New Year – 2023 in Thailand: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Bangkok

How to celebrate the New Year in Thailand

Where better to celebrate the New Year in Thailand

Where to celebrate the New Year: Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya or Bangkok? We tell you which hotels are better to stay at, how much tours to Thailand in 2023 and what the prices of holidays to eat and drink.

As of May 1, 2022, Thailand is fully open to vaccinated tourists (“Sputnik V” is recognized). Only the unvaccinated need to have a PCR test before departure. In addition, all tourists must buy insurance and obtain ThailandPass. Tour from Moscow now costs from 120,000 ₽ for two people for 7 nights. Here are the optional prices for stays and flights. Information on flights and other aspects of holidays in Thailand may not be up to date now, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries.

Thailand loves holidays, and locals celebrate the New Year three times: January 1, the Chinese calendar, and their own Songkran holiday. On the night of December 31 to January 1, Thais are trying to make the most interesting program and surprise guests with culinary masterpieces. Happy and warm weather – during the New Year holidays the temperature is above +30 ° C.

    and Level.Travel – great tours.


How to celebrate the New Year in Phuket – 2023

Phuket under the New Year turns into a Russian-speaking island – so many of our compatriots rest here. It begins a time of boisterous feasts in the Russian style, open-air discos and foamy parties – the New Year in Phuket is celebrated noisily and in a big way. Most hotels have their own entertainment program with concerts, dances and dinner, but if you want to celebrate the night on the coast, you should leave the hotel before dark, otherwise there is a great chance to get stuck in traffic.

Karon Beach on New Year’s Eve is a huge ant colony. In the center of the beach is set open stage for musicians and dancing girls in frank attire. Usually the concert starts at 8 pm and lasts until 2 am, the people present cheering and congratulating each other on the holiday. On this night, all establishments on the coast are open.

Another popular place to celebrate New Year in Phuket is Patong Beach. Opposite Bangla Road also set open stage, where the Thai performers and dance groups. Thundering firecrackers periodically break the silence, and from the shore launching into the night sky luminous lanterns. At midnight, the whole coast begins to glow with fireworks, which last 20-30 minutes.

Dreaming of celebrating New Year in Thailand, but the tickets are too expensive? We’ll tell you how to find cheap tickets to Phuket. Read also reviews about Phuket (beaches, prices, tours, etc.).

Tours in Phuket for New Year – 2023

Your trip to Thailand for New Year – 2023 with a flight from Moscow and arrival in Phuket cost from 125 thousand rubles for two people (3 *, Patong, 7 nights, close to the beach). Tours in Phuket in a five-star hotel – from 140 thousand rubles for two.

Going to thailand for the new year

(Photo: torbus / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The best hotels in Phuket for the New Year

Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong 5*. Если вы готовы раскошелиться, чтобы встретить Новый год в Таиланде с шиком, рекомендуем именно этот элегантный отель с отличными отзывами. Он расположен очень удачно: неподалеку от пляжа Патонг и в то же время в джунглях. Стоимость — от 24 тысяч рублей в сутки в новогоднюю ночь. Найти тур >>

Baan Karon Resort 3*. Достаточно бюджетно, но достойно встретить в Таиланде новый 2023 год можно в этом отеле у Karon Beach (до пляжа пешком 8-10 минут). На территории отеля спа-центр, бассейны и ресторан, рядом кафе и круглосуточный магазин. Стоимость номера на двоих непосредственно в праздник — от 4 тысяч рублей в сутки. Найти тур >>

We also have a selection of the best hotels in Phuket on the first line – hotels with only the best reviews and within walking distance of the beach!

Food & Entertainment Prices

Prices in Phuket during the holidays rise, hotels earn on a holiday banquet, the cost of which starts at 10 thousand baht. Just have lunch at a mid-level cafe can cost 400 baht for two, dinner with alcohol at least 1-1.5 thousand baht.

Is it dangerous in Thailand? Personal experience and tips

Evening entertainment shows cost from 700 to 1300 baht. Swimming with elephants and safari in Khao Lak Park is 1000 baht, a trip to the island of Phi Phi – 1300 baht, Krabi – 2000 baht. Sightseeing tour around the island is 1200 baht, tickets to the zoo, from 500 to 800 baht.

We lived in both Pattaya and Phuket, so we compared both resorts on various parameters and summed up where to rest better.

Is it worth the trip.


  • Beautiful warm weather and clean sea;
  • a lot of interesting holiday activities.


  • High prices;
  • a large number of people;
  • a lot of drunken tourists.

new year in phuket

(Photo: torbus / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

New Year 2023 in Pattaya.

Sin City transforms itself during the holidays and becomes even more noisy and lively. Plastic Ded Morozes decorate the lobbies, the trees shimmer with colorful lights, people put on carnival costumes, and hotels come up with an interesting program for a theme party.

New Year in Pattaya, as well as in Phuket, celebrate loudly. At midnight the sky shines with lights from the fireworks, then everyone eager to continue the banquet moves in the direction of Walking Street or Beach Road. At Beach Road you can rent chairs or get into the New Year’s Eve disco for a modest 500 baht. Others go to Pratumnak Hill, where the observation deck with benches under the red letters Pattaya is located.

The Land of Smiles is a popular destination among package tourists. If you are not a supporter of organized tours, we recommend reading our article on how to go to Thailand on your own.

Tours to Pattaya for New Year – 2023

You can go to Thailand for the New Year – 2023 in the budget, if you book tours in advance: a trip to a five-star hotel in Pattaya on the beach costs from 95 thousand rubles for two (for a week, departing from Moscow). A trip to a 3* hotel is a bit cheaper – from 80 thousand rubles.

Best Hotels in Pattaya for New Year’s Eve

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort 5*. Этот отель считается одним из лучших в Паттайе. Новый год здесь празднуют с размахом — с хорошей музыкальной программой, веселыми конкурсами и отличным банкетом. У отеля собственный пляж, сауна, джакузи, бассейн, детский клуб и водные горки. Цена за двухместный номер — от 50 тысяч рублей непосредственно в праздничную ночь и от 15 тысяч в сутки в новогодние каникулы. Найти тур >>

The Residence Garden 3*. Намного дешевле можно встретить Новый год в Таиланде, остановившись в 3* отеле — люкс с одной спальней и мини-кухней стоит от 3,5 тысяч рублей в сутки. Отель расположен на закрытой охраняемой территории в тихом месте. Напротив ресторан с многообещающим названием “Москва”. До пляжа возят на тук-туке, есть бассейн. Найти тур >>

Food & Entertainment Prices

The prices in Pattaya are affordable, although by New Year and Christmas prices go up. Dinner for a couple can be 350-400 baht, dinner with alcohol – from 1000 baht and above. A gala banquet at a fancy establishment can cost 10,000 to 15,000 baht. Tours of the temples cost 750 baht, a trip to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya – 2000 baht, Siam Park and Dreamworld amusement park – 900 baht.

Useful selection:

    : pros and cons : on food, hotels and transportation

Is it worth the trip.


  • The atmosphere of a real holiday and a rich entertainment program;
  • reasonable prices.


  • A lot of tourists;
  • dirty beaches;
  • high humidity.

Useful selection:

Pattaya for New Year

(Photo: HargaiNyawa / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

New Year in Samui – 2023

The festive atmosphere in Samui is everywhere: shining store windows and hotel lobbies, all decorated with plastic Christmas trees and Santa Clauses, and Christmas carols playing in shopping malls. Hotels and restaurants offer shows with feasts and contests. At midnight on the beach compulsory fireworks, the most fun parties are held on the beach Chaweng .

Koh Samui New Year tours – 2023

Tours of New Year on Koh Samui are more expensive than in Phuket or Pattaya: in a 5 * hotel – from 200 thousand for 2 people (7 nights, departing from Moscow), 3 * – from 135 thousand.

Thailand in August 2022: weather, tour prices, reviews of holidays

Best hotels on Koh Samui

Kirikayan Luxury Pool Villas & Spa 5*. Отель расположен среди тропиков, до пляжа ходит тук-тук. Есть бассейн, спа-центр. Можно арендовать отдельную виллу. В новогоднюю ночь всех желающих бесплатно доставят до пляжа Чавенг и ночного клуба отеля. Сутки проживания в двухместном люксе в пентхаусе от 13 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Baan Hin Sai Resort Koh Samui 3*. Недорого отпраздновать Новый год на Самуи можно в уютном отеле, который расположен на берегу моря в живописном месте Чавенга. Близко от Coral Cove Beach и Chaweng Noi Beach. Бассейн, сауна, кофе-бар, фитнес-центр, прокат велосипедов. Размещение на вилле от 4 тысяч рублей в сутки. Найти тур >>

Food & Entertainment Prices

In general, the celebration of the New Year – 2023 in Samui will not cost much. The cost of New Year’s Eve banquet ranges from 2 to 100 thousand baht, depending on the level of the institution. Dinner for two costs 300 baht, dinner with alcohol can be for 1300-1500 baht. Safari tour costs 1400 baht, elephant ride – 1100 baht, sightseeing tour of the island – 500 baht, tranny show – 800 baht.

Is it worth the trip.


  • Relatively low prices;
  • beautiful nature.


  • weather often fails, on Samui on New Year (and in general in December) can be winds and downpours. We recommend that you read about holidays in Thailand in winter and familiarize yourself with the weather before the trip;
  • Tours are more expensive than other resorts.

Useful selection:

Bangkok for the New Year

(Photo: torbus / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok – 2023

On New Year’s Eve, Bangkok turns into a glowing beehive. The main festivities take place on the Asiatic Promenade. Near the Ferris wheel they build a stage where local stars perform. By midnight the waterfront is crowded, as people from nearby cafes and sushi bars join in. After a solemn countdown and festive fireworks everyone slowly disperse to catch the subway, which closes after 2 am. Well the following New Year vacations tourists explore the sights of Bangkok.

Do you want to celebrate the New Year 2023 in Bangkok? Find out how to get to Thailand’s capital cheaply.

Best Hotels in Bangkok

Millennium Hilton Bangkok 5*. Превосходно встретить в Таиланде Новый год — 2023 можно в этом современном отеле, из окон которого открываются шикарные виды на реку. В отеле четыре ресторана, тренажерный зал и спа-салон. Бесплатный водный трансфер до станции метро Saphan Taksin. К храму Ват Арун можно добраться за 5 минут. Двухместный делюкс стоит 10 тысяч рублей в сутки в обычные дни и от 20 тысяч — в новогоднюю ночь. Забронировать >>

Glow Trinity Silom Hotel Bangkok 3*. Отель удачно расположен: в 20 минутах ходьбы от метро и в 10 минутах от Empire Tower и других достопримечательностей. В отеле есть сауна, спа, кофе-бар, теннисный корт. Сутки проживания на двоих — от 4 тыс. руб. Забронировать >>

Food & Entertainment Prices

For a festive banquet, you need to reserve a place in advance, on New Year’s Eve the minimum order price starts at 1,500 baht for a bottle of champagne. On other days you can dine out for 200-300 baht, for dinner starting at 1200 baht.

Экскурсии в Бангкоке стоят от 2,5 до 13 тыс. батов, поэтому некоторые объекты дешевле посещать самостоятельно, например, вход в Королевский дворец стоит 500 батов, храм Лежащего Будды — 100 батов. Общественный транспорт в Бангкоке >>

Is it worth the trip.


  • Great shopping;
  • many attractions.


  • Expensive tours;
  • a lot of tourists.

We lived in Thailand for three months, and we have accumulated many useful articles for travelers about this country. You can read them in a special section devoted to Thailand.

Holidays in Thailand for the New Year 2023

You are currently viewing Rest in Thailand for the New Year 2023

New Year is no doubt one of the most favorite holiday of the year for everyone. You always want to spend this holiday in a special way. Want vivid impressions, want unbridled joy, want to have a fairy tale and adventures.

Of course, we can spend the New Year at home with our families to the sound of chimes and glasses of champagne. You can meet in a noisy company in some cheerful institution. But if you really want something unusual, shouldn’t you think about how to celebrate the New Year in a completely unfamiliar atmosphere? Yes, and to attract to such an event family or friends?

When to vacation in Phuket? Weather by Months and Seasons

Try to break out of the familiar paradigm and go on New Year’s Eve 2023 on vacation in Thailand. When you get a tour package for New Year’s Eve in Thailand, you get more than the usual tour trip – you get unique memories of an alternative New Year’s Eve encounter for life.

How they celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Thailand

In Thailand we celebrate the New Year three times a year: the Day of the First New Moon (a purely Thai tradition), the Chinese New Year (April 13) and our traditional New Year from December 31 to January 1. In general, you can join any of the festivals, so it is up to you to decide what date you want to celebrate the New Year.

The Thais began to celebrate the European New Year not so long ago – in the middle of the twentieth century, mostly to please tourists. However, the holiday caught on and became a favorite for the Thais themselves.

New Year in Thailand

Thai celebrations merged elements of culture and customs of Western and Eastern civilizations. So since early December, cities in Thailand are decorated with Christmas trees, garlands, figurines of Santa Claus. And then next to the traditional painted figures of elephants, monkeys, dragons. Evening of December 31 in all major cities of Thailand in central squares and streets begin mass festivities. Pass carnival processions. Everywhere sparkles with colored lights festive illumination. At the stroke of midnight the hands of all the city clocks turn backwards for a full minute. With the New Year’s Eve fireworks begin, one of the longest, most varied and impressive in the world (which is not surprising, since the homeland of fireworks is nearby China). Various discos and other entertainment events begin.

Of interesting local traditions of celebration is the custom of Thais to get rid of all kinds of unnecessary things accumulated during the year. It is believed that throwing out everything old in the old year, to make room for the new. Every city wasteland on this day is overflowing with discarded junk. Tourists love the ritual, and they also take part in it.

Where to go besides Bangkok for the New Year in Thailand

To celebrate the New Year in the resort town of Pattaya most of all prefer lovers of noisy parties. Because on New Year’s Eve in Pattaya turns into one big disco. You can, of course, book a table in one of the many restaurants and clubs in the city. There are obligatory New Year’s entertainment programs, the level of which depends on the status of the institution. But much more interesting to celebrate New Year in Pattaya directly on the beach, conveniently settled in a lounge chair with a celebratory cocktail in his hands. This will be the most unusual New Year’s Eve in your life. And starting 10 minutes before midnight the show of flying lanterns will amaze your imagination.

Beaches on the New Year

On the island of Phuket New Year’s events are organized directly on the beaches. In the central part of the beaches are set platforms for speeches and discos. There are also unusual entertainment, such as a foam party. On the beach are installed two machines that produce foam. Vacationers run up to their waists in the foam and have fun. There are many Christmas competitions, in which children will be happy to participate. One of these contests is to fish a box with a prize from the pond. To do this, the participant is given a special plastic net. Prizes will be memorable souvenirs of the New Year in Phuket.

Samui island will attract those who like to celebrate the New Year romantically. Since most hotels are located right on the beaches, you will be offered a table for the celebration right on the sand with a nice view of the night sea scenery. For the more lively ones, there are all kinds of shows and discos around the island that last until January 2. And moving around the island along the coast you can see different shows, because in every part of Samui they differ in program and decoration.

Night markets in Patong - delicious and cheap food

What the weather in Thailand on New Year.

Thailand’s climate is subequatorial with the traditional long rainy season and a few dry months. Throughout the year, temperatures range from 27°C to 38°C. Water temperatures are also always high.

New Year’s Eve weather falls during the dry season, which is very convenient for vacationers. But not in all areas of Thailand. For example, on the island of Samui – a favorite resort for many tourists – has its own microclimate, and the rainy season is affected by November and February. Pattaya and Phuket will greet you with dry and hot weather.

In other words, the weather in the New Year depends on the area of Thailand you have chosen for the holidays.

Cheap New Year’s Eve Tickets to Thailand

The surest way to get to Thailand quickly is by air. To get by air from Russia to Thailand, you need to take tickets to the country’s capital, Bangkok. Different parts of Thailand and its islands have their own airports, but the customs office is located in the capital. Tickets to Thailand for the New Year 2023 is best purchased in advance. The closer to the New Year, the more expensive the tickets will be. You can check the cost of tickets in the form below. Just select the desired month and go for details by day.

The best hotels in Thailand in different resorts

For tourists, every hotel in Thailand on New Year’s Eve prudently organizes a celebratory dinner. But most vacationers prefer to celebrate the holiday in cafes and restaurants with colorful holiday programs. Given the interests of Russian tourists, of which there are many in Thailand, Thais prudently carry out in places of recreation of Russians broadcasting New Year’s greetings to the Russian president.

Hotels in Thailand for the New Year

On the island of Phuket some of the best hotels are:

– Hostel “Book a Bed Poshtel” – inexpensive, but very comfortable establishment with an outdoor pool, located in close proximity to the sea;

– The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort on a private beach with excellent service and a variety of great options from suites to large villas;

– The Besavana Phuket, housed in a four story building in the old part of Phuket, was more suitable for those who want to learn more about the attractions of Phuket, as it is in close proximity to the Tai Hua Museum and other cultural sites.

In Pattaya, the hotels that can be singled out are:

– “Travelodge Pattaya” hotel, an ultra-modern design building with the same interior lobby, restaurant and rooms; located in convenient proximity to the beach;

– Hilton Pattaya – expensive upscale place right near the beach; in-house restaurant with extraordinarily delicious food; hotel provides facilities for all kinds of water sports;

– Hotel “Ibis Pattaya” – budget option with very good service; is sufficiently close to the sea; rooms are comfortable and equipped with everything you need for a holidaymaker.

On the island of Samui the best accommodation options are:

– Melati Beach Resort & Spa, a luxury hotel with healing treatments, located on a secluded beach; rooms and villas are available for vacationers; the restaurant offers traditional Thai cuisine, you can order grilled seafood.

– resort hotel “Smile House”, which justifies its name by the level of comfort and environment – the hotel is located on the beach with white sand and surrounded by a garden of tropical fruits, the hotel has equipment for water sports;

– Hotel “Tracy Residence by Chantal”, located at some distance from the beaches, but has its own outdoor pool in the vicinity of the city center Lamai, the famous rocks “Grandma and Grandpa”, the waterfall “Namuang”; the hotel can rent a car or bike.

Independent vacation in Phuket. Our tips and information for travelers

Cheap tours to Thailand for New Year 2023

New Year’s Eve tours in Thailand to meet New Year’s Eve 2023 offer many tour operators Russia. The choice of tours depends on your tastes and preferences. It is important to decide in advance where exactly you would like to be on tour, because Thailand is heterogeneous and diverse.

Last minute tours in Thailand on different islands.

Prices in Thailand for the New Year

The currency unit of Thailand is called “baht”. 1 baht is approximately equal to 2 rubles.

Typical lunch in an inexpensive restaurant or cafe will cost tourists from 100 to 500 baht. A gala dinner for the New Year will cost significantly more because the cost of the show program. Liquor is expensive. If you want to save money, it is worth limiting yourself to low alcoholic beverages. You can eat food from the store. Prices in stores are about the same as in Russia (taking into account the exchange rate).

It is very advantageous to buy clothes, shoes and various souvenirs in Thailand. The prices here are very different from Russian. Great things you can buy very cheap.

Sunset in Thailand

Entertainment is also relatively inexpensive. For example, a trip to the zoo or the water park will cost a vacationer only 300 to 900 baht. Excursions to the islands of Thailand will cost a little more expensive – from 1500 baht. Visiting temples and museums will cost about 500 baht. But the cost of participation in entertainment shows a little bit more expensive – from 700 baht.

The cost of a session of the famous Thai massage – from 150 baht.

The fare on public transport costs from 10 to 20 baht, but the cab is much more expensive. Moreover, there is no billing and counters – the prices are simply negotiable. Independent rent of a car will cost from 1000 baht for a day.

Hotel accommodation prices vary greatly (depending on the level of the hotel). You can take quite inexpensive rooms in hostels for 300 baht, and you can rent a cottage for 25,000 baht.

Excursions in Thailand for the New Year vacations

The Sea in a Santa Claus Suit

After meeting New Year’s Eve 2023 in Thailand, you will have a lot of time. And this time can be put to good use, for example, to devote his excursions.

A great tour after the Christmas holidays, maintaining the New Year’s mood – this is “Tropical Party in the heart of Phuket. This tour is a walk in the historical part of the island with a tour of the old streets and visit local clubs.

For those who are more interested in culture and attractions, the tour “Wat Yang Temple Complex, Chinese Museum and the Golden Buddha. The tour takes place near Pattaya. Here you can see exhibits of ancient Chinese and Siamese culture and life, as well as Buddhist relics.

And for fans of very old things will be unforgettable tour of Krabi Island. Excursion includes a visit to the caves, which were inhabited by people of the Stone Age. Picturesque nature of the island of Krabi will leave a lasting impression.

Vacations with children in Thailand over the New Year vacations

Holidays with children in Thailand are best spent in a quiet environment of a closed resort hotel. For such a holiday is best suited to the island of Phuket and Samui. Family recreation hotels prudently build in their territory playgrounds, amusement parks, water parks, children’s pools and playgrounds. During the New Year vacations the hotels provide festive programs for children.

Reviews of tourists who celebrated the New Year in Thailand

Samui for the New Year

Tourists who have vacationed in Thailand, in their reviews do not hide their delight. This is especially true for the New Year celebrations in Thailand. Of course, first of all the contrast is impressive: the heat instead of cold, the sea and the beach instead of snow and ice. But also the very activities of the New Year celebrations in Thailand do not leave holidaymakers indifferent.

So, if you want an unusual and unique New Year, consider buying a tour to Thailand for the New Year 2023. Unforgettable experience guaranteed.

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