Port El Kantaoui: Tourist reviews and prices for holidays – 2022

Port El Kantaoui – Tourist reviews

Reviews about Port El Kantaoui based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Tunisia) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Port El Kantaoui is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Port El Kantaoui is a small town in Tunisia on the Mediterranean coast. It is located a few kilometers from the more famous tourist resort, the city of Sousse. Port El Kantaoui is not as famous as its neighbor and I think for nothing, because the town is small but beautiful, with green golf courses, its own port and a bright amusement park. Although, maybe its lack of familiarity with the wide range of holidaymakers is for the best, because it is quiet here, there is no fuss and you can feel your unity with the world. It is the absence of huge crowds of tourists Port El Kantaoui is considered a prestigious resort.

Green golf courses Outside the hotel is not afraid to go out – you will not be pestered by the local sellers of souvenirs and entertainment. Although here, as in other cities in Tunisia, there are certainly plenty of souvenir shops and stores where you can stroll around and buy memorable gifts. And if you suddenly get madly bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take a bus or a cab and go to Sousse. In Sousse you and the local “prastavaki” and a lot of stores, where you can haggle, and market with all its charms. But I will not dwell on it, because today my story about hospitable and comfortable Port El Kantaoui.


As I said before, Port El Kantaoui is considered an elite resort. Therefore, there are mostly four and five-star hotels. There are also three-star hotels, but they are quite few. We chose the all-inclusive five-star hotel El Mouradi Palace for our vacation. And we have never regretted it, because El Mouradi is a spacious hotel on the beachfront with a huge area, neat rooms, a chic restaurant, two bars, hookah bar, a large swimming pool for adults and a small one for children, a tennis court, a beautiful sandy beach and friendly staff. By the way, the fine golden sand here can boast not only privy beaches, but also public, indicating that they care here not only about tourists. On the beach, by the way, you can find more active entertainment than just lying in the sand. Here is available and riding bananas, bunnies and even a parachute flight over the sea.

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Hotel El Mouradi Palace

Hotel staff, guides and salespeople in the stores mostly speak a little Russian, at least they understand. But the situation with the language is worse than, for example, in Turkey or Egypt, where Russian is almost a second mother tongue. This is due to the fact that Tunisia opened its gates to travelers relatively recently. Although, if you know at least a little English / French, to communicate with the locals will not be a problem for you.


What to do here besides the rest and entertainment that is in your hotel? Of course, if you, like most tourists, come here on a trip, tour operator will certainly offer you a bunch of different excursions. Here and a romantic trip to the Sahara with a visit to the shooting locations of “Star Wars” and meeting the dawn in the desert. Here and a trip for history lovers to the ancient city of Carthage and much more. The tour operator will also offer some free trips for promotional purposes, such as a local cosmetics store. We chose Carthage. In addition to visiting the ancient city, this tour also includes a trip to Hammamet and the beautiful white and blue city of Sidi Bou Said.

Excursion to Carthage.

Many people praise the Sahara. But we decided not in its favor, since the excursion is two days, and the Sahara I had already visited from the Egyptian side. Carthage smells like history, despite the fact that only a bathhouse, a toilet and a brothel remain among the ruins. Walking between the stone walls of the once functioning bathhouse, you feel as if you are touching something majestic and monumental. Sidi Bou Said is remembered for its narrow streets, white and blue buildings and wonderful view of the sea. And Hammamet – the crowds of tourists, the bustle of the big city and shopping. By the way, you should be careful and keep all things in sight, and remove the jewelry – local thieves are just trying to steal from the visitors.

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Let’s return to Port El Kantaoui, because in addition to excursions outside the city, there is something to do in the city itself. As I mentioned before, there is a port in the city. There tourists are offered rides on private yachts or a small pirate ship – it all depends on your preferences.

Near the port there are singing fountains, where small performances take place in the evenings. And just behind the fountains is an amusement park. This park is considered one of the best in Tunisia, it includes attractions for both children and adults. Here you can take rides or just have a good time walking in the evening along the glowing paths of the park.

In Port El Kantaoui travelers have the opportunity to join a sport such as golf. And also ride the water rides of the water park, but we, unfortunately, were not there, so I will not tell you anything about it.

In the evening, vacationers can have a drink or two in the famous all-Western network of bars Hard Rock Café near the city center. There is live music at the weekend.


At the end of my story I would like to point out what to take from Port El Kantaoui besides magnets and other souvenirs. Of course, first and foremost, it is olives and everything associated with them – everything here is natural and reasonably priced. Olives are grown here and there are whole plantations of them near the city. Secondly, it’s cosmetics made of sea clay and cactus. I also recommend the life-giving oil of black pepper seeds, it is said to be a cure for all ills.

As for food, it is, of course, the fruit of the cactus Opuntia. But just buy them and do not try to collect them yourself, because then a lot of prickles on your hands are guaranteed. And for lovers of strong alcohol, I advise to try the local vodka Buha. However, since Tunisia is a Muslim country, alcohol is sold here only in one place – the state chain General.

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Opuntia Fruits.

Port el Kantaoui is a prestigious and expensive resort in Tunisia

Reviews of Port el Kantaoui

The beautiful marina, 10 km from Sousse, is one of the centers of luxury holidays on the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the best hotels and beaches in Port El Kantaoui. Reviews and tips on holidays and activities in the resort of Tunisia.


Tourist reviews of Port El Kantaoui.

The picturesque suburb of Sousse is called differently – Port el Kantaoui and el Kantaoui. A large artificial harbor and marinas for yachts began to be built in 1979 to promote tourism in Tunisia. Today Port el Kantaoui is a stylish silhouette of modern ships, original singing fountains, great hotels, water park, golf courses, amusement rides and relaxed resort atmosphere. However, the reviews of tourists write that because of the large port and a high tourist load, the sea in Port El Kantaoui is not the cleanest in Tunisia.

Svetlost-svet: “A good place for walking and shopping. In the daytime you can take a tour by boat. In the evening – to sit in one of the cafes.

Marina Morskaya: “There is a charm both during the day and at night. A small but well-organized area with traditional Tunisian streets, courtyards and buildings, fortress gates, numerous souvenir stores and restaurants.

Reviews of Port El Kantaoui

Yachts in Port El Kantaoui. Photo: Jorge Franganillo / wikimedia.org / CC BY 2.0.

Best Hotels in Port El Kantaoui

The hotels of the resort are some of the best in Tunisia. Excellent service, comfortable rooms, elite thalassotherapy centers, golf courses and equestrian clubs. Search for tours in Port el Kantaoui on Online Tours and Travelata.

The best Port El Kantaoui hotels in 2022, according to traveler reviews:

Kanta Port Kantaoui 3* is a comfortable hotel 300 meters from the resort’s beach. During high season a double room costs from $49. Find tour “

El Mouradi Club Selima 3* – A wonderful hotel on the beach with three outdoor swimming pools. Room for two with breakfast costs from $ 54. Find tour “

El Mouradi Club Kantaoui 4* – a hotel for a comfortable, but not too expensive vacation. Double room or bungalow cost from $44. Find tour “

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Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Port El Kantaoui 4* is a cozy hotel with a large thalassotherapy center and seawater pools. A double room with breakfast costs from $114. Find tour “

Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa Hotel 4* is a beach hotel 300m from El Kantaoui Golf Club. A room for two costs from $104. Find tour “

Marhaba Palace 5* is a stylish beachfront hotel, 200m from the marina. A double room costs from $114.

Iberostar Selection Diar El Andalus 5* is a luxury chain hotel with a spa, pools, sauna and tennis courts. For a room for two with breakfast you’ll pay from $175. Find tour “

El Cantawy Beaches.

The coastline of Port El Kantaoui is quite wide. The beaches are covered with fine, light-colored sand and are never crowded. Tourists use umbrellas from the sun, sun beds, eat in the coastal cafes, and in the evenings spend time in discos. On the eastern coast of Tunisia storms are less frequent than in the northern resorts of the country. When big waves rise, tourists swim in the pools.

Mikhail M: “The sea water pool is always a great help when there are waves or jellyfish. This time there were jellyfish for a couple of days after the storm.”

Beaches of Port El Kantaoui

The beach at the resort in high season. Photo: mcaretaker / wikimedia.org / CC BY 2.0.

Excursions and activities

Port El Kantaoui is a young resort, so there are no historical landmarks here. Vacationers play golf, spend time at the singing fountains, visit the Caraibe Casino and have fun at the amusement park.

From the port you can go on an interesting boat trip and an amusing journey with the animators on the “pirate” ship. Many people like diving and trips on a boat with a transparent bottom.

According to reviews, excursions to Monastir, ancient Carthage, the resorts of Hammamet and Sousse, the white-blue city of Sidi Bou Said and tours to the Sahara are popular from Port El Kantaoui. During the two-day trip you will meet the sunrise and see the places where the “Star Wars” movie was filmed.

Olga Mamontova: “In the evening, vacationers can have a drink or two at the famous Hard Rock Café bar chain near the city center. There’s live music at weekends.

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Holidays in Port El Kantaoui

The fortress gate of Port El Kantaoui. Photo: Jorge Franganillo / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Holidays with children

All 4-5* hotels in Port El Kantaoui willingly accept families with children. Parents love the clean shallow pools and animation. For entertainment in the resort there is a large water park Aqua Palace and a modern amusement park. If you want more, go to nearby Sousse!

Svetlost-svet: “Hannibal Park is a nice park with rides for children of all ages. The prices are affordable. The sun is shining in the evening and the lights in the park are really nice. It’s a great place to have a good time.

When best to go

It’s always warm in Port el Kantaoui – the air temperature never drops below +10 ° C. Spring and autumn are ideal for sightseeing. Beach activities begin in May and end in late October.

The hottest months are July and August. At the height of summer, the air gets up to +31 … +35 ° C and the water in the Mediterranean Sea gets up to +26 … +28 ° C. If you do not want to get burnt by the burning African sun, choose June or September to rest in Port El Kantaoui. See when it’s better to holiday in Tunisia.

Inessa Veltova: “In June the Mediterranean Sea gets up to +24 ° C and is suitable for long swims. Wear summer clothes, because the temperature rarely drops below 25 ° C.”

Holidays with children in Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui in November. Photo: Gary Henderson / wikimedia.org / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Conclusions: should you go to Port El Kantaoui

El Kantaoui is considered a prestigious resort. Nowhere else on the Tunisian coast is there such a modern marina for yachts. According to tourist reviews, Port El Kantaoui has excellent infrastructure, great shopping and sea entertainment, but prices are higher than in Hammamet or Sousse. Find out how much money to take in Tunisia.

The environmental situation leaves much to be desired. The coast is heavily built up with hotels, and because of this the coastal dunes are destroyed. The sea water is also not too clean, so the beach vacation at the resort cannot be called elite.

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