Philippines: how long will it take to fly?

Flights from Moscow to Philippines from 19 540 ₽.

Aviaseils will find you the cheapest airfare Moscow – Philippines by comparing airfare to Philippines in 45 agencies, 5 booking systems, and 728 airlines. It’s up to you where to buy your flight tickets Moscow – Philippines.

It is worth noting that the direction Moscow – Philippines is most popular in January, February and March. During this period, the average airfare is 36,107 ₽ .

The most popular destinations on the Moscow – Philippines route are:

During the low season – June, July and August, airfare drops to an average of 35,732 ₽ .

Connecting flights from Moscow to the Philippines

The main option for a flight Moscow – Philippines (roundtrip) is a connecting flight. It costs from 13,383 ₽ to 27,665 ₽ .

The lowest fares for a connecting flight are offered by Emirates airline with a connection in Dubai. The ticket price is from 13,383 ₽ .

Also affordable and comfortable options are offered by the airlines:

  • Qatar Airways : Moscow – Manila with a connection in Doha at a price from 14,841 ₽
  • Aeroflot : Moscow – Manila with a connection in Bangkok at a price of ₽18,881
  • Cebu Pacific : Moscow – Manila with a connection in Dubai at a price from 19,067 ₽
  • Etihad Airways : Moscow – Manila with a connection to Abu Dhabi from 27,010 ₽
  • Gulf Air : Moscow – Manila with a connection in Manama at a price of from 27,665 ₽

Getting from Moscow to the Philippines with a connection can make the trip even more interesting, because the connection can be made in:

  • Dubai (Emirates Airline flight EK132 Moscow – Cebu, Cebu Pacific flight DP887 Moscow – Manila)
  • Almaty (Aeroflot flight KC876 Moscow – Cebu)
  • Guangzhou (flight CZ356 Moscow – Cebu by China Southern Airlines, flight SU220 Moscow – Manila by Aeroflot airlines)

This is a great chance to get acquainted with these cities, because the transfer time is usually not less than 6 hours.

How long is the flight to Moscow and how much does it cost?

Keep in mind that depending on the number of days remaining until your flight, the price of a Moscow-Philippines airfare can change by more than two times.

Aviaseils advises to buy airfare from Moscow – Philippines in advance, so you can choose your flight conditions based on your wishes and financial possibilities.

General information about the flight Moscow – Philippines

Distance between Moscow and Philippines: from 4848 to 6105 miles; Average flight time from Moscow to Philippines: from 0 min to 15h 53 min; Flight frequency from Moscow to Philippines: daily.

Airfare prices from Moscow to Philippines

Best ticket prices for Moscow – Philippines found by our visitors in the last 48 hours*:

Itinerary One way Round trip
Moscow – Manila 26.04.2021 01.09 – 20.09.2021
Moscow – Cebu 17.01.2021 01.09 – 20.09.2021
Moscow – Caticlan 18.09.2022 01.09 – 20.09.2021
Moscow – Davao 15.06.2021 18.09 – 25.09.2022
Moscow – Kalibo 18.09.2022 01.07 – 20.07.2021

* The prices, found by the users during the last 48 hours, are not offered.

The cheapest airfare from Moscow to Philippines, found by our users in the past 48 hours: Ticket from Moscow to Manila with Etihad Airways flight 26.04.2021 and cost 19 540 rubles .

The quickest ticket from Moscow to Philippines: Moscow – Manila with the next flight 12.09.2022 with duration 12h 40min.

Moscow airports with flights to Philippines:

The most popular airports serving Moscow – Philippines:

Philippines: how long will it take to fly?

We present information about flight time to Philippines: how many hours it takes to fly to Manila and Cebu from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other cities.

It is better to search for airline tickets on metasearch engines Skyscanner and Aviasails – there you can find the cheapest and fastest flights. Be sure to use the low-fare calendar to find the most budget-friendly option. Read also the instructions on how to look for cheap airline tickets and how to get to the Philippines cheaply.

How long is the flight to Vietnam?

How long is the flight to Philippines from Moscow?

From Moscow to Manila

How many hours it takes to fly to Philippines from Moscow? Average flight time with connections is 17-18 hours. There are no direct flights to the Philippines from Moscow, but there are many options with one or two transfers:

  • Thai Airways – the fastest option: 13 hours en route, one hour change in Bangkok;
  • Qatar Airways – from 15,5 hrs en route, change in Doha;
  • Etihad Airways – from 17 hours, change in Abu Dhabi;
  • Emirates – from 17.5 hours en route, change in Dubai;
  • Vietnam Airlines – from 19 hours en route, change in Ho Chi Minh City;
  • KLM – from 20 hours en route, change in Amsterdam;
  • Air China – from 24 hours en route, change in Beijing;
  • Korean Air – from 1 day and 9 hours en route, with a long layover in Seoul (from 21 hours).

There are also a large number of combined flights. You can deliberately choose a long layover to have time to see another city:

  • “Aeroflot + Philippine Airlines via Hong Kong (from 13 hours en route);
  • “Transaero + Philippine Airlines via Bangkok (almost 15 hours);
  • Etihad Airways + Philippine Airlines via Abu Dhabi (from 15 hours en route);
  • “Aeroflot + China Southern via Guangzhou (16 hours to go);
  • “Aeroflot + Emirates via Dubai (from 16.5 hours en route);
  • Air China + Philippine Airlines via Beijing (from 18 hours en route) and so on – lots of options.

Read also about prices in the Philippines and the wonderful island of Bantayan.

From Moscow to Cebu

From Moscow to the Philippines you can land at Mactan Cebu Airport in Cebu Province, a popular resort of the Philippines. There are flights with one or two planes, also there are many variants of combined flights. Korean Air from Moscow to the Philippines has one flight with one connection (from 22 hours, connection in Seoul), there is a large choice of flights with two connections.

How to fly to Barcelona - flight time

Possible combinations of Aeroflot with the following airlines (with one connection): All Nippon Airways via Tokyo (from 18 hours to go), Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong (from 18.5 hours to go), Asiana Airlines via Seoul (from 22.5 hours to go) and Philippine Airlines via Seoul (from 1 day and 10 hours to go).

Generally speaking, if you fly to the Philippines on your own and you need to get to Cebu, it is better to fly to Manila first, and from there get to the island by local airlines, because flights from Moscow to Cebu are much more expensive than flights to Manila. On our trip to the Philippines, we did just that.

how many hours to fly to the philippines

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Find out if you need a visa to the Philippines, how to get a long-term visa in Russia and other Asian countries, and how to extend it.

How long is the flight from St. Petersburg to the Philippines?

From St. Petersburg to Manila

The average flight time from St. Petersburg to Manila is 19-20 hours. The following airlines fly from St. Petersburg to the Philippines with one connection (travel time depends on the length of the connection):

  • Emirates – from 18.5 hours en route, connecting in Dubai (the fastest option, by the way);
  • KLM – from 20 hours en route, change in Amsterdam.

Much better chance to fly from the cold Northern Capital to the sunny Philippines with flights with two connections – there are many options:

  • “Aeroflot + Philippine Airlines – travel time from 16 hours, connections in Moscow and Hong Kong;
  • S7 (or Transaero/Aeroflot, optional) + Thai Airways – travel time from 16,5 hours, change in Moscow and Bangkok;
  • S7 + Finnair + Cathay Pacific – from 17 hours, transfer in Helsinki and Hong Kong;
  • S7 + Etihad Airways – from 19 hours en route, connections in Moscow and Abu Dhabi;
  • “Aeroflot + China Airlines – from 19,5 hours en route, connections in Vienna and Taipei;
  • S7 + Qatar Airways – from 20 hours en route, connections in Moscow and Doha, etc.
How long is the flight time to Thailand?

From St. Petersburg to Cebu

From the Northern Capital to the island of Cebu there are no direct flights, and even flights with one change. The minimum number of connections is 2. So how long is the flight to the Philippines from St. Petersburg?

The fastest way to get from St. Petersburg to Cebu is to fly on a combined flight of “Transaero” and Silkair with two connections – in Phuket and Singapore. Travel time is 18.5 hours. A little longer (20 hours) by another combined flight – Aeroflot + All Nippon Airways (connection in Moscow and Tokyo).

  • Uzbekistan Airways + Silkair – 20h 45min en route, change flights in Tashkent and Singapore;
  • Emirates + Cathay Pacific – from 21 hours en route, connections in Dubai and Hong Kong;
  • “Aeroflot + Cathay Pacific – from 21.5 hours en route, connections in Moscow and Hong Kong;
  • KLM + Korean Air – from 23.5 hours, transfer in Amsterdam and Seoul, and so on.

The situation with Cebu is the same as in Moscow: if your goal is to fly fast enough, but also as cheap as possible, it is better to fly to Manila, and from there local low-cost carriers to Cebu. Or take a ferry or shuttle service from your hotel.

flight time to the philippines

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From Novosibirsk to the Philippines

You can fly from Novosibirsk to the Philippines with one or more connections. There is a small selection of connecting flights with one connection. Take S7 + Air China (transfer in Beijing takes 22 and a half hours), China Southern (transfer in Xiamen takes 22 hours), Cathay Pacific (transfer in Hong Kong takes 14 hours) or Philippine Airlines via Hong Kong (transfer in Hong Kong takes 11 hours). Almost all flights from Novosibirsk to the Philippines with two connections are operated by the airlines listed above.

How many hours does it take to fly from Ekaterinburg to the Philippines?

It is possible to fly from Yekaterinburg to the Philippines with only two connections. How many hours will it take to fly? The quickest flight is 19 hours and 10 minutes (Gulf Air + Ural Airlines, change from Moscow and Manama). The flight by Azerbaijan Airlines + Etihad Airways via Baku and Doha will take you almost the same amount of time (19 hours and 30 minutes). A slightly longer flight by Aeroflot and Philippine Airlines (20 hours). From 21 hours you can fly with a combined Emirates and Transaero flights. In general, there are a lot of options for connecting flights, and the flight time depends on the length of the connection.

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