“Pegas Touristik”: reviews of the tour operator

New reviews.

Spitfire attitude to customers when organizing a transfer

A serious minus (for which I lowered my score to the tour operator) is the organization of the transfer. Our hotel was located in Beldibi. This is the nearest resort village from the Kemerovo side. The distance from the airport is about 45 km, there is a bypass highway without entering the city. During my last visit to these places two years ago I had the same organized transfer. Read review

Hotel guide who tried to ruin my vacation

Hola day! I was in Turkey from 20.07 to 29.07.22 in the hotel Perre art hotel. Our hotel guide was Marina Nikerina. At our first meeting, she tried to ruin our vacation with her attitude. Aggression, hatred to holidaymakers and boorishness are the main guides in Nikerina’s work. When arriving at the hotel there was a lot of criticism to the departure and accommodation. At the request to resolve issues with the move. Read review

Never book from PEGAS neither money nor tour

Booked a trip to Istanbul in February 2022, paid for the tour in full. This is the only thing that went smoothly and quickly. Due to the well-known situation, the tour was canceled with the note “due to the recommendation of government agencies.” We wrote a letter to the accounting department for a refund and silence. Passed a month, we have no money back, to letters and phone calls to the accounting department does not respond! In the department. Read review

Do you want to solve problems created by others? Take a tour from Pegasus.

I wrote a review as soon as I got home, but I was waiting for the last problem to be solved, I wanted to describe the whole situation to the end. And so … Traveller I am already experienced, the experience of more than 15 years. Basically I do everything myself, because I like to make programs. In most cases, I have a schedule not only days of travel, and most days in them are scheduled by the hour, that would have time and. Read review

Not adhering to the contract, cheating

In April we bought a tour to Turkey, the destination was closed a week after buying the tour. The tour operator Biblio-Globus said that it cancels tours without any losses and returns everything in full through the travel agency. Travel agency Pegas refuses to refund the tour in full. Do not answer my letters and phone calls, I have to call from different numbers every time. Reply with clichéd phrases, “we are considering”, “no answer” and. Read review

Disgusting organization of the excursions

I took an excursion “Demre + Kekova” on March 29. Departure from J’adore Deluxe Hotel & SPA at 04:35 (when I got on the bus, there were already 4 people on it, i.e. they were taken even earlier). The last sightseers got on the bus at 07:30. I was on the bus for exactly three hours in three regions. The cost for all the same – 35. Read review

Extremely not recommend Pegasus.

Extremely not recommend Pegasus.

In February 2020 I bought a tour to THAILAND for 199r. Tour operator Pegasus.

Due to the pandemic, the money was put in a deposit of 2,800 euros with Pegasus.

In March, the tour was changed to Tanzania. Pegasus unilaterally canceled it.

I want to reissue the tour to Turkey according to the list https://s01.cdn-pegast.net/get/7.

Where according to Pegasus rules:

“2.1 By 30.04.21 for the direction of Turkey with accommodation in hotels according to the list. Read review

Coral Travel: reviews of the tour operator

early booking

We bought a tour to Turkey by early booking through a travel agency, paid 50% in February. But already in March the same tour has dropped significantly in price (by 15%). Why then did Pegasus advertised so heavily for early booking if the tourists who trusted them money only lose from this. To the same in a private office of Pegasus – there is only the phrase that the tour is partially paid. The amount is not specified. Read review

The saddest company

Do not mess with Pegasus, it is the most insolent and deceitful company. There is no money back for unused tours. All my friends were advised never to get in touch with them.

  1. Only negative


We arrived on 02/07/21/21 to Istanbul. We booked a transfer from the airport. On the way to the hotel, a guide by the name of Osman, sang a song about hospitality and quality of service. As a result, we got off the bus 2 km away from the hotel with our luggage. We went uphill with our suitcase from Tarlabashi boulevard to Taksim Square. To say that the guide was a used contraceptive is to say nothing. We made a conclusion that. Read review

I was really tired of it. I have been calling Pegasus for a week now and cannot get answers to my questions! The worst company we have ever met! Operators are not competent. Humor! Transferred from one operator to another, they are supposedly not on these issues, switch to another and it is vicious circle. Operators answer rudely, not even trying to help in any way! Denied us a trip, because the child was born! This. Read review


Perre La Mer Hotel Resort & Spa. First of all check out at 5.30am. Thank you for such a vacation. Decided to get rid of uninvited guests quickly? I’ll remember that. Secondly in the department preference for families and with children. For adults is boring. Animation for children and their mothers. For adults from animation only to drink. The TV in number old, tiny. Channels in Russian barely. Read review


All they say in travel agency lie, the contract is made for diversion of eyes (not observed absolutely) Citizens, if you value your money – never go to this travel agency. He is a middleman, the ends then you will not find, who owes who – can not prove All point the finger at each other! We bought a trip for three in January.

We refused to stay at the end of March because of the pandemic. Read review

Scam artists

Ban on flights abroad due to the situation in the country, and Pegasus does not want to refund the money, you would think they would get rich off it, more money is lost by cheating people.

They are completely swindled. Swindlers!

We bought tickets to a charter flight Nordwind Pegasus Cam Ranh-Moscow on April 19, 2020. Our flight was cancelled and Pegasus refused to refund our money, providing a note letter that our money was frozen in their account and that we could use it for another tour. And we are in Vietnam visa ends, airfare to Moscow from 200,000 rubles per person with 3 connections (with. Read review

all good

I liked everything!

1) Summary. The travel agency “Anne” will focus on outbound tourism for cultural and educational tours in the Caribbean direction, because the Caribbean is a true and well-balanced paradise, a perfect combination of natural and man-made: the rich heritage of the colonial past in the form of masses of houses-museums and pompous mansions perfectly complements the exotic nature, where the green of the tropical forests alternates with volcanic landscapes, and the expanse of coffee grounds. Read review

"Biblio Globus: reviews of the tour operator

Pegas Touristik: reviews of the tour operator in 2022

Pegas Touristik, reviews in 2022, is it worth trusting? It’s time to tell you about the tour operator, if not #1 in Russia, then at least in the top 5 (along with Anex, Tez Tour, Coral and Biblioglobus). It knocked on our doors as far back as 1994, and was one of the first, along with Tez Tour. Since then the number of clients of Pegasus has been increasing annually.

From 25.08-10.09 is action with a cashback of 20 % for tours across Russia. You need to register your MIR card and book a tour at Level.Travel (promotional code for 1500 ₽ when buying from 70,000 ₽ – LT-SEPT-RU1) or Travelata (promotional code for 1000 ₽ when buying from 60,000 ₽ – AF1000travelinka). Tour is more advantageous because that way you get cashback for everything – flight, hotel, transfers.

Later came Coral Travel and Anex. All in all, Pegas Touristik has been on the Russian market for 25 years. All four tour operators have Turkish “legs” and are constantly competing with each other, which is why Turkey has become the no.1 country for our tourists, but more about this later. Over the years the company has not closed and has not gone bankrupt, even at the time of the ban on tours to Turkey. At that time all of its aircraft were competently distributed in Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Name: PEGAS Touristik

Official website : pegast.ru

Year of establishment : 1994

Rating : 92/100

Destinations for vacations

Pegas Touristik is working with the following directions: Azerbaijan, Greece, Israel, Spain, Maldives, Seychelles, Turkey, Armenia, India, Cyprus, Mexico, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Dominica, Indonesia, Cuba, UAE, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Jordan, Mauritius, Russia, Tunisia. Because of Covid-19, some destinations are closed in 2022. But there are countries with which flights have already been resumed.

  • Turkey is Pegas Touristik’s main destination with Nordwind and Pegas Fly. They offer competitive prices, often cheaper than holidays in Russia. Before the ban on flights to Turkey in 2014 was No. 1 in the number of vacationers in the country.
  • Cyprus – showed itself well in this destination in 2022, as the main alternative to the periodically “closing” Turkey. They fly with Nordwind and Pegas Fly.
  • Egypt – steadily flying Nord Wind from all regions of Russia.
  • UAE – an extensive flight program.
  • Mexico – Nord Wind’s own airline was among the first to receive flight clearance in 2022.
  • Tunisia – bargain offers periodically appear as a good alternative to Turkey. In 2022 “package” holidays in Tunisia became especially popular, because the quarantine was canceled only for customers of tour operators (independent tourists are subject to mandatory quarantine).
  • Maldives. Together with the rest of the tour operators on the Russian market brought a record number of tourists to the country in 2022.
  • Serbia is a relatively new package holiday destination. We began to develop it in 2022, because Serbia is one of the few open countries in Europe, which does not require a Schengen visa. The main destination is Belgrade. There are also offers for thermal spas, and in winter for ski vacations.
  • Cuba . Good flight program to Cuba, put a large number of planes, because of which they do not always have time to fill them. Therefore, often offer the lowest prices among competitors a few days or a week before departure.
  • Mexico . Pegasus has tours with direct flights to Mexico. Now this direction is actively pulled up by Anex and Coral Travel.
  • Tanzania . Pegasus was one of the first to open exclusive flights to Tanzania to the island of Zanzibar. Even received an honorary diploma for the development of this destination. But not for long. Now Biblioglobus flies there. And Pegasus removed from their website information about departures.
  • Vietnam. Pegas Touristik was the first to open in that country “all inclusive” (Dessolier network), which our tourists liked so much. It is a completely different rest, not like in Turkey. Some of the best hotels for holidays with children.
  • Thailand . First of all, promote the resort number 1 Phuket. There are tours to Koh Samui with a flight to Phuket (then a night in the hotel, transfer to Surat Thani and the ferry to Samui). There is an exclusive Phuket Premium vacation concept with private transfers and business class flight.
"Tez Tour: reviews about the tour operator

In addition to “tour operator” activities, Pegas Touristik owns 30 hotels. These are the PGS Hotel chain (short for “Pegas”) in Turkey and Thailand (e.g. PGS Hotels Casadel Sol in Phuket) and the previously mentioned Dessolе in Vietnam, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece (e.g. Dessole Beach Resort in Muine).

Pegas Touristik owns two airlines, Nord Wind and Pegas Fly (nothing to do with the Turkish Pegasus!). The fleet of planes is not new, but the number is large. Tourists call them “minibuses” because there is not much room for seats, the legs rest against the front seats, even business class is not good. But allowed to carry baskets of fruit in hand luggage up to 5 kg (Anex banned such). Because of the large fleet of aircraft is constantly expanding flight programs, opening new directions (and just as successfully “closed” as it came out with Jamaica and probably Tanzania).

About Pegas Touristik

Travel Aggregators do not care which tour operator you choose, they are not motivated to offer something alone, so they will show fair prices and compare who is more profitable to buy from.

We ourselves book tours there, and with a few tricks (like discount promo codes) prices are even lower than the tour operator. How is this possible? The fact that the cost of any tour already included 7% (usually if it is not a “promotional price”) for the work of the travel agency. When you see the price on the website, it is already total, and these 7% are already “sitting” in it.

It would seem then do not need to go to the travel agency, but to buy tours directly from tour operators at a discount of 7%. But in order not to create competition (and perhaps even to recoup the cost of staff on booking), the tour operator has exactly the same prices as in the travel agencies. And no one will make you a discount, except Allochka from a nearby travel agency near your work, to which you go for 5 years. The same discount without Allochka you can get by buying tours online (and knowing promo codes).

Biblio-Globus is a vacation thief. My review of the flight specifics
99% of branded travel agencies are regular travel agencies (sole proprietorships or LLCs) that have bought a Pegasus franchise. They look for the same tours on their official website and offer tourists. At the same time, franchisees are not allowed to sell tours of other tour operators, only if they are not in Pegasus. And we are all for freedom of choice. So often the same Travelate, Level Travel, Online Tours will be more fair prices.

Pegas Touristik

The advantages of Pegasus

  • Reliable international tour operator (92/100 rating).
  • Membership of Pegas Tour operator in the association “TOURPOST” .
  • A major player on the market: 650 offices in 256 cities (including franchises). Currently offering flights from 51 cities in Russia, a choice of 2500 hotels.
  • Own hosts in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Israel and China. In other countries cooperate with leading companies.
  • Pegas Touristik has tours in all price categories from “super chip” to “luhari”. There are individual transfers and excursions, selection of villas and cottages.
  • Exclusive hotels, not presented by any other tour operator. As a rule, a posh “four” and “five” with prices above average.


  • Very unpleasant situation with coronavirus. Many tourists were moved tours to 2021-2022 with no chance to rest before. They demanded an additional payment to go “now”, they could not change the destination, let’s say, Greece to Turkey. Although Greece was closed for travel vouchers and the money was paid by the clients. They “froze” the payment amount in dollars at the current exchange rate, even though a year ago the exchange rate was different, and many customers lost a lot of money on that.
  • The common malady of all charter airlines is the constant postponement of flights. Even the choice of the flight with an additional fee does not give a 100% guarantee that the departure will take place at the specified time.
  • Constant changes in the flight program. New destinations are opened and closed. If you buy a tour from the regions well in advance, you may be offered to change to a flight from Moscow (which is very inconvenient, don’t you agree). There have been cases where a tour to Mexico was “optimized” to the point that they changed it for a flight to the Dominican Republic.
  • Tour prices are in dollars and euros, and the rate of the tour operator is higher than the official bank rate. All their competitors have that problem.
  • A reduced meal program on flights. Up to 5 hours of flight offer only a glass of water, on long-haul flights included one free hot meal.
  • Very many “promotional” stops on excursions . Aggressive guides who impose their services. As a result, people pay money for excursions (do not go for free!), and they take you to incomprehensible places, where everyone is trying to sell you something. You don’t always meet highly qualified employees.

Pegas Touristik: reviews

As for reviews about Pegas Touristik, we must be frank, the negative is common for any tour operator. There is no one company that is 100% “white and fluffy. There is affecting mentality, people are more willing to share negative reviews than positive.

In addition, about half of the negative feedback is associated with the agency, people are poorly aware that the tour operator and travel seller – is absolutely different things. And in fact the work of the tour operator is only a flight, transfer and hotel. Everything else – travel agencies, partners and so-called “receiving parties.

"Tez Tour: reviews about the tour operator
Most of the controversial reviews about Pegas Touristik are because of the coronavirus. People complain that they could not rebook the tour, that the amount in foreign currency was not saved, and in conversion to today’s exchange rate you have to pay extra for the rest. More reviews can be read in the comments to this article. If you want to share your experience, write your comments too!

Our review

We also flew with them and more than once, and reviews about Pegas Touristik (until now) have never written. Although on the whole, all satisfied, nothing bad happened. We managed to go to Phuket with Pegasus (before the coronavirus went boldly around the world). We bought the tour at Travelate, we didn`t choose Pegasus especially (in general we never made a choice in favor of a tour because of a certain tour operator), just that it had the most favorable price. And if there was Anex or Tez Tour, we would take their tours without hesitation. Well, Pegasus is Pegasus.

We got our Nord Wind tickets (their luggage is now 15 kg!), ERV insurance, hotel and transfer vouchers. Departure from the new terminal in Sheremetyevo, nothing unusual, but a very long transfer from the terminal to the plane (about 30 minutes we were on the runway, on the way back the same).

Departure was not delayed, the food was that all included only one dinner (and that’s for 10 hours of flight time, plus time at the airport, total of 15 hours), and we had a second snack, a sandwich and tea. We didn’t pay extra for food, just a tour on Travelate. It was a small thing, but nice.

On arrival we took a transfer and there we were given advertising booklets, SIM-card and told about our meeting with the guide. Transfer did not drive up directly to the hotel on Patong, and stopped on the other side of the road. From there – on your own. Half of the people in our bus were on a combined tour, the next day went to Samui. And we stayed on Phuket.

Information about the return flight found at the hotel reception, did not go to a meeting with the guide. Excursions from the tour operator did not take (we have a long time book on Tripster and Sputnik8, you can take an individual tour at the price of a group). In general, nothing remarkable, rested well, Phuket is beautiful (about his articles can be read here). A lot of negativity because of the imposition of unnecessary services and excursions, but we got around it.

I would like to note that Pegas Touristic prolonged its financial guaranty for 2022. In the register of tour operators on the Rostourism website you can see more than 30 legal entities with financial support of about 79 million. In principle, the entire “magnificent five” (along with Biblioglobus, Anex, Coral, Sarmar, Tez), as well as another reliable tour operator TUI is in the register. About more small companies is better to check before buying a tour (there must be a financial guarantee for 2022, as well as the scope of “outbound tourism”).

That’s all for now. We will add reviews of tour operator Pegas Touristik as they appear. Have you ever traveled with Pegasus? Share your experiences in the comments .

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