New Year in Italy – 2023

Where to celebrate the new year 2023 in Rome?

The New Year is a holiday when the old ends, when we analyze the results of our work, when we are so eager to let go of the bad and enter the coming year with new impressions. There’s no better place to do this than Rome. Here they know how to celebrate holidays with an incredible sweep, turning every celebration into a real extravaganza.

New Year in Rome

Festive traditions

Before a trip to Italy, it is worth knowing how they celebrate the New Year in Rome:

  • The holiday is primarily about buying gifts for loved ones. Italians often buy souvenirs for family and friends on December 31. Since the morning they go to boutiques and choose pleasant surprises for their loved ones.
  • The actual New Year’s Eve celebration begins around 9 p.m. The family and invited friends sit down at the table, which necessarily has 13 dishes. It is believed that they will help to attract good luck in the coming year.
  • As a rule, the Roman holiday table consists of smoked fish and necessarily stuffed roasted poultry.
  • The Italians consider lentils as the main sign of the New Year’s table.
  • It is impossible to imagine a Roman banquet without pork. It is served in any form: boiled, fried, baked. The Italians believe that the pig is an animal that is always on the move and will definitely move things forward in the year to come.
  • Italians drink champagne on New Year’s Eve, as a rule. But often they have beer on the table as well. This seems strange, because in our country it is not a holiday drink. However, the Italians consider it to be a brogue, which brings success, so they definitely offer it to the guests. This symbolizes the spell of good luck in the coming year.

The Italian New Year's Eve table

It is customary to celebrate the New Year in Rome with a large, cheerful and noisy group of family and friends, so after a feast at the New Year’s table at home, people go out to the city squares and together with others joyfully greet the coming year.

Crowds move through the streets of Rome and get to know each other to spend this magical night together.

The weather for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Rome in 2023 is suitable for those who are tired of frosty days, because the weather here in January is warm and clear.

How much does it cost to go to Rome for New Year?

There are two ways to spend New Year’s vacations in the Eternal City:

  1. Go on your own. Independently find a place to organize entertainment and have a rest according to your personal plan.
  2. Order a guided tour in a travel agency.

In the first case a trip to Rome for a week will cost 700-1000 euros, taking into account that you will spend about 300 € on the flight, 170 € on hotel accommodation, 150 € on food, 100 € on entertainment, and plus shopping which is different for everyone. Finished tour will cost 400 to 900 euros.

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What will be in Rome for the holidays?

New Year in Rome in 2023 is supposed to be fun and enchanting. You expect a huge discount on brand name goods, so shopping in the Italian capital will be remembered for a long time. Not less impressive will be the week-long festivities from December 26. They include daily festivals, fireworks and a fountain of positive emotions.

New Year's Eve in Rome

Where to go in Rome on New Year’s Eve?

Before New Year’s Eve you can walk around all over Rome and visit interesting places, monuments, monuments, sights, of which there is an incredible number. This is the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican Museums.

  • The festival itself can be found in Piazza del Popolo (Lepanto or Spagna metro stops). Here, traditionally, after 12 o’clock at night, bottles of champagne are broken at the foot of the monument, and the most adventurous jump into the Tiber River. A huge number of restaurants and cafes are open near this square, so the question “Where can I sit?” will not bother you.
  • For New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Colosseum is an interesting place to be. There, as well as on the main square of the city, there are many places to eat. One of the most popular is the Roof Garden Hotel cafe . It can be reached in 10 minutes at a leisurely pace. From the Fountain delle Naiadi, go forward past the Obelisk of Dogali, which will be on your left. Then turn right and then one block ahead and then another right and from there you will reach Hotel Diana. Next to it is the café. It will provide an opportunity to have a good meal and enjoy a beautiful view of Rome. The cost of spending New Year’s Eve there is about 350 euros.
  • A popular restaurant is Casa Coppelle on Piazza delle Coppelle in the center of Rome. Your orientation is the Pantheon. From there you have to walk to the right until you reach the temple of the divine Hadrin, then walk up and turn left near Piazza Colonna, then walk straight until you reach the turn in Via della Scrofa. From there leads directly to the restaurant.
  • For Russian tourists Il Chianti cafe on Via delle Lavatore next to the Trevi Fountain is a great location. The restaurant’s Russian-speaking staff speaks Russian and is always responsive. The best way to get to the restaurant is to go to the Accademia di San Luca. We must pass the cafe Accademia and turn right. After the Deutsche Bank, turn right and walk to Via in Arcione, where you will turn left and then walk to the restaurant.
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Spending New Year in Rome in 2023 is a great idea, but no matter where you go, it is important to take a good mood, then the vacations will be unforgettable.

New Year in Italy

How to celebrate the New Year in Italy

We tell you how to celebrate the New Year in Italy (Rome in particular) in 2023. Information on prices of hotels, tours and food, weather and events, as well as restaurants. Reviews of tourists about the holiday in the capital.

Italy accepts tourists from Russia. There is no direct flight connection, but it is possible to fly with a connection. The issuance of new visas for Russians has been suspended. This article may not include up-to-date information about prices for tours and flights. Take a look at the list of open countries.

Italy welcomes tourists on New Year’s Eve brightly lit: thousands of garlands decorate trees and facades of buildings, elegant Christmas trees stand in squares, and buses scurrying like giant fireflies. The mild weather and cheerful atmosphere warm your soul and the brightly colored store signs proclaiming “sconti and saldi” beckon, as the major winter sales begin.


How to celebrate New Year in Italy

Surely many people have heard about the funny tradition in Italy – to throw out old things from the windows on New Year’s Eve. By getting rid of their unwanted junk, Italians believe that they will be happy next year. Alas, the old tradition is slowly dying out, now it is fashionable to buy new things for the holiday.

The main Christmas tree of the country is installed in Piazza Venezia in Rome, another beautiful tree stands at the Colosseum. In Piazza Navona there is a Christmas fair with souvenirs, children’s attractions and animators. Children are greeted by the Italian Santa Claus – Babbo Natale – and the fairy Befana, who puts candy in the sock of the obedient children, and naughty – coals.

At 9 pm Italians say goodbye to the old year, and after a lavish feast everyone goes to the street, traffic closes in the evening. In the streets people noisily congratulate each other, drink sparkling wine and immediately break bottles, launch firecrackers and fireworks.

In Rome, Via Fori Imperiali is blocked off and prepares for a New Year’s Eve concert on-air near the Altar of the Fatherland. Come until 10 p.m., no one is allowed in later. At Piazza del Popolo they drink spirits straight from the throat and the most desperate jump off the bridge into the Tiber. At midnight everyone counts down together, fireworks erupt, and champagne pours like a river.

In Milan, on New Year’s Eve all the festivities take place in the city’s main square, the Piazza Duomo, near the Cathedral. Young people go to the best night club of the city Capodanno a Milano, and those who like a quiet holiday at home or in restaurants.

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In Venice, Piazza San Marco becomes the center of the popular festivities, thousands of garlands decorate the facades of ancient buildings, and there’s also a Christmas tree. Here everyone counts down the hours, and the holiday comes to the sound of the 98-meter bell tower of the Campanile. At midnight, everyone exchanges a kiss and the sky is lit with bright flashes of fireworks.

new year in italy

(Photo: Duncan Stephen / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

Weather in Rome for the New Year

Usually the temperature here is +8. +12°C, at night it is +3. +5°C, sometimes it rains, so it is better to take an umbrella with you. The temperature may drop by 5-6 degrees, so you should dress warmly with an insulated jacket with a hood or coat. If you plan to walk around the city, give preference to comfortable low shoes.

New Year’s Eve Restaurants

If you don’t feel like celebrating New Year in a restaurant, you should eat at a cozy place and go out on the street together with the rest of the crowd. If you plan to arrive in the capital late in the evening on December 31 and have no energy left for a hectic celebration, you should look for a hotel with a restaurant so you won’t have to waste your time looking for a suitable place to eat.

On New Year’s Eve most Roman restaurants are open, and the cost of food is usually increased by 30-50%. Of course, it’s better to book a table in advance, especially if the place is in the area of Piazza del Popolo or the Colosseum. But also walking around the city at about 19-20 hours you can find a good place for dinner. There is no need to get too dressed up, it’s not customary here. Usually Italians have dinner and go out by 22:00, so the maximum program of the restaurant is live music.

If the prospect of jostling in the crowd does not appeal, and celebrating in a hotel restaurant seems too boring, book a table at the Roof Garden Hotel Forum Roma five minutes walk from the Colosseum. From the outdoor terrace you can enjoy views of the Roman Forum and festive fireworks, with dancing, music and gourmet dishes (lobsters, truffles, lasagna, traditional desserts, red and white wine). The celebration lasts from 21:00 to 2:30, the cost of the New Year’s Eve banquet is about 360 euros.

More democratic prices at Casa Coppelle on Piazza delle Coppelle. The price for a banquet is 130 euros (without drinks), with a 30% advance reservation. Excellent food at Il Chianti on Via delle Lavatore not far from the Trevi Fountain. There are Russian-speaking waiters and you can dine at a convenient time so you can go out and celebrate with everyone else.

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new year in rome 2023

(Photo: vanil.noir / / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

Where to go in Rome on New Year’s Eve

Tripster – interesting author tours in Italy in Russian.

On January 1, Italians sleep until lunchtime, all museums are closed on this day, even restaurants do not open until noon. On the tour can not count on, it is better to walk or ride the tourist bus. If the weather is favorable, you can walk in the parks and visit the Villa Borghese. It is better to prepare for your trip in advance and read what to see in Rome on your own in a few days.

On January 2, you can already take any tour and see the Eternal City more closely: the cathedrals, fountains, the Capitoline Hill, the Forum, the Colosseum, the Vatican and other attractions. In museums, especially the Vatican, it is better to book tickets in advance via the Internet, because a lot of time is spent waiting in lines.

In January in Rome, there will be interesting activities: exhibitions in the Lapidarium, an international festival of photography, and fans of classical music will be able to visit the Opera. There is no strict dress code “tailcoat and evening gown”, but it is better to dress elegantly, without the traditional jeans and sweaters. Tickets can also be booked online. On January 6, the city celebrates the Epiphany holiday with costume processions. Find out what events are taking place in Rome here.

If the New Year vacations are long enough, and it’s not the first time in Rome, you can leave the capital for neighboring cities: take a train to Naples 1 hour away, a little longer (1.5 hours) to Florence. You can visit the beautiful city on the water – read what to see in Venice in 1, 2 and 3 days.

new year in rome

(Photo: staceymk11 / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

Prices in 2023

The cost of hotels in Rome for New Year and Christmas increases, so it is better to plan such trips in advance. In the fall you can book a room in the historic center with good discounts on Roomguru: a typical double in 1-2* costs from 60 euros, accommodation in a three-star hotel will cost from 70 euros (Magnifico Hotel 3*). At a 4-star hotel you can rent a room for 77 euros (Arco Romano Rooms) and for five-star hotels from 160 euros per night.

In Rome you can have dinner for 8-15 euros, breakfast for 3-7 euros, and lunch for 5-10 euros per person if you choose local establishments. In tourist restaurants dinner will cost 35-40 euros. The cost of New Year’s Eve banquet in a good institution starts at 100 euros, in an elite restaurant 350-450 euros. It is obligatory to make an advance payment of 20-30% of the total cost of the order.

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Tours in Italy in the New Year – 2023

Consider how much are tours to Italy in the new year 2023. Prices are current at the time of publication, closer to the holidays, they are likely to increase. The cost of tours is indicated for two people with a flight from Moscow.

How to find a cheap tour? We recommend such reliable services as Travelata and Level.Travel, where you can buy an inexpensive trip online without leaving your home. Want to save your money? Read our 7 rules for buying tours online.

You can go to Rimini cheaply – a package for 7-8 nights with a flight on December 28-30 and accommodation in a two- or three-star hotel costs from 60 thousand rubles. Staying at a 4 * hotel costs from 85 thousand rubles for two, in the 5 * – from 160 thousand.

New Year’s tours in Rome are a little bit more expensive – from 80 thousand rubles on average for a week-long stay in the center of the city or close to it. About the same cost to go on New Year – 2023 in Milan.

new year in milan

(Photo: fabbriciuse / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

New Year’s Eve reviews in Rome

Reviews of tourists about the New Year vacations in Rome are exceptionally positive, even a small drizzling rain is not able to spoil the high spirits. Tourists are delighted with the city and the Italians, although you should pay attention to some nuances – perhaps they will be useful to you.

  1. On New Year’s Eve the subway and public transport are crowded – everyone goes to the center for the celebrations, so it’s better to take a cab. Be careful with your personal belongings and wallets, pickpockets can be found in crowds.
  2. Gambling Italians love to pour themselves and others from a bottle of wine, so blatantly expensive clothes on folk festivals is better not to wear. Another tradition is to break empty bottles, so you should be mentally prepared to stomp on broken glass.
  3. On January 1, almost nothing works in Rome, except for restaurants, so you need to worry about your leisure time on this day.
  4. In the city on the streets there are quite a lot of flower sellers (usually Hindus), who can hand over a bouquet in his hands and demand to pay for it. The usual hook for naive tourists, you should not fall for this bait, and politely refuse an unnecessary service.

If you take into account all these little things, the New Year in Italy will bring a lot of new pleasant experiences. Even if the weather is not sunny, you can visit museums and exhibitions in the daytime and in the evening sit quietly in a cozy restaurant, enjoying the excellent cuisine and a good glass of wine.

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