New Year in Sri Lanka – 2023: weather, tours, reviews

Sri Lanka in January: weather, beaches and resorts. Where to go?

How nice to put aside household chores and go to rest in hot countries! Most often this happens when it’s cold outside and you want warmth and sun. Sri Lanka is one of the most popular resorts, because this sunny and hospitable island is happy to take tourists almost all year round.

  1. Weather in Sri Lanka in January
  2. Beaches in January and beach holidays
    1. Negombo Beach
    2. Mount Lavinia
    3. Vadduva
    4. Moragalla
    5. Benton Beach
    6. Hikkaduwa in January
    7. Unawatuna
    8. Weligama
    9. Mirissa
    1. Sigiriya
    2. Adam’s Peak
    3. Galle City
    4. Yala Park
    5. Polonnaruwa
    6. Kandy
    7. Nuwara Eliya

    Weather in Sri Lanka in January

    The Palm Beach

    Tranquil Beach in Sri Lanka

    The weather in Sri Lanka in January is particularly conducive to go on an exotic trip. The western and southern parts of the island are a good choice, as they are in high season in winter. Small resort towns and cities allure with sunshine and clear days, warm comfortable water of the Indian Ocean and wonderful sunsets on the coast.

    Rains are rare, but often with thunderstorms. They are not inconvenient, although it is a little stuffy before it rains.

    Waterfall in the mountains.

    In the center of the island, the weather is stable, and January (and February) is a good time to climb Adam’s Peak and Mount Sigiriya.

    On the northeastern side, the weather is rainy, because Sri Lanka is in a subequatorial climate. Frequent rains and winds will not let you enjoy your vacation properly – the north and east are best visited during the summer months: from May to August.

    Beaches in January and beach holidays


    Fishermen by the Ocean

    Sri Lanka’s beaches in January are a picture of paradise! Pleasant to the touch white-gold sand, coconut palms for several kilometers along the coastline, coconut and fresh fruit vendors, cool drinks – it really is an Eden vacation.


    Jungle Beach in Unawatuna.

    Without exception, all beaches can be broken down into 2 categories – the popular and touristy beaches of the south and west coasts, and the lesser known, wild beaches whose visits tend to be casual. You can find out about these “secret” places from locals or read about them in our articles.

    Negombo Beach


    Negombo Beach

    Negombo beach is one of the closest to the international airport. Without any difficulty it is easy to get here – by train, cab, city bus, tuk-tuk. Here most often rest a short period of time, because the beach is not particularly clean. Although there are fans of Negombo, who return here every year. The infrastructure is well developed in Bentota.

    Fishing is an interesting pastime, because Negombo is a fishing place. You can both take part yourself and watch the work of the Lankans. This activity reveals the local color.


    Vacationers can always rent water equipment and instructional lessons – for diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

    Not far from the city there is an ancient landmark – the fort, which became a prison.

    Interesting fact – the locals are proud of the fact that on a trip to the island, Bentota stopped the Queen of England Elizabeth II.

    Mount Lavinia


    Mount Lavinia

    Mount Lavinia beach is close to the international airport and Colombo (12 km). It is often visited by locals who come from the capital to relax with their families. The places are beautiful, but the beach is not too clean. Another disadvantage is that there is a railroad line near the coastline, which can be noisy and dusty.


    Wadduwa Beach is known for its gorgeous views and expensive hotels with quality service, where package tourists often stay. A civilized vacation for travelers who like a quiet time.


    The resort of Moragalla is a quiet, peaceful place for relaxation. Not popular with tour operators, or rather, not yet “promoted”.

    Benton Beach

    Highly developed and comfortably furnished holiday in Sri Lanka in Bentota. The resort provides a considerable number of interesting attractions. The beach pleases with its purity and beauty.

    Flora and fauna amazes with beauty and variety. River safari is popular in the city, where you can get acquainted with tropical vegetation and exotic inhabitants of the island: rams, parrots, herons, wild monkeys, colorful birds.

    Farm with turtles

    Turtle Farm

    Near Bentota there is a wonderful turtle farm, which will be interesting to both children and adults. For its well-developed infrastructure, beautiful nature, this resort has become one of the most famous in Ceylon.

    Hikkaduwa in January

    Noisy and fun beach Hikkaduwa choose young people. Here actively engaged in surfing, diving, and just have fun walking along the kilometers of beaches. In Hikkaduva a lot of bars, discos and parties.

    Hikkaduwa Resort

    Beaches Hikkaduwa

    For budget travelers, there is a large selection of inexpensive accommodations. There are calm stretches of water where the waves are not as big as in the main part of Narigama. Part of the resort is called Narigama, where there are miles of beautiful wide beach. The other part of the village is called Hikkaduwa, where you can find calm coves without waves. For example, in the national coral reserve.



    Unawatuna beach

    Unawatuna is a southern beach. Cozy, attractive resort, and especially in the winter time, January included. The beach is surrounded on all sides by a coral reef, which protects the bay from powerful waves. There are rocks on the beach, but most of it is yellow-golden, clean sand.


    Veligama is another famous resort characterized by cleanliness, a gentle bottom when entering the ocean, and fairly clear water. The measured life here is like in paradise.


    Mirissa Beach


    The beach of Mirissa is called the pearl beach. The waves here are strong and powerful, but there are areas with calm water. On the coast – cafes, restaurants, hotels overlooking the ocean.

    Which beach to choose in January without waves:

    • Hikkaduwa,
    • Bentona,
    • Unawatuna,
    • Mirissa.

    Are great for children. They are safe for family entertainment. But constant supervision of children on the ocean shores is a must.

    • Hikkaduwa,
    • Veligama,
    • Unawatuna,
    • Uppuveli,
    • Dikwella,
    • Mirissa,
    • Maravilla,
    • Negombo,
    • Bentota


    If your goal, in addition to a beach vacation, is to get to know Sri Lanka as a cultural state, then you will be interested in the following attractions:


    Mount Sigiriya

    Mount Sigiriya

    Sigiriya is an unforgettable place on top of a cliff surrounded by a plain with tea plantations. On top of Lion Mountain is the fortress of King Kassapa (479-495). with beautiful gardens and fountains. To see this beauty, you have to climb the mountain, taking several hours, but it’s worth it.

    Adam’s Peak

    Aadama Peak

    Adam’s Peak

    Another summit worth climbing is Adam’s Peak. A place of pilgrimage. Here people from all over the world, belonging to different religions: Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, take inspiration. All climb the mountain in order to see the sacred mark of God.

    Galle City

    Galle is an ancient city, the buildings, chapel, temples, and the ancient meerkas that have been preserved since the seventeenth century.

    Yala Park

    Monkeys in Yala Park Reserve

    Yala National Park is a protected area where various species of animals protected by UNESCO are under care. You can rent a car and go on a safari through the real jungle.


    Pollonaruwa Temple

    Ancient Temple Ruins

    Polonnaruwa is an archaeological site designed for the curious traveler. A city with centuries of history.


    Road to Kandy

    Train to Kandy

    Kandy is a religious center with unusual architecture and a unique history.

    Nuwara Eliya

    Tea Plantation in Kandy

    Tea Plantations

    Nuwara Eliya – The picturesque nature of the tea plantations will give you a lot of pleasure.

    Sri Lanka is an island of wonders. It is impossible to count the huge number of interesting, wonderful places, which should definitely be seen!

    Hotels in January

    Cities and towns in Sri Lanka are developing every year. Every tourist is able to find a suitable accommodation for your taste and wallet: luxury hotels overlooking the ocean, hotels in the jungle, inexpensive gest houses, rooms for rent. Hotels, family boarding houses, hotels, and even tent cities.

    A night in a hotel or mest house will cost from $20 minimum. On average, you should expect to pay $50-80 a night if you book on your own. A package tour can be much more profitable than traveling on your own. But it is worth noting that even in the most popular resorts, you can rent a house for a long time, where the price will be from $ 300 per month.

    Depending on the location, quality of service and so on, the price may be different.

    Tours in Sri Lanka in January

    Tours in Sri Lanka in January have a reasonable price policy. The New Year’s holidays are coming to an end and prices are gradually decreasing.

    A good price is from $600 per person. This price is usually in hot tours. This will include hotel accommodation, approximately 5-7 days, breakfasts, possibly transfers and some excursions.

    According to tourist reviews, Sri Lanka in January – is the perfect choice! The island with incredible scenery, mesmerizing nature, memorable sights. Also in January, the prices of tours are democratic, which gives more opportunities to explore Ceylon.

    New Year in Sri Lanka

    Holidays in Sri Lanka for New Year

    What do you need to know when going to Sri Lanka in the New Year? Here are 2023 vacation prices and tourist reviews, as well as tips on what to see and do.

    Some people prefer to celebrate the New Year at home with olivier and champagne, while others take a little vacation and go on vacation. Both of them are right in their own way: the main holiday of the year is a time to get away from the monotonous routine and fill your life with bright colors. So why not celebrate the New Year on the island of Sri Lanka, swimming in the warm waters of the equatorial Indian Ocean?

    Where to look for cheap tickets? Use Aviasales. To find the best price, look for tickets for different dates. Read also the instructions on how to search for cheap airline tickets correctly.


    How do they celebrate New Year’s Eve on the island

    Lankans celebrate their New Year in spring, but they are happy to celebrate all the holidays that have come to them from other countries. Thus, together with Catholics they celebrate Christmas on December 25, this tradition was brought to them by Portuguese colonizers, and the European New Year in Sri Lanka is held in tropical style – on the ocean, with fireworks and beach parties. Some hotels organize a New Year’s banquet, others are limited to treats and entertainment for children, without the night dances and alcoholic libations.

    In Unawatuna, tourists can simply walk along the beach line to stop at any place they like and join the fun. To celebrate, bar owners cook lobster and king prawns on an open fire, cracking firecrackers and firecrackers. The music on the beach goes on all night and in some bars even into the evening.

    At the height of New Year’s celebrations, the island will host the Durutu Poya Festival, where you can see an absolutely stunning procession of elephants. Following it, the Lankans celebrate Tai Pongal, a harvest festival that lasts for two whole days. Tourists should note that all government offices and banks will be closed on these days.

    How to celebrate new year in sri lanka

    (Photo: iris0327 / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    Weather in Sri Lanka for the New Year

    Sri Lanka is quite close to the equator, so the climate here is subequatorial, subject to the action of the monsoon. The weather in Sri Lanka on New Year and subsequent days is good: +28. +30 ° C during the day, +22. +24 ° C during the day and +28 ° C in the ocean. The weather is cool only in the mountainous areas, from +11°C to +19°C.

    The northeastern regions of the island during this period is better not to visit – most of the time there is heavy rainfall. But in the south and south-west precipitation is much less and falls mainly in the afternoon. In Galle, Hikkaduwa and Bentota there are up to 10 rainy days, in Anuradhapura – 13, and in the highland resort of Nuwara Eliya – all 15. These climate differences are due to the mountain range on the island, which blocks the winds that bring rainfall to the island from the Bay of Bengal.

    Before the trip, we recommend reading our article on the weather in Sri Lanka and the peculiarities of the climate in different parts of the island.

    Prices for holidays in Sri Lanka in the New Year – 2023

    The winter holidays are a high season on the island, in the last decade of December prices for accommodation, food and services rise daily, so if you are planning a vacation in Sri Lanka for New Year 2023, it is better to book accommodation in advance. So, at the end of December in Unawatuna, a double room on the first line costs $30-50, in Mirissa – from 40 and above. You can find a cheaper accommodation on the second line, but not less than $20 per room. We recommend looking for a hotel on Rumguru. We also have a selection of the best hotels in Sri Lanka – there you can find a hotel with good reviews and high ratings.

    New Year’s banquet in a 4 * hotel with the program costs about $ 100 per person. You can have lunch for two in a regular cafe for 6-15 dollars. Rice, fruits and vegetables are cheap. Alcohol is of very decent quality, sold in special kiosks and costs from 1 to 10 dollars a bottle.

    If you want to diversify your New Year holiday in Sri Lanka, take an excursion. True, they are not very cheap – from 10 to 40 dollars per person. Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya – 15-25 dollars, the elephant nursery – 20 dollars, a botanical garden – $ 10, Coral Island – 20-40 dollars, depending on the station of departure. Massage and other Ayurvedic treatments at inexpensive centers cost $10 to $15 per session, the centers at the hotels are 1.5-2 times more expensive.

    Read more about the prices in Sri Lanka (food, groceries, tours, tickets, tours, and so on).

    Holidays on new year in sri lanka

    (Photo: Oshadee / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

    Tour prices to Sri Lanka for the new year 2023

    Tour prices are current at the time of publication and are subject to change. We consider flights from Moscow.

    The cost of tours to Sri Lanka in New Year – 2023 is not very high for such a far and exotic destination: the cheapest tours cost from 110,000 rubles for two (with a flight from Moscow on December 30, for 7 nights and stay at a hotel 3-4*). If to fly out earlier (December, 28-29), the price for the tours rises (from 130 thousand rubles), if in early January – goes down.

    Do you prefer an “all inclusive” tour? Such tours cost from 150 thousand rubles for two (departure December 30). It is recommended to look for tours on Travelata and Level.Travel services – for safety check both search engines. We also read how to buy tours cheaply – there we tell you about 7 rules of online search for tours to all tour operators.

    Entertainment and excursions

    On the beaches of Sri Lanka there is always something to do: you can lie in the sun or swim in the ocean, drive a catamaran or scooter, go scuba diving or surfing. In cloudy weather, you can play, feed the palm squirrels, go to SPA-procedures. Surfers rest in Negombo and Kalutara, divers love Hikkaduva, though there are diving centers in many resorts. Before you travel, we advise you to read information about the best resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka and choose the most suitable for you.

    After a bright meeting of the New Year 2023 it is worth devoting time to the sights of Sri Lanka – lovers of antiquities and exotic nature waiting for a lot of interesting things. You can go to the ancient capital Anuradhapura and the temple complex Dambulla, see the remains of the royal palace in Polonnaruwa and Galle Fort, visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and tea plantations Nuwara Eliya, to climb Mount Sigiriya and enjoy the elephants in the nursery Pinnavela.

    New Year in Sri Lanka

    (Photo: Mal B / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

    Sri Lanka New Year’s Holiday Reviews

    On New Year’s Day, vacationers in Sri Lanka are in clouds. According to tourist reviews, the beaches in Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa are especially crowded. The beach strip is narrow, a lot of people, it’s noisy and fun! By the way, cottages and rooms in hostels on the first line is better not to rent for those who sleep easily: it will not be to sleep. It is better to look for secluded hotels in the five-minute walk from the beach. They are all located in the shade of trees, there is quiet and calm, here on the trees nimble scurrying palm squirrels and beg for treats.

    The second feature is the guides. Any Lankan who knows a few phrases in a foreign language already considers himself suitable for the job. Therefore, you should be prepared for a very long story with a monster accent.

    On the island of excellent excursions – in Sri Lanka, several dozen nature reserves and national parks, so the holiday at New Year – 2023 certainly will not be boring and monotonous. What you may not like is the tedious rides. The mountainous terrain and the roads are such that you can not go fast, so travel by bus here is difficult, or you need to carefully consider the routes of trips to make the travel as comfortable as possible.

    Buddhist temples are visited without shoes, so be sure to stock up on socks or shoe covers.

    Some tourists note that of all the poor Asian countries, Sri Lanka is the cleanest and best maintained. According to reviews, most Sri Lankans do not treat the tourist, as a walking purse, and welcome any visitor, regardless of his status (although there are some unpleasant exceptions). Finally, Sri Lanka is an excellent shopping – except Ceylon tea, famous throughout the world, there are inexpensive and high-quality clothes, and for a small amount of money you can easily upgrade your closet.

    You can read even more tourist opinions in our separate article on tourist reviews of Sri Lanka.

    Yala Park, Sri Lanka and a $35 safari. Our review
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