the police are kind, and the driving style of the locals is quite adequate. And it’s also advantageous if you’re vacationing as a family or a company – it’s cheaper than taking a cab. Read our tips for car hire in Turkey.

We booked a car on the website Localrent and were completely satisfied. We rented a car to drive along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and to see Cappadocia and Pamukkale. In the surrounding area we saw everything on our own.

The only thing in the center of Kusadas is traffic: narrow streets, lots of one-way streets, steep ups and downs, and pedestrians crossing the road dangerously – the ride through the city is tense. In addition, not all city hotels have their own parking lot. Often it is just on the street, on the side of the road, or there is none at all. During high season it is almost unreal to park in the city center and on the seafront during daytime.

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In Antalya we rented a car to drive along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and to see Cappadocia and Pamukkale.

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Is it worth the trip with children

According to tourist reviews, Kusadasi is a good place to vacation with a child in 2022. The beaches are mostly sandy, and the entrance to the sea is gentle. Live with children I advise a resort hotel near the southern beaches, especially since there are two water parks and a luna park nearby. There are two more water parks in the north of the resort.

There will be no problems with food: you can choose “all inclusive” or stay in apartments with a kitchen.

In Kusadasi tourists with children come even in the height of summer, because the humidity is much lower than in other Turkish resorts, and the heat is easier to endure. However, with very young children is better to choose June or September. Read about holidays with children in Turkey.

Antonina C: “The beach is good, sandy, the entrance to the sea is gradual, it’s good for children. In October the sea temperature was +22 … +23 ° C, children aged 8 and 12 bathed, adults, too, but for the kids was a bit cold. The water park on the grounds of the hotel is wonderful, the kids were delighted.

When to go

Kusadasi has a mild climate, and even in July and August it is not as hot and humid as in Antalya, Side or Kemer. This is unanimously confirmed in the reviews of all tourists! I agree too. We had a rest at the resort at the end of May, and it was very comfortable. All the time there was a refreshing breeze, sometimes even too refreshing. For comparison, about the same time in Bodrum it was much hotter.

However, because of the climate, the beach season in Kusadasi is short. It lasts from June to mid-September, and tourists are advised to swim from late June, when the sea is warm. However, during our trip, we saw that the Turks were swimming at the end of May.

Conclusion: The best conditions for a beach holiday are from late June to mid-September.

Irina: “In this part of Turkey the climate is milder than on the Antalya coast. The air is quite dry. It’s very easy to breathe here.

Rest in Kusadasi

The promenade in Kusadasi.

Our verdict

Kusadasi is a great resort for beach and cultural activities, no worse than the popular Turkish resorts. It has sandy beaches, clean sea, developed infrastructure, beautiful antique cities, a national park, as many as four water parks, a mild dry climate. In general, Kusadasi can easily compete with the popular resorts!

Why is Kusadasi unpopular among Russian package tourists? In the reviews I saw the following disadvantages: an hour or two drive from the airport, Russian is hardly known at the resort, hilly terrain and a small selection of all-inclusive hotels compared to other resorts. For me, these disadvantages are not critical, but for you?

I will give some tips to help you organize your vacation in Kusadasi:

  1. Look for bargain tours on Travelate and Level.travel, and hotels with discounts on Hotelluk.
  2. At the beginning or end of the season you can rest cheaper.
  3. The beaches with cabanas in Dilek Park are the nicest and least crowded.
  4. For a beach vacation, check into hotels near Ladies Beach and Long Beach.
  5. If you want to live like a local, rent a house. In Kusadasi there are lots of houses for rent!
  6. For the most comfortable beach vacation, choose the period from late June to mid-September.
  7. Look for the most inspiring experiences on Tripster’s unusual excursion service.
  8. Go to Ephesus, Didim, Miletus, Euromos, Pamukkale, the Dilek National Park on your own or with a guided tour, the places near Kusadasi that impressed us the most.
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Write in the comments if you are interested in a holiday in Kusadasi? Or maybe you prefer classic Turkish places like Antalya?

Turkey, Kusadasi – reviews

Kusadasi town is located on the west coast of Turkey, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Its literal translation means the Bird Island . Therefore, pigeons are considered the symbol of the city. When in the summer of 2017 we were planning a holiday in Turkey, we considered rather Kemer, it is warmer and more mountainous there.

DaryaMal avatar

Good day to all! I want to leave here my impression of this beautiful, small, resort town of Kusadasi, where we stayed for almost a year and learned it from all sides.

Anna Pchelkina avatar

Hello everyone. Autumn has come into its own, and so do not want to let the warm summer days. I suggest you at least virtually for a while to go on a trip to the shores of the warm sea on the hospitable Turkish coast. For many Russians, Turkey is the same favorite dacha.

Erido avatar

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! This review will be devoted to my first trip abroad. Looking ahead, I immediately noted that the text will be full of enthusiastic exclamations, because it is one of the most memorable events in my life.

KATERINA5555 avatar

The hotel was bribed by the fact that the new hotel and therefore all new, including sun beds, although for some it is not crucial, all clean well maintained no shabby, the staff are not rude compared to many hotels in Turkey.

berta_bonet avatar

Over the past two decades of vacationing in Turkey, over the years we have seen different hotels category 5, but so different in quality, and the price they differ. Surmeli hotel belongs to the budget 5. We didn’t expect miracles when we bought our tour.

atalanta avatar

I should say at once that this year’s trip to Turkey to the Grand Efe hotel was our first trip to the holiday on the “All Inclusive” system. Therefore there is nothing to compare it with. A beginner’s testimonial, so to speak. The two main ones are the special atmosphere of joy and incredible cleanliness in the hotel.

Only 3*. Almost all 5* here. Gorgeous vacation, great service, amazing nature! Everyone loved it!!! We will give you a great stay at this hotel!

For the first time we decided to take our 4 year old son to rest! We started to look for a place to relax, to be most comfortable to the child. At once the choice fell on Turkey, namely the city of Side and Kusadasi were advised them, as the child is best acclimatized here. We decided which of the many hotels would be the best for our child.

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