Leisure on the Teletskoye Lake in the summer of 2022. Prices, bases and reviews

Lake Teletskoye

In the Altai Republic there are seven thousand lakes, the largest of which is the Teletskoe Lake. It is the second largest lake in the Altai Mountains after Lake Baikal in terms of fresh water reserves. Its length is 78 kilometers and its maximum depth is 325 meters. During the day it is possible to travel around it by ship and take away with you an unforgettable panorama of sharp mountains, thundering waterfalls, steep rocks and smooth pebble shores, capes, silent stone bays, silent bays and talkative mountain rivers. On the shores of Lake Teletskoye there are a large number of hotels and camping sites.

Remoteness From Novosibirsk: 620 km, from Barnaul: 420 km from Novosibirsk, 160 km from Gorno-Altaisk
Delivery by tourist buses In summer time from Novosibirsk and Barnaul you can get to the northern shore of the Teletskoye lake (village Artybash) and then take a boat to the tourist complexes on the southern shore.
Delivery by shuttle-buses From Gorno-Altaisk to the settlement of Artybash, then by cab (1-5 km)
Delivery by private transport Go along the Chuisky Tract (highway R256) to Maima village and further across Gorno-Altaisk to Artybash village.
Bathing swimming pools (Gornoe Lake, Eden) water in the Teletskoe lake is not heated above 14 degrees, to bathe here it is possible only in partially heated bays (a southern part of lake) the Swan river – one of few rivers of this area, water in which warms up in hot months to 25 0С, it runs into Bija near settlement Turochak. Turochak, usually visited by tourists during excursions, combined with sightseeing of the most picturesque places and fishing
Recreation features the basic tourist objects are located on northern coast, around villages Artybash and Iogach, but even here they are not so much, thanks to what the Teletskoe lake attracts fans of quiet rest in an environment of unique nature unique, incomparable with anything else in Altai, the excursion program, which includes not only walks on the lake and fishing, but also travel on priteletskoy taiga low quality of a roadway on a site from Gorno-Altaisk to Biya. Gorno-Altaisk to village Artybash (approx. 160 km), it is necessary to consider it for those who travels on personal transport in 2015 began its work GLC “Teletskoy” 3 ski tracks, chairlift and rope tow elevators, rental center, tracks for cross-country skiing, snowtubing track, dog sledding, cafe, the distance from the village Artybash approx. 5 km
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Tilan-Tuu” sightseeing walk, 2 hours, from 300 rubles Tilan-Tuu” mountain (from Altai “snake mountain”, 741 m above sea level) is an observation peak from which you can see a panorama of the lake and its surroundings. Silver Spring, 2 hours, from 300 rubles. A spring located at the foot of a small mountain. Its water is rich in silver ions and has healing properties. The spring was consecrated by St. Makarius Nevsky in 1839.

The Third river on foot, 3 hours, from 500 rub. This is the cascade of small waterfalls on the mountain river Oirok that flows into the Teletskoye Lake (the biggest of them is about 2 meters high).

Edelweiss Zoo by foot, 2 hours, from 250 rubles. A small private zoo with more than 30 species of animals, from domestic chickens to wolves and marals.

Kibitek mountain by car+walk, 3 hours, from 1000 rub. Journey to the left shore of the Teletskoye Lake, ascent to the mountain which name in translation from Altai means “inverted boat” (1156 m). Sightseeing of bizarre stone formations resembling faces of characters of Altai legends, panorama of the Teletskoye lake, Biya river, Artybash village.

Taiga Apiary by car, 3 hours, from 550 rubles. Visit to a high-mountain apiary, acquaintance with its work, tasting of bee products.

Swan River car, 6 hours, from 900 rubles Traveling through Turochaksky region with a visit to the village Turochak, the Stone of Love on the Biya River and the Rock of Stone on the Swan River. During the excursion tourists will learn the history of nearby villages, customs and traditions of local inhabitants, you’ll get acquainted with myths and legends of Lebedians (indigenous people inhabiting the banks of the taiga Lebed River).

Rafting down the river Biya car+raft, from 2 hours, from 500 rubles Duration of the rafting from 2 to 4 hours. Complexity of water obstacles from uncategoryed shivers to the rapids II к.с.

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Stone Bay at the lake, from 1 hour, from 1000 rubles Stone gulf visit – a small saucer-like bay surrounded by bizarre scattering of stones of different size. Those who wish may swim. You can take a boat, a motor boat, a motor ship (the duration and the cost depend on it).

Excursions around the Teletskoye Lake, from 4 to 8 hours, from 1650 to 3000 rubles. These excursions can be performed by yale, motor boat, cutter or motor ship (the duration and cost depend on it). The most popular and well-known places: Kishte waterfall, Korbu waterfall (recreation fee from 150 rubles), Chodor waterfall, Love Island, Ayu-Chekpes waterfall, Kokshi river.

Yailu on lake, from 6 to 8 hours, from 2500 to 3500 rub. “Yailu” (in translation from Altai “summer pasture”) is the central estate of “Altai State Reserve”. Here it is possible to get acquainted with a variety of natural landscapes of Yailu terrace, with the work of a meteorological station, with features of high-mountainous flora and fauna, including species listed in the Red Book. The excursion may be carried out by motorboat, motor launch or motor ship (the duration and the price depend on it).

Kyrsay cape (southern shore of Lake Teletskoye) around the lake, from 12 hours to 2 days, from 2500 to 7500 rubles Lake Teletskoye, the largest lake in the Altai Mountains is 78 km long. From the north to the south the lake changes its shape, the mountains become higher, the surface of the lake wider, the rivers fall from steep cliffs as crystal waterfalls. In the south (Karagai Cape, Kersay) water in the Teletskoye is much warmer, in good weather you can swim and bask on the unreal beautiful sand. You can choose to go on a motor boat, a motor launch or a motor ship (the duration and the cost depend on that).

Fishing trip on the lake, from 1 to 3 days, from 15000 rubles. Fishing is possible not only on the Teletskoye Lake (mouth of the rivers Malye and Bolshiye Chilya), but also on the taiga rivers in its vicinity (Pyzha, Biya, Sarakoksha, Baigol, Chulyshman). There are 16 species of fish in the Teletskoye Lake (there are also endemics – fish species that are found only here, these are the whitefish and whitefish Pravdina). Fishermen are interested in the following fish species: Arctic grayling (up to 800 g), whitefish (up to 5 kg), Siberian whitefish (up to 300 g on average, sometimes up to 800-900 g), burbot (up to 6 kg), pike (up to 10 kg), trout (the largest fish in the lake, its length can reach 2 m and weight 60 kg).

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The video about the Mountain Altai from the program “Let’s fly!” will help you choose the excursions.

Best Recreation Bases on the Teletskoye Lake

Camping Laguna, Republic of Altai, Turochaksky region.

Camping “Lagoon” gives its guests crystal clear air.

Two variants of accommodation:

Recreation Center Estyuba, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky region

Leisure camp “Estyuba” is a fairy-tale corner of untouched nature and untouched taiga!

4 accommodation options:

Old Castle homestead, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochak

Discover a new world full of extraordinary beauty and harmony!

7 accommodation options:

Altyn-Kyol recreation center, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Want to admire the magnificent sunrises and sunsets – recreation base “Altyn-Kel”!

16 accommodation options:

Biyskaya Zavalynka recreation center, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky region

Eastern relaxation – salon, creative tours and horseback riding!

Two variants of accommodation:

Zolote Ozero recreation complex, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Tourcomplex “Golden Lake” – one of the oldest and most famous camping sites in the Altai Mountains!

7 accommodation options:

Recreation center Vilisov estate, Republic of Altai, Turochaksky region

Recreation in nature, clean lake, excursions

3 accommodation options:

Manor house Domiki pod gora, Gorny Altai (Republic of Altai), Turochaksky district

Outdoor recreation, clean air, fishing, shashlik, bathing

Two variants of accommodation:

Manor Golden Sands, Republic of Altai, Turochaksky district

Outdoor recreation, beach, fishing, shish kebab

Two variants of accommodation:

Waves of Altyn Kulya, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Scenic nature, fishing, shish kebab, banya

Two variants of accommodation:

Tourist recreation base Perlu, Republic of Altai, Turochaksky district

Recreation on the shore of the lake, coniferous forest, clean air, excursions, shashlyk

3 accommodation options:

Orchard homestead, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Lakeside vacation, coniferous forest, bathhouse, shish kebab

Two variants of accommodation:

Manor Selena, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochak

Homestead “Selena” – cozy rest on the shore of the lake

1 accommodation option:

Recreation center Aktra tract, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

5 accommodation options:

Guest house Silver bank, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Outdoor recreation, swimming in the lake, shashlyk, banya

Two variants of accommodation:

Aru-Kyol homestead, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Discover a new world full of extraordinary beauty and harmony.

8 accommodation options:

Camping Istok, Gorny Altai (Altai Republic), Turochaksky district

Distract yourself from the bustle of the city and enjoy the nature of Altai!

6 accommodation options:

Popular vacation spots on Teletskoye Lake
  • Altai region
  • Altai region
  • Ая
  • Katun settlement
  • Barnaul
  • Belokurikha
  • Gorny Altai (Republic of Altai)
  • Sauzga village
  • Gorno-Altaisk

Here you can find all the best camping sites on the Teletskoe Lake. At these resorts you can fish having taken on hire gear, and just have a rest basking on the beach at the recreation center. For all submitted recreation centers you can find detailed information: pictures of territory and living conditions, accommodation options and facilities, prices for 2022, a full list of services provided by the base, reviews have had a rest at the base of people, the coordinates on the map, phone numbers for reservations. Find the base you want more easily by using the handy filter on the left side of the page. Once you decide on the choice you can book a house on the shore or a room in a house on the Teletskoye Lake by phone on the page of the base or by leaving a request on our site.

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