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Kuta – Bali’s premier resort

Holidays in Kuta in Bali

We’ve compiled reviews about Kuta. Find out what tourists think about Bali’s most famous resort. How do they rate the weather, beaches, sea, hotels, clubs and excursions? What to see? Pros and cons of the resort in 2022. Tourist tips.


Pros and cons of vacationing in Kuta

At the resort of Kuta – the best infrastructure in Bali. Rest here likes families with children, active tourists, fans of surfing and nightclubs.

The pluses of rest in Kuta in 2022, according to reviews of tourists:

  • Warm climate.
  • Gorgeous nature.
  • Picturesque ocean.
  • Surfing.
  • Large selection of fruits and vegetables.
  • Cheap food and lodging.
  • Mass entertainment for tourists.
  • Unique Balinese culture, colorful celebrations.
  • Religious attractions.

Aelitochka13: “Waves of incredible beauty and height. A nice bonus is watching the planes from the sea come in for a landing.

There are a lot of minuses :

  • There are no direct flights from Moscow. You have to change planes.
  • The air humidity is high.
  • It can rain for a long time.
  • Balinese are neat and tidy, but there is trash on the streets and beaches.
  • Seafood is expensive.
  • Traffic is high on the roads, local drivers don’t follow the rules of the road too much.

Sim-20: “The streets with heavy traffic, no one tries to give way to you. Don’t expect any special courtesy.”

Holidays in Kuta

Beach in Kuta (Photo: unsplash.com / @sveninho)

Reviews of the beaches and sea in Kuta

The resort’s sandy beaches stretch for 8 km, starting at the airport. The central part of Kuta Beach is the best equipped. The entrance to the water everywhere is gentle, there are no rocks and coral reefs. However, with a small child bathing is difficult: the waves are almost always high, so in this part of the island like to rest surfers.

On the beaches of Kuta in Bali is never quiet. According to feedback from tourists on the beach is always a lot of wishing to sunbathe and vendors who sell all kinds of food and drinks.

Anyutochka Pshechenko: “In the evening Kuta Beach turns into a big movie theater. And all watch the sunset! They sit right on the sand and watch the sky.”

Bali vacation reviews in Kuta

Kuta Beach (Photo: hk0330 / flickr.com)

Kuta Resort on a map of Bali

Kuta hotel reviews

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The Balinese resort has accommodations for every need. A lot of luxurious 4-5* hotels with all-inclusive meals. Hotels in Kuta, Bali, have received good reviews from tourists:

If you are looking for cheaper options, you can stay in budget hotels 2-3*, small hostels and hostels. The resort always has a lot of tourists, but an especially large influx of holidaymakers is during the high season – from May to October and the New Year holidays. At this time, the prices for accommodation are the highest.

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Best Hotels in Kuta according to Traveller Reviews

Photo: Hotel Kuta Paradiso.

Kuta weather reviews

Bali has warm weather all year round. In Kuta, the average air temperature is +27. +32 ° C and sea water +25. +28°С. The rainy season begins in November and ends in April. During these months, the sea is often stormy. Big waves are not too good for a beach holiday, but fans of surfing are happy.

Liya Shatova: “In April the sky was blue and cloudless, it rained rarely, but we shouldn’t hope for dry weather.

Liliya Aksenova: “December in Kuta is hot and humid, but not as rainy as I imagined.

Holidays in Kuta

Lush greenery of the resort (Photo: unsplash.com / @belart84)

Reviews of excursions in Kuta

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Vacationers are offered trips to Bali attractions and neighboring islands. Prices for tours range from $50 to $100.

Popular tours in Kuta:

Also popular tours in Kuta, according to tourist reviews:

  • Agung and Batur volcanoes;
  • a trip to Ubud;
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park;
  • Sea cruise at sunset;
  • Bali temples;
  • Balinese cooking program.

Laurahalliday35: “We booked a full day tour of Ubud. We visited the monkey forest, the rice terrace and the temple. The guide was very friendly.”

Kuta sights

Ubud (Photo: eurodrifter / flickr.com)

What to see in and around Kuta

Kuta is a windsurfer’s paradise in Bali. Renting a board for 2-3 hours costs $5. There are several surf schools at the resort, including one with Russian-speaking instructors.

Parents with children love to visit the Waterbom Park water park, lovers of local culture – Kuta Theatre, and the resort’s elderly – massage parlors and spas.

In Kuta, there is a museum of seashells. Along the beach are several Balinese and Chinese temples. Not far from the resort are the Bird Park and the Reptile Park.

olyavas1: “We spent a whole day at the water park! A place for both kids and adults! The staff is very friendly. Prices for drinks and food are regular.”

Bali Photos of Kuta

Funboards and surfboards on the beach. Photo: joyfull / Depositphotos.com.

Reviews of clubs in Kuta

Kuta is a famous party place in Bali. Everyone who can’t imagine a holiday without disco and night adventures willingly comes here. Admission to the clubs is free for tourists.

The entertainment facilities are located closer to the center of town. Especially a lot of open-air bars and clubs in the entertainment zone Casablanca . EIKON , PEANUTS Discotheque , Sky Garden and Hard Rock Cafe are highly recommended.

Saiga8: “Sky Garden Bali is a good place to hang out and dance. There are several floors and halls in this club. We liked the top floor the best.

Holidays in Kuta in Bali

Petitenget beach. Photo: unsplash.com / @oktomi_jaya.

Market in Kuta.

There are several markets at the resort. Night Market in Kuta, Bali is a market that opens at 5 p.m. and stays open late. According to tourist reviews, it sells delicious local food and freshly made freshes. The Kuta Art Market sells handicrafts and souvenirs.

Marjan: “Prices can be high at the art market. You have to haggle.”

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Beaches Kuta

Night Market in Kuta (Photo: urafiki / flickr.com)

Tips for vacations in Kuta

Kuta, like no other place in Bali, attracts dishonest people. Don’t leave valuables unattended and don’t take a lot of cash with you.

The lively resort is not too suitable for holidays with small children. If you want to come to Bali with a baby, do not stay in Kuta, but in Nusa Dua or Seminyak.

Almost all hotels and hostels offer free wi-fi. For mobile Internet, choose a SimPati plan.

According to tourists’ reviews, it is more pleasant to stay in Kuta during the dry season.

Maroona: “June, July and August are the best months for beach lovers. If you want to go cheap, you should go from early November to mid-December, or from mid-January to mid-June.

Kuta beach

Kuta beach , or Pantai Kuta, is located in the southern part of Bali, in the resort of the same name. The beach offers a variety of activities, from seo r fing to nightclubs. Here you can relax and have fun.

  • Kuta beach
  • Beach Description
  • Things to do on and around the beach
  • How to get to the beach
  • Use public transportation
  • Rent a Car
  • Get Directions
  • Nearby Attractions
  • Tips for travel arrangements

In this page I’ll show you what Kuta Beach looks like, what’s there to do, how to get to the beach, and what to see nearby. At the end of the page I also have some useful recommendations for visiting the place.

Beach Kuta

Kuta Beach, like Kuta, is one of the most popular beaches in Bali because of its low prices and many activities.

Once upon a time, the resort area was a small village surrounded by green forests. In the 60’s of the last century, hippies began to come to Kuta, they were attracted to the beauty of nature. In the 80’s word of mouth started to spread about the place, and there were tourists here.

Today, Kuta – a vibrant area that is actively developing. The resort has a good infrastructure, there is everything for recreation and entertainment.

Kuta beach, or Pantai Kuta

Beach KutaKuta beachPantai Kuta

Sunbeds on Kuta beachMassage on Kuta beach

Restaurant on Kuta BeachKuta beach baliPantai Kuta Bali

Kuta na Bali

The area itself is divided into several parts:

  • South Kuta
  • Kuta
  • North Kuta

They occupy an area from the southern edge of the Bukit Peninsula to central Bali. The beach is located in Kuta, not far from the island’s capital, Denpasa r a.

Many people confuse this place with the New Kuta area. In fact, neither the beach, nor the administrative division of the island, “New Kuta” has nothing to do. This resort, which has recently been actively built up. It is located on the peninsula Bukit.

Now I want to tell you directly about the beach.

Beach Description

To the south of the beach is an elite area with dorogi hotels, the east concentrates the main entertainment, here you can rest on a budget.

Kuta beach attracts dozens of tourists every day. The coast is lined with soft sand; it is light and soft to the touch. The coastline stretches for about 4 kilometers, its width – 3 0-40 meters. The bottom of the ocean is flat, the approach from the shore is smooth, the water temperature – about 30 degrees. From November to April, during the rainy season, the beach current carries debris, so it can be dirty.

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Kuta beach, or Pantai Kuta

Kuta beach BaliKuta beach Bali

Pantai Kuta Bali

Along the beach are planted several rows of trees and bushes, in the shade of which you can take cover from the heat. The central part of the coast is equipped for vacationers – there are lots of sun loungers and umbrellas.

To give you a better idea of the appearance and environment on the beach, you can watch a video from the online webcam on Kuta Beach; by the way, there you will also find a forecast of waves on the beach.

Kuta beach BaliKuta beach Bali

Pantai Kuta Bali

Kuta - vacation with kidsKuta beach Bali

Surfing Kuta

Kuta BaliKuta beach Bali

Along the beach are planted several rows of trees and bushes, in the shade of which you can take cover from the heat. The central part of the coast is equipped for vacationers – there are lots of sun loungers and umbrellas.

Most of the rest here are young people, and at night the bars and restaurants play music. Compared with other tourist spots on the island, it is quite noisy.

Despite the fact that Kuta is a popular resort, where there are a lot of cars and there are often traffic jams, close to the beach there is not much traffic, and the air is not strongly polluted. Kuta quietly passes into the neighboring beaches – Legian and then Seminyak. There are no clear boundaries between them, so many people consider them part of Kuta.

In the evening people come here to watch a fabulous sunset. The sun sets, hiding behind a flat strip of endless sea, illuminating it and coloring the sky in blue, purple, orange, pink and blue hues.

Evening Kuta BaliSunset on Kuta beach

Kuta sunset

Kuta sunsetSunset on Kuta beach

Kuta sunset

In 2011, a two-meter white, traditional Balinese-style fence was built along the beach to keep the sand from blowing into the restaurants and cafes. Some tourists do not like it, as the fence obscures the view of the coast. But vacationers on the beach approve of the project: they believe that the wall will keep out sounds from the noisy streets. At the entrance there is a tall white gate that overlooks the beach.

The beach is not for everyone. Some tourists who came to Kutu , after seeing the beach, are disappointed. The fact that there are enough high waves. Because of this sea water is turbid and swim almost never can be.

entrance to Kuta beach

Kuta boardwalkKuta Bali

Kuta trash

Kuta beach cleaningKuta Bali beach cleaning

Kuta waves on the beach

On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting things to do around here. I will tell you more about them.

Things to do on and around the beach

So, on the coast and in the surrounding area vacationers are available to the following p amusement:

  • Surfing
  • Visiting restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Night parties
  • Visiting the water park.

Now let’s talk about each of them.


Kuta Beach is an ideal place for fans of surfing. This sport is engaged in both professionals and beginners. If you want to learn how to catch a wave, go to this beach. On the coast you can rent a surfboard for 2 – 3 hours for 70,000 rupees and practice with an instructor.

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Surfing on the beach Kutasurfing Kuta Bali

Holiday on the beach in the shade of the trees

Surfing on the beach Kutasurfing Kuta Bali

Restaurant visits

There are many restaurants and cafes very close to the beach. You can eat pizza, try seafood dishes, or traditional Indonesian cuisine.

The price range is very large. So, you can find very cheap eateries, where a full meal will cost you 80-100,000 rupiah. On the other hand, there are expensive restaurants where a single cup of coffee will cost the same.


In Kuta a large number of shopping centers and markets. Here you can buy souvenirs, brand clothing, electronics, cosmetics, and more.

The best time to go shopping is at noon, when the sun is at its zenith. At this time, the beach is very hot and many vacationers leave the beach.

Kuta shoppingKuta shopping

Kuta shopping

Kuta shoppingKuta shopping

Read about how I can help with shopping arrangements on the page – shopping in Bali.

Night parties.

When it’s evening lights on the beach, there is loud music everywhere. The nightlife in Kuta is very intense compared to other resorts in Bali. Near the beach is a large number of bars and discos, where you can sit with a happy crowd and dance.

In Kut u coming young people from all around, because it’s almost the only place on the island, where you can party almost around the clock.

Kuta Nightlife

Restaurants and bars KutaKuta - fire show on the beach

Neon Signs

partying KutaKuta - blues with guitar

Rock concert in Kuta

partying KutaParty in Kuta

Bars Kuta

Waterpark visits

Waterpark Waterbom Bal i is an open-air water park located among the trees. There are many unusual slides, which will please both children and adults. After buying a ticket, you can spend the whole day in the water park.

Waterbom Waterpark

Waterbom BaliWaterbom Bali

Waterbom Waterpark Bali

How to get to the beach

Most tourists come here from Denpas R, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua.

You can get to Kuta in two ways:

  1. By public transportation
  2. Rent a Car

Below I will explain each way.

Use public transportation

The Kura-Kura Bus company has buses to the beach; they are easily recognized by the bright green color.

The buses go from Nusa Dua via Jimbaran, then change at the DFS terminal (Denpasar) and go to Beachwa l k, which is a shopping center near the beach.

Below I have given details of the itinerary from each resort.

From Denpasar.

All buses depart from the DFS terminal located at the Galleria Shopping Center.

  • Departure times are 10:29, 11:59, 13:29, 14:59, 16:29, 17:59, 19:29, 20:59
  • Price – Rs. 20,000

From Nusa Dua.

The bus picks up passengers from the Museum Pas i fika stop.

  • Departure time – 07:54, 09:24, 10:54, 12:24, 13:54, 15:24, 16:54, 18:24, 19:54, 21:24
  • Price – 50 000 rupees

From Jimbaran

The bus departs from Samasta Moven p ick stop.

  • Departure time – 08:35, 10:05, 11:35, 13:05, 14:35, 16:05, 17:35, 19:05, 20:35, 22:05
  • Price – 50 000 rupees

Tickets may be purchased either at the main terminal or at any of the stops. You can also pay directly on the bus.

Rent a Car

Getting to Kuta by car or bike is easy since it’s not far from the main resorts on the south island. The trip will take 3 0-40 minutes.

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Below I have given you detailed routes from Denpasar, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua.

From Denpasar.

Route to Kuta from Denpasar

  1. Exit the city center in a southwest direction. Take Jl. Imam Bonjol Street and drive about 3.5 km down this road.
  2. When you come to a big intersection, turn right. Look for the green road sign marked Pantai Kuta.
  3. After the turn go straight ahead. After 500 meters there will be a fork, don’t turn anywhere, just stay on your direction.
  4. After about 450 more meters you will reach a T-intersection, take a left turn at this junction, Jl. Raya Legian.
  5. Go straight ahead for about 1.5 km until you reach the crossroads with the monument in the center.
  6. Turn right here and then go straight ahead for about 600 meters.

The road will bring you to the shoreline. To get to the beach itself all you need to do is park the vehicle and walk about 50 meters.

From Jimbaran

Route to Kuta from Jimbaran

  1. Leave the resort heading northeast on Jl. Uluwatu II towards Jl. B y Pass Ngurah Rai (this is the road that connects Bukit Peninsula to the rest of Bali).
  2. Take Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai for about 6 km. On the road on your left is Ngurah Rai International Airport.
  3. When you see a sign forbidding straight ahead, turn left into a narrow lane. After about 80 meters, turn right on Jl. Raya Kuta.
  4. Continue straight ahead for about 600 more meters, until you reach the intersection with Jl. Bakung Sari. Here you will need to turn left. Before the crossroad there is a green sign for Pantai Kuta and Pantai Segara, keep your eyes on this sign.
  5. After approx. 600m you will come to a T-junction. At this junction turn right.
  6. After 100 meters turn left and then after another 100 meters turn right.

You will be at the shoreline. The central part of Kuta Beach is about 500 meters away by foot.

From Nusa Dua.

Route to Kuta from Nusa Dua

Here you have two options:

  • Via Jl. Nusa Dua – Bandara Ngurah Rai – Benoa Toll Road (this way you bypass the traffic, as the road goes through the toll road)
  • Through Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai (you may have to stay in traffic, but there are no toll roads).

If you choose the first option, the route is as follows:

  1. Leave the resort heading north to Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai.
  2. Once you get to Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, drive about 500 meters over it and then turn right to the bridge connecting Bukit Peninsula and Bali.
  3. Follow the bridge for approximately 5.8 kilometers until you come to the exit. At this exit, turn left. If you go further, you will reach the southern part of Denpasar.
  4. After 1.5 km after the exit you get to the roundabout, located near Ngurah Rai airport.
  5. From here the route is the same as from Jimbaran (from point 3).

If you don’t want to use the toll road, use the following route:

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