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Taymyr Airlines (NordStar Airlines)

Flight 1032 Sochi-Moscow, I got an 11 year old Boeing. Seats comfortable, hot meals, sleeves on boarding/disembarking. Departed almost an hour late (from Moscow the plane took 4 hours with a penny), but flew for 3:10 in a tailwind. They are doing their best. P.S. With hand luggage no one does not do a brain, the size is good. the whole review

The most disgusting company, the lowcost airline with the letter P is better. Flight Y7-404 Moscow – Mineralnye Vody was delayed for a day (!) with no explanation. They checked somebody else in next to me on the flight, without asking for his passport. Though we all had checked in online in advance. We come to the counter – and you are already registered.

We took a ticket from Nordstar, but due to recent events, our flight 917 was canceled. Everyone is worried and anxious, hopefully we can get home. Everyone is stressed, nothing is understood. We took quite a long time to get information from the airline and eventually offered to exchange the ticket from Rostov for the ticket. whole review

Flew abakan – norilsk Y7-923. I would not give more than 4 stars. I have no complaints about the flight: the plane is clean, the staff is polite. So everything is great. But flight delays are a little annoying. I heard the airline has frequent delays. With a child it is not very convenient to wait for the plane, I understand that in most.

I flew with Nordstar Norilsk – Ekaterinburg flight Y7 917. It’s not often that airlines give gifts to kids. During the flight we got a children’s book with tasks. Thank God it was something to occupy the child, and after the trip to my family nerves can not stand) for such small things, not sorry for the positive feedback!

Today 31.05.21 was delayed flight Y7 1091 ticket number 4766172495327;4766172495329 Saint-Petersburg – Rostov-on-Don with connection in Moscow. As a result, my husband and I did not get on our connecting flight. Not only that, but they started offering us tickets at two prices that were already “burned out”. The answer is only one: through the supermarket, where the answering machine “interrupts the conversation. Promised. the entire review

Hello ! Your employee put my hand luggage as luggage and made me pay for it. At the same time the entire plane filled with Luggage . Also the employee did not offer me the option of choosing my seat. Only negative impression of your airline. I am your client. Flight Y7-401 Sochi – Moscow 18.10 entire review

Flew Y915 Norilsk Novosibirsk. Great plane. Great crew, wonderful stewardesses. No problems on the flight, right on schedule. Warm, comfortable, cozy in the cabin. Everyone is advised to use the services of the airline. Thanks to the employees of the company. the whole review

What airlines are doing to be safe in a pandemic

I want to express my huge dissatisfaction to the representatives of nord star airline. Buying a ticket for the flight Y7-404 to the mineral waters, we bought 10 kg of luggage, for a fee, it was prescribed in the ticket. We took a suitcase with the declared weight and hand luggage in the amount of 5 kg. At the check-in. the whole review

NordStar’s work in Min-Vody is disgusting! We flew from Moscow with a 10 kg hand luggage with the same bag, it matched the calibration, and on returning from Min-Vody to Moscow with 7.6 kg the bag did not meet the parameters. There was a feeling that the representative of the company Natalia (flight 1022, 16.20, 13.01.2020) untwisted passengers, having .

A little late, but decided to write a review of the flight. May 25, 2019 Moscow – Cancun. B773. Before the flight, warned the travel agent bought seats on the 6th row, left ABC. I’m flying with my wife and child, who turns 4 that day. + ordered meals, as the same travel agent warned that the feed does not. the entire review

Great airline. Flight 403 Moscow Norilsk was cancelled due to weather conditions. We were placed in an excellent hotel ARMEGA.Fed, drunk and as they say sleep put. We stayed at the hotel for the second day. We would like to thank the staff NordStar Airlines and the hotel ARMEGA Thank you very much.

Flight Sochi-Voronezh-Norilsk 07.10.2019, the wait in Sochi 4 hours, dropped off in Voronezh and we do not fly further! The total waiting and sitting is more than 5 hours for no reason, children and people are exhausted, we have to sleep on the seats. When changing flights were not taken to the waiting room, but sent in the middle of the night again to check out of the plane. Why. entire review

I flew with this company for the second time. Flight 108 Krasnoyarsk – Moscow, previously scheduled for 25.06.2019, was canceled without explanation and had to fly on 23.06. The bought seats were given, but not in the row that was paid for. The question is what you paid for when you chose your seats! The kitchen is nothing-coffee-the feeling that the exhausted mineral water brewed.Stewards on the “troe” served. Q. entire review

Deception of passengers. Buy a ticket Igarka-Krasnoyarsk. Paying for the ticket. An ATR-42-500 aircraft. On the day of departure, the passengers are informed that the plane was replaced by an emergency transport An-26 with seats. Even more, the departure is delayed for 2 hours and 20 minutes. No answers to questions. No compensation. I do not recommend. whole review

UTair airlines: passenger reviews

Flew 07.03.2019 from Novosibirsk to Sanya and 17.03.2019 back to Novosibirsk. No delays, Arrived in Novosibirsk earlier by 20 minutes. The staff is very polite with no problem heated food for the child. No problems changing parents to adjoining seats (free of charge). Impressions of the flight only positive.

Flight Y7516, Sanya Novosibirsk, from 07.02.2019. the flight was supposed to be 05.55 – took off 7.20, as the plane was starting it was already clear that something was wrong. At 13.30 made a landing in Khakassia for refueling, as there was not enough fuel. At 15.00 we were released from the plane. They promised to send another.

I am flying (waiting for the plane) from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Makhachkala, the declared time of departure was 15:30. Early rise, got ready as soon as possible, left, three hours of road to the airport. On arrival I got a “joyful” message and the flight was delayed from 15:30 to 21:00. I accepted it, didn’t get angry. Slept, woke up. Moved the flight to 11:30. Thank you. Fly to Makhachkala at night.

Flight two children (8 and 6 years old) from Minvody to Moscow 22.12.2018g. The older child 17 seats, the second (which is less) 26 and even in the middle. I asked the operator, what this is about, and why they are not chosen seats next to – namesakes, to which I was offered as an option to rearrange the BUY. the entire review

We were flying from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk Y7 107, when everyone got on the plane was that the plane was almost empty, all the rows were one two people, only we had a row full and we decided to sit down (for the week it was the fourth flight and so did everywhere), but we came to us all review

Passenger reviews of NordStar

Taimyr airline Nordstar Airlines

Had to fly July 6, Moscow-Sochi, by NordStar airline, Flight Y7 402, order number DV487K, ticket numbers 4762403794294, 4762403794295, 4762403794293. On June 28 I was hospitalized with a pregnancy threat, on July 1 I took all 3 tickets off the flight and made a refund. The tickets are non-refundable, but I have an involuntary refund. The hospital gave me a medical certificate, and I sent all the documents to NordStar airline. 15 days have already passed, silence… I want a refund, because the refund was forced due to illness.

This is a great airline. Flew to Norilsk in June 2021. The staff is friendly, the cabin is clean, and the food tastes good. I did not even notice takeoffs and landings:) really liked the airline.

Good evening, wanted to send children no tickets for June 17 direct. And co-help stewardess also no.

We flew in January 2021 with kids by direct flight nordstar norilsk-sochi, 6 hours flight time, they gave us only slippery rubber tortillas and stale buns with food, you should disgrace yourselves kikes and your stewardesses, it is shameful for them to spread such stinking vomit all over the plane. Just shameful, there are no words, do not spoil the plastic packaging with your crap.

Katekavia airline: passenger reviews

Flew Y915 Norilsk Novosibirsk on Nov. 25.11.2020. Great plane. Great crew, wonderful stewardesses. No problems on the flight, right on schedule. Warm, comfortable, cozy in the cabin. I recommend everyone to use the airline services. Thank you to the company staff.

Flied from Sochi to Moscow Terrible airline. Took a long time to load onto the plane, in two stages for some reason! Departed later than planned. Arrived later, the ramp took a long time, then they did not let me out of the plane. We had a long bus ride to the airport. As a result, we had to run to the Aeroexpress, had 6 minutes to Aeroexpress, although the ticket was bought with a margin of 40 minutes to the swallow. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I bought tickets and then it started from the beginning postponed the departure time, well, I think, okay, not too bad, then worse: the cancellation of the departure, the money is not refunded, they say that will translate in a voucher, I agree to the voucher, but there is also not so simple, it turns out even need to wait for some kind of transfer of the ticket to the voucher, as in all other companies. Yes by the way, I personally did not get through to any operator, it did operators at the ticket office where the tickets were purchased. My feedback to this company “BAD COMPANY. Now I need to somehow resolve the issue with my 20,000r. Advice for all I will give only one, avoid the company as it is for their actions in front of you is not responsible.

The most disgusting shack! Rude and incompetent staff! The hotline does not work, you cannot return or exchange the ticket, no information or feedback! They work worse than cab drivers! Do not fly with this company!

The level of service in the area of paid. certificates, at zero, deadlines are not met and there is no hurry, the efficiency and feedback is zero

Good day! I very rarely fly with this airline, but now I will try to avoid it altogether. The flight was supposed to take off at 13h on the route Moscow – Mineralnye Vody on March 21. At first I got a message that the departure was delayed until 15 pm, then until 15-10, and then in general until 18-20. After a courtesy call to the toll free number 8-800-700, etc. the operator called Eva answered all the questions, one of which was where the plane was going to St. Petersburg, then to Moscow and then to Mineralnie Vody. I am very sorry that I did not read the reviews when buying tickets. I will always tell and write to everyone not to buy tickets for this company.

Pobeda airlines: passenger reviews

Just horror, the flight was delayed several times from morning to evening. I gave up and flew with another airline. I will never fly with this company again.

I flew with this company on the 23rd of July on a flight between Moscow (Domodedovo) and Sochi. Everything on time, not a minute late. The aircraft was clean and air-conditioned. The staff was very polite. The pilot is a master of his craft. Only positive emotions. By the way, put the whole company (6 people) in one row. Thank you very much. I recommend everyone.

They bought tickets from Norilsk to Moscow on 21.07.2018 because there were no tickets at an earlier time. When they had tickets earlier we decided to return them and it turned out that they had to pay a fine for two months from each ticket.

04.01.2018 Today I flew Y7 1062 between Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The flight was delayed by 2.5 hours. The reason was that they did not have time to prepare the aircraft. Instead of leaving at 10:30, the flight took off at 13:00. Because of this, we missed the next flight to Ufa, which was at 15:00. I originally bought extra tickets, but one could not foresee this! We called the airline in advance and they told us that the material damage would be fully compensated for the missed flight. This reassured us. But on arrival and being late for flight (luggage was issued at 14:50!) Representatives of the airline brazenly began to send me from the desk to the counter! And at the very end said that the money they would not refund, because they have a rule that they are not responsible for the flight of another airline! To all the arguments that the delay was only for their reasons, they said no! After a big scandal and a billion calls they accepted the complaint letter, but they did not even give guarantees that the money would be returned. And as an option, they offered to wait more days at the airport for another flight of some kind! And the second option was to demand money from the airline whose flight we missed! Although Ural Airlines flied on time and there was no need to refund the money, because in fact we just did not show up for our flight! Just a disgusting company that does not take the side of its customers! They protect only themselves! And all the employees are completely illiterate and incompetent in their field! If you decide to use this airline, get nervous and be prepared for the worst!

Ikar Airlines: Passenger reviews

I rarely use the airlines, but what I saw and felt the horror (soft-spoken) nordstar 1 question where the supervisory authorities are looking!

We bought the ticket 3 months in advance. We were looking for a ticket with free luggage up to 23 kg. Bought. Three months later it turns out that the company has changed the conditions and now you can carry only 10 kg for free. Swindlers.

A sad experience, on July 1st they delayed the flight to Naples for 4 hours, changed the itinerary and changed the flight to Treviso, resulting in a total delay of 6 hours.

I am dissatisfied with the company. I flew from Makhachkala to Moscow where the service leaves much to be desired. The air conditioner and the cabin refrigerator worked on the plane, after the hot climate, if you sit in the aisle it blows on your head, when you asked the steward could not reduce the air conditioning or moderate mode, the steward just brought a plaid, The stewardess took the plaid from the cabin crew up to 30-40 minutes before boarding and said “give us the plaid back”, even though they flew business class with plaid until touchdown – in short, not a comfortable flight, but a hard labor in the fridges. The most interesting thing is that the crew sits in the back and are not concerned about the air conditioning – which shows that crew comfort is more important to this company than passenger comfort. The result of such refrigeration service was getting maxillitis. From now on I will try not to fly with this company and I advise you!

At check-in at the airport we were given seats on the plane, putting me, my wife and our 2 year old daughter at different ends of the plane. The only thing they said was “it’s not about the money” and the only suggestion was “make an arrangement with someone else on the spot”. Never in my life have I had anything like that. From now on I would only fly with Aeroflot or foreign companies. I am extremely dissatisfied with the lack of an adequate approach to customers.

Good evening. I liked NordStar. I flew Moscow-Mineralnye Vody-Moscow on April 21, 17. There were no delays on the flight. The tickets are not expensive, and the staff is friendly. The guys are professionals. Takeoff and landing were great. Flight attendants were friendly. What about the food? I like safety on the plane, not the quantity or what we eat. If someone does not like the company, there are other alternatives. Thank you, my respects Natalya.

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