Private sector in Abkhazia. Prices – 2022. How to choose.

Private sector in Abkhazia in 2022: the choice of housing and prices

Inexpensive accommodation in the private sector of Abkhazia is rented all year round, but is especially in demand during the summer months, when tourists come to relax by the sea. Housing options in Abkhazia without intermediaries are rooms in private houses, apartments, home mini-hotels and guest houses; an apartment, house or cottage entirely.

Prices on the rental market in Abkhazia depend on the popularity of the resort, the size and general condition of the chosen object, the list of amenities, remoteness from the sea.

Pier in Sukhum © Masha Malinovskaya

Lodging in the private sector of Abkhazia without intermediaries

To have a rest in Abkhazia by yourself (or “savage” in the old fashion) is quite simple: there is no language barrier, and the private sector remains the main resort accommodation, occupying the niche of the most affordable accommodation for holidaymakers.

During the season from June to September accommodation for private sector residents of Abkhazia is one of the key sources of income, and some ads are valid in the low season.

There are scammers on the market of holiday accommodation in sunny Abkhazia, offering to pay in advance without any written guarantees or renting accommodation of dubious quality.

To protect yourself from the fraudulent intermediaries and unscrupulous owners, consider the option of safe booking – through major sites such as and

On you can find not only classic hotels, but also “domestic” varieties of resort accommodation: rooms in private guest houses and mini-hotels, some houses and apartments / apartments. In Abkhazia the share of vacation property occupied by vacationers in the private sector is stably high. Through constantly lets up to 500 such properties.

Before booking it is recommended to look reviews of other tenants and carefully examine the terms of booking and withdrawal of funds from the attached bank card.

More “people’s” housing without intermediaries in the private sector of Abkhazia can be found on In the base prevail apartments and rooms with a minimum of appliances and furniture. Such objects are chosen by families with children and tourists for whom home comfort and the possibility to prepare their own food are important.

In turn, the service, as well as, guarantees the financial security of transactions with the owners and provides an opportunity to read the true feedback.

With the help of you can find more than 3500 offers of accommodation from the owners.

Prices in the private sector of Abkhazia in 2022

You can rent cheap accommodation in the private sector of Abkhazia all the year round, although there are seasonal spikes and drops in prices.

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Thus, in May and June, when holidaymakers are still few, competitors willingly offer discounts so that their housing is not idle. Season-opening tourists are met by locals at train stations and central bus stops. You can find the cheapest apartments online starting from 400 rubles per day and modest apartments up to 1200 rubles per day.

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In July prices in the private sector of Abkhazia are already at a resort level. All the most profitable objects are usually booked in advance, so before the trip will be to find an accommodation for about 100-300 rubles more expensive.

There are also the highest prices for private accommodation by the sea in August. Since this month are the hottest days, it is better to pay a little extra for a room with air conditioning. You can count on a budget of 900 rubles per day.

During the comfortable for a holiday in Abkhazia in September and October spontaneous travel is again becoming beneficial: it affects the outflow of tourists with the start of the school year.

Abkhazia: New Athos Monastery and the private sector © Julia Alisova

Rest in Abkhazia in the private sector by the sea

Lodging a few steps from the sea coast – the most desirable option for a beach vacation. And therefore the private sector, stretching along the sea in the seaside towns of Abkhazia, quite satisfies the demand.

Cheap private sector accommodation in Abkhazia at the seaside in the summer are small rooms in one-storey houses or in the apartments of nearby multi-storey buildings. The choice is quite wide in the range of 600-1000 rubles per day. A room in a guest house will cost you about the same.

If you want to rent a separate place where nobody will bother you, you should have a budget starting from 1200 rubles per day. You can rent apartments at this price: studios, standard one- and two-bedroom apartments.

The cost of a room with a TV in a mini-hotel near the beach starts from 1100-1500 rubles, depending on the city.

A variant for a family – a whole house – will cost from 2100 rubles.


In Gagra the choice of private accommodation for the vacation remains the most varied in Abkhazia. You can live in the New Gagra area in an apartment in a block of apartments or in a private house, rent a guest room in a relatively new mansion; there are also cottages – the most luxurious options. In Old Gagra there are less options for accommodation with private individuals, the resort fund in this area is mainly occupied by old hotels and pensions.

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The private sector of reserved Pitsunda is separated from the sea by a relic pine grove. For accommodation you can consider apartments and cottages not only in the center of the town, but also in the nearest resort villages, such as Alakhadze.


The private sector in the main city of Abkhazia is stretched out, so when choosing your future vacation accommodation you should pay attention to its location. There are about 250 active advertisements for holiday property rent at, and a little less at

New Athos

Private sector in New Athos is very small: there are about 1500 people in the city. Respectively, and offers of dwelling for rent are much less than in Gagra or Sukhum. On in New Athos are about 80 objects, on – about 10. The specificity of the lodging is a room in an apartment, or a room in a guesthouse.

Gudauta .

There are 80 references on and 20 references on in the seaside resort. Most of the options are within the price range of 600-2000 roubles per day.

The transfer to the private sector in Abkhazia

While choosing an inexpensive accommodation in the private sector of Abkhazia we recommend you to arrange the transfer beforehand. Suggestions for popular destinations from KiwiTaxi service:

The best accommodation in the private sector in Abkhazia

Private Sector in Abkhazia

Not so long ago, it was impossible to look at housing in the private sector of Abkhazia without tears. And what prices were charged at terrible service and conditions! Now the situation has improved – see what accommodation we found on the beach. We also give tips on renting accommodation in Abkhazia without intermediaries.

The length of the coast of Abkhazia is more than 210 km. Warm climate, bright sun, sea air and subtropical greenery – you can have a great vacation here! From the coast you can go to the karst caves, to Lake Ritsa and ancient fortresses.

Gagra and Pitsunda are the most popular places for rest, because there is developed infrastructure. However, the prices for accommodation in these towns are higher than in other Abkhazian resorts. It’s cheaper to live in small towns, but don’t count on high service!

If you are looking for inexpensive options, rent accommodation in the private sector in Abkhazia without intermediaries – on the sites Yandex.Travel, Hotelluk and Supra.Ru. If you book a few months before the trip you will get a lower price. On these sites we chose inexpensive but quality accommodation on the Black Sea coast. They all have high ratings and good reviews of tourists. Prices are for two people, for summer 2022.

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Prices for guest houses start from 1500 rubles. Studio apartments cost 2-2.5 thousand rubles per day.

В Старой Гагре удобно жить на улице Героев 16 Марта, Русских Добровольцев и Черкесской. До пляжей дойдете за 10-15 минут. В Новой Гагре предложений в частном секторе больше. Нетрудно найти современное жилье с хорошим ремонтом в 5-20 минутах от берега моря. Больше вариантов: Частный сектор в Гагре >>

Guest house “Milana” – from 1300 rubles. Comfortable accommodation in 5 minutes from the beach is a mega-cheap option in the private sector of Abkhazia in 2022! At the same time, the conditions are not worse than at the hostels for 2000 rubles. Hospitable hostess cleaned every day. Nearby there are two canteens and several small stores.

Apartments “Na Abazgaa” – 3000 rubles. Modest apartment for 5 people consists of a bedroom and living room and will be suitable for a family with children or a group of friends. The apartment has a view to the sea and mountains, the town’s beach is just 300m away.

Guest House “Kolibri” – 1600 rubles. A great option for an inexpensive vacation at the seaside in the private sector of Abkhazia without intermediaries. To the pebble beach – 400 m.

Rest in the private sector of Abkhazia

Gagra (Photo: Dmitriy Kirilin /


In the past Pitsunda was a legendary resort. There is almost no new housing here, so the influx of tourists is small. Many guest houses in the village Ldzaa. In the city itself the private sector is in the area of Monashsky Gorge, on Ciparis alley and Gochua street – rather far from the sea. But what a view!

Guest house Emili – 1500 rubles. It’s a three-bed room with a private bathroom, which is good for a family vacation. It takes 10 minutes to get to the sea through the pine forest.

Guest house “Apsilia” – from 3000 rubles. Almost the best location in Pitsunda – very close to the sea. The polite hosts, comfortable rooms. There is a kitchen and cafe.

Prices for the private sector in Abkhazia

Photo: Guest House “Na Fabrichnaya”.

Gudauta .

Prices in Gudauta in 2022 – one of the lowest in Abkhazia. There are many proposals in guest houses, which are 10-15 minutes walk from the sea. The relief is flat, so you can easily get to the beaches!

The conditions are similar everywhere – there is parking, a green garden, a place for a barbecue and a shared kitchen. Almost everywhere rent out bikes. Quality accommodation without intermediaries costs 1000-2500 rubles. Houses “turnkey” we advise to look at the neighboring villages – Druzhba and Primorsky.

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Cottages “Bambora” – 1700 rubles. The original family bungalow near a private beach – for the sake of which it is worth to come to Gudauta! Through the glass doors you can see the subtropical plants in the yard. The enclosed area is convenient to leave the car and safe to rest with children.

Guest House “Liana” – 1400 rubles. Inexpensive vacation in the private sector in Abkhazia without intermediaries offer a two-storey cottage on Ochamchire Street. All nearby – stores, market, sea. The author’s design of the rooms, wooden stairs and the garden leaves a very pleasant impression.

Prices for the private sector in Abkhazia

Photo: cottages Bambora.

New Athos

Holidays in New Athos attract those who like to spend their vacations in a beautiful peaceful place. Here there is New Athos monastery and a large karst cave. Pebble beach stretches for 5 km. It is convenient to get there from any guest house.

Hotels are located in the central and station part of New Athos, all other buildings are private. The cheapest guest houses cost 1400 rubles per day, the housing with conditions better – from 2500 rubles. You’ll have to pay from 1700 rubles to rent an apartment, and the cottage for four will cost from 4 to 6 thousand rubles.

Guesthouse Afon – from 2500 rubles. This is a very nice guest house at the Black Sea coast! It’s nice to live in a beautiful place and feel at home. To the beach just 50 meters.

Guest House Psyrtskha – 1500 rubles. Double room with bath is modest, but everything is clean and the price is very low. From the balconies there is an excellent view of the Black Sea and the green spurs of the Caucasus Mountains. The hosts have tried their best and decorated the accommodation with an old spinning wheel, a stylish fireplace and paintings.

Prices for the private sector in Abkhazia

Photo: Guesthouse “Afon”.


It is not at all difficult to rent private accommodation without intermediaries in the main city of Abkhazia – there are many good guest houses and cottages. Residents of Sukhum gladly rent apartments for the summer. In the summer of 2022 a room in a guest house in the center costs from 1100 rubles, and apartments with a kitchen – from 2000 rubles.

The guest house “At Palych’s” – 1500 rubles. A rare beast in the private sector of Abkhazia – inexpensive, high-quality, stylish and with excellent reviews! Banana grove, heated pool and a great playground – here is an ideal place to relax with children.

Guest House “Good Lion” – 1500 rubles for a double room with bathroom. Quite inexpensive for the private sector in Abkhazia! To the beach 500 meters – 6-8 minutes on foot. Stylish rooms with antique furniture, the yard twined with grapes, and the owner, according to reviews of tourists, just a miracle. Nearby are open canteen, fruit market and a small store.

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Prices for the private sector in Abkhazia

Photo: guest house “Kind Lion”.

Tsandripsh .

Settlement of city type in 5 km from the Russian border is chosen by tourists who want to live close to Sochi. There are shuttles from here to the main resort. The main advantage of private sector in Tsandripsh is low prices. During the peak season double accommodation costs 1600-2000 rubles.

Guest House “Meridian” – 1400 rubles. In the private sector in Abkhazia it is difficult to find a cheaper option without intermediaries! On the territory is laid out a garden, there is free parking. On a large veranda with a common kitchen is nice to relax in the evenings. To the sea and a cafe with delicious home-cooked food – 5 minutes walk.

Guest House Crystal – from 2700 rubles. Close to everything: the beach, the center, stops, cafes. Tourists say that this is a great hotel for family holidays.

Prices for the private sector in Abkhazia

Photo: guest house “Coral”.

Useful tips

Lower prices for accommodation in the private sector in Abkhazia by the sea are in late spring and mid-autumn. However, in May and October no one guarantees the stable weather.

When searching for options, always check exactly where the guest house or cottage stands. On a site it can be the main resort, for example, Pitsunda. In reality the lodgings are situated in nearby villages – Ldzaa or Alakhadze. Prices there are lower, but the infrastructure is weaker.

Check the location on the map. The coast of Abkhazia is hilly. If in a straight line to the sea is not far, does not mean that it is easy to get there. Going down to the beach on steep stairs or paths is very difficult with small children and elderly tourists!

Abkhaz service is not for the pretentious. He inferior to what you can get on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Krai and Georgia. Ask the hosts in advance about the problems in the house. Carefully read the reviews of tourists. It is from the reviews you can learn about the interruptions of water, electricity, gas and internet. Household troubles are most common in apartment buildings. In small private cottages, the owners take care of the guests and install self-contained plumbing and a water heater. When checking in, check if the outlets, switches, appliances and TV work.

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