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How much does it cost to go to Berlin?

cost of a trip to berlin

Find out how much it costs to go to Berlin in 2022: how much does it cost to fly, stay in a hotel, and take public transportation? Also, find out the price of food in cafes, groceries in stores, attractions and clothing.

Germany does not yet accept tourists from Russia, but some are successfully making their way through other European countries. Take a look at the list of open countries. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.

The capital of Germany is an expensive, but attractive for many tourists city. We have studied the main items of expenditure and concluded that a trip to Berlin is quite inexpensive if you plan the budget wisely.

Exchange rate: 1 euro ≈ 57 RUB.


Ticket prices to Berlin

Ticket prices to Berlin are traditionally kept rather low. The capital of Germany is one of the most inexpensive destinations from Russia to Europe.

Don’t forget about insurance! Book it at or Cherehapa.

The cheapest tickets to Berlin are usually from Moscow: round-trip tickets from 8200 rubles (by S7 airline with no baggage allowance or by airBaltic with connection in Riga). Tickets for Aeroflot flights will cost three or four thousand rubles more.

It’s slightly more expensive to fly to Berlin from St. Petersburg. AirBaltic airline tickets cost from 9-10 thousand rubles – the flight is changed in Riga. The cost of tickets for direct flights is only slightly higher – from 11000 rubles (for example, from the airline “Russia”).

You can get tickets to Berlin for under 15 thousand rubles from Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Krasnodar, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa (flight connections).

Look for cheap tickets on Aviasails – it compares prices of all airlines. Read also how to look for cheap airline tickets.

Food prices in Berlin – 2022

The real German food is primarily the traditional sausages “drowned” in the local beer. Many tourists come to Berlin just to visit the world famous three-day beer festival. Every year he meets more than 800 thousand lovers of beer drink. No less large-scale beer festivals are held in Munich and Augsburg.

What to try in Berlin

Sausages and sausages from Germany are found around the corner. Particularly popular are the so-called curry sausages (or currywurst), which sell for more than 800 million a year in Germany. They start at €2 a serving. Currywurst is also the filling of the famous Berlin shawarma, which also costs from 2€.

Turkish and Asian cuisine is quite common here. Prices in Berlin for such food range from 2-4 € per serving. Some prefer Turkish lamb minced meat with herbs, others prefer fried Thai grasshoppers. Either way, these places are really inexpensive to eat in.

In Berlin, the prices of food offered in cafes and restaurants specializing in national cuisine are quite high. Nevertheless, if you are one of the travelers who are on the hunt for traditional dishes, then do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of German cuisine.

Meat is the basis of German cuisine, so we advise you to try the pork knuckle (Eisbein), which is considered a real delicacy. For a side dish it is better to take a traditional potato salad. If you find it hard to choose what to try first, order Berliner Allerlei – almost all dishes of national German cuisine at once. The name translates as “All that you eat in Berlin”. On one huge plate served fries, currywursts, pork burger, sauerkraut, baked pork, chopped pork and pea pudding.

Germany: Self-Drive

German pastries deserve special attention. In Berlin, there are many coffee shops, bakeries and pastry shops, which sell their own products. Among the most popular are Schwarzwald, a multi-layered cake with chocolate and cherries, and Rote Grütze, a traditional German berry treat, which resembles jam served with ice cream.

food prices in berlin

(Photo: Nathan Laurell / / licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)

Prices in cafes and restaurants

To make it clear what the prices of food in Berlin are, we’ve listed the approximate cost of eating out in cafes and restaurants:

Prices in cafes in Berlin:

  • breakfast – 5€;
  • lunch – 10€;
  • dinner – 20 €.

Prices in Berlin’s restaurants:

  • breakfast – 8€;
  • Lunch – 16€;
  • dinner – 28 €.

We did not include drinks in the price. Of course, the cheapest option is a glass of water at 1,35€. Other drinks will cost more: a bottle (0,33) of Coke or Pepsi – 1,66 €; classic cappuccino – 2,40 €; local beer (0,5 l) – 3 €; imported beer (0,33 l) – 3 €. Discover the best restaurants in Berlin.

Berlin’s grocery prices

To plan your trip according to your budget, you should know how much to spend on food. Most travelers agree that food in Berlin in 2022 is cheaper than in Russia.

  • Milk (1 l) – 0,69 €;
  • A loaf of white bread (500g) – 1,23€;
  • Eggs (12 eggs) – 1,83 €
  • chicken breasts (1 kg) – 6,61€;
  • tomatoes (1 kg) – 2,22€
  • potatoes (1 kg) – 1,27€
  • onions (1 kg) – 1,18€
  • bananas (1 kg) – 1,63 €
  • apples (1 kg) – 1,92 €
  • oranges (1 kg) – 2,21 €.

how to go to berlin cheap

(Photo: RiekePhotography / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Hotel prices in Berlin in 2022

Lodging in the German capital is quite expensive. It is cheaper to stay in hostels, where the price of a place in a shared room will be from 1100 rubles per night. For this amount can be settled in the two-star hostel All In Hostel.

The following options we give, based on the “stardom” of the hotels and the presence of the following criteria:

  • low cost;
  • high tourist assessment;
  • positive reviews.

Prices are for two people per night and are current at the time of publication.

A double room in a 3 star hotel will cost from 2300 rubles, like for example in the hotel A&O Berlin Kolumbus.

The price of a room at a four star hotel starts at 2,900 rubles. You can stay at the City Hotel Berlin East for that price.

Staying at a five-star hotel will cost from 5100 rubles (for example, at Dormero Hotel Berlin Ku’damm).

We also recommend you check the prices of hotels, inns, and hostels in Berlin with Rumguru – it finds the best options among several booking systems.

Prices for attractions in Berlin

Look for interesting tours on Tripster. The most popular selections are the best tours in Berlin.

We are celebrating New Year's Eve 2023 in Germany: Berlin and Munich

The German capital has many memorable and historical sites that you can visit for free. In addition, thanks to the convenient and competent layout of the German streets, you just need to look at the map once and never reach for it again. Without paying a euro, you can see the famous Berlin Wall, visit the Brandenburg Gate. Climbing the Reichstag dome is also free, but requires pre-registration on the website, preferably 2 months in advance. Either way, don’t miss out on a couple of fee-paying attractions: Madame Tussauds (€20 per ticket), Berlin Zoo (€13 for adults, €6.50 for children) or the Berlin TV Tower (€13 per ticket).

how much does it cost to go to berlin

(Photo: 23gxg – George Nutulescu / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Clothing prices in Berlin

Germany is known for the impeccable quality of things. The prices are oriented to different budgets. If you are on sale or promotions, you can buy clothes that will last quite a long time. By the way, in August, there is an annual week of discounts, so shopaholics can run around the stores in plenty. Similar promotions take place during New Year’s holidays. Here are some examples of clothes prices in Berlin:

  • Shirts from €5;
  • Sweatshirts from 10€;
  • Jeans from 15€;
  • Jackets from 15€;
  • jackets from 40 €.

Many tourists also advise to visit the two-storey clothing store at Alexanderplatz, the city’s central square.

Berlin transport

Public transport in Berlin is the subway, buses, streetcars, trains and ferries. Fares in the German capital are determined by the zones you pass:

  • A – central area;
  • B – the rest of the city;
  • C – suburbs and nearby cities.

Based on the zones, the price list for one or another type of public transport is formed:

  • AB: full – 2.70€; children – 1.70€;
  • BC: full – 3,00 €; for children – 2,10 €;
  • ABC: full – 3,30 €; for children 2,40 €.

For more details on fares, routes and passes, visit the official website of the Berlin Transport Association.

Cabs in the German capital are not cheap, as in Europe as a whole. The price is as follows:

  • boarding – 3,40 €;
  • Up to 7 km – 1,8 € for 1 km;
  • more than 7 km – 1,3 € per 1 km;
  • One hour of waiting time – 25€ (downtime in traffic also counts).

Tour prices in Berlin in 2022

The cost of tours to Berlin starts from 30 thousand rubles. For this amount provides accommodation in an eight-bed hostel room. Tours to Berlin for 5 nights with a more comfortable stay in a double room at a three-star hotel will cost from 36 thousand, for 4 nights – from 32 thousand.

Last minute tours at the best prices we always find on the service Travelata – it compares the proposals of 120 tour operators and therefore can find the best option. You can buy a trip online, which is very convenient.

Prices for tours in Berlin from Moscow for 5 days

How much does a trip to Berlin cost

What is the minimum cost of a trip to the capital of Germany for two for 5 days? To calculate it, let’s add up the cost of the flight, accommodation, food and city transport.

  • Round trip airfare from Moscow is 16400 rubles for two people.
  • Insurance: from 500 rubles for two people. Buy insurance →
  • Accommodation in a three-star hotel – 2300 rubles for two people per night, that is 11500 rubles for 5 days.
  • Three meals a day for two people: breakfast at a cafe – 10 €, lunch at a fast-food place – 4 €, dinner at a cheap cafe – 40 €. The price for two people per day is about 54 €, i.e. 270 € for 5 days.
  • The transport for two per day for two people is 10,8 € or 54 € for 5 days.
Where to stay in Berlin: 9 options from 50 €

Therefore, the approximate price of a budget five-day trip for two to Berlin would be 50500 rubles. As you can see, the biggest part of the expenses is food. If you want to save money, you can abandon the dinners in cafes in favor of more budget establishments – it will significantly reduce the cost.

The cost of a trip to Berlin, prices for food, lodging, tickets and more

Prices in Berlin for recreation


How much does it cost to travel to Berlin on your own for 3 days or a week’s vacation? Let’s break down the financial component of the trip and consider the prices of all necessary items, learn where to save money and buy airline tickets, find hotels with discounts, take fascinating excursions with a Russian guide, where to eat delicious and inexpensive.

Cities of old Europe in its tourist attraction is little inferior to the leading resort areas with beaches. And the cultural program and educational opportunities far surpass them. Travel to the capital of Germany offers a lot of favorable opportunities, but you need to know how to implement them, especially if the trip is organized by your own forces.

Airfare to Berlin

This point – the cost of plane tickets to Berlin – is key for any tourist. The simplest option, with a return the next day, can cost 19535 rubles. That’s the fare offered by S7 Airlines, which organizes departures from Domodedovo with a connection via Pulkovo to Tegel Airport. The same company in combination with “UTair” can offer a more expensive option – 21200 rubles for the same route. Total travel time will be 10 hours and 35 minutes.

These options at the time of publication, we found on the Aviasales website, which we constantly use for every trip. Perhaps on your dates the flight will be even cheaper, thanks to the search engine looking for the best flight options among all airlines.

Fans of the “fast ride” will have to pay 56,000 rubles for a flight by Aeroflot for 2 hours and 45 minutes from Sheremetyevo. A combination of Swiss and German national carriers will be able to offer different prices for a trip to Berlin in 2022. They will charge 35600 and for that amount will take a passenger 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Hotel Prices in Berlin

Tours to Berlin from Moscow with a flight

The fee for rent depends greatly on what class of service is demanded by tourists. On average, for 16 euros you can get a bed in a room for 8 people. But this option is either for the most frugal, or for incorrigible romantics. To stay in a double room in the hostel of the mass category will turn out for 46 euros, and rent the same room in a specialized hotel of medium-range will cost 80-85 euros.

Noticeably cheaper (about 50) will cost to rent a simple apartment. When calculating how much it costs to go to Berlin, lovers of comfortable leisure should take into account the cost of renting an apartment – from 600 euros per month. Including the cost of utilities. On average you have to spend 120 – 140 euros, plus another 20 – 35 for Internet connection. Offers of private accommodation should be considered on a long trip to Berlin.

Berlin's 8 Best Restaurants

In some cases you can save a lot of money on discounts and promotions that are offered by most hotels, these options are advantageous to look for during the period of declining influx of tourists to the German capital.

The cost of a trip to Berlin for two

Options for tours of budget and not too modest category in the capital of Germany are more than enough. The cost of a trip to Berlin for two people is determined by both the level of the hotel and the duration of the visit to the city. The minimum rates start now (spring 2022) from 50000 rubles for 3 – 7 days of the visit.

This money allows you to count on a flight, transfers, a basic package of medical insurance, meeting at the airport upon arrival and hotel services contractually defined class, which is already not bad compared to an independent trip.

Food and meal prices

Regardless of the desire to save money, any traveler will invariably have a line on food expenses. As anywhere in the world, fees can vary greatly. For example, an inexpensive cafe frequented by Berliners will cost an average of 11 euros, while tourist restaurants raise the fee at least twice as much for the same meals.

Speaking about how much it costs to eat in Berlin in cafes and restaurants, it is impossible not to mention the combo set in McDonald’s (with a portion of medium size), which costs 6.5 euros. You will have to pay about 2.5 euros for a cup of coffee.

Buying products by yourself is quite acceptable in terms of prices. So, non-carbonated water of 0,5 liter is sold for 78 euro cents and wine of the same volume is sold for about 4 euros. The price for a liter of milk is 84 cents. Bread (0.5 kg) costs 1.3, tomatoes (1 kg) – 2.64, potatoes – 1.11 euros. To buy a chicken is possible only for 5,5 euros, but a dozen eggs will cost up to one and a half.

Prices for a trip to Berlin

How much it costs to go to Berlin

Prices for tours in Berlin

It is unlikely that someone will limit arriving in Germany, visiting restaurants and cafes, and then returning back. Therefore, after finding out the prices for food in Berlin, it is worth dealing with payment for the use of excursion programs. A lot depends on the characteristics of a particular destination, of course. For example, a hike of two hours in the New Museum for a company of 1 to 10 people will cost 88 euros.

A car trip “on the footsteps of Stirlitz” will cost at least 230 euros, depending on the number of simultaneous applications. Those wishing to see the main sights of the city, available on foot, will have to pay 60 euros for 5 hours. A three-hour trip to Frederick the Second Castle will require paying between 20 and 60 euros. From 170 will cost car travel with a comparison of the atmosphere of the Eastern and Western parts of the German capital.

The cost of transport

The cost of renting a car in Berlin per day ranges from 20 to 50 euros. For each liter of gasoline you will need to pay another 1.4 euros on average. Going on a trip in public transport, you have to pay for a single ride will cost 2.71 euros, a monthly pass will cost from 44 to 80 euros. A cab ride in the city will cost from 6 to 25 euros. Thrifty vacationers rent a bicycle, but they, too, will have to pay from 12 euros on average.

Berlin Airport: how to get to the city center

The cost of a trip to Berlin for two people

The cost of a trip to Berlin for a week

An independent tour to Berlin from Moscow with a flight its main component has, of course, airfare. Taking the average cost of a flight of 25,000 rubles, you will need to purchase a trip by cab or bus.

Let the hotel is not far, and it will cost 8 euros. Prices in Berlin for food, though sparing relatively, but more or less satisfying meal will cost 50 euros for two people, or 350 euros for a week. But the hotel does not take its guests for nothing, and even renting a room in a hostel (less comfortable conditions are hardly worth considering) will require the same amount.

Having ordered a pair of excursions, on the average, will need to spend for them another 150 – 200 euros. Total, not counting the additional costs, a trip to the German capital from Moscow for a week for two would entail costs around 20 – 25 thousand rubles for the flight and about 900 – 1100 euros to stay in town.

It is important to take into account the smaller nuances. For example, a single ticket can be used only 2 hours after purchase. With this document it is allowed to transfer, but it is forbidden to ride on circular routes or to return to the point of departure. Children up to five years of age can ride on any public transport in Berlin (except cabs) at no extra charge.

The day pass, which costs 7 – 8 euros, allows you to travel around the city from the time of purchase until 3 a.m. the next day. Weekly passes are sold from 30 to 37 euros (depending on the area covered). For active bus travelers it can be a bargain, but you need to watch specific routes and the nuances of travel. By taking the 100th route bus, it is possible to look out the window at all the key notable places in Berlin for the price of a standardized city trip.

Wishing to save money on food, it is still worth trying the sausage karrivurst, which has become a symbol of the modern (postwar) development of German cuisine. Such a dish costs from 2 to 3 euros. Save money to pay for life you can, staying in budget apartments category Ferienwohnungen – they take 15 – 30 euros per day per guest. It’s not so expensive, but quite acceptable in terms of quality of services.

Important: there are associations that offer free sightseeing tours of the city. You will only have to carefully choose the date and time of such outputs (they are appointed in advance) and accordingly plan your trip.

And by the way, if you travel independently, be sure to use the travel applications on your smartphone, which will save time planning vacation and money.

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