Pobeda airlines: passenger reviews

Passenger reviews of Pobeda Airlines

Pobeda airline

Can someone explain how can there be a HOTLINE? Maybe it is HOTLINE for the passengers to call and find out the problems at any time. This is nonsense. It defies any logic. No, there is logic, this company is a total fraud! You can cheat on flights and tickets, but the hotline. People call it in extreme cases, and here you have to pay for it. And since you’re asking here, you’ve already paid, and most likely you’ve lost. Conclusion:If the airline can not solve the problems of its passengers for FREE on the hotline, can you trust it. Definitely not. Do not believe me, call and see for yourself.

Scammers, any shenanigans for an extra fee. Making a ticket on the site without a choice of seats, you must register at the ticket office (in the 21st century). Waste of time and money. Taking advantage of being a damn monopoly.

This is what a terrible airline. We bought tickets from Krasnodar, hoping the airport would open, tickets were on sale. In the end, there was a message in the mail that the flight was canceled. But not a word about that I myself have to cancel the tickets (and then would have been based on the fact that I myself refused to fly). The money was waiting, no answer, no word. Called the hotline, spent 1500 rubles, the prices per minute are enormous, deliberately stalling. As a result, the feedback said that I had to cancel the ticket, and since I didn’t do it (airline answer: according to the rules of the airline, you have to cancel the ticket no later than 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Since the application was made after the end of check-in for the flight, a refund is not possible). What kind of nonsense is this? Why wasn’t it mentioned in the cancellation letter? Previously, the victory also canceled the flight and the money came to the card, no action on my part was not said or done. The airline just brazenly took our money (we were supposed to fly 5 people). What kind of lawlessness is this? Where to go, because it was not our fault, we would have flown. We also had to urgently buy new tickets from another airline at a higher price. It turns out that the airline does what it wants and how it wants to do it. Where can I go to get a refund for the cancelled flight?

We had a bad situation with the airline Pobeda. My husband mixed up the departure time with the arrival time. We arrived at the airport ahead of time (as we thought), and saw that our flight was leaving in 25 minutes. We run up to the check-in counter, asking what can we do? The girl at the counter is looking for our information, meanwhile my husband is running around carrying our suitcases! Check-in in advance, online, we were not given to pass on the website of the airline Pobeda, as we were with a dog. And then the most interesting thing begins, this girl cashier starts yelling at me, where your boarding pass, where the carrier for the dog, where the suitcases, etc., and all with such a lack of respect! I am a customer of the company, paid the full price for the ticket, luggage and the dog. Yes, we don’t absolve ourselves of the guilt of being late for the flight, but why such rudeness? The result of the whole situation was an empty airport, they let us on the flight, but we paid 7000 rubles extra for the luggage that we had already paid when buying the ticket on the airline’s website. And we carried the luggage to the boarding bridge ourselves. Unforgettable service and an unforgettable experience with the company! Just be kinder, this situation could happen to anyone!

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Had a connecting flight to Saint-Petersburg. On the 13th of August on Ekaterinburg-Moscow, Moscow-St. Petersburg flight, my husband and I were late for check-in by exactly 2 minutes. We were not allowed in, our tickets were burned out, and we bought new ones. Okay, that’s our fault, but we were hoping for some humanity…. But we had no idea that our return tickets for August 18th Saint-Petersburg-Moscow, Moscow-Ekaterinburg were also burnt out! When we came to check in August 18, the girl at the counter explained it to us, she, not the company! Yes you have there on the site if you look it all is written, BUT all without any notification, at least in the mail, or at least one employee would say, 24 thousand we just gave you? Yes, once we were late, force majeure happened on the road. Return tickets are not to blame. We’re sitting here long before check-in, looking for new tickets, we gotta get home somehow. Be glad you made it. Of course you don’t need it, you’re not interested in these problems. You do not care about the passengers, you kind of cheap tickets, although questionable. I’ll never fly by BYOBE again. I’ve flown just 2 times before and those weren’t great. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, it’s better to pay a couple thousand rubles more and be calm and healthy.

I recently accompanied my girlfriend to Moscow. The tickets were bought in advance and we were on time to check in, but 10 people, maybe even more, were not allowed on the plane. The money was paid, but we were unable to get on the plane. After the incident, all the representatives of the airline fled and all the claims shifted to the airport representatives that are unable to do anything.

Their reason for refusal allegedly we did not come to the registration on time, etc. But in fact the following happened. The airline as an insurance policy sells more tickets than they actually have, so they insure in case someone refuses a ticket and the plane will not fly full, but there was a small embarrassment and apparently no one refused the tickets and those who were the last to try to get on the plane, could not get on it because there were no seats. The airline wrote a waiver on the ticket because it was late, even though there was no such a delay and no one was going to refund the money. Yes in fact to hell with the money in the end it’s a little gain, but what to do with nerves at such moments. If you have any plans, important meetings or just a person who doesn’t like such situations. Pobeda Airlines showed the worst side, they screwed up and got away with it. They came up with a good fraudulent scheme and just screwed people.

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To summarize. Never buy tickets for “Pobeda” no matter how much they cost, because there’s a high probability that you’ll fall under their fraud. Save your nerves and pay a little extra for a ticket with a more reliable company, and you’ll get to where you need to fly more confidently.

Good day to you all! I flew to Ulyanovsk with Pobeda many times, everything was fine! This time I bought tickets for my mom, while the flight was moved for 5 hours from 9 am to 2 pm (the company sent an SMS), and on the day of arrival in general it turned out that the flight was moved a day. And no SMS information about this situation! Moreover, coming to the airport all staff of the company in one voice said that the flight left at 11-30. The employees of the company POBEDA at Pulkovo airport are incompetent, they sit in the check-in and say that the flight left! And I sent from one to another. I had to run around to find out what was going on with the flight.

I join the huge army of disgruntled passengers. Ryanair is probably the worst airline in the world. Although Ryanair is not far from them, where I asked for water on the bottom of the glass, to drink my medicine, it was refused, because everything is paid for. ((( Who’s to say: (I haven’t flown Pobeda for a long time) Is there a charge for breathing in the cabin, or do you have to pay? The company’s management reads the reviews, don’t you think? I’m not even talking about the Minister of Transport. and who invented such a monstrosity, where people become cattle for a few hours. ((( Personal account does not work((( The boorishness starts at the registration desk and, as I noticed, at all airports in Russia. In Minnye Vody, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Krasnodar, and everywhere else they are rude, both on the ground and in flight. Where do they find such monstrous employees? (( Although, the country is huge and it will not be difficult to find several hundred employees for the company, I think. They do find similar employees for “Pyatnickel” ((( The only good thing about this company, as I noticed in one of the comments, is the crew in the cockpit. Kudos to them. They just happened to get into this incomprehensible company. I don’t think they’re getting much in the way of pay.

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They had to create such a misunderstanding, didn’t they? There was a cool airline back in the day – the low-cost airline Avianova! That was a real low-cost company. But they squeezed it out of the market. And this is a very expensive company. To take the last penny from the poor. Burn in hell, …Trouble! A miscarriage of Aeroflot

Apart from the pilots there is nothing good about this airline. I chose a paid seat, the money was deducted, but the seat did not change. To change my seat again you have to pay again. Another thing to talk about is the call center, how can this be? All operators are busy and you have to pay 64 rubles per minute for the message that the conversation is being recorded. Paying to solve the problems that the company itself creates – for example, could not register children on the flight online not enough information – is absurd. I will never use this airline again.

Hello! What are you such a non-serious airline! I bought tickets for the June 10th flight DP 416 Chelyabinsk – Moscow and back on the flight DP413 Moscow – Chelyabinsk. I paid 9198.00. But due to illness I could not fly. I sent a registered letter to the airline in Moscow, with all the documents attached. But there was neither a refund nor an answer to the letter. And I am disabled person of the 3rd group and I do not have such money to give them. I was going to Moscow for a pre-operative check-up with a maxillofacial surgeon, not to relax! I will definitely not use your company again and tell everyone what a shameless airline you are!

Pobeda airlines reviews

And at the same time can be an extremely profitable airline for the passenger. But to do that, you have to learn the rules of the game: their paranoia about overweight or large carry-on luggage that won’t fit through the validator at boarding. Or about the fare groups that are the best.

I often have to fly across the country by air for my job. And when flying, the airline plays no small role for me. One of the most unfortunate in my experience was the company “Pobeda”. It should be said right off the bat that Pobeda is a low-cost carrier.

I flew with the Pobeda lowcoster several times in the pre-Victorian era. My route was Moscow-Memmingen, which is in Germany, in Bavaria. And once I flew from Moscow to Karlovy Vary. I had mixed impressions. What can I say about the pluses? 1) I couldn’t.

Pobeda Airlines is quite young, it is a low-cost airline, which, in my opinion, is good for short flights during business trips, for example. A low-cost low-cost airline implies low ticket prices. The low cost is achieved because it’s not in.

You should have seen the eyes of an acquaintance of mine who once flew on a Pobeda plane and almost crashed. It’s been a few years now, and he still recalls that miserable day with dread. And the thing is that the plane started to “storm” a lot.

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Lowcoster is an interesting concept in air travel, but like many things in Russia this concept has blurred boundaries. Pobeda Airlines is essentially the only low-cost airline in our country. But still specifically low prices for flights they have kr.

The airline Pobeda Left me with positive impressions. The cabin, although it was cramped, but clean. Sometimes it was a little cold on the flight, but not critical. The staff were kind and smiling. The pilot even joked a few times. The positive sides: .

Hi all. I had to fly with Pobeda, too. How did it feel? Nervous. Was very nervous and when I bought tickets for an end name (three pieces) – well that myself was not very smart. Then tried to get through to customer service – no answer. This .

We once happened to fly from Chelyabinsk to Sochi. I, my husband and a child of three and a half. As usual, the cheapest tickets were at Pobeda. Of course, with a lot of reservations. If, say, you want to choose a seat, you have to pay extra. If you want to take your luggage with you.

I have flown with Pobeda several times in the last three years, flying from Astrakhan to Moscow and Moscow to Astrakhan. The planes themselves are generally in good condition, from the pluses: I flew, never once fell down, the flight attendants are polite, the pilots are good, the budget price for bi.

I usually fly Aeroflot for business trips, but here and paid by my work office. But sometimes I have to choose a flight for personal purposes and other means of transportation. So, several times my husband and I had to resort to the services of airlines.

I first used Pobeda airline five years ago. In our region it successfully competes with UTair, S7, and its parent company Aeroflot. The main criterion that provides a competitive advantage is the cost of the p.

During the week I needed an urgent business trip to Moscow for a couple of days. Since it was a short stay, I took advantage of the airline “Pobeda” Of course it won in terms of price! It was only three thousand round-trip tickets from Krasnodar to Moscow to Krasnodar.

When I first flew with this company, for some reason I had an association with an old Soviet car, the Pobeda. Just as old, with minimal convenience for drivers and passengers, as this company. I only flew for a couple of hours, but especially.

I’ve only recently had the pleasure of meeting Pobeda Airlines. Although I mostly travel by train/bus, I recently had to deal with things pretty quickly. So I had to buy airline tickets. The company I chose was Pobeda.

I will not praise or scold Pobeda Airlines. It is necessary that you know a few things about the organization where you are going to buy tickets. This is a company that gives away its services cheaply, but those services only include transportation. Meals.

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Good day to the readers! I do not fly very often, more often on business trips flies my spouse. But I know that business travelers often buy tickets from more credible companies. (from the words of my spouse) I have flown several times in a fairly short period of time.

Disadvantages: On the whole, no. But it is necessary to carefully study the rules and if they are satisfied, then all will be well.

So far I have only flown with Pobeda three times: once to Europe and back, and once to Russia. I have the most positive impressions from all my flights. New pleasant planes, everything is prompt and friendly. And the prices, of course. More than pleasant! And in Russia.

Good afternoon, friends! Pobeda airlines is a subsidiary of Aeroflot. I had to fly with this airline three months ago to visit my relatives. I flew from Moscow to Astrakhan. It was my first flight. I hope it won`t be my last! I will use Pobeda. Everything .

I became acquainted with the airline “Pobeda” quite a long time ago, probably about five years ago. And since then I’ve been a regular customer. I like this company in many ways. Today in my post I want to tell you about my experience flying with Pobeda.

I’m glad to welcome everyone on my page! Today I want to tell you about the airline “Pobeda” and share with you my opinion about it. I want to first say something good – this airline has the cheapest tickets, much lower than on P.

Have to fly very often, and so I want all my flights to be cheaper. In this regard, personally for me the most profitable airline is “Pobeda”. It’s very economical. There are also minuses in that the price of the ticket includes only.

When flying within Russia, I personally find Pobeda the most convenient, because I don’t want to overpay nearly twice as much for flights, the planes are no worse, the same, everything is comfortable, there is enough space, we fit in normally. Baggage for an extra fee, but now made such a section.

Due to life circumstances, I sometimes have to fly by airplane. Before each trip, the question arises: what airline to use. Most often the most budget and the most convenient time of arrival is a priority.

I’ve flown several times with “Pobeda” airline. I heard about the company from my friends, and they told me everything negative. I tried it myself just for fun. And, you know, it’s not so bad. The first thing I was pleased with was the use of the device.

Disadvantages: small hand luggage, you can not change seats in the cabin, high prices for additional services, small flight delays

I really like to travel around Russia and the world and try to do it as often as possible. This year I was lucky enough to travel to several Russian cities and resorts before the period of self-isolation and closed borders, as well as to visit three foreign countries: Spain, Po.

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