Rest by the Sea in Dolzhanskaya – 2022. Reviews and prices

Bases for recreation in Dolzhanskaya.

Ideal place for an ideal holiday. Rooms are clean and spacious, with good furniture and clean linens. All with style and taste. There is everything for living with the family. Clean , shell beach . The sea is not far away we stayed with our family, we all loved it. Thanks a lot to all the staff for the service.

Rooms are really right on the beach – panoramic window overlooking the sea and the beach, good design, decoration and furniture. The beach shells, clean. Drinking water used bottled, because from a crane goes brackish.

The place is new, very perspective. Hotel with a hint at euro standard, when everything will be completed, an excellent holiday for the middle class. Of the shortcomings, as yet, no dining room and fresh drinking water, but so in general very decent.

Cozy cottages for 3-4 people, all done by the designer, beautiful. Bedding and towels are new and clean. To the sea 100 meters. Minuses here only in service – very few utensils for 4 people, not a set of cutlery and glasses, a small refrigerator. On the second and subsequent days there was a strong unpleasant smell from the shower drain. The smell on the whole house. Filled the house with drain cleaner, but the next day it happened again.

Beautiful, clean, cozy good attentive to guests. Rooms with a kitchen and utensils, bar beer with snacks. Own clean beach with sun beds. In general, the hotel is very clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.

We stayed here for the first time, we liked it, for 3 adults and 1 child we were given 2 rooms. Great area for children, the child is very happy, there is a small playground, trampoline, pool. Suitable for holidays with small children.

5 points is of course, in accordance with the price (in early September, it was 2000 p. per day at the weekend). From minuses – the pool only children’s. Otherwise I liked it very much. Rooms are apartments. We had two rooms and a bathroom. The role of the corridor, kitchen and living room is very comfortable and organic veranda, fenced off from the courtyard hedge. Could arise.

We have a rest here now! And in general came here for the second time and did not even consider other honest houses, as in this we like, acceptable conditions, cleaning every day, good food, quiet place, no one noises! The owners are wonderful people, client-oriented! In general, I heartily recommend!

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Very nice, cozy, everything you need for a life of rest, you’ll find here an excellent hostess, delicious breakfasts, well-groomed area.Our favorite place)

The beach is not prepared. The area along the fence is blocked. Toilet and shower want better. Proximity of the sea, auto near the cottage, separate houses, trees, the opportunity to sit in the air (benches, tables, barbecue).

Base vintage, the spirit of Soviet times in it remained perhaps forever, a quiet atmosphere.

The house, which costs 3500 per day, could be better. Meals 750 p. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are paid in advance. I would like to be able to choose and buy on the spot, when you already see the food. So the food was disappointing. Otherwise we liked it. It was a quiet and peaceful place, right on the beach!

All more than modest. We stayed in a quiet and peaceful area right on the beach, and everything was just average. The condition of the rooms themselves, to put it mildly, satisfactory. About a bathroom better to keep silent at all, it simply is.

Very tasty cooking, polite staff, clean, landscaped toilet separated from the cafe, passing through can go without going into the cafe to use the toilet, to wash their hands, no payment! As in other places on the highway! Well done! All things considered!

Price, homemade food for pennies, the beach is well-groomed, the Black Sea coast is several times worse. It came as a surprise to me. I recommend it.

The impression of a double. Large area, friendly staff. There is a bike and catamaran. A field for volleyball and soccer. But everything is outdated, incomprehensible metal structures on the perimeter. Rooms are simple, but there is a refrigerator, shower and air conditioning. All in all an average level with a little overpriced.

Four stars for food in a dining room. 6 years ago food was excellent, almost home kitchen. all the freshest and very nourishing, varied. now in dispenser room dark, a choice is small, not tasty and the most nasty – the first day have managed to be poisoned with dumplings. Good medicine with itself.Proluchatsya after dinner all evening and all night.Troublesome cafe nearby, but it turns out a bit expensive.V.

The beach is not equipped, there is a cafe if you can call it that. The beach is not equipped, there is a cafe, if you can call it that. Nearby Swan Lake with black clay (silt) in general we got a bonus spa treatment

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“Rose of the Winds is located in the middle of the spit. Very convenient to get to both Surfpriyut (because you didn’t think before and there were only places left in the Rose ) and to Dolzhanskaya, where all the stores and markets. The beach is a strong three, 15 minutes walk and you’re on the Azov Sea with landscaped beaches. In Roza comfortable, spacious, clean rooms. TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, balcony, shower with boiler (water enough). Dining room.

A great and comfortable place! Staff super. Even the Azov Sea here is quite comfortable. Good two-bedroom rooms with a kitchen. I recommend it. We really liked it!

Very nice base. The best staff! Swimming pool with sea water, heated. Nearby lounge chairs, showers with hot water. Everywhere clean and well-maintained. Works dining room, cook tasty. Borsch is not worse than homemade. Rooms with amenities, clean cleaned, good quality bedding. Each room has a veranda. In the room split-system with the ability to not only cool in hot weather, but also to heat in cold weather.

Good recreation center with well-groomed territory and comfortable and clean rooms. There is a possibility of accommodation with animals. On the territory there is a swimming pool, summer kitchen, gazebo, barbecue, horizontal bars, volleyball net and parking for cars. The staff was pleasant and polite, we liked everything, and we’ll come again, thank you!

It’s an interesting base, with everything we needed. Rooms are nice, they give out towels and dishes, and all rooms have verandas. There is a heated warm pool with sun loungers and umbrellas. The first line, the sea 100 meters from the room.v room amenities, split-system for cold and heat.

A good place to relax with small children. 1 line by the sea. For budget recreation (2300 rubles / day) can remove guest houses (long house with rooms, shower with toilet). Do houses have access to the beach or pool. Swimming pool with clear water. Just a paddling pool. You can room a la suite – room, shower + own kitchen. The general kitchen – a specific place, but it is possible to cook, pr.

I put 4 only because of the dining room. In a dining room we need the good chief cook and to make the reasonable prices. 200 rubles for a plate of hodgepodge without a single piece of meat is quite excessive. On the way to the base stopped at a cafe and ate great meat solyanka only 100 rubles a good portion. Not in vain probably all the truckers are near this cafe. On the recreation center Salyut say the following. We were greeted by a girl administrator.

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Rest in Dolzhanskaya

Private Sector Lesnaya 33

Rest in Dolzhanskaya village near the sea 2022 without intermediaries.

Stasitsa Dolzhanskaya, which is located in the Yeisky district of the Krasnodar region, is visited by lovers of windsurfing, fishing and active recreation. In recent years on this shore of the Azov Sea began to rest and families with children. One of the cleanest resorts attracts an abundance of wild beaches, clear water and the cost of housing. The seaside resort is only 40 km from Yeisk, from which you can get to larger cities. In the summer months in the village resort season is in full swing. Tourists come to Dolzhanskaya for entertainment and the sea of pleasant impressions, so the number of vacationers exceeds the number of locals.

Vacations in Dolzhanskaya.

Dolzhanskaya spit is almost 20 kilometers long and covered with pure sand. There are a lot of sandy beaches, there are recreation areas and resort infrastructure. In the summer months to the shore of the Azov Sea come windsurfing enthusiasts to take part in Dolzhansky marathon. Fans of water sports put on a real show. Fans of extreme recreation will enjoy windsurfing.

Dolzhanskaya village is not buried in entertainment, but there are places to come for – museums, the lake and the Dolgaya Spit. To Swan Lake in the summer tourists come for the healing mud, and on the Dolgaya Spit – to have a great time in a unique landscape.


The family resort is located in the Yeisky District of Krasnodar Krai, and the recreation areas overlook the Azov Sea. Dolzhanskaya village has many sandy and shell beaches, the total length of which reaches 20 kilometers. On the coast of the Azov Sea there are tourist centers and many children’s recreation complexes, and the cleanliness of the coast is always monitored. Both sides of the spit are washed by the sea, so if the waves on one shore, the water is calm on the other. A large number of sandy beaches are located on the territory of the village. Here tourists can relax and enjoy the warmth of the sea water.

There are beaches for wild recreation in Dolzhanskaya – they stretch beyond the village, and there is more convenient to get by car. Most of the wild beaches are not equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Near the spit the beaches are dotted with the cleanest sand and the warm Azov Sea washes these shores.

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“Seaside” beach

Tourists regularly come to relax on the “Seaside” beach, which is located within Dolzhanka. During the summer months here is cleaned the trash, so the beach is covered with clean sand, its length is about 300 meters.

Beach at Swan Lake

A good beach is located between a small lake, which dries up in the summer months, and the sea. The easiest way to get here is by car along Kalina street. The great popularity of this place brings the therapeutic mud on the surface of the lake.

Beach “Assol”.

Many tourists who come to rest in the village Dolzhanskaya by car, stay in the territory of auto-camping. Camping “Assol” has its own good beach with amenities, and there are available mangal areas and sun loungers. The entrance to the warm Azov Sea is smooth and that’s why tourists with children love to spend their vacation here. Guests of the beach say that they like the zone with water attractions, where you can have a great time.

Beach at Rosa Vetrov camping site

Rosa Vetrov tourist base beach occupies part of the Dolgoy spit and is considered a model beach. There are cafes, restaurants and amusements here. Here not only tourists have a rest, but also ordinary tourists.

Beach at the tourist camp “Cossack Coast”.

This beach is one of the most popular in the village. There are many beach facilities, water attractions, deck chairs and loungers at “Cossack Coast. Along the coast of the Azov Sea there are cafes and restaurants.


The village has an excellent rental housing market. Tourists pay attention to the cost of rooms, the proximity of the coast and resort infrastructure to make memories of the sea warm all year. Many tourists come to the village to rest away from the bustle of the city and for sea bathing, so it is important that housing is located on the first line.

Residents of Dolzhanskaya rent rooms to tourists, so it’s quite easy to rent an accommodation with an access to the sea coast. Many accommodations accept children of any age. Among the most popular options is the private sector, where travelers get ideal conditions and affordable prices. Each room often has a refrigerator and other appliances. A large selection makes the cost of accommodation low – from 300 rubles per day. Tourists can rent rooms or a separate house and use the common kitchen. Sometimes there are swimming pools and a children’s playground on the territory.

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Many vacationers who like the freedom to travel and go on vacation in their own cars. Autocamps attract by the proximity of the sea and the low cost of living. In Dolzhanka a large selection of campsites, close to cafes and stores, and the passage to a good beach near the coast of the Azov Sea is free for guests.

Many tourists come to the village Dolzhanskaya to stay near the coast and rent a room at the recreation center. The resort village has boarding houses and a lot of camping sites, so you can have a great time even in high season. Tourists can rent a separate house on the territory of the camping site. The cost of living in comfortable rooms starts at 1500 rubles per day. Guests enjoy free parking, as well as free Wi-Fi is available. There are cafes and shopping pavilions on the large territory.

There are several guest houses in the village, where you can rent a room with excellent accommodation. Free Wi-Fi is available in comfortable rooms, and swimming pools and dining facilities are available on site. These accommodations have free parking, which is convenient for guests traveling in cars. The conditions of accommodation are set by the owners, on our website you can read the conditions and book a room.

You can perfectly spend your vacation on the Azov Sea coast by renting a small cozy house. The village has a large selection of such accommodations, so tourists choose options at an affordable price. A small house is perfect for a big family with children of any age.

Many vacationers choose hotels or rooms in hotels, but these objects in the village a little. Every year the village Dolzhanskaya and its infrastructure is developing faster and faster, and near the coast of the Azov Sea build new facilities that will regularly take guests who come to rest in Yeisky district of the Krasnodar region.

Every summer tourists come to Dolzhanskaya from all over. Sea resort is inferior to the development of big cities, but here reigns tranquility, and the warm Azov Sea overshadows all the disadvantages of stanitsa.

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