Rest “all inclusive” in Montenegro. Tour prices – 2022

How much is an all inclusive holiday in Montenegro?

Prices for all inclusive holidays in Montenegro

Want to know the cost of all-inclusive holidays in the most popular resorts in Montenegro in 2022? We have prepared a selection of the best 3*, 4* and 5* all-inclusive hotels. We reviewed prices for the resort and told about the pros and cons of an all-inclusive vacation in Montenegro.

Russians like Balkan country for its good beaches, beautiful nature, mild temperate climate, great opportunities for recreation and visa-free entry. It is not a long flight, and the prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Montenegro in 2022 are among the lowest in Europe. Spend a vacation here as a couple for just €1,000. When buying tours pay attention, some tour operators offer all-inclusive package without airfare.

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Beach vacations in Montenegro

In Montenegrin resorts you can rest inexpensively and comfortably. All beaches are municipal and with the necessary infrastructure: sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, toilets and massage rooms. Each seaside town has a pleasant promenade, along which there are cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. In addition, the coast is constantly working lifeguards.

Holidays on the beaches can always be varied bus tours, sea voyages, trips to water parks and tourist attractions. Some travelers, in addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, try to undergo medical courses. To improve his health in Montenegro help medical centers, spas, healing basalt sand and thermal springs.

Prices for all-inclusive holidays in Montenegro – 2022

Beach holidays on the Adriatic coast begins in May and lasts until late October. For this period in the travel agencies sell all inclusive holiday packages for holidays in Montenegro. Prices in 2022 are not the same and depend on the season and belonging to a particular hotel chain. The most expensive tours are for the summer months.

In July and August in Montenegro comes the heat, and prices at the resorts increase on everything. Excursions, tickets for rides and cab services become more expensive. Even for dinner in a cafe or restaurant you have to pay 5-7 € more.

Those who can not stand the summer heat, prefer an all-inclusive holiday in Montenegro in June and September. Prices at the beginning of summer and during the velvet season are 20-25% lower than in July and August, and on the Adriatic vacation is a lot of Europeans.

Bar, Montenegro: Reviews, prices and tips for vacations

The price for a holiday in October is more democratic – when buying a tour you can save up to 30-35%. However, in October the holiday season is over. In mid-autumn the weather on the Adriatic coast turns bad, it may rain for a few days, and the sea water is not as enjoyable as in summer.

The lowest cost for a holiday in Montenegro is from November to March, when no one is swimming in the sea. However, during the ski season, especially at Christmas and New Year, prices rise again.

The prices are in rubles. The cost of tours is approximate, it is constantly changing.

Prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Montenegro in 2022 for two adults, departing from Moscow:

month 7 days 11 days 14 days
June 52000 82000 94000
July 63000 90000 106000
August 66000 78000 88000
September 54000 76000 80000
October 69000 78000 84000

Prices for tours on holidays in Montenegro

In Becici, all hotels 4-5* are on the first line to the sea, in the so-called Coastal Zone. Photo: olenka-2008 /

Rest “all inclusive” in 5-star hotels

More recently, the Montenegrin resorts were not hotels that correspond to the category 5 *, and available hotels were in need of major repairs. In recent years the country aims to become a member of the European Union and actively reconstructs hotel services under strict international standards. The old hotels in Montenegro have been renovated, and on the coast appeared several modern 5* hotels.

Now anyone can go on holiday to Montenegro in 2022 on the program “all inclusive”. The price depends on the chosen hotel, room type, duration of vacation and resort. For accommodation in a 5 * hotel, you must pay an average of € 280 per night. A week-long all-inclusive vacation in Montenegro in 2022 for two people costs from 2000 €.

For this money tourists can expect comfortable rooms, swimming pools, private equipped beach, fitness centers and spas. The restaurants of 5* hotels serve Montenegrin, Mediterranean and international cuisine and treat their guests to local and imported wines and snacks.

According to tourists, the best 5* hotels are:

Best hotels for holidays in Montenegro 5 stars

All-inclusive vacations at 4* hotels

What amenities are waiting for vacationers in 4-star hotels? These are modernly furnished rooms with refrigerators, satellite TV, and private bathrooms. Tourists can use gyms, swimming pools and individual guides. Most 4-star hotels do not have their own large area, but have free parking. The average price for a week’s all-inclusive vacation in Montenegro in 2022 in a 4-star hotel is 1300€.

Tourist reviews about Tivat. Leisure tips - 2022

Travelers recommend 4* hotels :

Articles on the topic:

The Best All Inclusive Hotels in Montenegro 4 Stars

All-inclusive vacations at 3* hotels

3* hotels are very popular with tourists. They are close to the sea, have rooms with air conditioning and good service. Depending on the resort, accommodation in such hotels will cost 60-120 € per day.

The best prices for all-inclusive holidays in Montenegro in 2022 offer hotels 3 *:

Video about hotels and resorts in Montenegro

Prices in resorts

The most popular resort center of Montenegro – Budva – has an excellent infrastructure and a lot of entertainment and attractions. To get to the resort is very convenient – the road from the airport takes only 25-30 minutes. Many people strive to get here, so the prices for all inclusive tours in Budva are high. If for a week’s stay “all inclusive” in other seaside resorts of Montenegro in 2022 for two people you have to pay 1000-1300 €, then in Budva, a vacation of the same duration will cost 1800 €.

However, in Montenegro there is a more expensive place – Sveti Stefan . Accommodation for 7 days for two at a hotel with meals all inclusive on the island resort costs 800,000 rubles.

High prices and noisy tourist centers do not suit everyone. For a holiday “all inclusive” in Montenegro in 2022, many travelers choose quieter cities and towns. For example, the southernmost resort of the country Ulcinj is loved because you can swim there from late April to early November.

Not far from Budva are Becici and Rafailovichi. Tourists who like free beaches come here. Becici is popular with couples with children. There is a good water park, and the sea in Becici, compared to Budva, is much warmer. As for prices, the recreation in the resort villages is 25-30% cheaper than in Budva.

For a quiet holiday, tourists go to Petrovac. This resort is known for its good sand and pebble beaches, excellent environment and good cafes and restaurants. However, in Petrovac, as well as in Budva, accommodation prices are high.

In the ancient town of Kotor connoisseurs of historical sights like to vacation. Vacations at this resort has its pros and cons. Kotor – a port city, and there are almost no beaches. Although the sea in the bay is warm, it is not clean. In Kotor also high prices for all-inclusive hotels, food and souvenirs.

Beach Mogren in Budva

Herceg Novi, one of the most beautiful resorts in the country, is famous for a lot of sunny days and monuments. The cost of recreation here is average.

Inexpensive resorts of Montenegro include Bar and Tivat. Their main disadvantage is the lack of sandy beaches. In the resort towns there are only concrete beaches, so many swim in the vicinity of Tivat.

Video beauties of Montenegro

Reviews about all-inclusive holidays in Montenegro

All-inclusive hotels are always in demand among tourists, so it is worth booking in advance. Travelers really like the rest in Montenegro, but it has its own specifics.

The pluses of such holidays in Montenegro 2022 tourists include:

  • All-inclusive hotels are open in all coastal resorts of Montenegro. The only thing to do is to choose the region of the country for your vacation.
  • Among the hotels with all inclusive system there are modern respectable tourist complexes and quite budget hotels 3*. So tourists can always find a suitable option for the price.
  • It is convenient that most Montenegrin all-inclusive hotels are specialized. Some of them are designed for guests with children, and others are ready to offer an excellent holiday for youth companies.

The disadvantages of a holiday “all inclusive” in Montenegro:

  • If you bought a tour for July or August, be prepared for a large number of holidaymakers in the hotel and on the beaches, not very clean sea and queues to tourist attractions.
  • Unlike other European countries, in Montenegrin hotels “all inclusive” is not fed around the clock, but three times a day. The rest of the time tourists are offered snacks and drinks. Compared with familiar to Russians Turkey, hotels in Montenegro do not differ with special assortment of dishes.
  • The cumulative level of service in Montenegrin resorts is inferior to other European countries.

Some of the problems mentioned by tourists can be easily solved on the spot. To diversify your meals, you can visit cafes and restaurants, which are located near the hotel.

A useful selection:

Prices for tours on holidays in Montenegro

Accommodation for 7 days for two in the hotel Sveti Stefan with all-inclusive meals on the island resort costs 800 thousand rubles. Photo: Dave Pinter /

All-inclusive tours to Montenegro 2022 prices and hotels

Montenegro 2022

You can enter Montenegro without a visa. The country is open to tourists from Russia and the epidemiological situation is favorable.

Rest “All inclusive” in Montenegro

Russians have long fallen in love with Montenegro and spend their vacations quite often. This country is famous for its picturesque views and excellent climate. In addition, it is close enough geographically and the flight will not take much time.

Montenegro resorts. Where to have a better holiday

This year, a vacation in Montenegro is the cheapest in Europe. Holidays for two, you can easily keep within 1500 euros. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that many tour operators do not include the cost of travel in the tour “All Inclusive”.

budva 2022

Rest on the beach

In Montenegro there are a large number of resorts, beach areas and medical centers. Each beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for vacationers. The beaches are cleaned daily and there are garbage cans every 100 meters.

In the evening you can go to a cafe or restaurant on the waterfront and enjoy the delicious food and great views.

If you get tired of lying on the beach, you can go on a tour of Montenegro attractions, or visit water parks or attractions.

buy a tour in Montenegro

The price policy in 2022


Prices for all-inclusive stays depend on the season. The most expensive stays are in July and August. There is a significant drop in price in October, but at that time the weather starts to deteriorate and it often rains.

From November to March you can buy the cheapest tours, but at this time you can only admire the sights and visit restaurants and cafes, because the sea at this time of year is already cold. However, you should pay attention to the fact that during the Christmas vacations, prices go up by 10-15%.


The average cost of the tour for 10 days with a flight from Moscow in rubles:

* June 80 thousand; * July 88 thousand; * August 76 thousand; * September 74 thousand; * October 76 thousand.

Here is an example of the tour prices to Montenegro, the cheapest accommodation options for 2 people, 7-8 nights.

Holidays at sea

Hotels 5 stars

Since Montenegro began to seek membership in the European Union, five-star hotels began to appear. The average cost of a week’s stay “all inclusive” in such a hotel is 2 thousand euros.

For vacationers of such hotels are available spas, individual beaches, swimming pools on the hotel premises, gym. Rooms in such hotels are large with good repair and with all the conditions you want. Also each room has a mini-bar.

The best five-star hotels are:

Example of the price of a tour to Montenegro for 2 people, 7-8 nights. The best hotels in Montenegro.

Prices for holidays in Montenegro - 2022. How to save money

Tour price to Montenegro

Hotels 4 stars

4-star hotels do not differ much in service from five-star hotels. The only thing is that the rooms are a little smaller and the repairs are a little simpler. And otherwise vacationers also have access to gyms, swimming pools and spa treatments. The weekly cost is about 1,800 euros.

An example of the cheapest tours to Montenegro, in 4 * hotels, the calculation of the cost for 2 people, 7-8 nights.

Holiday in Montenegro

The best four-star hotels are considered:

3-star hotels.

Most often tourists choose three-star hotels because they are close to the sea and are not very expensive. Hotel rooms are clean, tidy, and well furnished. Have air conditioning and satellite TV. Basically all, this is enough for a holiday at sea. The average weekly cost is about 1 thousand euros.

Cheap Tours in Montenegro

The best 3 star hotels are recognized:

Search for a tour to Montenegro

Prices in resort cities

Consider the most popular cities for recreation in Montenegro.

1. A common and one of the most expensive resorts is Budva. The average cost of a week’s vacation is 1800 evro. 2. The most expensive resort is Sveti Stefan. It is considered the rest for the elite of society and the average cost of a week’s rest is 800 thousand rubles. 3. Becici and Rafailovichi are the suburbs of Budva. It is ideal for family vacations. The approximate price for a week is 1200 euros. 4. Petrovac. A distinctive feature of this city are the beaches of pebbles and sand and excellent ecology. The cost of a vacation for a week is about 1100 euros. 5. Herceg Novi is distinguished by beautiful architecture and a large number of historical monuments. The cost of the trip is 1100 euros for 7 days.

Montenegro 2022 – We must go Secrets and tips for travelers: Tivat, Budva, Bar, Kotor

Holiday in Montenegro with children

Hotel reviews

It is recommended to book hotels in advance, because there is a high probability that if you book a couple of days in advance, there may be no room.

Searching for hotel in Montenegro→

Visitors of all-inclusive hotels noted the following advantages:

* a large number of hotels for different tastes and wallets; * three-star hotels are distinguished by their comfort; * the division of hotels into family and for young people.

However, there are some disadvantages:

* during the hot season there are too many holidaymakers, so all the beaches are overcrowded; * meals 3 times a day, not on demand; * the level of service is lower than in other European countries.

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