November 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

Where to go in Russia in November? Rating – 2022

November is an atypical time of vacation in Russia. The beach season in the south is long over, snowboarding and skiing in the mountains have not started everywhere, and excursions can be marred by heavy rains or wet snow. Where to go in Russia in November 2022? We’re talking about all the options with tips and passwords.

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  • For the 2022 season pay attention to Sheregesh, where the ski season starts in mid-November. Here you can find tours to Sheregesh, and accommodation here.
  • For those who want to be closer to the sea – Adler. Here the prices in November are very nice.

Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar region in November will please you with low prices and relatively warm weather. Tourist season is over, the sea has cooled down, the time of excursions and sanatorium vacation began. November daytime in Sochi +15 ° C, night +8 ° C; in Anapa daytime +11 ° C, night +7 ° C; in Gelendzhik daytime +12 ° C, night +8 ° C; in Krasnaya Polyana daytime +9 ° C, night +7 ° C.

There are not many tourists in November and hotels are not overcrowded. You can visit excursions, for example in Sochi to see the Olympic Park, Akhun Mountain, Eagle Rocks, Psakho River Canyon. Popular day trips to Abkhazia, it is several degrees warmer than in Sochi. In Abkhazia it is worth visiting New Athos, Gagra and Pitsunda, lakes Ritsa and Goluboye.

You can stay at Red Glade at an altitude of 540 meters. While the ski season has not yet begun, the prices are minimal. The room stock in the mountain cluster is new, hotels with swimming pools and spa services. It is possible to visit a fitness center, go trekking in the mountains, breathe the clean mountain air. In November, some of the cable cars are closed for preventive maintenance. Instead of them you can use a shuttle service.

In Anapa, too, a rich excursion program, you can visit wineries, the Utrish Nature Reserve, Cypress Lake Valley Sukko, go to a tasting in Abrau-Dyurso.

Sochi +15 °C +9 °C +17 °C
Anapa +11 °C +8 °C +15 °C
Gelendzhik +12 °C +8 °C +16 °C
Krasnaya Polyana +9 °C +5 °C

Psakho Canyon.

Another option for where to go in Russia in November is the Crimea . In November in Yalta daytime +10 °C, night +7 °C; in Alushta daytime +12 °C, night +7 °C; in Evpatoria daytime +10 °C, night +3 °C. November in Crimea is characterized by gusty winds, rain and fog in the mountainous areas. At the summit of Ai-Petri in late November, the first snow falls.

If you want to have a rest in the Crimea in November, choose big cities like Yalta and Alushta. Firstly there is the most developed infrastructure, and secondly, you can find entertainment even in late autumn. The life in small Crimean settlements slows down, so there is simply nothing to do in November. Around Yalta a large number of palaces, parks, gardens, caves, waterfalls – will be something to do on sunny November days. And in bad weather will save the pool at the hotel and spa services.

Alushta is the second most popular city on the South Coast of Crimea. It has a large number of rooms, an aquarium, a park of miniatures and a dolphinarium. Fans of mountains can go trekking from Alushta to Chatyr-Dag or Northern Demerdzhi. You can also go to the Valley of Ghosts, see the Palace of Princess Gagarina and Paradise Park.

Bakhchisaray in winter

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Tourists come to the Caucasian Mineral Waters in November as regularly as they do at other times of the year: everyone wants to visit the popular local health resorts. Despite the fact that it has become noticeably colder in many Russian cities, the climatic conditions in the region continue to be pleasant. Frosts are just beginning, it is mostly warm. Temperatures may rise to +15 ° C during the day and drop to -4 ° C at night. So, in Yessentuki in November the average temperature is +7 °С by day, +0 °С at night; in Kislovodsk +8 °С by day, -4 °С at night; in Pyatigorsk +7 °С by day, +1 °С at night.

Caucasian Mineral Waters is one of the best recreational resorts in the country. It occupies an area of more than 5.3 thousand square kilometers. It is located on the territory of three subjects of the Russian Federation. The following cities are located in the Stavropol Territory: Mineralnye Vody, Georgievsk, Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Lermontov, Essentuki, and Kislovodsk. It also includes several districts: Mineralovodsky, Georgievsky, and Predgorny. In Kabardino-Balkaria – Zolsky district, in Karachay-Cherkessia – Prikubansky and Malokarachaevsky districts.

Find excursions in Russian cities from locals on Tripster and Sputnik websites. There are group walks and individual ones, prices from 550 rubles.
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There are many famous tourist spots in the region, I will tell you about the most interesting and significant of them. In the Caucasus, you can see the places where M.Y. Lermontov walked. In honor of the great poet on the basis of the collection of the museum “Lermontov’s House” and cities associated with his name, on July 7, 1973 a state museum-reserve was created. A lot of tourists come here every year.

In Zheleznovodsk you can visit the mountain Beshtau, the height above sea level – 1400 m. In Pyatigorsk is the sculpture of Eagle. This sculpture is a symbol of the region, the eagle is depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Pyatigorsk. Near this culture is an observation deck, which offers a stunning view of the beauty of Pyatigorsk. Cathedral of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – located in Mineralnye Vody, is one of the most important symbols of the entire region. Flame of Eternal Glory – is located in Mineralnye Vody on the square “30 Years of Victory,” was opened on May 9, 1976 in honor of the heroic fighters for the honor of the motherland of local residents. Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – located in Georgievsk, was founded in 1780. It is a beautiful wooden church. Cascade Stairs – is located in Zheleznovodsk, built in 1936. After restoration in 2019, its length increased by 700 m.


Kislovodsk in November


In Prielbrusye in November, there are few people and very quiet. Next month the ski resorts of Cheget, Terskol, Elbrus will open, which means crowds of tourists will arrive. During the month, 170 mm of precipitation falls. November often has clear weather. The average temperature is 0+5 °C during the day and -5 °C at night.

Basically, all tourism in Elbrus region is centered around the famous Mount Elbrus. Here you can take part in various competitions, such as running in the mountains or cross-country running. Interestingly, in Elbrus is the highest ropeway in Europe. It lifts tourists to a mark of 3,800 meters.

In Elbrus there is something to do for ordinary people as well. “You can find something to do for ordinary people in Elbrus. After checking in, you can take a walk near Mount Elbrus and enjoy the views. In addition to the mountain itself, there are several other famous places in Elbrus. At an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level 34 km from Kislovodsk is the Valley of the Narzans. It amazes with the number of mineral springs and the beauty of the views. Thanks to the high iron content in the water, the ground takes on an unusual rusty-brown color.

For 25 km stretches the Main Caucasian Ridge, one of the favorite places for mountain climbers and skiers. It is not easy for skiers, even for those with high level of training: the ridge hides a lot of steep slopes. Worth a visit Baksan Gorge – the most famous place not only in Russia. Through it passes the road to the Elbrus region. In the gorge is a complex of monuments to the first climbers of Mount Elbrus.

In the region you can realize the dream of many tourists – to climb to the summit of Mount Elbrus, which is not everyone can do. Here you can also learn many local legends associated with the mountains.

Are you thinking to postpone your vacation to the next month? Read also about holidays in Russia in December – 2022.

Elbrus Region

Elbrus in November

Altai Mountains

It often snows in the Altai Mountains in November. The average daytime temperature is 0-5 ° C. In Belokurikha in November daytime -4 °C, night -8 °C, in Manzherok daytime +4-5 °C, night -1-7 °C, in Kosh-Agach daytime -7 °C, night -18 °C. On the high points the temperature may fall to -20 °C at the most. In November, southwestern winds predominantly blow in the mountains.

Due to the high oxygen content, the climate in the Altai Mountains will be good for people with a weakened heart and lungs. Tourists choose Belokurikha, Manzherok, as well as areas near the Biryuzovaya Katun and Aya. In December, Belokurikha will open a ski resort, and in November you can enjoy the views without the crowds of tourists.

The Altai Mountains impress with their scenery, mountain lakes and high peaks. Mount Belukha is the highest point of the Altai Mountains (4,509 m). The famous Katun River begins on the mountain’s slopes. The height of Mount Zerkova is 794 meters. It is worth ascending the mountain for the sake of the gorgeous view of the Biyskaya plain which opens up from there. You can stay in one of the cozy sanatoriums or rest homes. Also popular in the Altai Mountains in November are tours along the Chuisky tract.

You can go to the mountain ski resort Sheregesh in Kemerovo region at the foot of the mountain Zelenaya. Season there starts in mid-November. Tours to Sheregesh from Moscow from 56134 rubles for two persons. If you want to go on your own, you can book flights to Novokuznetsk from 18000 rubles and lodging from 2500 rubles per day.

Mountain Altai

This is great for those who want to live in the Altai Mountains in November.


In Karelia in November, too, there are few tourists, and the weather shows its inconstancy. The daytime temperature in different areas ranges from -10°C to +2°C, at night it drops to -15°C. In Petrozavodsk in November -1+1°C, in Sortavala +5+2°C. The amount of precipitation is not more than 45 mm, there are 12 rainy days during the month, wind is weak 4 m/s. Cyclones can sometimes bring strong winds, sometimes reaching 30 m/s.

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What can I see in Karelia in November? Ruskeala Mountain Park – this place is visited not only by tourists from Russia, but also from abroad, to see the marble quarry. Now it is no longer in operation, but it used to produce marble for the cathedrals and palaces of St. Petersburg. Marble Lake – an amazing lake, located 20 kilometers from the village Ruskeala. Museum-reserve Kizhi – is one of the largest open-air museums in Russia. It is an object of cultural heritage. Created on the basis of the museum collection – “Kizhi pogost”.


Karelia in November


In Kamchatka in November the maximum temperature is +4 ° C, and the minimum reaches -15 ° C. The amount of precipitation does not exceed 135 mm. Sometimes it can rain heavily. Cyclones in November bring strong winds and snow to Kamchatka, these changes may affect weather conditions. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in November daytime 0 °C, night -4 °C.

In Kamchatka in November, because of the snow, there is not so much choice of activities, but they are still there, for example, trekking and fishing. Separate entertainment in Kamchatka is snowmobiles. You can ride through the picturesque places in the mountains. On snowmobiles you can get to the tops of volcanoes – Avachinsky or Kozelsky. At the “Alpina” base you can go skiing. Trails of different complexity, even the experienced will not be bored.

In November in Kamchatka you can bathe in hot springs. There are several of them here. The most famous one is located 70 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and is called Paratunka. The second is Malki hot mineral springs at 130 km. Also in November you can visit several excursions to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, to the ocean and volcanoes. Guests with children will enjoy dog sledding, kennels and ethno-villages.


“Golden Ring of Russia

November weather in the Golden Ring is typical for the middle belt of Russia. In Yaroslavl and Vladimir in November, +1°C during the day, -2°C at night; in Sergiev Posad, +0°C during the day, -2°C at night. The maximum daytime temperature during sunny days is +10°C. Cyclones in the cities of the Golden Ring bring strong winds, at times their speed can be higher than 14 m/s.

The Golden Ring includes 8 cities, each of which is rich in history. Yaroslavl is considered one of the most interesting cities of the Golden Ring. In 1010, it was founded by Yaroslav the Wise. It is full of attractions, such as Spassky monastery (built in the early 13th century). In this place was found a monument of ancient literature – “The story of Igor’s regiment. One of the most famous monasteries in Pereslavl-Zalessky is St. Nicholas Monastery. It was founded by Dmitry Prilutsky in the 13th century. Another famous monastery is Nikitsky, one of the oldest in Russia, located on Lake Pleshcheyevo.

In Sergiev Posad there is the Trinity-Sergius Lavra (built in the 14th century), the largest monastery with centuries of history. It keeps the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Rostov the Great was founded in 862 and is one of the centers of Rostov-Suzdal land. One of the main values of this city is Rostov Kremlin – a museum-reserve, which has a research center. It is located near Lake Nero. Kostroma is a city founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in 1152. The most famous attraction is the monument to Ivan Susanin.

Ivanovo is the youngest city of the Golden Ring. It appeared in 1871. Suzdal is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Most famous for the Kremlin building, nowadays it hosts various historical exhibitions. Vladimir – closes the Golden Ring. In this city you should visit the Cathedral Square and admire the monuments there (the monument built in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city and the monument to the icon painter Andrei Rublev).

Yaroslavl in November

Yaroslavl in November

Republic of Tatarstan

It is comparatively warm in Tatarstan in November. Daytime in Kazan 0°C, nighttime -3°C; in Nizhnekamsk 0°C, nighttime -4°C. The precipitation is not much – 58 mm.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, the recreational sector has been developing rapidly recently. For example, there are good sanatoriums “Bakirovo”, “Cosmos”, which are known for their professional doctors.

It is worth a visit to the capital of the republic – the wonderful city of Kazan. There you shall visit the Kremlin, which is the most ancient part of Kazan. The area of the Kremlin is 15 hectares. Number of towers is 8. Symbol of the fortress – Spasskaya Tower (architectural monument of the 16th century).

In addition to the beautiful capital, the Republic of Tatarstan has many more architectural masterpieces. Let us tell you about a few of them. Sviyazhsk is a settlement founded in 1551. It is located on an island. Sviyazhsk is known for the fact that it is home to the Assumption Cathedral, which is protected by UNESCO. The temple of all religions is located in the village of Staroye Arakchino. Built for 22 years, it attracts tourists with its bright architecture and history. Do not forget about the Tatar cuisine, here you should try the national dishes chak-chak, bishbarmak, tokmach, Tatar-style azu, kyzdyrma.

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Kazan in November

Kazan in November

These are not all the options where you can go on vacation in Russia in November. Among the most popular are the megacities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the westernmost region, Kaliningrad. Mountain and nature lovers also come to Dombai in November.

Where to go in Russia in November?

The Sea - Where to go in Russia in November

Where to go in Russia in November: the best places and prices 2022. Weather, how to dress, what to do, what to consider. reviews interesting tourist destinations in Russia, which do not lose their charm even in late autumn.

November is not the best time to travel. In any case, if you’re going to go somewhere in Russia. This is not our opinion – a cliché!

Year after year it shapes the behavior of potential tourists and drives them either to warm countries or to Europe. So that even there with benefit and sense – as it seems to them – to spend a very short November vacation.

We do not agree with this! Because we believe that Russia, even with the arrival of the cold weather, has something to offer to the discerning traveler.

Obviously, not necessarily sea-related – the cities within the Golden Ring are not familiar with it at all. And moreover – with bathing! But it is not less interesting.

However, we’ll invite you to the seashore too. Both the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea – you can have a good rest at the sea in Russia!

Do you want to know more about your homeland? Do you like to discover new places? Ready to put up with the imperfection of service? Then you should take a closer look at domestic destinations.

Evening Sochi in Russia in November

Where to go in November

As usual, our list of the best places to go in Russia on the threshold of the calendar winter is not 100% objective. However, we made it on the basis of weather conditions, price levels and popularity among tourists. That is, we chose sightedly, rather than just pointing a finger at the map “one seventh.

In addition, we do not need to rely on existing “bargain” package tours. Although we are inclined to draw your attention to individual offers that are very affordable. Especially in the period of action cashback from Rosturizm.

In general, we are not biased. And we do not advise you to go first of all, for example, to St. Petersburg in November. Knowing that to feel the amazing atmosphere of the northern city, at the end of autumn drearily watered by icy winter rains, is not easy. Although you can – if you tune in to the “right wave” and diversify the diet of excursions.


A large selection of tours of St. Petersburg, Peterhof and Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Gatchina, Kronstadt and Vyborg at a discount of 10 to 45%. From 750 rubles per person, no promo code needed!

Two autumn months are enough time to forget summer completely. And miss the warmth and sun. Ironically, but Sochi is ready to provide you with both.

And noticeably more than the Crimea in November. Only last year it seems to have set an all-time record in the number of tourists.

However here we are talking about Sochi in late autumn… In 2021 the last month of autumn began with “cold” level of +20 in the afternoon. And it continued quite optimistically: till the middle of the month thermometers registered optimistic +15-+18.

It rains not so often – at the level of October and below . And the chances for a walk in the city, bathed in sunshine, are a priori higher than the same, but under a leaden and gloomy sky.

Not everyone will get into open water – +17-+18 do not dispose to swimming. And water parks do not work at this time. But all other things, attributing with seaside resort, are on a place. As for the entertainments and sights in Sochi – you will have to search for such a resort!

Not to mention the mountains themselves! On which in November it is simply pleasant to walk and drive – not for nothing is called the “Russian Switzerland”!

Equally you can easily get to Krasnaya Polyana: take a ride on the elevators and see for yourself the most famous ski resort in the country. Not yet flooded with skiers – late fall is not their season.

Maybe you should think about renting a car – it will not limit yourself in any way in your movements. The cost of renting a car is not too high even in summer, and especially at the end of autumn…

Prices for accommodation can not speak about cheapness – rather a strong average level. On the whole you will have to pay from 2.5-3 thousand rubles per night for a room in a guesthouse or a hotel in Sochi in November.

In the very center of the resort – Apartments Rose Del Mare – will cost 3.5 thousand per night and above.

Among the hotels that have a nice location we can single out Valentina Hotel on Uchitelskaya Street. The majority of clients of this hotel say that they would like to return again.

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Relatively inexpensive Hotel Chaykovskiy is located much further from the waterfront. But it is cheaper and provides guests with free parking. You will definitely appreciate this advantage if you come to Sochi by car!

You can get airline tickets for the designated period of time for 14-15 thousand rubles. For this amount Red Wings or “Ural Airlines” promise to take and return not only you but also a small luggage.


When trying to choose a decent destination in Russia for a trip in early November, let’s not discount Gelendzhik. In the summer time hotly scolded for the crowds of tourists and muddy water in the bay.

But at sunset you will not meet the first ones, and the transparency of the sea is “parallel” to you. However, if you are interested, it will be cleared.

Let’s notice that even from Moscow to Gelendzhik it is easy to reach by car. And the fact that it will be useful to you for sightseeing trips in the Krasnodar Territory is not worth a doubt!

As for the weather, it is almost as good as the Sochi weather. At the moment up to +20 and even +22 during the daytime and usually +12-16 at nights.

It is beautiful to breathe! And regular walks along the not crowded quay will allow to think about how useful “taken on a breast” cubic meters of pure sea air.

There are also disadvantages!

For example, the local north-easterly winds sometimes chill you to the bones. And clothes corresponding to the late fall somewhere in the central part of Russia may be quite useful.

It is not too convenient to get there either. Flights to the local airport are unreasonably expensive – 8-9,000 per person when departing from Moscow. And it is not far to get from Krasnodar (from 4 thousand) – more than 180 km on the highway.

But you can save a little money on accommodation. For even good hotels are relatively cheap. Take at least three-star hotel Orion – room costs from 2.5 thousand for a night.

Here it is possible to allocate two general directions which are worth consideration.

The first is Great Yalta. Having arrived in the beginning of November on rest in Partenit, Gurzuf, Mishor, Alupka or Simeiz and so on you have the full right to count on air temperature about +15-17 degrees and not the biggest probability of precipitations. Closer to winter the “failures” in the direction of zero and even night frosts are probable.

Approximately similar weather and even sunnier may be in Alushta. And Sudak, the city named after a beautiful Genoese fortress, you should definitely not discount!

Obviously, such a forecast in the first place makes you pay attention to sightseeing activities. And it may be more advantageous to buy a whole Grand Tour of the Crimea – for example, if you come to the peninsula for the first time. The last visit of the year usually takes place on the border of October and November.

You should dress more thoroughly than in the case of Gelendzhik and Sochi. And making a plan of independent activities, focus on hiking and ascents – for example, hiking to Ai-Petri.

After all, the heat will not prevent you from going. And the transparency of the air is sometimes such that you can see for tens of kilometers.

Relaxed and lazy walks by the sea Crimea unequivocally offers to make at other times of the year. For example – in June!

The Crimean Peninsula in Russia is also beautiful in November!

The second interesting, in our opinion, direction – balneological resort Saki. Few people spend their golden summer months on mud baths and medical procedures – all they pay attention to is the sea and the beach. But you will have to pay attention to improving your health nevertheless. So why not before severe winter?

Moreover, in the first half of November the designated location will charm you with warm weather and an abundance of sun. And the nearby Evpatoria will not let you get bored.

  • More information about the November weather conditions in the Crimea, with an assessment of the attractiveness of areas there – in our article!

Your round-trip fare starts at 10,500 rubles and airport transfers will cost at least 1,300 rubles.

If you intend to travel a lot in the Crimea and the leisure format in the region is based on traffic, it is worth a price for a car rental. Right at the Simferopol airport you can take something inexpensive for up to 1.5 thousand rubles a day.


Few people in November will go to this resort in Russia. And, in general, in vain. For, if it cannot boast of air temperatures over +20, the sun at the end of the fall here is enough. About other weather peculiarities of Kislovodsk at the end of autumn – in one more article of Eurotraveler.

As a summary – you can quite enjoy hiking in the fresh air. Adding to the program is frequent consumption of narzans and spa treatments. If you stay in one of the local mini-hotels and attend public, rather than boarding house baths, the wellness course will not be too expensive.

If you travel to Kislovodsk by car, you can save even more. However, you can save a lot on airfare from Moscow and back – from 5 thousand rubles per person.

Where to go to the sea with children in May 2022

Note that distances allow to visit other resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters, especially Pyatigorsk – a city that honors the memory of Lermontov and actively bathes visitors in the hot thermal baths.

Planning an ascent of Mount Elbrus at this time of year is simply dangerous. But even just to see this two-humped mountain, the highest in Europe, for a long time will fill your mind with the feeling of having done a great job. Something like “the vacation was not in vain”.

Golden Ring

It will not be warm, rather cheerful. Even in early November the weather, for example, in Vladimir will not let you relax and will force you to choose clothing responsibly. It will be +10 on the best day, on other days the thermometer just does not want to get off from zero. Not much different conditions in Suzdal and Rostov, Yaroslavl and Kostroma.

There is not much sunshine, on the threshold of winter it does not see any reason to relax tourists. But at the same time the rainfall is more an exception than a rule. So you can thoroughly and tastefully plan your tour itinerary. To visit monasteries and churches not in a crowd – not just to look, but also to penetrate.

A trip to the Golden Ring of Russia in November is especially indicated for those who live in the capital. Because the distance is within 200-260 kilometers, it is easy to reach by public transport and by car. Residents of other cities and towns in the country should plan an expedition with transit through the Moscow transport hub – so banal more convenient.

Suzdal in Russia is worth a visit in November!

Hotel prices are not far from the resort, if not higher. However, if you book a room well in advance, a couple of months before your trip, you still have time to grab an inexpensive and of good quality.

Take note of the Castle at Nikolskaya Hotel if you are planning to stay in Vladimir. It is well-maintained and very close to the center.

If you aim at Yaroslavl, you can not waste your time thinking. For new chain Ibis is practically an optimum combination “price-quality” .

St. Petersburg

Wet and especially dank in November and December, St. Petersburg should not be discarded anyway. Even in this unpleasant form it is good. And, of course, it is in demand, topping the ratings of the most popular domestic destinations among Russians year after year.

Moscow residents especially like to visit “North Palmira”. Since the end of 2019, it has become quite easy to get from Moscow by car. A toll road M-11 “Neva” was fully opened, reducing travel time to 6-7 hours.

Sapsan fast trains spend even less on the road. But trip on them will cost more than a flight to Pulkovo.

The second day after the closure of the fountains of Peterhof, there are more sights to see in St. Petersburg. In addition, many of them, palaces and museums, do not depend on the weather.

Interestingly, the hotel supply is so high that you can rent a room cheaper than in the south or in Suzdal. In the center there are many apart and boutique hotels, and out of season they “catch” customers by lowering prices.

Pay attention to the Kentron Boutique Hotel on Nevsky Prospect, 111, that is, near the Moscow railway station. That is, in the historic center and within walking distance of major attractions.

The hotel on Sadovaya 26 looks interesting because the hotel is not too expensive and is located right opposite the Gostiny Dvor. That is in the very old center, a stone’s throw from Nevsky Prospect.

Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral, Kolomna, St. Petersburg

Kaliningrad .

Let us take you to another seaside city. Located in the extreme west of Russia and separated from the rest of the country by the Baltic Sea. The weather in Kaliningrad during the whole November is very cheerful (not more than +8-10), but not too wet. Allowed to see a lot and travel a lot in the region.

Dislocation of ex-Koenigsberg will induce especially restless people to travel abroad – to Poland or Baltic countries. If they happen to have a passport with Schengen visa and coronavirus restrictions on tourist trips are lifted.


For order, let us mention the capital of Russia. Although, to be fair, the final month of autumn is not the best time to visit it. There are a lot of people, even more cars, everyone is in a hurry, rush and fall.

In short, there will be too much hustle and bustle around for you to experience what a beautiful and ancient city it is. In May, especially on weekends, when the whole capital rushes to the country houses, it is much easier to do this.

But for those who are determined to inspect Moscow in November, we have created a collection of practical tips. About how to dress, where to stay and where to go – even if you do not have time!

We try not to forget that in the vicinity of the Russian capital there are also plenty of places worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. And spending a little time to visit them is just… wise.

Spoiler! We are not talking about suburban estates a la Arkhangelskoye or Kolomenskoye.

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