Prices in Georgia for food and groceries – 2022

Prices in Georgia in 2022: food, tours, rent

Looking for information on prices in Georgia in 2022? We tell you about vacation prices in Batumi and Tbilisi – 2022: prices for food in cafes and stores, excursions, transportation, rent.

At the end of the article we summarize and explain when a vacation in Georgia is cheapest.

All prices are given at the time of publication and may change in the future.

Exchange rate of Georgian lari to Russian ruble:

  • 1 lari = 25 roubles
  • 1 dollar = 2,66 lari

Russians don’t need a visa to Georgia. But there are many more destinations in the list of visa-free countries – read our special material Where Russians don’t need a visa in 2022.

How much does it cost to fly

In 2022, airfares to Georgia are virtually unchanged throughout the year.

The cheapest tickets can be purchased in May, June, September and October: the cost of a flight Moscow – Batumi – Moscow is 11500 rubles.

In any other month the ticket price ranges from 12000 to 14000 rubles.

Prices for food in Georgia in 2022

How much does it cost to have lunch in a restaurant

In an ordinary inexpensive restaurant in Georgia you can eat for 10 lari (234 rubles). The cost of a three-course lunch for two people is about 40 lari (935 rubles).

McDonalds combo-dinner costs around 27 lari (640 rubles).

Approximate prices for drinks at restaurants in Georgia in 2022:

Drink Price in GEL Price in rubles
Local beer (0,5 l) 1,83 47 ₽
Imported beer (0,33 l) 2 51 ₽
Cup of cappuccino 2 51 ₽
Can of Pepsi / Coke (0,33 l) 1,20 31 ₽
Water (0.33 l) 0,45 12 ₽

Here is, for example, information about the prices at one of the best cafes in Batumi (according to tourist reviews) – Cafe Adjara:

  • assorted kebabs – 49.5 lari (1268 rubles)
  • grilled vegetables – 7 lari (179 rubles)
  • salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and basil – 5 lari (128 rubles)
  • mushroom soup / borscht / chihirtma – 6 lari (154 rubles)
  • assorted Adjarian dishes – 25 lari (640 rubles)

To see the full version of the menu, visit the official Cafe website.

Food Prices in Georgia

Photo: khachapuri © sunriseOdyssey /

Prices in supermarkets and stores – 2022

For those who have the desire and ability to cook on their own, it will be cheaper to buy products in Georgian supermarkets :

Name Price in GEL Price in rubles
Milk, 1 liter 1,4 36 ₽
Fresh bread, 500 grams 0,83 21 ₽
Rice (1 kg) 2 51 ₽
Eggs (12 pieces) 3,39 87 ₽
Cheese (1 kg) 6,8 174 ₽
Chicken fillet (1 kg) 9 230 ₽
Bottle of water (1.5 liters) 1,07 27 ₽
Local beer (0,5 l) 1,2 30 ₽
Imported beer (0,33 l) 1,5 38 ₽
Marlboro cigarettes 3 77 ₽
Tomatoes (1 kg) 1,2 30 ₽
Potatoes (1 kg) 0,7 18 ₽
Onions (1 kg) 1 25 ₽

A video with prices in a supermarket in Tbilisi:

Alcohol prices

Liquor in supermarkets and stores in Georgia is always cheaper than in cafes and restaurants.

The cost of alcohol in a Georgian supermarket:

  • beer (1 liter) – from 2.5 to 7 lari (64-179 rubles)
  • local draft beer (1 liter) – 2 GEL (51 rubles)
  • vodka – from 20 to 60 GEL (512-1536 rubles)
  • bottle of regular dry wine – 3 to 4 GEL (76-102 rubles)
  • A bottle of Kindzmarauli – 12-15 lari (307-384 rubles)

Liquor prices in Georgian cafes and restaurants for 2022:

  • bottle of “Mtsvane” – 15 lari (384 rubles)
  • bottle of “Kindzmarauli” – 30 lari (768 rubles)
  • a mug of beer “Hells Lager” – 11 lari (280 rubles)
  • a bottle of champagne – 117 GEL (3000 rubles)

Fruit price

Approximate prices for fruit in popular Georgian supermarkets (Carrefour, Goodwill, Spar):

Name Price in GEL (per 1 kg) Price in rubles
Apples 2,4 61 ₽
Bananas 3,0 76 ₽
Oranges 2,5 64 ₽
Pomegranates 4,0 102 ₽
Grapefruits 4,5 115 ₽
Grapes 2,0 51₽
Watermelon 0,6 16 ₽

Clothing Prices

If you’re looking for quality, brand name clothing, it’s best to head to local shopping centers (in Tbilisi, for example, East Point and Tbilisi Mall are worth a visit).

The cost of clothes in shopping centers in Georgia is approximately as follows:

  • T-shirts and T-shirts – 20-40 lari (512-1020 rubles)
  • Levis jeans or something similar – 70 lari (1800 rubles)
  • Nike, Reebok or Adidas sneakers – 80 lari (2050 rubles)
  • light summer dresses – 30-80 lari (768-2050 rubles)

Similar, but not branded goods can be bought cheaply in markets – for example, in Tbilisi it is Lilo Mall or Desert market.

Holidays in Georgia in July 2022. Weather and prices

Clothing Worth in Georgia

Photo: stores in Tbilisi © DDohler /

Excursions and entertainment in Georgia


Prices for popular excursions in 2022:

  • Tbilisi sightseeing tour – from 5€ (order →)
  • Excursion from Tbilisi to Kazbek – from 18 € for a group tour, from 104 € for an individual tour for a group (order →)
  • 1-day tour to Kakheti – from 23 €/person for a group tour and from 85 € for an individual tour for a group (order →)
  • Tours “Churches and temples of Batumi”, “Peter-Tsikhidziri Fortress” and “Green cape. Green Cape Botanical Garden” – from 60 lari (1540 rubles)
  • Picnic on the bank of a mountain river in Tkhilnari – 96 lari (2460 rubles)
  • Excursions in mountainous Adjara:
    • “Wine tasting” – 120 lari (3070 rubles)
    • Visit to Green Lake – 314 lari (8040 rubles)

    On a note: it is convenient to find and book tours in Georgia through Tripster and Sputnik8 services.


    The cost of visiting Batumi sights in 2022:

    • Batumi cable car – 15 lari (358 rubles), children’s ticket – 5 lari (118 rubles)
    • May 6 Park – tickets for attractions from 0,5 to 1 lari (14-26 rubles)
    • Batumi Dolphinarium – 15 lari (358 rubles), swimming with dolphins – 150 lari (3580 rubles)
    • mini zoo – 2 lari (51 rubles), some animals may be seen for free
    • Batumi Water Park – 25-30 lari (640-770 rubles), depending on the month

    Transport and rent

    It is convenient to move within cities by buses, shuttles, subway, cab.

    It is better to get from one Georgian city to another by plane, but you can also use trains or order a transfer. An alternative option is to rent a car and see all the interesting places by yourself.

    Busses and minibuses

    The most popular way to travel in Georgia is a minibus, and there are a huge number of them in every city. There are also intercity minibuses.

    To the pluses of this method of travel is a relative cheapness – 5-20 GEL, and also the fact that the buses are often enough and never overcrowded. That is, as many seats as there are – as many people will go.

    The disadvantages are aggressive driving style of Georgian drivers and absence of timetable: if there are enough passengers, the minibus will leave earlier (or later, if there is too little).

    Tickets cannot be purchased in advance; the driver pays for the ride at the time of boarding.

    But in Georgia, there is a company called Georgian Bus, on whose website you can buy tickets online (there is also a bus schedule). Ride prices are about the same as for private buses.


    There is no unified system in Georgia that controls the cost of the trip – each time you will negotiate the price directly with the cab driver.

    The alternative is to pre-book a transfer through Kiwitaxi. In this case you will know the exact price for the entire trip, you will not be cheated and will get to the right place.

    Approximate cost of cabs and transfers between cities:

      – from 6000-7000 rubles – from 4200-5400 rubles


    The subway is a budget and convenient way to move within the city: the ticket price is 0,5 lari (12 rubles).


    If you don’t want to spend hours in a minibus you can get to another city by train or by train – the same price, but the train is more comfortable.

    Ticket prices depend on the class of carriage. For example, the cost of a train ticket from Tbilisi to Batumi

    • first class – 26 GEL
    • second class – 19 lari

    You can also save by train – for example, there is an electric train from Batumi to Kutaisi, the ticket for which costs only 2 GEL, while you would pay 10 GEL by minibus.

    Food Prices in Georgia Rent Transportation

    Photo: Tbilisi Metro train © Beniamin Netan /

    Renting a car

    At any airport and major city in Georgia, you can rent a car of the desired class:

    • Mini cars – from 28 euros per day
    • Economy class – from 30 euros per day
    • off-road cars – from 47 euros per day
    • mini-vans – from 145 euros per day

    The average cost of gasoline in Georgia as of January 2022 – 0.79 euros per liter.

    Terms and conditions of renting a car and the nuances of driving are described in our article Car Rental in Georgia.


    If the cities are far from each other, it is more convenient to get by plane. Tickets for domestic flights are inexpensive. Approximate prices can be found on the Aviasales website:

      – from 1800 rubles

    Tip: You can buy tickets for buses, trains, concerts, events, and more at . To select Russian, click on the inscription “Geo” in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Hotel prices in Georgia – 2022

    Hotels and Inns

    In 2022, the cost of living in an inexpensive hotel (2-3 stars) is about 2,000 rubles. For example, in a popular among travelers Adjara Hotel (3 stars) in Batumi a standard double room costs 1,985 rubles per night.

    Prices for accommodation in a 4-star hotel in 2022 range from 2,500 to 5,600 rubles. For example, in Batumi World Palace a standard room costs 5,580 rubles per night, while in the no less popular Legacy Hotel prices are more democratic – from 2,570 rubles per night.

    For 5-star hotels in Georgia, the average cost of accommodation is 10,000 rubles per night. In the Divan Suites Batumi a standard room costs 6,730 rubles per night, but in the Hilton Batumi already 14,000 rubles.

    How to find a cheap accommodation in Georgia? If you want to find a cheap accommodation in Georgia, look for hotels on Booking website, and for private apartments and lodgings directly from owners – through Airbnb (you can get a 2100 ruble discount for the first booking if you register at the link).

    Housing Prices in Georgia

    Photo: Ambassadori Hotel © DDohler /

    Private Sector

    For those who prefer to vacation in Georgia in the private sector, it will be useful to know the prices for accommodation. The cost of apartments and apartments from locals starts from 3000 rubles per day. You can also rent a private room with unlimited access to the kitchen and bathroom – it costs 1000-3000 rubles.

    Try comparing prices on Airbnb – you can often find good apartments there for a low price.

    Long-term rentals

    If you plan to stay in the country for 2-4 weeks or more, it makes sense to rent an apartment from locals.

    A nice apartment in the center of Tbilisi will cost you about 30,000 rubles per month. The same apartment, but a little further from the center costs about 23000 rubles.

    If you are not too worried about the condition of the apartment you can find options for 15,000-17,000 rubles per month (both on the edge and in the center).

    The cost of the tours to Georgia from Moscow

    Standard tours

    In 2022 the usual tour to Georgia for 7 nights with a flight and accommodation in a 2-3 star hotel costs from 42,000 to 45,000 rubles for two (if you fly to rest in mid-July). However, hotels with good reviews of tourists are usually more expensive – around 55000-80000 rubles for two people. For example, a vacation at the Irise Hotel in Batumi (3 stars, 900 meters to the sea) will cost 73000 rubles for two people.

    How to buy a cheap trip? It’s easy to do with the help of Travelata and services. They both compare the cost of tours in all major tour operators, find the most inexpensive options and allow you to buy them online.

    If you prefer to vacation in Georgia in hotels 4-5 stars, the cost of the tour will increase to 60000-120000 rubles. For example, tourists leave good reviews about the Sheraton Batumi Hotel (5 stars, 50 meters to the sea, first line). A tour for two people with a flight from Moscow in July costs 107000 rubles.

    A tour to Georgia with the same conditions, but with accommodation in the Era Palace Hotel (4 stars, 700 meters to the sea) costs 74600 rubles.

    Flight from Moscow to Georgia prices

    Image: the cost of tours to the Sheraton Hotel in Batumi

    All Inclusive Tours

    As of 2022, Georgia’s tourism industry is underdeveloped, so there are only two hotels offering all-inclusive holidays.

    Both are located in Batumi near the sea:

      , 4 stars – the cost of tours for two with a flight from Moscow from 145000 rubles, 5 stars – prices from 119000 for two people.

    Discounted Tours

    Sometimes there are burning tours to Georgia – the cost of such tours in 2022 can be lower by 20-30% the usual price.

    Such tours usually appear a few days or weeks before departure, so if you are planning a trip to Georgia in advance, do not wait for the last minute tour.

    However, it is always better to check the availability of low prices before booking:

    When is the cheapest time in Georgia?

    Summer is traditionally considered a high season, so the prices for accommodation and entertainment go up.

    The lowest prices for holidays in Georgia are in late spring (April-May) and early fall (September-October). A good option is to go to Georgia in September, when the weather is warm, but the cost of recreation is already lower than in summer.

    Food in Georgia: what to try and how much it costs

    Georgia is a country with a rich history, culture and traditions. It is known throughout the world for its hospitality. According to the old proverb, every guest is a gift from God. The poetry of the country celebrates hospitality even more than courage and bravery. Generosity and hospitality of the locals can be felt everywhere: on the guests, in the streets, markets and even beaches. And what is a reception without a feast?

    The cuisine and wine of this country is simply delicious, they make you return here again and again, and local culinary traditions are famous among many nations. And at the same time, the cost of food in Georgia is quite democratic.

    In our article we will tell you about the Georgian cuisine, as well as what the food prices should count on during your vacation and what to try in Georgia from the food.


    food in georgia: what to try and what it costs

    What to Try in Georgia

    The local cuisine is characterized by a huge number of snacks. As a rule, a traditional lunch or dinner can last for several hours. Be sure to try the appetizers, but don’t get carried away, because this is only the very beginning of the meal and there are many more appetizing dishes waiting for you. Here are some appetizer options:

    • pkhali – balls of vegetables with nuts and spices;
    • lobio – nourishing snack made of beans;
    • Khashlama – boiled meat with spices.

    The appetizers are prepared with spices, spices and nuts. By the way, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds are widely used in many dishes.

    And also Georgia is famous for its cheese of the brine type. In traditional cuisine cheese is often used not as a snack, but as one of the main components in prepared dishes. It is also often used as a filling for baked goods. The most famous pastry with cheese filling is undoubtedly khachapuri.

    From appetizers, we move on to first courses. The most popular of them:

    • kharcho – a rich, thick soup made of beef with tomatoes and spices;
    • Chihirtma – soup with chicken broth and egg;
    • khashi – very thick meat soup which is served only in the morning to eliminate the results of the last night’s feast.

    The second course is prepared from meat, sometimes with the addition of vegetables. Absolutely all of them have a unique, special flavor thanks to the addition of spices and herbs such as chopped suneli, coriander, tarragon, basil and svan salt.

    The most famous Georgian dish is shashlik. It can be cooked from lamb, turkey, veal, sturgeon. In addition, be sure to try:

    • chakapuli – lamb stewed with spices;
    • chahohbili – turkey and vegetable stew
    • satsivi: chicken stewed in a thick sauce made of walnuts, saffron, cinnamon, and spices;
    • hinkali – a kind of dumplings;
    • kuchmachi, a traditional dish of by-products.

    Traditional desserts are made mostly of nuts and grape juice. It is definitely worth buying churchella. It’s better to buy it not in tourist stores, but at market places or from grannies in the streets. A good churchella is made only of fresh nuts, it is viscous, elastic, without a white coating.

    food in georgia: what to try and what it costs photo 2

    The most famous and popular drink of Georgia is wine, which has long been prepared according to ancient recipes. There are many legends and traditions about it. The impression of the trip will be incomplete if you do not taste the local wines. Here are some of the most delicious and world famous:

    • Hvanchkara – a red semi-sweet wine made from two varieties of grapes;
    • kindzmarauli – red semisweet;
    • saperavi – red dry wine from the same grape variety;
    • rkatsiteli – white wine from the grapes of the same name;
    • tsinandali – white dry wine;
    • “Alazan Valley” – white semi-dry wine from grapes of the Alazan valley.

    Noteworthy of non-alcoholic drinks is medicinal mineral water. In addition to Borjomi, there are no less useful “Sairme” and “Bakuriani”. Natural lemonades with different tastes: tarkhun, lemon and grapes are sold in the streets. Often there are stalls selling fresh and healthy pomegranate juice.

    Food Prices in Georgia 2022

    Food prices in Georgia are relatively low. Most of the goods in supermarkets and stores are imported. The only exceptions are local wines, mineral water, tea and fruit. It is worth noting that prices in different supermarkets and stores can vary greatly.

    Below are indicative prices in Georgia for products in local currency, GEL:

    Buckwheat 800 г 6,89
    Rice 800 г 6,15
    Pasta 400 г from 3
    Oatmeal 420 г 3,60
    Vegetable oil 1 л from 8
    Butter 250 г from 2
    Pickled cucumbers 720 г 6,45
    Milk 1 л 2,4
    Sour cream 800 ml 6
    Kefir 1 л 4,75
    Yogurt 100 г 1,4
    Cheese 1 kg from 10
    Eggs 10 pcs. from 4,8
    Frozen chicken fillet 1 kg from 15
    Chilled chicken 1 kg 9,9
    Chilled beef 1 kg 17,90
    Thighs 1 kg from 8,50
    Sausages 500 г from 9,50
    Tomatoes 1 kg from 5
    Cucumbers 1 kg from 5
    Young potatoes 1 kg from 5
    Potatoes 1 kg from 1.55
    Georgian garlic 250 г 0,86
    Onions 1 kg from 1
    Bananas 1 kg from 4,15
    Oranges 1 kg from 3,5
    Lemons 1 kg from 2,9
    Apples 1 kg from 1.95
    Pomegranates 1 kg 4,45
    Kiwi 1 kg from 4
    Mandarins 1 kg from 4
    Pears 500 г from 2,99
    Strawberries, cherries 1 kg 4
    Plums 1 kg from 1.3
    Grapes 1 kg from 4
    Water 6 л 3,65
    Mineral water 1 л 1,3
    Juices 1 л from 4,75
    Lemonade 1 л from 2,1
    Tea 250 г from 2,7
    Coffee 100 г about 4
    Bread loaf about 1
    Lavash 1 pc. 0,8
    Cookies 100 г from 1
    Ice cream 100 г from 0,6
    Wine 0,75 л from 7

    * Prices for fruits and vegetables can vary depending on the season

    Prices in Cafes and Restaurants 2022

    In Georgia is quite developed sphere of catering, in cities and resort towns there are many cafes and restaurants that are designed for every taste and purse. In small towns the cost of food is much lower than in the resorts. And in the resorts the golden rule: the further from the center or from the seafront – the lower prices.

    Almost in all popular catering establishments additional 10-15% for service, maintenance and live music.

    But in small cafes, far from the tourist paths, it is not customary to include the service charge, so the tip is left to your discretion.

    Pay attention to places where locals prefer to eat: in such places you will try delicious traditional cuisine, spending much less money. Often, however, there are translation difficulties: the staff may not speak Russian or English, and the menu is written exclusively in Georgian.

    food in georgia: what to try and how much does it cost photo 3

    The average bill in an inexpensive cafe is 25-30 GEL for two. Here are approximate prices in Georgian restaurants:

    • kharcho – 4-5 lari;
    • chihirtma – from 7 lari
    • ojakhuri (roast meat and potatoes) – 10-20 GEL;
    • shashlik – 10-19 lari;
    • potatoes or rice – 2-5 GEL
    • Vegetable salad – from 5 GEL
    • Caesar salad – from 9 GEL
    • khinkali (1 piece) – 0,5-1 lari
    • khachapuri – 10-19 lari
    • roasted or grilled trout – 10 lari
    • pkhali, beef stroganoff – 6-8 lari
    • lemonade (0,5 l) – 3 GEL
    • wine (1 bottle) – 20-40 GEL
    • homemade wine – 6-20 GEL;
    • A glass of wine – 5-11 GEL;
    • bottled beer – from 5 GEL;
    • draft beer – 3 to 7 GEL per 0,5 l;
    • chacha – 15-21 GEL for 0,2liters;
    • Tea, coffee – from 2 GEL.

    And if you are planning to have dinner in one of the prestigious restaurants, for example in Tbilisi, the prices for food will be much higher. In them the average bill will be from 100 GEL for two with wine.

    Street food in Georgia

    Many tourists note that service in cafes and restaurants in this country is very slow. So if you don’t have time for a long lunch or dinner, it’s better to buy some of the food in a stall on the street or look into a fast food restaurant.

    So, what you can buy from the food on the streets of the cities:

    • khachapuri – 1-2 lari;
    • khinkali – 0,5-1 lari;
    • puffins, flatbread, pastries and other pastries – 0,4-1 GEL;
    • hamburger – 1,5 lari
    • grilled chicken – 2,5-7 lari.

    Mini-bakeries sell delicious pastries:

    • Ajarian khachapuri – 6 lari;
    • achma – 2,5 lari
    • lobiani – 1,5 lari;
    • kubdari (pie with meat) – 2 lari
    • flatbread – 1 lari;
    • baklava, pastry – from 0,5 lari.

    Baby food in Georgia

    When traveling with your baby in this wonderful country, it is important to know a few things about baby food. Any supermarket or pharmacy offers all the familiar range of baby food, purees, juices and instant porridge.

    food in georgia: what to try and how much does it cost photos 4

    A good selection of baby food is offered by pharmacies Aversi and Tsida. They often have various promotions and sales.

    However, when planning your budget, keep in mind that the prices for baby food are quite high:

    • Nestle porridge – 6.25-7.85 GEL;
    • Hipp formula – 18,9-21,5 GEL;
    • Bellakt” milk formula – 7 GEL;
    • Agusha” fruit puree – 4 lari;
    • meat puree (200 g) – 8-10 lari.

    We should pay attention to the fact that it’s rather problematic to find instant milkless porridge. As a rule, they are represented by Nestle.

    In pharmacies and supermarkets you will be offered a wide choice of Nestle, Heinz, Semper, Malyutka, Bellact, Hipp, etc. milk instant porridge. Sometimes there are products of Baia Food, Ltd Zestafoni, which produces baby porridge very fine grinding. True, you need a kitchen to prepare them.

    Note that the local stores sell only pasteurized milk with a long shelf life. Fresh milk can be found in the markets, sometimes only by reservation.

    Even if you expect to buy baby food in stores, it is still worth taking a small stock of products, at least for the first time. Agree, it is not very convenient to run to the stores immediately after arrival.

    There may be some difficulty with the selection of food in cafes and restaurants for kids who are already eating at a common table, especially if kids are not used to seasoning. The fact is that the food in Georgia is quite spicy and spicy.

    There is still a way out: any cafe offers boiled rice, mashed potatoes. To this side dish you can order a poultry kebab, vegetable salad, stew or vegetables. If your little gourmands like dumplings, offer them kinkali – a hearty and inexpensive dish. Khinkali can be not only with meat, but also with mushrooms, potatoes, and cheese.

    Even the most fastidious children usually like Georgian pastries. They eat khachapuri, kubdari, baklava and various buns with great pleasure. Little sweet tooth will surely appreciate the traditional desserts, which are made mainly from nuts and grape juice, such as churchela.

    As for drinks, buy lemonade. There is a huge selection of them in different flavors: tarkhun, lemon, grapes and other berries and fruits. Often there are trays where they sell fresh, thick and very useful pomegranate juice. If a child likes dairy products, buy matsoni, a drink that somewhat resembles kefir.

    Georgia is one of the countries that has not yet adopted a law banning smoking in public places. When planning to eat somewhere with children, take this fact into account and reserve a table in a non-smoking room.

    Be sure to delight children with ripe seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are sold at markets, in small stores and on street stalls. Typically, supermarkets sell imported fruits and vegetables, which cost somewhat higher.

    Locals are very good to young children. Often they can give you something to eat: candy, nuts or churchella, without even asking the parents if it’s okay for the baby. This is a tradition of hospitality, but parents of allergic children need to be on their guard.

    Supermarkets, stores, markets

    Supermarkets in Georgia, as in all civilized countries, are everywhere. The only exceptions are small villages or settlements. If we talk about the main chain supermarkets, then pay attention to Ori Nabidji (it is considered to have the lowest prices, on the other hand – the stores are not very large, so the range may be limited), small and convenient Nikora, French chain Carrefour with large area stores, a wide selection and democratic prices.

    Another supermarket chain present in Georgia is Spar. They are larger than the Ori Nabigi, a little more expensive, boasting a good selection of delicacies, cheeses and smoked meats.

    But hypermarkets Agrohab, operating in Tbilisi, Batumi and Vake, will please you with a huge selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheeses, wines, ready meals. Prices here are a little more expensive than in the aforementioned supermarkets, but the quality is always on top.

    food in georgia: what to try and how much does it cost photo 5

    Local supermarkets have specially equipped places where you can eat what you just bought.

    Large cities usually have several markets. For example, in Tbilisi there are about two dozen of them. The most popular one is Desertirskiy. Because of its convenient location near the station, it is the most famous and most visited. This market is open every day except Mondays from 7.00 to 17.00.

    If you want to enjoy shopping at the market and feel the local color, then follow some simple rules:

    • Be sure to take a moment to talk to the vendors;
    • walk around the rows, look at other products, try the fruit offered;
    • Haggle, do not agree to the initial price right away. This is a feature of all Oriental bazaars;
    • Count the change right after the purchase.

    We hope that this article was useful for planning your trip budget, and that it helped you figure out how much food costs in Georgia. Kidspassage wishes you a pleasant vacation and more great experiences!

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