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Petrovac travel guide


Petrovac is a great resort town for those who want to experience the whole Montenegrin flavor. The main people who like to spend their holidays here are Russians, and a bit less – Europeans. Stays in Petrovac are expensive, even if you book your own apartment, the prices will still be a bit higher than in Budva or Becici. But the atmosphere in this place is very different. In Petrovac mostly nice hotels or apartments for a small number of tourists are located. There is a beautiful waterfront area, where vacationers like to take a leisurely stroll, stopping at the local cafes and restaurants.

Those who choose Petrovac as their holiday value comfort, beautiful nature and tranquility. This resort is ideal for couples with children, honeymooners, the elderly and all those who are looking for peace and quiet.

As for the situation with the beaches, there are two. The first long beach – it is the main one in the city, moderately wide, stretches along the entire length of Petrovac. The second beach is called Lucice, the distance to it is 5-10 minutes, it is more secluded, the pebbles are pell-mell with sand – with children to bathe here is more comfortable. There is even a small water slide for kids.

But, the depth on both beaches begins quickly enough, so parents should be vigilant and watch their children.

As for Petrovac in terms of active entertainment, they are almost absent. Therefore, this resort is absolutely not suitable for young people, especially if one of the main … read completely.

How much is a vacation?


Choosing Petrovac as their holiday, many reflect on how much will cost the trip itself, and how much should be taken with you to feel, at least no worse than others. So, reflecting on the rest, there can be two options, either to organize a holiday on their own, or contact a travel agency. Consider the two options in more detail.

To organize a holiday on their own.

These days it is absolutely not a problem, as many think. The most important condition is to reflect on this issue a little in advance, namely at the beginning of the year. It was at this time you can buy the most economical plane tickets. On average, the price will be about 10,000 rubles. And in early summer, the cost of all the same at times increased and will be already 20 000 rubles, and sometimes even more expensive. Once you book the plane tickets, you will need to choose a hotel or apartment, where you will stay for the rest. Hotels will be many times more expensive, as they tend to buy out tour operators, but the price for an apartment a day will depend on what time of the trip will be and how far it is located from the sea. On average, the price will be as follows: June – 40-50 euros per day, July 50-60 euros per day, August 70-80 euros per day, September 40-60 euros per day. Then you need a health insurance, as a rule it costs 1 euro per day, it’s not expensive. And the last thing you have to think about is transfer. You have two options, either use the cab service at the airport, 60 euros Podgorica-Petrovac, or go.

When it is better to have a rest in Petrovac?


The weather in Montenegro is almost the same along the entire coast, and the climate is everywhere Mediterranean. This means that summers are hot and virtually without precipitation, and winters are mild and rainy. All tourists begin to arrive to the beaches of Petrovac around the beginning of May, when the temperature of water and air reaches +20 degrees. At the same time, the bathing season lasts almost till the end of October.

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In the high season are the summer months, during which time all the beaches of Petrovac have the highest number of holidaymakers. During the peak season the air temperature reaches 30 degrees above zero, and the water temperature reaches 26 degrees above zero. In summertime it’s better to come to Petrovac only if you like heat and are going to spend most of your time on the beach, that is, swimming and sunbathing. But here to walk for example in August or July heat is very difficult. Or you can go at this time if you rent a car, or take a cab with air conditioning.

In periods like April-May month and then October-November, on the contrary, it’s best to take walks around the neighborhood. The water during this time is a little cool, but it doesn’t rain at all. And do not think that if in Petrovac there is nothing to see in general, so in the vicinity of the resort there are no sights – they are there in abundance.

In winter, of course, there are no tourists in Petrovac at all. There are in fact only people here… read completely…

Going on vacation with children


Petrovac – a very quiet and comfortable resort town of Montenegro, just at the right time will suit for a perfect and relaxing vacation with the kids. Not everywhere in this country are created so optimal conditions for this category of tourists. In Petrovac you can go with a child of any age, even with infants, as there is everything you need and there is no need to take a mountain of sundries from home.

Advantages of vacationing with children in Petrovac.

1. The availability of fine pebble beaches. One of the important moments when vacationing with children is the comfort of the beach. Sharp and coarse pebbles are not convenient for children’s feet, the more children love to play with sand. In Petrovac as much as two excellent beaches with a remarkable gentle approach to the water.

2. In the supermarkets you can buy everything you need for children. This is certainly very convenient, no need to drag a bunch of diapers and baby puree. Absolutely everything is in Petrovac, and the prices will be exactly the same as at home.

3. Climate. Petrovac is very green, there are always places to hide from the active sun. In general, the microclimate here is very mild and comfortable, even the hottest month – August is very easily tolerated.

4. A large number of restaurants and cafes with a children’s menu. In almost every institution you can ask the waiter to bring you a menu specifically designed for children. This is all kinds of chicken or fish cutlets, french fries, chicken soup and more. Of drinks, there is a large selection of delicious fruit cocktails. Along. read in full.

Useful Information


In Petrovac there is a medical center, which is a small station with doctors on duty, and of course you can get first aid here. But note that without insurance you will have to pay for a doctor’s appointment. Then there is a good dental office, which provides very good quality services for little money, if you need them.

And also in the resort there are three pharmacies – in the summer time from 7 am to 8 pm. It is nice that the pharmacists understand Russian quite well and if necessary can help you find vitamins, creams, ointments, or medicines according to the main active substance, in case they don’t know the name of the medicine you need.

There is also a private pediatrics clinic called “Doctorica Mica II”. There reception costs 30 euros, and the doctor also speaks good Russian. If you have paid in advance for travel insurance, then you can be calm – this doctor comes to the children for free.

Montenegro resorts. Where to have a better holiday

In Petrovac there are two information points for tourists. There you can register and immediately get a free map of the city. The first is near the bus station, and the second you will find in the building “Crvena Komuna”, but you have to enter from the end.

Then there are two chain supermarkets “VOLI”. There you will find everything you need – groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, groceries and everything you would find in a regular supermarket. There are also small grocery stores, but…

How to get there?


The nearest airports to the resort of Petrovac are those in Tivat and Podgorica. The closest to Petrovac is of course the airport in Tivat. You can get here from Moscow in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Tivat with the resort of Petrovac is separated only 37 kilometers, so that for about 50-70 minutes you can easily get there by bus or by cab. And the latter will take you to the hotel where you plan to stay in the resort town.

You can easily get to the resort of Petrovac by bus – they ply along the entire coast. That’s just the bus does not stop near the airport, so you will need to leave after you arrive and walk about 200 meters to the Adriatic Highway, or as it is also called – to Jadranka Way. And there you’ll have to wait for the bus, and keep in mind that in this case you don’t need to cross the road. As soon as you will see a passing bus with the sign on it, raise your hand, and it will stop.

Only be sure to ask the driver – whether this bus is really going to Petrovac, so that you are not taken away to another part of Montenegro. There are cases, that you may have to change your route in Budva. The bus ticket costs 6 euros and is usually paid by the conductor who comes to the passengers. You can also check the bus schedule on the official website.

If you are flying from Russia to Podgorica for some reason, in this case.

Food and Drink


In Petrovac there are a large number of restaurants and cafes, where you can eat tasty meals. The prices vary everywhere, there are more budget places, and there are places where you can manage to leave not a small amount of money. The cuisines here are absolutely different, but still most often you can meet the local and Italian, yes they are the most popular among the tourists. A couple of times I saw restaurants of Japanese cuisine serving sushi and rolls, surprisingly, such institutions were absolutely empty. In Petrovac they are in absolutely no demand among holidaymakers. Also I want to note that approximately 30% of the tourists, who live in apartments, cook by themselves, buying food in the supermarkets. These are usually families who came to vacation with children. But I did not notice particular savings in cooking, estimated the approximate amount of food purchased. Prices for food here are not cheap at all, it will be much more profitable to go to a cafe and eat there, not wasting your own time and energy on the preparation of food, especially on vacation.

Where you can eat in Petrovac.

1. Restaurant Sutjeska – located in the center of the promenade. As I noticed, this place is in great demand among tourists, in the evening it makes sense to reserve a table for yourself, otherwise you can stand in line waiting for a free seat. What I liked about it was the food. The food is very good, the cuisine is local and Italian. They especially know how to serve fish very well. Also, I want to note that Sutjeska has excellent service and very reasonable prices. The average bill for one person will be in … read in full

Tivat Airport: How to get there

What excursions in Petrovac are worth to visit?


The main advantage of this tour is that it is very easy to get to Petrovac as well as other resorts of Montenegro. During this tour you can see almost the entire territory of this country, which is why this tour is so unique and incredibly popular.

You can visit the largest lake in Europe – Skadar Lake, the ancient monastery Moraca, enjoy the beautiful mountains of Montenegro, visit the largest canyon in Europe – Tara River Canyon, to stand on the famous bridge Đurđević, and of course lastly visit the National Park Durmitor.

No less interesting tour is the one called “The Heart of Montenegro”. During it you can visit the ancient capital of this country the city of Cetinje, as well as the famous monastery of Cetinje. Then you will visit the picturesque village of Negushi, where you can taste the famous prsut – ham, and cottage cheese.

And of course if you want you can buy some delicious souvenirs to take home. Then you can admire the panorama of the Bay of Cocoanut. Also with a sightseeing tour you will visit cities such as Kotor and Perast, and then finish the tour with a boat trip on the Bay of Boko-Kotor.

Many tourists who have visited Montenegro believe that the best souvenir you can take from here is the local wine. If you go on a tour “Wine Roads of Montenegro”, you can learn a lot about the peculiarities of the local… read completely

Petrovac: the little pearl of the Budvan Riviera

Holidays in Petrovac

A seaside town with a beautiful promenade and cozy beaches is liked by those who like a quiet holiday by the sea. Find out what reviews tourists leave about Petrovac in Montenegro. We tell you about the best hotels, restaurants and interesting places.


Appearance of the resort

Its modern name was given to the town in the XX century, but its history goes back to the times of ancient Rome. Petrovac stretches on the shore of a beautiful bay 17 km from Budva. The picturesque resort is hidden in the greenery and stands out only for its red tiled roofs. There are pine forests, olive groves, citrus trees, vineyards and palm trees all around.

The beaches and chic promenade attract tourists. The new shady and wide promenade has music, cafes, cozy restaurants, tour bureaus.

The resort has a market, several bakeries where they bake delicious bread, and three supermarkets, where you can always find excellent cheeses and other products. Prices for accommodation in Petrovac are slightly higher than in Budva and Becici, but in 10-15 minutes walk from the sea you can find quite budget apartments.

Sweet-Lanka: “Petrovac made a very pleasant impression. It is ideal for a quiet rest for families with children and adult couples. But active young people will be bored here”.

Holidays in Petrovac

The picturesque resort is hidden in the greenery and stands out only with red tiled roofs. Photo: /

Tourists’ impression of the resort

Reviews left by tourists about Petrovac are generally positive. Vacationers like the quiet atmosphere, comfortable infrastructure, green surroundings and clean Adriatic Sea. Low hills protect the coast from the winds and a cozy horseshoe bay does not give out strong storms.

Olga S: “Petrovac is very nice and cozy, friendly people, good infrastructure. My favorite place for walks is the Path of Health. The pines, the sea, the air is fragrant! The rest was perfect.

Katerina: “In Petrovac the most beautiful promenade and perfect beaches! But in the season, of course, would not go because of the huge number of people, all lying on each other.

Prices for food in Montenegro in cafes and products - 2022

The best hotels

There are no 5* hotels at the resort and rarely all-inclusive deals. Most 3-4* hotels offer breakfasts or half board – breakfasts and dinners. Look for a hotel in Petrovac on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Petrovac, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

Villa Castio 3* – a neat guest house 200 meters from the sea. The family rooms with kitchenettes are convenient for relaxing and cooking. In high season a studio room for two costs from 22 €.

Vila Vukotić 3* – bright apartments with kitchenette, microwave and electric kettle. Guests are delighted with the large balcony and spacious green terrace. Room for two will cost 35 €.

Renome 3* – a cozy hotel with an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi 200 meters from the beach Lucica. Room for two with breakfast costs from 55 €.

Petrovac 4* is a popular hotel in the center of the spa town. There is a supermarket at 50 m and the road to the beach takes only 5-7 minutes. A double room costs 50 €.

Amfora 4* – the resort hotel welcomes guests with a seasonal pool and delicious breakfasts in the morning. The beach Lucica is 700 m away. A room for two people costs from 62 €.

Maslina 4* – a picturesque mansion surrounded by a lush garden. Tourists get a 10% discount in the restaurant, cafe-bar and pizzeria. A double room costs 110 €.

Petrovac beaches

The long municipal Petrovac Beach lies opposite the small rocky islands of Katic and Holy Week Sunday. It is sandy and pebbly, and the depth starts close to the shore. There are many cafes, restaurants and souvenir stores nearby, and supermarkets are a 5-minute walk away. Tourists are offered boat and boat trips to the islands.

In Petrovac the beach of Lucica is popular. Resorts like the cozy bay and easy entrance to the water. Many choose the wild sand and pebble beach Perazica Do plaža. There are not so many holidaymakers and the water is crystal clear.

gustova_69: “The beach in Petrovac, in my opinion, is one of the best in Montenegro. The clearest water is very beautiful blue, sometimes azure color. The views are amazing. On both sides are rocky mountains.

Svetlana: “The water is clean and warm, but the beaches are sandy-sandy. In my opinion, there are more cigarette butts than sand. There are apricot bones, ice cream sticks, and many other things on the beach at Luchitsa. All this is buried in the sand. The beach is overcrowded. If there is 10-15 cm between the towels, it’s fine. But more often than not, there isn’t. Your neighbor’s feet are literally on your head.”

Best Petrovac Beaches

The long municipal Petrovac Beach is sandy and pebbly, the depth starts close to the shore. Photo: elenasuvorova /

Cafes and restaurants

A lot of restaurants and cafes in Petrovac operate along the promenade. The average check for lunch for two is 20 €. A Pleskavica costs 7-8 €, a hamburger 1,5-3 €, a scoop of ice cream 1 €, and a cup of coffee 1,5-2 €. If you plan to cook yourself, buy food at the market and in supermarkets. Prices are approximately the same as in Moscow. For fresh seafood better come to the market opening – at 7-8 in the morning.

psenavax: “Restaurant Ambassador – very colourful, cosy, tasty! We decided we should definitely visit it and we didn’t regret it. The hotel is ideally located close to all the main attractions of the hotel and its surroundings. Good wine. Wonderful view if you are lucky enough to get a seat by the water.

Alexander P.: “Fat Boys Kafana is an inconspicuous place on the waterfront with excellent food and service. The owners are Turks, young guys. They come to Petrovac for the summer season. They love their business, which has the best effect on the quality of food and service. The tastiest stew, I did not expect that you can cook it like that”.

10 Best All Inclusive Hotels in Montenegro with its own beach

What are the prices in Petrovac

A lot of restaurants and cafes in Petrovac operate along the promenade. The average bill for dinner for two is 20 €. Photo: eugenesergeev /

What to see

Fans of sightseeing tourism are delighted with Petrovac. During the vacation it is interesting to see the historical monuments of Montenegro – ancient Roman mosaics, the Venetian fortress Kastello, the medieval churches of St. Elijah, St. Thomas and St. Vid. In the neighboring villages are the old Orthodox monastery Gradiste and the Church of the Holy Cross.

From the city beach, it is easy to get by boat to the islands of Katic and Sveti Nedeli. Fans of active recreation enjoy diving and snorkeling, boat and kayak trips are popular.

NIKKI: “We were very pleased that we chose Petrovac for our vacation. By the fortress of Kastello you can take a boat ride and enjoy the views of the coast.

Olkatraveller: “The Roman mosaic in Petrovac is an interesting romantic place, you can imagine the life of a rich Roman house. The scale of the ruins of the villa itself is striking – the house was large and rich”.

What to see in Petrovac

Fortress of Castello. Photo: /

Holidays with children

In reviews, families with children praise the comfortable beaches, mild warm climate, clean sea and good infrastructure. The resort has pharmacies, supermarkets sell baby food, and pediatricians at the local hospital understand Russian. According to reviews, the playground, which is located in the woods at the end of the beach Lucica, is ideal for holidays with the little ones.

Papajorika: “We were with a baby of 1 year and 4 months. Impressions are good. Advantages – cheaper than at home (Crimea, Kuban). Nature, the sea. Products (dairy, meat). I liked everything, there is a little “but” – dirt on the beach. People leave a lot of trash after themselves. Although there are garbage cans.

When it’s better to go

The beach season on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro begins in May and ends in early October. Most holidaymakers come in July and August. If you do not like the heat, plan your vacation in Petrovac in June or September. At the beginning and end of the season the beaches are much quieter and cleaner.

Victoria: “In June, the sea was amazing in terms of temperature, +25 ° C exactly, transparent and clean, did not get out neither adults nor children. The storm was once, we did not swim until the afternoon, but with delight we looked at the huge waves crashing on the rocks. After dinner, it calmed down, with pleasure, we rode and jumped in the waves. It’s hot in the afternoon, it’s uncomfortable outside.”

Travel Reviews for Petrovac

If you don’t like the heat, plan your vacation in Petrovac in June or September. Photo: /

Is it worth the trip

Petrovac is a seaside resort almost entirely tourist-oriented. One of the advantages of the Montenegrin town is the absence of the language barrier. It is not a problem if you know only Russian! You will be surely understood.

In the middle of summer life is boiling, on beaches it is difficult to find a free place, and out of season many cafes, restaurants and hotels do not work.

There is no active nightlife and entertainment centers for children in Petrovac. The nearest bars and discos are in Budva. Getting there is no problem, there are regular buses to the resort town, the fare costs 2 €.

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