Old Krasnaya Polyana Road: our review, tips, photos, how to get there

God bless! Walking along the old Krasnaya Polyana road.

Zabrushka + extreme = old Krasnaya Polyana road! It is not recommended to walk along it without a helmet. Find out where it is, how to get there and what to see.

Today Krasnaya Polyana is accessible by a wide and comfortable route, but not so long ago the trip to the mountain village was not so safe. Especially scary was the rocky section with a tunnel near the village of Kepsha: the rocks slightly overhang the road, and rockfalls often occur. It is written that people used to call this road “God Bless You”.

Such a warning sign and barrier will meet you at the entrance to the rocky section. The old Krasnaya Polyana road.

The highway was built in very difficult conditions. It had to be literally cut through the rock with picks and shovels. Read about the history of the construction of the road – the article has interesting facts and old photos.

The old Krasnaya Polyana road

The old Krasnaya Polyana road.

Now the old Krasnaya Polyana road has long been abandoned and has become a landmark of Sochi. Despite the danger, here conduct excursions, arrange photo sessions, walk dogs and just stroll along the picturesque bank of the river Mzymta.

The old Krasnaya Polyana road

During our short walk we met many hikers, groups of motorcyclists and cyclists.

We love abandoned places and decided to visit this rocky stretch by all means. At first it was scary to walk, because the road is strewn with small stones, and here and there are impressive boulders. If one of these boulders hit my head, I was in for a treat!

In some places the road was heavily collapsed and fell into the river. Several times you could hear the rocks crumbling, and twice the rocks banged on the roof of the half-tunnel. If you decide to visit the rocky section, be careful. I read a story that a little boy died on this road a few years ago during a rockfall.

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In places, the road has collapsed badly. No one reinforces the rocks, so rocks fall from above.

What to see

The road is picturesque, it is just nice to walk here, look at the turbulent Mzymta and admire the height of the rocks. This is a perfect location for making post-apocalyptic movies: abandoned tunnels with dark yawn entice in, rays of sunlight fall through the ribs of half-tunnel, somewhere below the river boils, lizards rustle in the leaves, stones crumble quietly.

“Abandon all hope, whoever enters here,” is the sign that hangs at the entrance to this tunnel. In the gorge the river Mzymta is boiling.

In one of the tunnels, on its narrowest section, you will see an icon of the Mother of God, and a little further a white monument in honor of the Red Army soldiers protrudes from the rock.

About halfway down the road is the first of the ribbed half-tunnels, the ones most often photographed. There is also a good viewing platform. The approximate coordinates are 43.605288, 40.038397.

From this road you can also admire the new cable-stayed bridge.

The remains of the tunnels. An observation deck at the gorge.

You will be interested to know:

Helpful information

  • Walk with caution and listen to the rustle of rocks. No one has been watching the rocks for a long time, so rockfalls happen. Ideally have a helmet (but who has one!).
  • It is better not to take children with you.

How to get there

It is very easy to get to the rocky section of the old Krasnaya Polyana road by your car. If driving from Krasnaya Polyana, you need to exit the new highway and just before the Kepsha tunnel turn left into the parking lot of the firefighters of the Ministry of Transport. We left our car there. The parking coordinates are: 43.613911, 40.048822.

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If you are driving from the Adler side, leave your car in front of the tunnel too. There is a small parking lot for 4 cars there on the right. Approximate coordinates: 43.598201, 40.023799.

You cannot reach the rocky section of the road by car – it is fenced with a barrier on both sides.

Buses go too – № 105, 105c, 135 to stop “Kepsha”, but after you pass the whole section, you will have to return to the stop.

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Old Krasnopolyanskaya road (highway).The best free tour of Sochi! I will tell you how to get there on your own, what to take with you and how to get back. A lot of photos!

Hi all! For the last 5 years I have been living in several cities and one of them is hot Sochi. After grabbing this gift of fate, I am trying hard not to turn into a life-satisfied slacker and periodically go on adventures out of the ordinary. According to my observations, there are almost no reviews on the coolest attractions in Sochi. I will try to remedy the situation and tell you about the best and, importantly, free of charge place on the coast – the old Krasnaya Polyana road/highway.

If you are looking for unusual tourist spots of the coast, free excursions to Sochi, incredible photo locations – you are here!

A moment of history. Krasnopolyanskoe highway, called by the people the road “Forgive God” was designed and built in 1897 in the gorge Akh-tsu genius Soviet engineer VK Konstantinov. It was under his guidance that Turks, Greeks and Russians tunneled through the rocks, and often died because of the incredibly difficult working conditions. The route was laid from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana and was over 40 kilometers long.

To sum up, thanks to the mountain road construction, talented Konstantinov and tsar’s money 125 years ago first tourists were attracted to Krasnaya Polyana.

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How to get there? You can get to the place by car or by city buses #135, 105 and 105c. Get off at the Kepsha stop, then walk in the opposite direction over the small bridge over the Kepsha River. (By the way, there are fish in it, so you can meditate and watch the river life.) On the right you will see a modern tunnel, and before the tunnel from the river Mzymta barrier with a sign “Passage is prohibited”. Yes, yes. That’s exactly where you want to go If you are traveling by car, you can’t go through it.

If you are traveling by car, you can pass the last tunnel before the river Kepsha ( it is located on the side of Mzymta river) and the barrier with sign “Entry ban”. Kepsha (Yandex Maps, Google Maps, 2GIS to help .) – take a bit to the right and safely park in front of this very barrier.

With a cab to the place should also be no problem – order a car to stop Kepsha.

To date, the old Krasnaya Polyana road is not equipped for tourists and is officially closed to the public. (But, desperate tourists like me continue to go there).

What will we see?

On the route you will see and pass a lot of man-made tunnels of incredible beauty.

You will admire the panoramic views of the Akh-tsu Gorge, the Caucasus Range and the Mzymta River.

You will see countless lizards of all kinds of colors and shades. Unfortunately, I could not catch for a photo.

– Icon protecting travelers (believing tourists regularly put candles, if there is a similar desire – do not be embarrassed);

-Memorial plaque dedicated to Konstantinov (builder and designer of the road);

-White monument to the Red Army soldiers who died heroically in these places in 1920.


-Be vigilant and look up while hiking. Rockfalls and rockslides regularly happen along the trail.Until recently, the old Krasnaya Polyana road was used by city buses with a net on the roof to protect them from rocks.

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-Pick comfortable, not new shoes for your walk.

-Go early in the morning; after lunch, the sun just burns mercilessly.

-Don’t take young children with you. Such adventures are dangerous for them.

-Wear a hat and wear sunscreen.

-Plan a trip ONLY in summer and when the weather is nice and clear. If it starts to rain, go back. Weather in the mountains is unpredictable and changeable. (Walking along the rocks in the rain you risk at best get a stone on the head. And at worst – to see the village alive).

– Under no circumstances should you go down to the river. The descent is really difficult, and the ground is very movable.

-After passing the trail, go back to the stop Kepsha, because until the next stop, called the village. Monastery there is no hiking trail, and you have to wade through thickets of blackberries, bumpers, mud and peacefully grazing cows.

I hope you will appreciate this wonderful route. Have a great trip, everyone!

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