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Hotels Maafushi Island (Maldives)

spacious, panoramic view bathtub, large terrace. Maldivian style Water Villa and Beach Villa, very cool. Anantara level. Spa center is excellent There is a spit, there is a reef, take for free on the reef. 6.00 dawn Can use Anantara Veli restaurants, depending on the level of the hotel booked. Naladu can not of course)) there is surfing, waves fire, in Veli. Each island has its own spa. 90 rooms.

A wonderful place! Ideal for holidays with children. Wonderful villa, great service, perfect beach and ocean entrance, very nice and tasty! Attentive and caring staff, decent mini club.

Everything went smoothly from booking, transfers, accommodations and meals. I love the villa over the water, especially the tub overlooking the ocean. The spa was a really relaxing experience. Had a wonderful unforgettable vacation here. I will certainly be back. this time with my children who surely love this amazing place

Of the restaurants I would recommend “origami”, it is on the neighboring island “Velly” also in the Anantara hotel. There is a boat coming every 2 minutes. departing from the pantograph Welli. If you want to swim with the fish, it’s better to do it on Picnic Island. It’s also a 3 minute boat ride away, within sight. Diving is better just to the right of Pantone. Also, there is a strong current, extremely difficult to swim without flippers, even for.

Fabulous place! Ideal everything – from the proximity of the airport (only 25 minutes by boat) to the service in the rooms. Villa 50 – close to the spa, to the pontoon to go to the restaurant, located on the next island. This, by the way, is another plus – the possibility of going out for dinner at another restaurant.

It was a beautiful place, paradise. Breakfasts are marvellous and the staff are friendly. It is possible to go near Galifusha island and see the fish, have lunch, relax. It is also possible to visit restaurants Thai, Iyalian, Japanese cuisine. Children asked to go again. Had a wonderful experience.

This place is even better than the photo. But premium holidays like this has a premium price. Service, food, amenities, etc. some where up north five stars. The sand is so soft and white, it feels like plaster when wet. I highly recommend getting a meal package as each individual meal will cost you an average of $35. We just paid $12rub for a 750ml bottle chilled.

This resort is only a 30 minute boat ride from the airport. Accommodations: villas over the water and strictly suitable for honeymooners and couples.They offer a wide range of restaurants and you can have access to outlets on Dhig by the resort. One highlight of the resort is the spa.

We vacationed at the Hotel OZEN in the winter as a family. Loved everything about it! It was delicious, comfortable, beautiful. We especially want to thank Abdul Hakim who kindly helped us and was there for all our questions.

Great place, rooms and service. They take care of every personal need. Our butler Uba was very prompt. They arranged special snorkeling trips for our group. The diving experience was amazing. Jojo, Antonia, Shakir and others took special care of us. Unusual menu and liquor options.

An amazing resort with beautiful villas, large private pools, free underwater restaurant, delicious food, quality alcohol. There is a great list of water sports and amazing diving spots. Professional and most courteous staff in the world. I also have to say a big thank you to Baari who is the best butler and helps us every time with any questions. Я.

Great New hotel for a vacation for the whole family! Comfortable modern villas,beautiful beach,personalized service.Great gym with fitness instructors,aqua aerobics,yoga. Delicious restaurants and lovely spa with 4 gift certificates for massages. Also enjoyed the sea fishing and sunset trips.

Dry facts, no emotion or water. The island is small, one restaurant and one bar. Spa, pool with whirlpool. A couple of swings, a hammock. Gym, yoga room. Fresh water pool on the beach. Free canoe rental. Small store with souvenirs, clothing and beauty products. 34 villas in all. About 45 minutes by boat from Male. You can see other islands in the distance from all sides of the island. Great.

This island and hotel are just magical. Paradise place. Very kind and friendly staff, delicious food. Always clean rooms. The hotel staff knows all the guests by name. When we were leaving, we waved as if we were seeing off relatives There are small sharks, stingrays swimming near the cabins. And you can even meet a turtle Awesome yoga, Pilates and meditation classes from Coach Ray. Highly recommend it.

The resort bribes with predictability Sometimes you don’t want super frills from the chef, or cancan from the staff, or unique marble floors. I just want to rest in accordance with what you expect, so that no one irritated and did not spoil it. So many people I’ve met here have returned more than 3 times – really more like a timeshare already.

Very secluded place) beautiful azure water, white sand, cool water bungalows. We stayed in a bungalow in the form of a boat, the interior was amazing, the staff was very polite, friendly, ready to help in everything at once. The breakfast was amazing. We can order any dish from the breakfast, we liked the eggs Benedict toast, and the omelets were delicious. Vienna waffles are great. Lunch came out to $170, not much.

Is vacationing in the Maldives in 2022 good? Tourist reviews

While its the only resort in the Maldives we’ve been to so far, and it was rainy season at that, it has been absolutely amazing so far! If you do go during the rainy season, which can literally be sun and lollipops for one minute and dark and stormy next, you will never be too upset as the water-it is very beautiful during a tropical downpour. My wife and I took it.

Wonderful experience. During our stay. The staff is polite,accommodating with a professional touch.Clean and picturesque. The food was excellent. I recommend this place for a relaxing beach resort.

This place was very nice, the staff was calm and friendly. The place is very clean. The food was a good thought I am a vegetarian, there are not many options but they were all delicious. The scenic beauty is so beautiful you will enjoy every bit of it. The sunrise and sunset, not to be missed. Enjoyed a lot.

The hotel is great, the staff is friendly, the food is delicious. The area is beautiful. Stayed very satisfied. We vacationed in April 2018.

The most beautiful holiday we have ever had. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, amazing food and very friendly staff. Unforgettable moments while snorkeling on the house coral reef.

The most beautiful beach I have ever experienced. Clean white beaches that lead down to fish rich waters. The side Lagoon (sunrise) leaves quickly, but a resident green turtle and a couple of big rays to entertain. On the Sunset side, a big weeding bed full of fish will lead to coral reefs and fall. Black tip reef sharks, big parrot fish, and hundreds of angelfish, fish to fill.

A magical vacation! Complete peace of mind! Swimming with the sharks is a most memorable experience! Varied breakfast, good restaurant, very friendly and attentive staff! Would love to come back here!

Wonderful resort. Everything is perfect. The food is excellent, a bit pricey, you have to take it all inclusive. Children under 12 years old eat free, as long as you book at least one adult and a maximum of two children. The pool is great. The pool is large and the area is spacious, with a lot of natural light, a lot of furniture, and a lot of parking spaces.

I loved the hotel and the island itself. We lived in a 2-storey house on the beach: on the 1m floor an open terrace with sofas, a table and a shower. on the 2m et the room. A view of the secluded beach. Breakfast is very good, for lunch and dinner we spent in the area of $70 – $100. Our daughter was free for our 5 year old. Was very happy with my choice of hotel. On arrival they had some problems with the system and we were taken by boat to a neighboring island.

It started with us on the island with the words “guys we want to send you to the next island, take a boat and sail, you will be met there, we have a small problem in the system, be kind please live in another hotel, and tomorrow again to us. “We just got off the plane, then another 40 minutes on the boat, and then this situation is incomprehensible with not settling in the hotel. But the mood has changed.

Amazing picturesque scenery and an amazing resort. A great place to rest. The resort is in the main island, very beautiful island. Great fun to enjoy the Maldives waters.

Amazing experience! Comfortable rooms. Polite and courteous staff. Good food. Great beach and house reef. Perfect vacation at a reasonable price. There are many water sports and excursions. They have a dive center on the island. I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend this resort especially to people who like snorkeling, diving and water sports. You can rent equipment.

The best hotel on Maafushi Island. I like the staff at the front desk and the waiters for their hospitality. The hotel has a private beach and beach restaurant. Meals for breakfast buffet and dinner buffet are good. Great views from the rooms overlooking the sea.

The facilities are excellent! Staff very friendly, room very clean. Easy to communicate. Overall, I really like the service of the staff. Love them.

One of the best hotels on Maafushi! The rooms are really spacious and cozy. This hotel is right across from Maafushi Beach, so you can bask in the sun during the day and at night you can enjoy a candlelight dinner with live music (on certain days). You can enjoy excursions organized by the hotel. Narain

I got on some kind of a promotion on bookings, the hotel cost 75 thousand rubles for 12 nights! for AI + $185 boat to it. Liked: 1. Location – 45 minutes from the airport by boat. The boat is fast, seats 8. Immediately warned that the transfer $ 185 per person round trip, payment by card at the hotel. 2. Nature – amazing, the reef near the entrances 4-5-6 – a huge number of fish, octopus, if you go.

How much does it cost to vacation in the Maldives - 2022

It is neat, quiet, calm. But special impressions of the underwater world. On the reef a lot of colorful fish, you can observe reef sharks, huge turtles, there are octopuses, different forms of corals, very warm and calm ocean. Total relaxation.

A small, green island. Attentive staff. The food is good. Desserts are excellent. Reef is poor. If you want solitude – this is the right place for you. We had a great stay at the hotel and amazingly well looked after. Recommended!

Fantastic place in paradise! Quite nice house reef. The beach is gorgeous. The food in the restaurant is good. Rooms are good, but old, feel that cosmetic repairs are needed. But we only needed the room to sleep in, and everything in the room works perfectly (air conditioning, shower, soft bed).

I had a really good time at Rihiveli, the staff was very friendly, almost all activities are included. I saw sharks, rays and lots of fish. The 2 islands in front of the main island are gorgeous.

The natural beauty is amazing, the beach and blue sea, sharks and dolphins every day, and the lagoon is a resting place for mantas when they migrate?

Oooh. On this island we can talk a long time! It is better to see once! It really is like heaven. Deserted, azure water, sandy beach! And of course the spit, it’s just unreal! Vobschem can talk long! Azure sea!!! The white sand!! Not people, very clean. and incredibly beautiful!!!

Friendly and helpful staff,one of the best scenery close to the capital,2 uninhabited islands that can be reached by foot at low tide,dolphins always nearby,nanny sharks near the staff dock,good diving and surfing spots nearby and most all the food is really good. The rooms are decorated in a 70’s style, but the overall experience was amazing.

Wonderful hotel! Even though they say 4 stars, it’s a solid 5! It was very convenient that the price already included all kinds of water activities: snorkeling, fishing, surfing and other delights. We will definitely go back again to this island paradise.

Everything is more than perfect. The food is great, all inclusive and a la carte are both decent. The restaurant is on the water and was surrounded by stingrays, turtles and sharks while eating. There are nuances: – wifi is very slow, you can’t even open pics on Instagram – rooms are all authentic – no TV, no air conditioning – no doctor, they offered a shuttle to another island for $200 to visit the doctor.

Nice hotel-island. Food is excellent. The hotel is a nice hotel-island, the food is excellent, 2 times a day they take you to the house reef to swim with the fish. There are sea creatures in the lake in the middle of the island. On the island, everything is green. Everything is clean and tidy. The staff is very attentive. You can go to the evening fishing, you can take a watercraft and swim around the island.

It is very difficult to give an objective assessment after staying here a week, as this is not my first Maldives and there is something to compare. The main plus: the warm sea, beautiful rooms, good staff. Cons: long transfer.Waiting for the plane to take us to the place – had to be 6 hours at the airport.On arrival on the second plane was a transfer to the boat.This point neizuchil when booking this.

Great hotel, villas with a beautiful view of the ocean, the bathroom will not leave anyone indifferent! The food is delicious, the hotel staff very polite and friendly, rooms are cleaned 2 times a day! The only inconvenience, actually for me is that the wind blows all the time, very little soft sand and the ocean opposite the villas is very shallow, so to swim in depth need to go to a place near the central.

The value of Maldives highly overrated: service is bad, TV is not connected, not working, only Netflix, no pool, you can only swim in one place near the bar, if you are not honeymooners, boring. I thought it would be nice to have lunch with my friends, they have plenty of room service, good toiletries, gel, etc. You don’t need to bring anything.

The hotel has great rooms, but the terrible thing is that the metal roofs and it looks like a concentration camp barracks. Ie a wish for the owner of the hotel, at least cover over the metal thatch, what would be the usual style Maldivian hotel. Excellent sun beds, offset, povora tasty cooking, but going into the sea very much pieces of coral and it is very uncomfortable. On the beaches in front of us, for 3-4 days no one.

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Maafushi Island, Maldives 2022. Reviews, hotels, photos of beaches

March 2020 (updated: 18.01.2022) 14

Maafushi is a residential island in the Maldives, 30 km from the airport and Male. Maafushi is not the paradise Maldives imagine. But the island has inexpensive hotels, restaurants, tours and other tourist infrastructure.

Maafushi can be used as a base for trips to excursions and nearby islands. The island is popular with budget travelers who want to see the Maldives and not go broke.


Maafushi photos from above

An overview of Maafushi Island in the Maldives

Maafushi is the island where you can buy the most inexpensive trips to the Maldives. Tourists dream of seeing a bounty island, but here is a village, local life, no alcohol and only one beach to swim on.

In order not to be disappointed in the Maldives, you should come to Maafushi with the right expectations. And be sure to go on excursions to see the very Maldives with the snow-white beaches, dangling palm trees and houses on the water.

We chose the island Maafushi, so that from there to travel to the nearest islands-resorts (one of them we have already told you – Adaaran Rannalhi). In this article we will write more about Maafushi island itself. I do not even know if we would have gone to the Maldives, without this island with its prices and all the conditions that are necessary for a comfortable stay.


Where to stay in Maafushi

The choice of hotels and hostels is quite large. Almost all lodging is new and in good condition. The price range is significant, of course, but you can always find options that fit your budget.

Wherever you settle, any hotel will be close to everything, because the island is small and everything is close. The most developed part is the northern part (above on the map). Here is Bikini Beach, most cafes, and all the most decent hotels:

  • Kaani Grand Seaview.
  • Arena Beach Hotel
  • Velana Beach Maldives
  • Liyela Retreat Maldives


Infrastructure, street photos and tourist life

You’re probably wondering – what’s on Maafushi? It has almost everything that we are used to seeing on any other tourist island.

The island is very developed, although quite small. Its length is just over 1 km and width is only 250 meters. You can walk around in an hour with stops for photos. There is where to walk and walk in the evening. Lots of restaurants and souvenir stores. There is only no street food.


There is sand on the streets, no paved roads. There are no sights either. But that doesn’t mean you end up on a patch of sand when you get here, not at all. We sometimes even forgot we were somewhere in the open ocean.


The advantage of short distances is that everything is at your fingertips. It’s a 5-minute walk to every store, cafe, and tourist tent. Locals get around on mopeds (you can’t rent a bike to tourists). There are a few cars on the island. But there is nowhere to go.


There is a currency exchange and ATM Bank of Maldives (fee 100 rufies / $6). Cash is issued in local currency. You can pay everywhere in cash dollars. Many cafes, hotels, and stores accept bank cards. Read more about money.



There are a few small supermarkets where you can buy some of the products at normal prices. For example, a 1.5 liter bottle of water costs 8 rufies ($0.5/33 rub).

The selection is poor, but you do not need the products, you have not come to the Maldives to cook. And all kinds of trifles, like chips, nuts, sweets and dairy products to buy no problem.

Stores with souvenirs also abound. The products in them are often repetitive, but if you want you can find and bring interesting memorabilia home. We bought a magnet for the fridge, which is painted by local artists.



There is no question where to buy a tour to other islands or go snorkeling. There are a lot of tourist tents, choose any. Prices at all are about the same. The most popular agency is iCom. There are also Russian-speaking tours Velaa Trips.

We bought all the tours from the Russian guys. The prices are the same, but it is more fun in the company of our own people than to go with some Italians or Bulgarians.



Previously, every tourist has said that the island is one global construction site. But that was the case in the past. Almost all the hotels are already built. There are only a couple of active construction sites, and even then, they do not interfere and will be finished soon. If you were worried that you would see a lot of workers and construction cranes, you can relax. There is nothing so global anymore.


There is a clinic on Maafushi that also accepts tourists with insurance. You can buy health insurance for the Maldives here .


The prison on the island is in the far southern part away from prying eyes. So if you don’t go there yourself, you won’t even see it.

Paradise is cancelled: 10 minuses of rest in the Maldives

Safety and locals

Maafushi is safe and secure. We don’t know how on other similar islands, but kind and calm people live here. There is not the slightest sense of anxiety. Everyone is friendly, smiling, there is no increased attention from men to foreign women as in Sri Lanka. At least if you are in the company of your husband or a friend, that’s for sure.

As in all Indian countries, mostly male staff is everywhere. A lot of young guys work in tourism. Everyone speaks excellent English. You won’t see local women much during the day, they go out in the evening to walk with their children.


Maldivian women wear dark clothes and scarves on their heads.

The beaches of Maafushi. Why you can’t sunbathe in a swimsuit and Bikini Beach

The Maldives is a Muslim country. Therefore, on the islands where the locals live, alcohol is prohibited and no nudity is allowed. But on Maafushi, there is one beach where it is officially allowed to swim in bathing suits. It is called Bikini Beach. On the other beaches, you can’t undress.

Bikini Beach on Maafushi is the only beach where you can sunbathe and swim in your swimsuit. It is not acceptable for men, let alone women, to wear such clothes outside the beach. Please respect other countries and their religion. Walking from the beach to the hotel in a thong, with nothing but a transparent tunic on top is not acceptable. Bikini Beach on the map


The beach is quite small, there are sun loungers for rent everywhere. In the morning there is shade from the houses and under the palm trees. In one place there is a canopy, but sun loungers there can be occupied from early in the morning.


What can not be taken away from the beach is the color of the water. Here everything is clear without words – it is as unparalleled as on the expensive resort islands.


The bottom on Bikini Beach is rocky in places, everyone goes far from the shore, there it is sandy and the water is more transparent. The lack of depth makes it possible. Good snorkeling.


Large waves are usually not, but perfectly calm water do not expect. On all the beaches in the Maldives, where we swam, minimal waves are present all the time, even in high season. Usually it does not interfere with swimming. In the rain, a strong wind picks up the waves and then swimming is not very nice.


Other beaches in Maafushi

There are no other normal beaches for swimming. The other beaches are more suitable for walks on the beach and photos against the background of the sea. The bottom is stony and shallow. All these beaches are on the east side of the island and look better on the photo than in person.


Alcohol is banned on Maafushi.

You can’t buy alcohol anywhere on the island. Alcohol is prohibited in hotels, bars, and stores.

The only opportunity to drink – alkolodka in the sea. A couple of km from the shore is a boat bar, where overpriced beer and other alcoholic beverages will be available. To get to the floating bar, you just have to come to the main pier and someone will offer to get you there.

The second option is to go on an island-resort excursion. Everything is included there, including alcoholic beverages.

Some tourists on excursions try to pour alcohol into water bottles and take it back to Maafushi. This is not recommended. First, the hotels know that tourists are doing it, they are watching on cameras and will make you put it all out before you leave. Secondly, it is a violation of the law, there may be problems with the police.

Hotels in Maafushi

  • Kaani Grand Seaview.
  • Arena Beach Hotel
  • Velana Beach Maldives
  • Sunrise Beach
  • WhiteShell Island Hotel & Spa
  • Liyela Retreat Maldives

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The first photo from above, where did you take it?

From a three-story building of the restaurant.

There are rumors that the only prisoner in this prison is the country’s previous president

Great article on “Where NOT to go”. How on earth did you get to this dump, because there are some really beautiful local islands…

What local islands would you recommend? Looked at the pictures, everywhere is about the same, chose the most developed and closest to the airport.

About the rich underwater world is Maalhos (in the biosphere reserve of UNESCO) and Dhigurah, about the bounty beaches are: Fulhadhoo (included in the top 10) and Fehendhoo, and if you want “civilization” – Thoddoo (although for “civilization” is better in Pattaya, there and pours, and you can walk in your underwear).

When it's better to rest in the Maldives. Weather by Months

Great review, thank you!!!

The “rich underwater world” and “Dhigurah” – if you are a diver and are ready to lay out a round sum for diving, if you are ready to limit yourself to much food, or to pay for it in a restaurant gesta or in a restaurant on the island, as well as ready for an additional flight to another island – to Diguru after the flight from Russia (we flew from Moscow). The Dhigurah – a narrow island, on the one hand: yes, the long white beach and he opposite the gest, but snorkeling useless – muddy with the current, coral reefs are few and scarce, to normal underwater reefs have to go / swim along the island and you can even find a turtle, while over these coral reefs (which are not very far from the shore) to swim carefully – you can tear the stomach)))) they are close to the water surface and again due to the current is turbid. On the other side of island daytime low tide and it is necessary to get over shallow water on edge of a reef (where it is possible to swim and look at “rich”), you go – water strongly below knees and it not sand, and corals, legs can break/scrape while you go, choosing “road”, meters 300-500 to edge of a reef … it is extreme and not for families with small children (were with the daughter 9 years). On Digura rested in the first half of June 2019 in the off season, maybe at other times on Digura everything is different. Were on Todd in January-February 2019 in season, there is a nice coral reef (where the main bikini beach is) with different fish and even turtles (saw a couple of things, a big one and a smaller one), Papaya on Toddu is amazing – $2 apiece (approximately), and the papaya is sweet – the Maldivians themselves grow it as one of the islands with their own water source. There are very few of these Maldives islands, it seems three or five (you can check on the web, if interested), and one of them is Toddu. On Boddu on the beach (I mean the main bikini beach) or next to the beach are no gestos, from any gesta Toddu to bikini beach have to walk at least 15-20 minutes (depending on the speed of each depends), our gesta was far – on foot 30-40 minutes, so we took bikes. There are a lot of Russians on this island. On Toddu is the second bikini beach (where the photo swings in the water in the internet on it there are hammocks and swings in the trees along the beach, but there is a strong current (for some reason always come to this beach only in the afternoon at low tide), not deep, there are corals and even saw a winged woman (frightened and ran away from her: apparently, she was guarding the coral and behaved unfriendly))) On this side of the island behind the pier was a dump (there is now trash rake and build gestas), and because of the strong current along this side of the island with a dump (maybe not only) comes a lot of garbage in the form of broken glass, broken tiles, it’s all regularly during the day on this bikini beach clean up the local “janitors, and such garbage there is constantly due to the current. We were on Magoodhoo in November/December 2016. Wellooo, if you are ready 2.5 hours by speedboat one way + a couple of days (because there and back) overnight in Male … again with the food in the gesta not so good … In general in the Maldives, prepare for the gestas not ol-incluse Turkish or Egyptian, but a significantly more modest menu. With pleasure would rest now on Phuket, but quarantine…

The famous Turkish-style all-inclusive only in expensive 5-star hotels. The inexpensive hotels are not much different from the Maldives gesthouses with food.

If you expect excursions and a lot of snorkeling, rather than the daily seal rest on the beach, then the excursions are the cheapest on Maafushi: both fishing and snorkeling. Again, close to the airport – an important factor, you can also have a drink near the island – all the same Russian food is more diverse and cheaper (including water), more and more comfortable rooms in the gestas. Sami too at first blotted out the Maldives island, but listened to tourist stories and compared different factors … Again, in a quarantine become more loyal to many issues in general the choice is always you and all have different demands in different periods and categorical, including depending on the age of choice

Share the responses about excursions at Russian guys?))))

All went very well, without a hitch and in time.

Russian guys just agents who sell you the tour. The tour itself is held by a local agency, the guides and all the staff are Maldivians.

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