Last chance: 10 inexpensive tours for the New Year 2016

Last chance: 10 inexpensive tours for the New Year 2016

Especially for the readers of I made a review of prices for New Year’s tours – 2016 and compiled a selection of the most inexpensive options from Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are still good deals – take advantage of them!

In the examples are the prices for the cheapest tours for two people with the capture of the New Year for departures from Moscow, also in addition the minimum cost of tours from St. Petersburg is indicated. Generally we will consider tours for 7 nights or more. You can also try to find tours for a smaller number of nights – they may cost a little cheaper.

I found the packages for this selection at Travelate, an online supermarket – this service searches through 120 tour operators, and allows you to place an order online. The most convenient way to catch a last minute tour!

The indicated prices are current at the time of writing. But the prices for tours change very quickly (in real time), so if you still manage to find a ticket at this price, or suddenly you are lucky enough to find even cheaper, then hurry up and buy it, before someone else does it – there are enough people interested.

Good luck in your search for low-cost tours!

1. Sochi – 31 373 rub.

Tour Operator: Biblio Globus.

Hotel: City-hotel Velvet Seasons 3*.

Dates: 30.12.15 – 06.01.2016 (7 nights).

Food: without food.

From SPB: from 39.6 thousand rubles for 7 nights.

2. Crimea – 34 135 rubles.

Resort: Yalta and others.

Hotel: Ai-Todor-South 2 *.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 05.01.2016 (7 nights).

Food: without food.

From SPB: from 36.7 thousand rubles for 7 nights rest.

3. Cyprus – 54 034 rubles.

Resort: Larnaca and Paphos.

Tour Operator: Biblio Globus.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 05.01.2016 (7 nights).

From St. Petersburg: from 71 thousand rubles for 7 nights.

4. Italy – 65 423 rubles.

The cost of the tour 59 569 rubles + fuel surcharge 5 854 rubles. = 65 423 rubles.

Hotel: Sole Mio 3*.

Dates: 30.12.15 – 06.01.2016 (7 nights).

From SPB: from 97 thousand rubles for 7 nights rest (Rome).

5. Spain – 69 332 rubles.

Destination: Costa Dorada (or Barcelona – from 80 thousand rubles).

Hotel: Los Peces 3 *.

Dates: 30.12.15 – 06.01.2016 (7 nights).

Food: without food.

From SPB: from 88.5 thousand rubles for 7 nights rest.

6. UAE – 72 883 rubles.

The cost of the tour 68 735 rubles + fuel surcharge 4 148 rubles. = 72 883 rubles.

Hotel: Citymax Hotel Sharjah 3 *.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 05.01.2016 (7 nights).

Not a bad price for this destination even for usual dates and especially for New Year holidays.

From St. Petersburg: from 90 thousand rubles for 7 nights rest.

7. Czech Republic – 75 928 rubles.

Destinations: Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Tour Operators: De Visu, Amigo-S, etc.

Hotel: EuroAgentur Pension Fantasia 2*.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 05.01.2016 (7 nights).

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From SPB: from 72 thousand rubles for 7 nights.

8. Israel – 84 848 rubles

Tour cost 73 561 rubles + fuel surcharge 5 672 rubles. = 84 848 rubles.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 05.01.2016 (7 nights).

From St. Petersburg: from 79,5 thousand rubles for 7 nights rest (even cheaper than from Moscow!).

9. India – 104 238 rubles.

Tour Operator: “Russian Express”, Pegas Touristik, etc.

Hotel: Williams Beach Retreat 2*.

Dates: 29.12.15 – 11.01.2016 (13 nights).

Great price – New Year’s tour to a popular destination for such a long period of time!

Ten Tips and Tricks: How to Find a Cheap Tour Better than a Travel Agent

Where to look for last minute tours

Gone are the days when all information about tourist trips was available only to employees of travel agencies who had access to specialized reservation systems. Now, all information about tours can be found using online services that aggregate offers from various tour operators in one place, allowing you to find the best.

In this article we will tell you how to find a tour without a travel agent with the help of online agencies. And also how to buy a tour cheaper than the tour operator.


Where to look for last minute tours

We find all the hot tours and major discounts on the websites of three online agencies:

They have all the major tour operators in the search. And they always have honest prices without any additional agency markups.

Using these services, you can buy your own tour online, without leaving home. While other tourists are running after work to agencies, you can easily track down and intercept the hot offer at any convenient time for you. When you book online, you are contacted by specialists who provide information support right up until your return from vacation.

Buying a tour at these sites is not difficult. But the first time you may have questions. Recalling our first experience of independent registration of the tour over the Internet, questions and doubts that we had before the purchase, we decided to write for you a manual on how to book online.

How to find a hot tour by yourself (10 tips)

Now we’re going to look at different ways to search, and share tricks that will help you save well on your vacation.

Low Price Calendars

Level Travel’s Best Price Calendar is the most effective and visible tool for finding cheap tours. You can see the next seasons of all the most popular destinations from your own city. You can see 45 travel destinations in total (note: only open countries).

Level Travel Low Price Calendar

TravelLabel’s low price calendar is similar to TravelLabel’s. There are 54 destinations in the calendar, of which 4 are Russian: Crimea, Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, and Anapa. The prices for the currently closed destinations are given as a guide, according to the pre-booking prices of the major tour operators.

Travelata calendar

Travellata added a filter for hotel class and the ability to choose a resort in its calendar. Also in it you can look through the tours for a year ahead, which is useful for early booking.

Where else can you go for a cheap flight on New Year's Eve 2016

Travelata calendar

Prices in the calendars are per adult when booking a tour for two . Need a trip for one or with children? After switching to a specific tour, change the number of people in the search form and check the price of the tour.

Pay attention to this feature – it is always more expensive to fly alone (in terms of cost per person) than for two people. But to fly a large group or family, staying in one room may come out cheaper (some hotels and tour operators have shares “Children Live Free”).

Pages burning tours

Travel packages page of Level Travel is a list of tours (for now with a flight from Moscow only) in the form of data cards. Here you may come across identical positions, and clicking on an option will take you to the final page of the tour, skipping the step with the choice of room and meal options.

If you’re looking for something specific, use the filters in the panel on the left. Sort by price to see the cheapest options. The advantage of this page over the calendar is that the calendar shows only a certain number of nights – 3, 7, 11, and 14, while here all nights are analyzed, so no option is overlooked.

The hottest tours from Level Travel

Last minute tours by Travellata is a page with the best offers from Moscow. In addition to destinations and prices, additional information about visas, as well as air and water temperatures at the resorts is shown here.

Discounted tours can be viewed here not only for Moscow, but for other cities – use the search for that. It is possible to choose up to 3 directions at once. To set a departure date there are options – “next 3 days”, “next week”, “next 2 weeks”, “end of month” and so on by months. Be sure to set your preferences for the number of nights, number of tourists and press “Search tours”. Then you can filter tours by food type, hotel starriness, and so on. This function is also available in the mobile app from Travelala.

Travelata tours page

Another place where you can find a cheap trip is the main page of the Onlinetours site. A simple and clear tool, 15 destinations, for each destination the best prices for popular resorts are listed. There are no filters, only the cheapest options with the nearest departure are displayed. But you can quickly browse and find something cheap and interesting.

Onlinetours Hot Tours

Aggregator of hot tours

Hot Tours Aggregator is a special site where we gathered the best variants of tours from different agencies in the form of calendar. In the calendar lines there are brief descriptions and links, which can be used for buying the tours. The service analyzes all the night options and finds the most profitable. Here you can find a lot of cheap package tours: for weekends and holidays, as well as premium resorts and 5-star hotels.

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Tour Scanner Calendar

The user can select the city of departure, see options only without a visa or see a specific month of departure.

You can find out about updates to the site’s positions by subscribing to the tour newsletter. Why is this very important and useful feature? Read on.

Subscribe to the newsletter hot deals.

Finding the right tour is only half the battle. The main thing is to have time to buy it. Want to book a trip with a good discount is enough, and good deals may not be relevant for a long time. In order not to miss the most interesting things, it is better to subscribe to a newsletter last minute tours. So you do not have to look for it yourself!

Subscription to the newsletter tours in Vkontakte is made individually for each city, which is very convenient.

Smart search for the right dates.

Now let’s pay attention to the search form on the home page of all three online agencies: Level Travel, Travellata and Onlinetours, – namely the parameters “departure date” and “number of nights”. Always set them more flexible, so you’ll have a better chance of finding a suitable option even cheaper.

Let’s look at specific examples of an advanced tour search:

    . You can put a checkbox option plus/minus 2 days from the departure date and plus/minus 2 nights from the specified number of nights. . You can check plus/minus 3 days from a specific departure date and set a flexible number of nights in increments of 1 to 29. . You can set a departure date in the range of 24 days and any number of nights.

And here’s another tip on how you can apply the advanced search: when you find a cheap tour in the low-price calendar, set a flexible number of nights for that date – sometimes you can find even better options that way.

All three of, Travelata and Onlinetours’ online agencies have implemented a price chart widget for neighboring dates. Once you run your search, you can find it: at Level Travel at the top right, at Travelata and Onlinetours at the top above the search results. There’s also such a graph in Travelala’s mobile app. We look at this chart and if we see that there are other dates with lower prices, we click on them and check. We’ve noticed that these charts don’t always show actual values, but are generally good at helping you find and buy a bargain.

Price chart

When searching, sort “from cheapest to most expensive” Then choose the right hotel based on the description and reviews. When choosing a trip, use filters, so you can select tours by hotel category, type of food, etc.

You can sort your search results “by popularity”. Then on top of the search will appear tours to the most popular hotels and hotels with good ratings on reviews . It’s just in case you don’t want to bother with the choice of hotel, and quickly book a last-minute tour of a normal hotel.

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Choosing the right destination: where and when to fly

Demand and prices in the travel market depend on the holiday seasons, weather, dates of holidays and vacations in the country, as well as world events.

If you want to save money, fly before or after the holidays. For example the best prices with discounts up to 70% are offered in December for all resorts (especially tours with return by the New Year), after the New Year vacations, February, March and May holidays.

If we consider the short tours, their cost on weekends and holidays is higher than average, but on weekdays they are cheaper. So it is great if you can afford to relax in the middle of the week.

At the beginning and end of the season on a particular destination prices are markedly lower – take advantage of it! In Europe it is cheaper to go in early December. Asia is advantageous at the turn of the season (for example, in October and April). Our website has a special section where we write about the intricacies of the travel seasons.

Major events in the life of our and other countries, such as sharp changes in exchange rates, epidemics, political protests, military conflicts and even major sporting events can reduce the overall demand for outbound tourism, and thus the prices of tours. It happens that this may not affect holidaymakers at all, but under the influence of the media, most people decide to postpone foreign travel. There are always those who take advantage of the situation, a good savings on vacation.

The right time to book: when to buy tours

Profitable to book when the tour operator makes a discount. Early booking and last minute tours are those very discounts that everyone has heard of.

If you want to catch a discount, choose one of these tactics. If you choose a last minute tour – be prepared to leave the next day. If you choose an early booking – do not delay with the purchase, the price of your favorite option will gradually rise.

Early booking is buying a tour at least 3 months before the trip. Statistics show that few Russians invest in vacations in advance, usually everyone pulls out to the last minute. But hoteliers and tour operators would like to recoup their investment sooner. The tour operator has calculated the price of package tours in advance, but is willing to sell cheaper to those who are willing to buy early. Yes, the discount may be small, but by buying in advance, you have a good choice of hotels. Great for those who have a vacation in high season, limited in dates and have special preferences for hotels. When looking for a cheap tour, it’s handy to use the low price calendar.

August 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

Last minute tours are when there is very little time left before departure, and the tour operator has seats left. Discount can be up to 70%, and the cost of the entire trip is cheaper than a regular flight. A simple rule: the closer the flight, the greater the discount. The closest dates are sold at maximum discounts, but they burn out quickly and you still have to have time to buy them. You can catch such tours at, or better yet, sign up for the site’s newsletter.

Choice of “fortune” and instant confirmation

Maybe you’ve already noticed that “Fortune” options sometimes come up in the tour listing. This means that you choose only the stardom of the hotel. And here the name of your hotel you will learn from the guide when you arrive in the destination country. It’s a kind of lottery that allows you to buy a trip at the lowest price. And also “Fortune” is confirmed with a high probability.

Also when searching for hot tours pay attention to the marks of agencies: “instant confirmation” (after booking a trip is immediately confirmed in automatic mode, as in this hotel tour operator has a block of seats on warranty), “upon request” (confirmation of such a tour may take from 1 to 3 days).

Tours Fortuna Tours on demand

Advantageous city of departure

It turns out that most cheap tours from Moscow, and catch them easier (compare, for example, tours to Thailand: in season from regional cities on 1 flight in 10-14 days, and from Moscow a few flights a day). Residents of St. Petersburg, and many other cities in the country, fly from Moscow in order to save money.

If there are other major cities nearby, check the prices for tours departing from those cities. It can be much cheaper!

Get visas in advance

Visa countries have a peculiarity – when it’s not enough time to apply for a visa, the tours get cheaper.

Fans of tours in Europe are better to hustle and get a Schengen multivisa. To buy a cheap tour to Goa, you can arrange the visa online in advance.

How to buy a tour cheaper than from a tour operator

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that travel agencies can give discounts. The retail price of the tour is set by the tour operator, so in theory, the prices should be the same for all sellers. But travel agencies are willing to share with you their part of the percentage of the sale. Therefore, it may be more profitable to buy from an agent than directly from the tour operator.

Online agencies are no exception to this, and you can see these discounts both in the final price, which can be lower than that of the operator, and in the form of various promo codes, bonuses for buying or inviting friends. ✅ We have an article where we painted what discounts and bonuses are available from different agencies.

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