Mahdia, Tunisia: tourist reviews and holiday prices – 2022

Hotel Reviews in Mahdia.

I walked 2.5 hours to get to the hotel from the airport, reception was an hour, the food was not cleaned, people should not eat there. Check out for more info.

Best hotel ever… :) food, drinks, staff, rooms :) just nothing to pick on :) We stayed here for 6 nights and everything was great. The aly carte restaurant is included, we got into Tunisian food-. Read more

The food is very tasty, Very big pool, next to the sea, Very cool excursions. It was the best trip of my life! It was the best hotel. It was next to the water park. Very nice staff! It was a success on my trip. Read more

We live in ruaial mansur megdia all well give out, excellent corset all tasty,, rooms clean, view sea, hotel super, spa fantastic nodeyus return soon, thanks all pro vso until next time. Read more

I liked the hotel. The room was clean and comfortable. The sea was warm , although there were a couple of jellyfish and seaweed. Rooms are very comfortable and the room is very clean, however there are a couple of jellyfish and seaweed, but overall the sea is clean. Our room was clean and the food was good. The food was good, and the staff were good. The staff were very good, and the staff were very helpful. Read more

Overall it was a very nice hotel. We had a large breakfast and would love to stay at our hotel, it is worth the extra money. We stayed at PrimaSol El Mehdi 4*. We stayed from September 23, 21 to November 05, 21. Read more

Oh, this vacation)) The three mothers and three little daughters went to the sea without expecting anything special from a 3 star hotel, having a history of the coolest hotels to expect something special from this hotel. Read more

We had a couple of bad weather conditions and all the staff at the hotel were very happy to see us. Read more

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The location and beautiful architecture of the hotel are the only pluses. The staff at the exchange office cheated the guests of the hotel for $10.00 after a 24 hour trip, the staff was very quiet and did not have the energy to explain the situation. Read more

We have been to Tunisia many times, and this year we wanted, above all, a comfortable and relaxing holiday. That’s exactly what we got at the Iberostar Royal El Mansour. Thank you to all the staff for. Read more

We stayed at the hotel for a week. It was wonderful to stay at the hotel. I cannot say anything about the hotel itself. Breakfast was included in my price and I was very disappointed. And this is in a three star hotel. But everything else was fabulously good. The kitchen. Read more

We were looking for a long time for a holiday destination, we tried lots of options, but we decided, based on the reviews, to stay in Tunisia in this hotel. I would say that we did not miss it at all. Read more

Went to the hotel with female company, the atmosphere is cool, decent food, decent local wine, there are big problems with cleanliness (who cares). Some of the rooms are old, ask at the reception to change. Read more

So, arrived at the hotel at 10 pm. We were waiting a long time for our room allocation, lots of us arrived there. There were welcome cocktails, but we did not get any as we were not in the reception center, and sat on the side. Room. Read more

We had a company holiday, we liked it all. The hotel is a good 4. Rooms were cleaned every day. The food was good: fish, chicken, meat. A lot of side dishes. The beach is sandy and ordinary. The sea is beautiful and clear. Bathroom was very well cared for and the staff was very helpful. Read more

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A beautiful day on Djerba Island, Tunisia’s capital of cultural diversity The relatively small island of Djerba is brimming with vibrant cultural color. Located at sea off the southeastern coast of Tunisia, the island encompasses all the charms of the Mediterranean, complete with.

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Mahdia, Tunisia – Reviews

Having received a sudden gift from my employer on the May holidays in the form of an additional vacation on May 6-8, I urgently searched for a tour somewhere to the sea and the sun. My priorities were Dominican Republic or Thailand, but the tours there were too expensive, and the dates did not match.

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Mahdia is a small town in Tunisia with a small population. Famous for the best beaches in his country with white sand. This resort is best suited for families with small children, as there are few hotels, no loud parties and pandemonium.

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This review will not focus on the hotels, but on the very heart of Mahdia: the Medina, the markets, the sights and of course the promenade.

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TunisiaAugust-September last year. Tunisia, Mahdia, Hotel Riu El Mansour 4 (I think so), one of the top rated hotels. I think if you go to this hotel – the vacation will be successful. For 2 weeks with Biblio Globus for 2 +1 was 80 rubles.

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Hotel + is on the first line of the beach, and the hotel area is large with a golf course and tennis. The beach itself is narrow, but fairly clean. old umbrellas add charm. sun beds and mattresses enough for all, but still not enough of them.

We chose this hotel almost by chance due to the cooperation with the responsible operator san mare. Great sandy beach, 20 metres from the hotel, plenty of free deckchairs, no need to borrow anything. The sea the first two days was a bit cold and stormy.

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Ah, the Mediterranean Sea, you are so beautiful. In this review I will tell you about one of the hotels in Tunisia, in the city of Mahdia.

I haven’t been to the sea for about two years. And according to the zodiac sign I am a fish. And you just can’t tell you how much I miss the beach and the sea water! That’s why a trip to the sea this summer was not even discussed. “Let’s go, period!” – I said to my husband. And let him choose the country. The choice fell on Tunisia.

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They didn’t write about us in the newspapers, they didn’t show us on the news on TV. It was just our story. Now we think back and think, “what a bunch of weirdos!” How funny it all seems now, but back then we were terrified LoL Of course, it’s more exaggerated, in life anything happens.

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I do not like to write reviews, but here I could not resist. We stayed at El Mouradi Mahdia. I wont stay at El Mouradi Mahdia. For 10 nights for 2 , we paid 98300 rubles.

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When we were going on vacation in Tunisia, began to study the information on the Internet about the local resorts, where it is best to go with children. I chose Mahdia, it was positioned as a resort with the best beaches. And we did not go wrong.

Hello! Holidays in Tunisia in 2016, the choice fell on the hotel Caribbean World Mahdia. The area of the hotel is green, beautiful, a lot of different colors. Food, service, cleanliness – everything is very, very simple.

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The difference between Tunisia and other resort countries is that the hotels are approximately all on the same level. Three of a kind is not much different than a four, and a four of a five. Except for the size and external comfort.

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For a vacation, but not for a permanent residence. Honestly about Georgia through the eyes of a Belarusian. I will tell you about life, culture, features, places, finances. Who should not go here.

Hello! Before going to Georgia, I read reviews and before my eyes just a beautiful picture of atmospheric streets, cheap food, cheap housing, everyone is hospitable, there is wine and dogs everywhere.

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The review for those who want to move to Moscow for permanent residence, but are afraid of the difficulties and high prices. I will tell you how we did it. I lived in Moscow for a year, settled in and bought a 4-bedroom apartment! Lots of tips + favorite places.

I originally planned to write this review like everyone else, talk about significant places in the city, etc. But then I thought my review would be much more useful if I told about my experience of moving to the Russian capital for permanent residence.

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A small modest city that the whole world learned about in 2014. From humble regional center to the capital of the Republic. Is there life in Lugansk, what to visit in the city, what to bring from the city with you.

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Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to Lugansk for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I’ve lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

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I thought it was a colorful and atmospheric place, but in fact it’s a sham at every turn. I’m telling you about shopping.

In the middle of April 2022 my spouse and I had a rest in Abkhazia. We chose Gagry as the resort. Gagry is the most popular holiday resort in Abkhazia and not far from the border. Of course at the end of my holiday I wanted to visit the market, because in Abkhazia there is a lot of spices, wine and cheeses.

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Kabardinka, just a paradise place! There are, of course, and minuses. (How much did you spend on food? In what amount did it cost to live? As entertained and on what beach went?

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions about the trip of the whole family to the Krasnodar Territory, and more precisely to the village Kabardinka. Immediately I will say that I was quite satisfied, and most of all I was overwhelmed with delight). I will tell you in detail. WAY to Kabardinka, you can reach by the following ways.

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Beautiful nature, but service is lagging. Tour of Abkhazia in 2 days, popular tourist sites. Prices, menus from restaurants, impressions and many photos. The budget was 30 000, we did not luxurious but we did not deny ourselves pleasures.

The thought of Abkhazia has not left me for a long time. Especially since I live in a region that borders with this country, simplified entry, and my daughter is a little older, so I thought, why wouldn’t this trip happen.Although the “adventure” began before departure, despite the …

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