Private Sector in Anapa – 7 cheap apartments from 2200 ₽

7 cool apartments in Anapa – our choice

Apartments with leopard bedspreads and carpets on the walls are finally becoming a thing of the past. Now there is more and more stylish accommodation in the private sector – and sometimes such that just for the sake of them want to come to the resort. Look at what beautiful apartments and flats we found in the private sector of Anapa. Amazing!

We believe that good accommodation – is half the success on vacation. So we decided to make for our readers a series of short notes about hotels and apartments in Russian resorts with the best accommodation options. These selections do not include advertisements, all options are our unbiased choice. As travelers with extensive experience, we choose only comfortable and cozy accommodation with excellent reviews of vacationers, which is sure to please you.

Where to look for accommodation in Anapa without intermediaries:

    – Find a hotel at a discount. and Daily – a huge selection of rooms, apartments, houses from the owners. Cozy, beautiful and economical for a large company!

Studio for aesthetes

Your tongue will not even dare to call this apartment in Anapa “private sector” – so it is aesthetic. This is the case, when the accommodation is much more beautiful than the city, and you do not want to get out of there. You can see that the owner has put her heart into the interior – everything fits together harmoniously. Lovely things like a hat with flowers on the walls, candles and incense, jars of spices and dried flowers in a vase create comfort. And dishes prepared especially for guests like pumpkin soup or freshly baked bread speak for themselves – service is like abroad. The reviews are all enthusiastic and inspiring for the trip, read it. And what a view from the balcony!

The only downside – a little far from the sea, but there is a stop nearby, and an inexpensive cab. In general, it’s a godsend for those who like to stay in beautiful accommodations. I even wanted to go to Anapa, just to live in this apartment! The price of such beauty – only from 2200 rubles.

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A studio for aesthetes.

A dream kitchen in the studio for aesthetes.

Guest House Lubchik

Guest house in the heart of Anapa stands out from other houses in the private sector with its unusual design. As the owner writes, all rooms are decorated “in the style of ethno-grange and ethno-country with a special Black Sea coloring. The hosts are obliging and good-natured, and the tourists note in their reviews that “Lyubchik” is a dwelling of warmth and coziness. The inner courtyard of the house is closed from the noise, hydrangeas and roses bloom. You can work at your laptop or have a hearty get-together there. There’s a communal kitchen where guests cook. There are different rooms, even two-bedrooms, so see all the host’s listings. Three-bedroom room or two-bedroom apartment cost from 3500 rubles.

Private sector in Anapa without intermediaries

In the guest house “Lyubchik” all rooms are nice and cozy.

Apart-hotel “Dream”.

Stylish and bright apartments are a good option for staying for two. The new apartments are small but very cozy, and have a kitchenette and a private bathroom. But most importantly – it is a super convenient location, because to the sea, the Northern Market and life in general the entire resort is just two steps! Guests especially note the hospitality and responsiveness of the owner. The price for the apartment – from 4600 rubles. He also has another studio.

Private Sector in Anapa

The location of the apart-hotel is very convenient – it’s just a couple of minutes walk to the sea.

Inexpensive apartment by the sea

Small and bright 1-bedroom apartment likes tourists laconic design, ideal location and views from the window. Can live up to 4 people. Nearby there are cafes, stores, market, park and promenade on the High Bank. Guests especially note the responsive hostess. For 3500 rubles per day – this is a great accommodation in the private sector of Anapa, especially by the sea.

Private Sector in Anapa

This apartment has a concise design, convenient location near the sea, a responsible hostess and a great value for money.

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Guest House “Caprice” by the sea

Cheap, convenient and very close to the sea – only 500 meters to the Central Beach. This accommodation in the private sector of Anapa is perfect for those who spend all their time on the beach and walks, and returns to the room only to sleep and take a shower. Accommodates up to 3 people. However, the guest house has and other rooms – see other ads of the same owner. The price for a room – from 2700 rubles.

Private Sector in Anapa

The advantage of this guest house – a convenient location in the center and a low price.

Large and bright apartment

This apartment is convenient for families with children or a group of friends up to 8 people – it’s spacious, so everyone will be comfortable! There are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen-living room. Private accommodation is located in the center of Anapa, so all the stores and cafes are nearby. To sand and pebble beaches to walk equally – about 15 minutes. Price – from 10300 rubles.

Private Sector in Anapa

Bright two-bedroom apartment can accommodate up to 8 people.

Apartments with sea view

Do you want to live in an apartment with panoramic windows overlooking the turquoise sea? In Anapa is such housing in a luxury complex “Golden Bay. The first line, the beach in 100 meters with a pool, a bar and a restaurant, a fitness-center with an indoor pool – well, you got it, right? The apartments are spacious and nice, with everything you need. The price, of course, bites – the apartment costs from 13500 rubles per day.

Private accommodation in Anapa

Apartments are expensive, but such a gorgeous view and privileges justify the high price.

Anapa – private sector by the sea inexpensively

Come – we are always glad to see you! We work year round.

  • г. Anapa, 75 “A” Krymskaya St.
  • Walk to the sea: 5 min.

We invite you to rest in our private sector

Berendeyevo the kingdom of waterfalls near Lazarevskiy

  • г. Anapa Krymskaya Str.
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Rest by the sea in the private sector “Valentina” on Krymskaya

  • г. Anapa, st. Novorossiyskaya, 139
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Guest House “U Sergei” is a quiet green street in the resort town of Anapa

  • г. Anapa, Novorossiyskaya street.
  • Walk to the sea: 10 minutes.

Private Sector in Anapa offers rooms for 2, 3, 4 people.

  • г. Anapa, Ave. Alexeevsky, 10.
  • Walk to the sea: 20 min.

Private sector in a quiet area of the resort town Anapa!

  • г. Anapa, Krasnozelenykh Street 25 A.
  • Walk to the sea: 10-15 minutes.

The hotel is located in the center of the resort town Anapa

  • г. 67 Severnaya St.
  • Distance to the sea: 15-20 min.

Our Quiet Yard is glad to welcome guests!

  • г. Anapa, st. Green, 4
  • Walk to the sea: 20 min.

Our private sector with beautiful surroundings will please every guest

  • г. Anapa, st. Krymskaya, 179
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Shade from vineyards and blooming roses in the arbor gives comfort and color rest in our private sector

  • г. Anapa, st. Severnaya, 69
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Attention! Our private sector in the resort town Anapa is waiting for you to rest!

  • г. Anapa, Novorossiyskaya str. 196
  • Walk to the sea: 5 min.

We invite you to rest in our private sector!

  • г. Anapa, str. Ivan Golubtsa, 26/3
  • Walk to the sea: 7 min.

Private Sector on Ivan Golubets Street is a great place to relax.

  • г. Anapa, 69 A. Kati Solovyanova Street
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

In the city of Anapa on the street Kati Solovyanova private sector for your family vacation.

  • г. Anapa, str. Kati Solovyanova 52.
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Relaxing and comfortable rest in our guest house

  • г. Anapa, 76/a North Street.
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.
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We invite you to rest in our private sector

  • г. Anapa, Leningradskaya str. 34 A.
  • Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Private sector is located in a quiet, quiet, green area resort of Anapa, on the street Leningradskaya

  • Anapa, Trudyakh Street, 53a.
  • Walk to the sea: 10 minutes.

Come and see us and we will be glad to see you!

Other properties in Anapa

г. Anapa, 26 Grebenskaya str.

Walk to the sea: 10 minutes.

г. 250 Gogolya Str., Anapa

Walk to the sea: 15 min.

Street Turgeneva 50

Walk to the sea: 5-7 min.

г. Anapa, Trudyakh, 32

Walk to the sea: 10 minutes.

Anapa, Novorossiyskaya St., 259

Walk to the sea: 15 min.

г. Anapa, Leningradskaya str. 34 A.

Walk to the sea: 15 min.

г. Anapa, Ave. Alexeevsky, 10.

Walk to the sea: 20 min.

г. Anapa, str. Kati Solovyanova 52.

Walk to the sea: 15 min.

г. Anapa, 75 “A” Krymskaya St.

Walk to the sea: 5 min.

г. Anapa, Leningradskaya, 101

Walk to the sea: 25 min.

Reviews Add reviews

Agreed on a room with amenities, made an advance payment. In fact settled in a chicken coop. Immediately refused this option. The owners began to say that type of room that we have booked now busy, will free on the day. Why then to stipulate the date of arrival? And the bottom line as it turned out there is such a chicken coop. Within a few hours we found another place. Prepayment to us of course not returned. Everything happened today.

We went this year! All luxury. ❣️ Prices are great, 3-4 minutes to the sea! We will keep coming next years. Thank you, very hospitable hosts. Met us and drove us back!!! Maid Olga, very friendly! Adele and Lina, thank you, it was an unforgettable stay!!!

It was like a brothel. It was amazing how I could not even imagine how to stay in it. Were in it one night and that because late have arrived. With children in general I do not recommend. Nasty there. Number a horror.

Reviews about rest in Primorsko-Akhtarsk - 2022. Prices and tips

Holidays in August 2022. In brief, very much did not like it. The light goes out all the time. When it doesn’t go out, it burns so “bright” that it is impossible to read in the room. The wallpaper comes off in two rooms exactly. The bed 120 cm is considered a double. It was fun to sleep on it for two. There is mold on the shower curtain. The toilet smells. In the common kitchen is an interesting stove, where one burner works. The washing machine costs 100 rubles. Very interesting. T-shirt hung on the dryer next to the room (under the tree). Took off my shirt, and it was all covered in some sweat. In the end, even at home, the washing machine did not wash. The cherry on the cake was a request to move to another room, because they needed our room for another family. I will never come back here again.

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