New Year in St. Petersburg – 2023. How to celebrate: 10 programs

New Year 2023 in St. Petersburg with a program

If you once visit the city of St. Petersburg, you will definitely want to come back here again and again. And, strangely enough, no matter how many times you visit the city, you still can not get to know Peter to the end. Going to meet the New Year 2023, we propose to explore the most popular places to spend time with the whole family.

New Year holidays in St. Petersburg

New Year’s vacations are an opportunity to spend time exciting for a few days. You can enjoy the historical monuments that are located within the city and the Leningrad region. New Year’s Eve in St. Petersburg is a mass festivities, hustle and bustle, noisy companies. If you like all of this, then St. Petersburg is the right place for you. Mass New Year celebrations are held in the city in the following places:

  • You can go for a walk to the Peter and Paul Fortress. Here you can enjoy a town of ice sculptures, and the square itself will be decorated with lots of colorful lights.
  • You can have a great time on the Sennaya Square. In addition to the festivities and fun you can enjoy the magnificent skating rink in the open air. On the square you can see not only the New Year tree, but also the illuminations. In the New Year’s program on the square artists perform. In addition, during the celebration of the New Year all visitors are offered free refreshments.
  • A few hours before the holiday festivities will begin on the Dvortsovaya Square. Typically, the holiday lasts all night and up to 4 am. To the chime of the clock in the sky will be launched a large number of lights – a festive fireworks display is sure to please everyone. When celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Palace Square it’s important to follow the rules: it’s forbidden to bring alcohol on the square, as well as drinking alcoholic beverages.

If you want to see real, beautiful and festive fireworks, you can stay anywhere in the city, as the fireworks are launched from 35 points.

If you plan to spend the holiday in a good way, you can move around the city using the subway, as it operates around the clock.

Regardless of which place to celebrate the New Year you choose, in almost every place you can become a participant in the raffle, contests, to see pop stars.

Weather in St. Petersburg in the early days of the New Year

Many tourists, despite all the attractions of the city, do not like to visit the city because of the inconsistent weather. Peter is characterized by frequent rain and winds. In winter, the city is windy, even when the temperature rises above freezing. Snow drifts almost never happen here. Many who come here regularly, try to choose the right clothes. Yes, and about the shoes should not be forgotten, because they must be appropriate, especially if the New Year’s Eve will be slushy.

The winter temperature rarely falls below -10 degrees. And it does not seem to be cold, but with a strong wind is still very uncomfortable.

New Year’s Eve in restaurants and cafes in St. Petersburg

Going to St. Petersburg to celebrate the New Year, many people try to choose cafes and restaurants with a New Year program. The choice, of course, is not an easy one. The cost of recreation can vary depending on the chosen location. So if you are planning a quiet dinner, the price will be about 3 000 rubles per person, but the noisy New Year night with a banquet and show program will cost about 30 thousand rubles.

  1. You can stay at the mini-hotel “Venice” in the city center. The view from the window on the central avenue allows you to enjoy the city. There are only 4 rooms, so the celebration of the New Year will not be noisy. The cost of accommodation – from 2 500 to 3 300 rubles per room. For New Year’s program will have to pay extra. The hotel is located at: Nevsky Prospect, 132B.
  2. New Year’s Eve in the hotel “Moscow” is especially popular. The cost of living with breakfast included is about 5 thousand rubles per day. And, of course, you will have to pay for the event organized on New Year’s Eve. The hotel is located at A. Nevsky Square, 1. You should make reservations in advance, as in November, almost everything is already bought out.
  3. In the four-star hotel “St. Petersburg” tourists are offered a wide entertainment program, where everyone will find a lot of interesting things to do. The hotel is located at Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2.
Holiday Bases in Leningrad region: Prices and reviews - 2022

All hotels of the city are distinguished by comfort and chic furniture. Each has a bathroom with shower, beds, TV, safe. And of course, any hotel is equipped with wi-fi network.

If you didn’t manage to book a hotel, you can use the offers of private individuals and rent an apartment. In this case, you can spend New Year the way you want.

New Year’s Eve tours in St. Petersburg

Do not know where to celebrate the New Year 2023? Be sure to check out the organized tours. There are ready-made packages that include accommodation, meals, New Year celebrations, tours and entertainment. The tour is designed for 3-4 nights, and its cost will be about 20 thousand rubles for two people. Be sure to visit historical places on New Year vacations. These are Tsarskoe Selo, Gatchina, and, of course, Pushkin.

If you are planning to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg, you must calculate in advance how much money you will need. For example, the cost of the flight will be from 1,500 rubles one way, the hotel accommodation – from 3,000 rubles and above. If you’re going to take an organized tour, the price starts from 20 thousand rubles and the excursion costs from 500 rubles. The most expensive places for tourists to visit – the museum “Hermitage” as well as St. Isaac’s Cathedral (entrance cost – from 1 700 rubles).

New Year excursions

Going to St. Petersburg to celebrate the New Year, it is impossible not to visit the excursions. On the territory of the city and region a huge number of places that are worthy to visit necessarily.

Especially attractive trip on New Year’s Eve city. Excursions are organized by the night of St. Petersburg, which begins in the evening. Tour guides will tell about how to celebrate the New Year in the time of Peter I. Children will be offered refreshments and adults – champagne. Tourists are also offered a New Year bus tour of the city. Everyone will be able to see the legendary places of St. Petersburg. You can take advantage of sightseeing tours around the city and be sure to visit the museum “Hermitage”, Kazan Cathedral.

How to walk on the rooftops of St. Petersburg: excursions, restaurants, walks

In addition to all the usual trips, you can take advantage of offers of excursions to bars, private breweries, rooftops, as well as the parades of St. Petersburg.

Where to celebrate the New Year with children in St. Petersburg

If you are planning to go to celebrate the New Year 2023 with children, the holiday program will have to choose more carefully. Be sure to buy tickets to the New Year’s Eve show or a performance. Especially popular are the events organized in the Ice Palace. Most likely, according to tradition, will be shown the fairy tale “The Nutcracker”, and in “Jubilee” you can watch “Alice in Wonderland”.

Visit also the Mariinsky Theater and show your child the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”. There are also the Circus on the Fontanka river, the ice rinks, the ice hills, and of course, the Aurora cruiser.

How to get to St. Petersburg

If you are planning to go on a trip to St. Petersburg on New Year’s Eve and you are interested in the cost of the ticket, it is worth mentioning that you need to first determine the distance. The more kilometers you have to overcome, the higher the ticket price will be.

Get to St. Petersburg can be any transport: by car, train, plane or bus. If you are planning to leave for St. Petersburg in the New Year, it is worth buying tickets in advance, as their cost will be increasing every day.

The bottom line is .

  1. If you are planning to go to St. Petersburg for the New Year, think about booking tickets and rooms in advance.
  2. It is worth visiting the local attractions.
  3. New Year’s Eve is possible in the open air, as well as in restaurants and cafes.

New Year is a great time, so it should be spent not only brightly, but also with benefits.

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Where and how to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg

New Year in St. Petersburg

Ideas for celebrating New Year – 2023 in St. Petersburg: what to see, what restaurants to visit, where to stay, and prices for tours, hotels and food.

Winter holidays in St. Petersburg are bright, with lively fairs and popular festivities. On New Year’s Eve, the sky over Palace Square flashes all the colors of the rainbow – the lights of fireworks and laser shows stun the imagination, and Nevsky Prospect turns into a pedestrian street – thousands of residents and guests of the Northern capital come here to congratulate each other on the holiday and see an unforgettable spectacle.


Weather in December – January in St. Petersburg

Northern Palmyra is famous for its capricious weather, and the winter holidays are no exception. Year to year: slushy +1. +3°C and fog can give way to frosts as low as -10°C. From the Gulf of Finland blows a strong wind, and unprepared tourists are often uncomfortable here. It is very important to dress properly, clothes must be warm and breathable.

What to see in St. Petersburg: 24 the most interesting places for tourists

New Year in St. Petersburg: How and where to celebrate the year 2023

To celebrate the New Year – 2023 in St. Petersburg can be a variety of ways – everyone will find entertainment and activities to their taste. Some originals go to the New Year in a bath (sauna) for the example of the characters in a famous movie, but tourists are much more interesting to see the folk festivities or go to museums and theaters.

In the last decade of December from Veliky Ustyug comes the main hero of the occasion – Ded Moroz. At his command, the main city Christmas tree is lit on the Palace Square. After performing his mission, the Grandfather goes to the fair.

On Pioneer Square all holidays there is a large fair, where you can buy sweets, toys and souvenirs. There are contests and folk amusements, the skating rink.

Near the Peter and Paul Fortress, a huge screen is installed, visible from all the Neva embankments, and a real ice castle with sculptures that are beautifully illuminated is erected. Nearby is a slide, from which you can take a ride in the wind. On Palace Square from December 26 to 30 every day at 19:00 you’ll be able to enjoy a New Year’s Eve light (laser) show.

On Nevsky Prospect, Nevsky Prospect will be lit up in color: everywhere you can see shining garlands, figures and light rainbow. In the evening of December 31 traffic here will be closed until morning, you can reach the center by metro – the stops “Gostiny Dvor” or “Nevsky Prospekt”. The best places for entertainment in the city are located on Nevsky Prospect and celebrants rush there after the New Year, some clubs offer free entrance and drinks after midnight.

New Year in St. Petersburg

(Photo: Alexander Savin / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Where to go on New Year’s Eve in St. Petersburg? Many people prefer the popular festivities that take place in every district of the city, but the main celebrations begin at 10 p.m. on Palace Square . Here are installed several stages on which the musical groups and give performances, a huge screen, broadcasting greetings from officials, and Santa Claus and Snegurochka entertain everyone. In the Neva area there will be fireworks in honor of the holiday. The New Year is celebrated in the center of the city until 4 am, from this time the urban transport resumes its work.

If it gets cold, you can always go to a cafe or restaurant, but you should know that the subway will be closed from 2 to 4 am, and a cab ride in view of the closed Nevsky Prospekt is expensive.

Theaters are preparing New Year’s Eve performances, tickets to which are better to buy in advance. Many museums at this time offer good discounts for children. For adults, we recommend visiting the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Castle and other attractions of St. Petersburg. Before visiting should know the opening hours and weekends. To avoid lines, buy electronic tickets. For example, you can buy online tickets to the Hermitage and Russian Museum.

Going to St. Petersburg in winter: 7 ideas! Worth the trip and what to see!

In winter, visiting the suburbs is unlikely to be comfortable, but if the weather permits, you can take a ride to Pushkin, Gatchina or Peterhof. The parks in winter are no less beautiful than in summer, although the fountains do not work and most of the sculptures are covered.

Children will be interested to see the performances. All concerts, performances, fairs and exhibitions in St. Petersburg in the New Year 2023 are recommended to look for on this site. Also find out what events are taking place in the city, you can on the site of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg.

Most tourists on winter vacations take excursions, and in St. Petersburg there are so many of them that the eyes diverge! Look for tours on the site Tripster – there are unique author’s tours that will show the city from a new side.

how to celebrate the new year in St. Petersburg

(Photo: pmorgan / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Restaurants in St. Petersburg for the New Year. Where to go?

It is unlikely that the thirst for culinary delights attracts visitors to St. Petersburg restaurants for the New Year – people expect spectacles, and many establishments are ready to offer them. The range of restaurants and cafes where you can celebrate the New Year – 2023 in St. Petersburg is very wide.

It is convenient for the guests of the capital to meet the New Year’s Eve in the restaurants at the hotels: thus, the holiday parties are usually organized by hotels “Astoria”, “Angleterre”, “Grand Hotel Europe” and others (restaurants “Europe”, “Borsalino”, “Astoria Cafe”, etc.). It is true that the average bill per person in such restaurants is quite substantial – 20-50 thousand rubles. Therefore advise to choose an institution on the basis of reviews on restaurants in St. Petersburg – so you will find the best value for money.

Young people prefer democratic places, such as the Purga club on Karavannaya, near the Gostiny Dvor station. This is an iconic place in the Northern capital, even if you can not get here on the night of the holiday, do not worry – here every night is on a grand scale. Firecrackers, sparklers, dancing and cocktails in the river.

Styled bar on Liteynaya Street “Ugly Coyote” is very popular, and the prices are not exorbitant. There is always noisy and fun, and beautiful girls – “coyotes” – entertain the audience with dancing right on the bar.

And if during your walk through the snow-covered Northern Capital you might want to get warm and have a quick snack, read our article “Where to eat in St. Petersburg” – an overview of budget places to eat in the city.

Do you want something new? For New Year’s Eve go to Europe (here is our selection of interesting cities)!

restaurants in St. Petersburg for the New Year

(Photo: Fotorus / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Prices in St. Petersburg for the New Year – 2023

As for prices in St. Petersburg for the New Year, you can’t say they are too steep. A little more expensive than usual are hotel rooms, although sometimes there are good discounts. In stores there are a variety of promotions and New Year’s sales.

12 unusual and beautiful apartments for tourists in St. Petersburg

Those who are not principled, where to sleep, and tourists with limited budgets can book a bed in a hostel – from 800 rubles per person. You can also stay relatively inexpensively at a hotel – a double room in the Central District costs from 3000 rubles (for example, at the “Nevsky Grand Hotel” or “Nevsky Hotel Aster”).

A standard double room in a 3* hotel in the historic part of the city costs 4-5 thousand rubles; there is a great choice: Nevsky Hotel on the Moika with breakfast included, boutique-hotel Three Bridges, etc.

In 4* and 5* hotels near the Palace Square a room for two will cost from 4 thousand rubles and more. A little cheaper accommodation can be found in more distant areas – Petrogradsky, Admiralteisky, Vasileostrovsky, and so on.

New Year’s Eve in St. Petersburg restaurants will cost from 3 to 25 thousand rubles, the amount depends on the prestige of the institution, the gastronomic delights and entertainment offered. The cost of New Year’s banquet in the hotels of Northern Palmyra ranges from 3 to 45 thousand rubles, depending on the level of the hotel.

Prices for tours in St. Petersburg in the New Year – 2023

Tours of St. Petersburg on New Year are fairly inexpensive (if you buy tours in advance). For example, a tour from Moscow for two people for 4 nights at a 3-star hotel – from 23 thousand rubles.

However, for departures from other cities of Russia prices are not so low and are comparable with rest in European capitals. For example, the cheapest tours from Yekaterinburg currently cost from 62 thousand rubles for two people (4 nights). Seek tours advise on a popular service Travelata – you can find the most favorable offers tour operators.

celebrate the new year in St. Petersburg

(Photo: joanna_keler / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Reviews of tourists about the New Year in St. Petersburg

According to reviews of tourists who have been in St. Petersburg on New Year’s 2020, there are positive and negative sides of such a holiday.

1. Some were confused by the large number of guests from neighboring countries on Palace Square, but this is understandable: a similar trend is observed in major European capitals – Paris, Berlin and other cities. And in principle, a large crowd gathers on the square, many people are deterred by this.

2. On New Year’s Eve it is impossible to enter Palace Square with alcohol, the square is cordoned off by police, who keep a sharp eye on trespassers. However, this again is world practice, needless to say that our man will always find a way to “warm up”, no matter if he is celebrating abroad or in his homeland.

3. The weather in St. Petersburg is a separate topic. In recent years there is a warming, but if you are not confident in your own resilience, it is better not to tempt fate and walk around during the day, occasionally warming up in the many bars and cafes.

The main thing that tourists have noted is a real festive atmosphere in the city, and the amazing hospitality and warmth of Petersburgers allows you to forget about any inconvenience. New Year in St. Petersburg – a good opportunity to get a vivid impression, make new friends and have a great time.

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