Rating of tour operators in Russia: 10 best and reliable

Rating of tour operators in Russia: 10 best and reliable

AnexTour is consistently among the best Russian tour operators. In addition to tours abroad, the company offers holidays at the resorts of Krasnodar Krai. Budget tourists will definitely like the Fortuna offer from AnexTour . You can choose a region or resort, accommodation category and food concept. Price for a trip in this case is minimal, but the hotel can get absolutely any given parameters, including a very decent.

FSTravel from TUI

FsTravel is a marketplace created by TUI Russia&CIS for those who love to travel. Everything you may need on vacation is collected here: tours, hotels, air tickets, excursions, travel goods. This is a new level of comfort, high service and possibility to book any services online.

TUI is one of the largest tour operators in Europe. The company offers beach, excursions, ski vacations and also unique tour products which no one else has. For example TUI offers Russian tourists hotels which used to be presented only on the West European market. Besides, the company has developed own concepts of rest, which give privileges to clients of the company – FsTravel (FAN&SUN family rest), TUI DAY&NIGHT (youth rest), TUI TUKAN (children’s clubs).

Coral Travel

Coral Travel offers tours with departures from thirty cities of Russia. It is a subsidiary company of an international tourist holding company, which owns its own hotels and air carriers. Therefore Coral can offer unique low prices for tours. The partners include 40 world airlines and more than 5 thousand hotels. Coral Travel has an extensive program of promotions, including “Bonuses without borders”, “Velvet Season”.


TezTour is an international tourist holding company. The company offers a very wide range of tours in any price category. A separate niche of TezTour is organization of seminars and conferences. In addition, tourists note the high level of VIP holidays from Tez Tour. The tour operator works closely with several respectable hotel chains.

  1. You can find and book tours online on UniTicket and Aviasales .
  2. Find tours around the world on Tripster and Sputnik8.
  3. Buy insurance and not to worry about your health at Kiwitaxi .
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Pegas Touristik

Pegas Touristik in addition to individual tours actively offers corporate vacations and group tours. The operator organizes flights for holidays from 50 cities in Russia, works with many major carriers, including Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Nordwind Airlines.

  • Look for cheap flights on aggregators: UniTicket , Aviasales
  • Search hotels on YouTravel


Despite the fact that Intourist works with more than 20 vacation destinations, the company pays special attention to domestic tourism. The Intourist website presents tours across Russia with a sightseeing program, beach vacations, and extreme sports. Intourist also offers bus tours to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia.

Biblio Globus

Biblio Globus’s sphere of interest includes popular resorts in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South and North America. In addition to classic sightseeing and beach tours the company actively offers cruises, shopping tours, thematic trips. The website presents interesting information and useful data on countries and their places of interest. At Biblio Globus service it is possible to buy a ready-made tour or separately book a hotel, air and train tickets, arrange insurance.

ICS Travel Group

ICS Travel is a multi-profile tour operator. The range of destinations is very wide, from Turkey and Cyprus to Kenya and Tanzania. The company offers several exclusive services. Especially noteworthy is the organization of recreation for children. Mini clubs from ICS Travel work along with hotel clubs and offer rest for young travelers from 2 to 6 years old and from 7 to 12 years old.


Sunmar is a part of large international structure OTI Holding. The company is convenient for tourists from the regions because it offers organized tours with a flight from 37 cities in Russia. In Sunmar you can arrange for a tour on credit or installment plan. There is a site option videoconsultation with a tour manager who will help determine the choice.

Mouzenidis Travel

The leading direction of the company Mouzenidis Travel , on which it specializes since opening, is Greece. Mouzenidis Travel offers popular resorts in Rhodes, Crete, Halkidiki and sightseeing tours in Greece. The combined offer of sightseeing tour + beach holiday is very popular. Other destinations came into the company’s sphere of interest much later, but are actively developing.

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International tourist holding PAK is a recognized leader in European destinations and cruise tours. PAK has its own host companies in Austria, France and Italy. One of the advantages of PAC GROUP tour operator is transportation of tourists mostly by regular flights. The company also has an authorial format of the family club in the hotels of Europe – PAC Land.

Rating of tour operators in Russia: 10 best and reliable

The most reliable tour operators in Russia.

Do you want to buy a tour from a proven company, but have not decided whom to entrust the vacation? We introduce you to the largest tour operators in Russia in 2021. Learn how to recognize an impending bankruptcy of a travel company and how to choose a reliable tour operator.

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Rating of reliable tour operators

When buying a tour, we focus on the reliability rating of tour operators in Russia. It shows that the firm works steadily and fulfills its commitments. Such an assessment is carried out on various online resources, and it is available to all travelers. Although the rating is based on similar criteria, no one gives an exact guarantee of the reliability of the company.

What does the travelers’ confidence in the tour operator depend on? Major tour operators are known to everyone. They work for many destinations and provide high financial guarantees. All reliable tour operators in Russia have their own hosting companies, that is, organizations that provide recreation on site. Leading tour operators have contracts with air carriers or their own airlines, as well as a low percentage of tourists who are dissatisfied with the services provided.

The 10 best tour operators in Russia according to travelata.ru:

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Tour Operator Reliability of insurance % dissatisfied Financial guarantees Overall Rating
Coral Travel A++/B+ 1,66 RUB 110 mln 98/100
TUI А++ 1,95 >167 million rubles 98/100
Tez Tour А++ 1,07 100 mln rubles 92/100
Sunmar A++/B+/AAA 4,12 RUB 110 mln 90/100
AnexTour АА 7,25 200 mln rubles 90/100
Pegas Touristik А++ 5,62 220 million rubles 88/100
NTK-Intourist А++ 7,14 46 mln rubles 88/100
Biblio Globus А++ 4,9 30 mln rubles 86/100
Mouzenidis Travel В 2,37 50 mln rubles 86/100
Vedi TourGroup А+ 3,18 30 mln rubles 82/100

The reliability of insurance companies shows to what extent insurance payments are guaranteed. Special designations are used for this purpose: A++ exceptionally high rating, A high, B+ sufficient.

Coral Travel tops the list of top tour operators in Russia 2021. The company has been operating since 1992 and is part of the major international holding OTI Holding. It sells tours to 28 destinations and has 20 representative offices in the regions of the country. Coral Travel rents more than 14 aircrafts for charter transportation of tourists. The basis of success of this travel agency is its impeccable reputation among travelers.

TUI is the largest company in Europe and one of the best tour operators in Russia offers tours to 30 destinations for lovers of beach, sightseeing and ski holidays, and owns two aircrafts for carrying passengers. In our country TUI focuses on unique products, which other tour operators do not have.

Tez Tour exists since 1994 and works with 20 destinations. One of the largest tour operators in Russia is a member of international tourist organizations and associations. More than 5000 people work in the holding.

Sunmar began serving tourists in 2005. The company has a developed network of agents and unites 290 representative offices under one brand. It sells tours to 14 destinations and has agreements with 26 airlines.

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Anex Tour has its own history since 1996, specializes in international tourism and serves 32 destinations. The tour operator has its own airline.

The largest tour operators Russia.

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Pegas Touristik was founded in 1994. One of the leaders of the Russian tour industry sells tours to 22 destinations and has contracts with nine air carriers.

NTK-Intourist is the oldest Russian tour operator which was founded in 1929. The company works for 23 destinations and provides a good holiday for lovers of the warm sea, beaches, excursions and mountain skiing.

Biblio Globus has existed since 1994. The popular company is a recognized leader in the number of destinations. It sells tours to 53 countries, cooperates with 7 airlines and offers departures from 23 Russian cities. Among the unusual packages are shopping tours and trips with cruises.

Mouzenidis Travel emerged in 1995 and is the leader in tours to Greece. In addition to this country, the company sells tours to popular ski resorts in Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Cyprus, Hungary and Italy. The reliable tour operator owns its own airline.

Vedi Tour Group is a diversified operator that was founded in 1992. The company takes tourists to 20 countries of the world and cooperates with nine air carriers.

Reliable tour operators in Russia

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Bankruptcy and closure of tour operators

The cases with the closure of tour operators everyone is aware of. The first wave of bankruptcies occurred in 2014. Then, at the height of the summer market season, more than 15 tour operators left, and tens of thousands of tourists were left without rest and money. Then there was a lull, but in 2018 seven more tour operators closed or are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Which company will be next? There is no exact answer to this question. In order to predict the coming trouble, you need to process a lot of information: the load of flights, debts to hotels, banks and air carriers, the quality of service, the timeliness of payments to employees, etc.

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What is the threat of closure of the company when tourists have already bought a tour? According to the law, the responsibility of the tour operator is insured, so contact the insurer of the company. If an insured event occurs, you will be paid the cost of paid, but unreceived services. If there is not enough money for all tourists, you will be paid proportionally.

What can you do when the bankruptcy has occurred, and the tourists are still on holiday? In this case, you need to contact the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism or the association “Turpomosch”. These organizations use their own and raised funds to help everyone who is in a difficult situation. Another option is to pay for the return home yourself and then deal with the recovery of damages from the insurance company of the tour operator.

Tip: Any compensation is possible only if you have all the supporting documents: contracts, tickets, receipts and payment receipts.

How to check the tour operator for reliability

How to choose a reliable tour operator

Buying a tour is a responsible thing, because the quality and safety of rest depends on the right choice. Tourists trust large tour operators and companies recommended by friends and acquaintances. Apply to travel agencies that have a large amount of financial guarantees. This real insurance in case of bankruptcy.

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