Rest in Belokurikha. Prices – 2022. Reviews about treatment in sanatoriums.

Tips on rest in Belokurikha – prices in sanatoriums and reviews of tourists.

Belokurikha is known for its picturesque mountain landscapes, healing air and mineral springs. In summer tourists come here to stroll through sun-drenched meadows and mountain trails, to improve their health in resorts, and in winter – to conquer the ski slopes. In winter, you can go sightseeing on local attractions.

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The town with a population a bit more than 15 thousand people is conditionally divided into two zones: city and resort; the last one is situated at the foot of Tserkva Mountain.

Reviews about rest in Belokurikha.

Those who plan to visit the Altai resort, we recommend to get acquainted with its climate, infrastructure and prices. This will allow you to plan a trip taking into account personal needs and financial capabilities.


Due to the surrounding mountains of the Cherginsky range, Belokurikha has a mild climate: there are no strong winds and sharp temperature drops.

June, July and August are the warmest months, when the thermometer is 20-23 ° C, and the rain falls 4-5 times a month. In summer in Belokurikha there is no exhausting heat, which makes the stay as comfortable as possible.

Early autumn pleases with a 15-degree heat, while from mid-October the temperature begins to approach a zero mark, dropping in November to -8 degrees. At this time, the resort surroundings are already covered with snow.

In winter the air cools down to -12°C during the day and -18°C at night. If you are going to visit Belokurikha on January holidays you should plan your walks with 5 hours of daylight.

The first month of spring is not happy with heat: the thermometer is near zero. In April air is warm enough (about 10 gr) for long walks. In May the weather is ideal for excursions – 15-16 grams.

Weather conditions in Altai

When to go and what to do

In their reviews of the Belokurikha resort, tourists are advised to choose the time of the trip depending on the goals of recreation.

Summer is suitable for exploring the surroundings, cycling and horseback riding, rafting and swimming in swimming pools. In June, holidaymakers enjoy the absence of crowds of visitors and prices for holidays in Belokurikha, which are markedly lower than in other summer months. A large number of tourists is observed in August, after the recession of July heat. At this time traders come to the city to participate in fairs timed to the Day of the City and the Festival of Cossack culture.

The second most popular season is winter. It attracts fans of skiing and snowboarding to Altai. Belokurikha is especially beautiful during Christmas holidays: streets are decorated with garlands, dogs sledges are brought along roads, trade is organized. Some excursions (not freezing waterfalls, swan lake etc.) become especially attractive during rest in Belokurikha in winter.

In spring people come to the resort to restore strength and strengthen immunity. Rest homes take guests all year round, but for those who want to combine recreational procedures with excursions, we recommend to go in May. This is the time when the Altai mountains begin to bloom, which makes the nature of the region especially beautiful.

Fishing lovers often choose the fall trip; the bulk of tourists leave the resort, which allows you to enjoy the silence and solitude. At the end of autumn, winter sports lovers start coming to Belokurikha.

Katun River

Where to stay

According to reviews of holidaymakers in Belokurikha, the resort does not experience a shortage of accommodation.

The most popular accommodation options are boarding houses, hotels and guest houses located in the resort part of Belokurikha. Your lodging costs depend on the time of year. You can get a comfortable room for 4 000-8 000 rubles in summer and winter and for 2 000-6 000 during the off-season.

Belokurikha health resorts are quite developed in terms of infrastructure. Many of them have spa centers and swimming pools and offer therapeutic procedures. Among the entertainments offered are games of tennis, volleyball and bowling.

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Special fame of the resort brought radon (enriched with radon) and antler (with extracts from maral horns) baths. Alternative medicine is used to strengthen the immune system, treatment of musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and other systems.

A more economical option is apartments in the city center. Here you can find inexpensive accommodation from private individuals for 1,000-1,500 rubles per day. The proximity to the stores allows to buy products and cook food without any difficulties.

Trip to the Altai Mountains by car. Recreation savage. Where to go

How to get there

You can get there via Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk and Novosibirsk airports. The flight from Moscow takes about 4.5 hours; transfer to the resort from Barnaul and Gorno-Altaisk – 3-4 hours, from Novosibirsk – 7-8 hours.

The most budget way – to get to Novosibirsk: a ticket can be purchased for 3 000, and the bus ride will cost 2 000. For comparison – only a flight to Gorno-Altaisk will demand at least 7 thousand.

Among comfortable variants tourists name the flight to Barnaul with change to a local plane to Belokurikha; however the cost of the ticket starts from 12 thousand, and the break between flights is 3,5 h.

For those who prefer to travel by rail, we advise to use the train Moscow-Biysk. Ticket price starts from 5,5 thousand, time en route – 2 days 17 hours. There is a bus going from the bus station which is near the railway station to the resort; the trip will take 1.5 hours and will cost less than 200 rubles.

What’s better: finished tour or self-trip

According to tourists’ descriptions of their holiday in Belokurikha and reviews about prices, it can be concluded that travelers are satisfied with the hotels, sanatoriums, natural attractions. However, the Internet sites often mention the high cost of the road, and if you can save money on accommodation by choosing city apartments, it is very rare to get a cheaper transfer by searching for promotional offers from low-cost airlines.

Those who are looking for budget options for recreation, we advise to choose a ready-made tour. You can get a one-week tour for two with breakfast included for 50,000 rubles, whereas if you travel independently only half of this amount will be spent on airfare. The advantage of the tour is also the ability to avoid finding transport to the hotel or resort.

Prices for rest in sanatoriums of Belokurikha – 2022

Those who wish to spend time with health benefits, we recommend reading our rating of the best sanatoriums Belokurikha according to tourist reviews, which will help you choose a suitable place to stay. The institutions in it are located from the best to noteworthy options.



The sanatorium is ideal for recreation with children in Belokurikha. Its infrastructure includes 2 swimming pools (heated outside and indoors) and a playground.

The therapeutic program is aimed at working with the spine and musculoskeletal system. Of additional services – massage, baths, cedar barrel.

The resort is advantageously located – not far from the elevator to Cerkova and terrenkur “Old Mill”. In 5 minutes walk – cafe and bus stop.

You can book a room for 5 500 rubles.

  • All at the level, spacious, clean. Large suite with everything you need – we had a rest with three very small children. The staff is not noticeable, all the information you need at the front desk, if something is unclear, the girls will call and find out if requested. We had a small children’s playground on the grounds, which was very helpful. We had a great stay at our hotel.
  • The breakfasts were varied and hearty with unlimited coffee from the coffee machine. Small but well-maintained grounds with a playground and pool. Secured parking. A great option for a family vacation!
  • Room 21 is a little dark, as the windows face the mountain, but can not do anything about it.
  • At this price, no slippers, bathrobes, brushing kits.

For information

The walking trail “Old mill” is one of the most famous in Belokurikha. It runs among the forest and rivers, is equipped with benches and litter garbage cans. On the way you can meet tits, nuthatches and chipmunks, which you can feed.

Sanatorium Russia

Sanatorium Russia

According to reviews about treatment left by guests, the sanatorium provides an extensive range of services:

  • electro- and magnetotherapy;
  • therapeutic baths, showers and irrigation;
  • inhalations;
  • mud therapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • psychotherapy, etc.
Accommodation in the Altai Mountains. Cabins, hotels, wilderness in tents.

Specialists work with a wide range of diseases. On the website of the sanatorium you can find treatment programs.

The cost of accommodation starts at 8 500 thousand rubles.

  • I liked the large area of the resort, a little remote from the road, because most resorts are located near the road.
  • Good indoor pool with a bath: Russian, hammam and Roman, free tea with honey.
  • We were pleased with the room, food, treatment and rest in peace and quiet.
  • From minuses didn’t work elevators, not enough sun beds on the outdoor pool

Business Hotel Russia

Business Hotel Russia

If you are looking for what sanatorium in Belokurikha the best according to the reviews, we recommend considering the business hotel “Russia” (on Buking he scored 9 points from 10). Its furnishings and service correspond to the VIP level. At the same time the guests can use the entire infrastructure of the sanatorium “Russia”. A night in the room costs 4 600 rubles.

Review from Natalia (Booking website, stayed in September 2022)

  • The hotel is very clean, clean daily, perfectly clean, all furniture is new, bed linen and towels are in perfect condition.
  • I did not like the breakfast. The choice is not bad, but sometimes you could come and be left with 2 pieces of cheese and empty trays. The staff take their time to bring and put food on the table. The staff were very quick to bring food and you would not go hungry but this was very annoying. I would like the hotel to be more attentive to such little things.



For 4.5 thousand the guests of the health complex get access to medical procedures, entertainment area and sport complex. Altai-West specializes in treatment of musculoskeletal system, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

There are ski trails and rope tow elevators Katun-1 in walking distance.

Feedback from Mikhailv801 (Tripadvisor website, stayed in October 2022)

An excellent sanatorium in all senses and will fully meet your expectations: from sanatorium treatment to recreation. You can get consultations of doctors of the highest qualification, undergo a course of procedures. The sanatorium has buildings for accommodation and a full range of procedures for the chosen profile. Experienced doctors and nursing staff. The sanatorium has two restaurants – meals at the highest level, quality and variety! Internet access is excellent! The resort has a billiard club, movies are shown free of charge.

Kedrovy Spa

Kedrovy Spa Resort

Kedrovy is located not far from Altai-Vesta. The well-groomed territory has a private beach, a gazebo for recreation, a bicycle rental point and a sauna. The price per night is 6,200 rubles.

Ruchey u Dachi.

Ruchy u Dachi

There is a health center, spa, outdoor swimming pool and sauna for the guests. There is a playground for young guests. The place will suit lovers of solitude in the bosom of nature; “the territory is like an oasis and far from the accumulation of tourists” (review on Booking, Den, 07.08.2020). A day’s stay will cost 5 thous.

Spring of Altai

Rodnik Altai

The building in the city limits includes two buildings – therapeutic and recreational. The guests can choose the program they are interested in. There is a large outdoor swimming pool, a playground, a spa center with a whirlpool tub, and an area for playing table tennis and billiards.

  • Very amazing! The pool is top notch outside! The antler and beer baths are super! Staff helpful!
  • Unique nature! Picturesque paths!
  • The sanatorium is located a little behind the resort area, to the beginning of the resort area – 10 minutes on foot. Lived in the room economy, renovated room, there is everything you need (fridge, kettle, bathrobes). I liked the food: varied, to any taste.
  • The price/quality ratio is still impressive, as the rooms are small and without any extravagances, of course, and the cost of stays and accommodation is quite high. No questions about the cost of treatment, but the accommodation, if you compare it with hotels abroad, is a 2. But it is clean and thanks to that.
Altai Mountains places of power



According to reviews about the sanatorium Belokurikha, this is one of the best budget options. The price for accommodation starts at 1,500. In addition to the sauna, volleyball court and terrace, guests are offered a 3-day free pass to the pool of Russia.


Tips on rest in Belokurikha - prices in resorts and reviews of tourists

One more inexpensive hotel (daily price – 2 500 rubles) is located just 1 km from the elevator to the famous mountain, the guests can use it once for free. On the territory there is a terrace, garden and table tennis table.

Hotel Berkut

Hotel Berkut

Despite the fact that the hotel does not provide recreational services, Berkut is included in our rating of sanatoriums Belokurikha – according to reviews of tourists on Buking it scored 9.5 points out of 10. Accommodation here is convenient due to its proximity to the forest and ski elevators. There is a kitchen with everything you need, a terrace, a sauna and a barbecue area. You can rent a room for 2.5 thousand euros.

  • I liked absolutely everything, convenient location. Cleaned almost every day. Huge, nice, soft absorbent bed. Great view from the window.
  • Great room, cozy and beautiful, everything you need is there. Good location of the hotel. The staff is friendly. The room is clean, big bed. Everything was pleasantly surprised. Would recommend .

For your information

Going on a health vacation, it is not necessary to undergo the procedures at the place of residence. Some tourists prefer to stay in inexpensive apartments, buying a course in Belokurikha without accommodation, for example, in the famous sanatorium “Russia”.

Entertainment and excursions

In the city vacationers can visit various sculptures and monuments, visit the open-air exhibition “Water Mill”, museums of blacksmithing, silver and others. Connoisseurs of ecclesiastical architecture can reach the Temple in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In winter there are ski slopes for holidaymakers:

  • “Church”;
  • “Blagodat”;
  • “Katun”;
  • “Altai-West;
  • “Northern.”

Among the excursions recommended by most tourists are:

  • A trip to Lake Svetloe with the swans that live there;
  • driving on the serpentine length of about 8 km with 12 loops, 400-meter drops and observation decks;
  • climbing the mountain Zerkovka by cable car;
  • visiting of natural objects: rocks of Babya joy, Four Brothers, Gates of Love, etc.

Families with children will be interesting to relax in the water park “Belovodye”, and in winter to ride in a team of huskies.

Belokurikha all-season resort will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of natural beauty, and its developed tourist sphere allows choosing an appropriate place for rest based on personal priorities and budget.

How to save money on your trip? Working tiphacks!

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My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about recreation and prices, saw unique places, which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

Belokurikha: advices about rest and treatment

Reviews about rest in Belokurikha

We tell you about rest in Belokurikha, a famous balneo-climatic resort in Altai. Reviews about treatment in sanatoriums and spa hotels. Prices for accommodations and treatments in 2022.

Reviews about rest in Belokurikha in 2022

Why is it worth going on vacation to Belokurikha? The small resort is located among the picturesque spurs of the Cherginsky ridge. It is famous for its coniferous forests and healing springs of thermal water. The air here is clean, there are few cars and no industries.

Dzhumalin keys - radioactive Altai

Rest in Belokurikha is ideal for biking and leisurely walks in the vicinity. Climb up the cableway to Tserkovka mountain and admire the bird’s-eye views!

Many tourists leave positive comments about rest in Belokurikha both in summer and in winter. Some complain that in recent years, the prices of sanatorium treatment have increased dramatically.

Baloban-GA: “All health resorts are located along one street, car traffic along it is minimal. Apart from the sanatoriums, there are only cafes, restaurants, and stores.

KK KK: “We managed everything: to get qualified consultations and treatment, to undergo additional examinations and to enjoy the magnificent nature.

Reviews of treatment in Belokurikha

Early autumn at the resort. Photo: Alexander Baidukov / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Prices for health resorts in Belokurikha – 2022

Look for hotels, recreation centers and sanatoriums with discounts on Yandex.Travel. Here are the main rules for finding accommodation. However, some resorts need to buy a tour from a tour operator – to find and arrange such a tour you can on the service

The Altai resort is visited mainly by health tourism enthusiasts and parents with children. Prices for health and recreation in Belokurikha in 2022 depends on the accommodation.

A double room in a budget gesthouse or a private house with a kitchen costs 1200-2000 rubles. If you want to save money, rent inexpensive lodging, cook yourself and go to the health center for procedures.

Sanatoriums offer tourists different programs – rest and treatment for 2, 4, 12 and more days. The prices for double rooms without treatments start at 2300 roubles. Accommodation with breakfasts costs from 4000 rubles. The minimum price for a 12-day sanatorium stay with 4 meals a day, complete diagnostics and treatment is 54 thousand rubles.

Prices for rest in Belokurikha in 2022 on the program “all inclusive” are rather high – hotels and resorts are 4300-5000 rubles per day without treatment. And with medical procedures the prices are higher still in 2-3 times!

Sanatorium “Belokurikha”

From year to year good reviews get the sanatorium “Belokurikha”. The oldest health resort of Altai treats diseases of cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and musculoskeletal system, skin and subcutaneous tissue, diseases of respiratory and digestive organs. A doctor’s consultation costs 415-475 rubles and a massage with honey – 470 rubles. The sanatorium stay for 12 days in a 3* double room costs 56400 rubles.

Double accommodation on the tour “Rest” with 4 meals a day – 5200 rubles.

Eugene K.: “I came to the resort by chance and was pleasantly surprised! Rooms, far from the Soviet era, a varied and delicious buffet, plus perfect cleanliness.

Health resorts in Belokurikha

Main building (Photo:

Sanatorium “Siberia”.

Low prices for rest in Belokurikha in 2022 – in a multidisciplinary sanatorium “Siberia”. This is the largest medical institution of the resort! It specializes in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

The doctors use plasmolifting, shockwave therapy, carboxytherapy and ozone therapy. The cost of a specialist consultation is 415-440 rubles, medication blocks 400-600 rubles and inhalations 100 rubles.

The price for a double standard room is 2,280 rubles per day. A room with 4 meals a day would cost 6720 rubles.

Review of the sanatorium “Siberia” in Belokurikha:

Ivan A.: “The impressions are only the best and positive. The cooking is delicious, everything is fresh, the menu changes every time. The sanatorium is surrounded by mountains, you can admire them endlessly”.

Reviews of Sanatorium Siberia in Belokurikha

Foam peeling (Photo:

Katun Sanatorium

A popular sanatorium in Belokurikha is located in a place where the forest terrenekur or “health trails” start. People go to the health resort with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, heart, gynecology, skin and nervous system. A session in a mini-sauna costs 530 rubles and a body stone massage 900 rubles.

The prices for a 12-day stay at the Health Spa Resort start at 54 thousand rubles with a double room.

Review of the sanatorium “Katun” in Belokurikha:

Elena L.: “Doctors and nurses are attentive and friendly. Near the sanatorium there is a good terrace in a pine forest.

Communications, Internet, ATMs and gas stations in the Altai Mountains

Reviews about the Katun Health Resort in Belokurikha

Pool and recreation area (Photo: / sanatorium-belokurikha.rf)

Aurora sanatorium

Therapeutic showers, water massage, physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, gymnastics, inhalations and medicinal herbs are used in the sanatorium. A doctor’s consultation costs 350 rubles, magnetotherapy 150 rubles, a manual therapy session 1500 rubles, inhalation 75 rubles.

A standard double room will cost 6000 rubles per day.

Review of the Aurora sanatorium in Belokurikha:

@ Natalya Bond 111: “All the procedures were on the first and on the basement floor, far to run anywhere did not have to. Very convenient.

Reviews about the resort Aurora in Belokurikha

Swimming pool in the sanatorium (Photo: /

Kedrovy Hotel

Resort hotel for recreation in Belokurikha gets a lot of positive reviews. The building is built of natural wood. “Kedrovy” has its own beach and sauna. The spa center offers programs “Anti-cellulite”, “Anti-stress”, “Light legs” and “All in chocolate” for 2000-2530 rubles. The price for a mud mask is 450 rubles and facial massage is 800 rubles.

Double room with breakfast costs from 4000 rubles per day.

Sergey: “The furniture in the rooms is arranged competently and pleasantly. The whole hotel smells of cedar.

Prices in 2022 for treatment in Belokurikha

Hotel area (Photo: / Spa Resort Kedrovy)

Eden Sanatorium

The popular sanatorium has a modern spa center and outdoor pool. It treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels, joints, genitourinary system, metabolic disorders and nervous diseases. A paraffin mask costs 420 roubles and a wine wrap costs 1950 roubles.

The price of two-level apartments with three meals a day and treatment – 15800 rubles per day.

Galina Vladimirovna Koryukina: “The atmosphere of relaxation and complete absence of external stimuli reigns in the resort. One word – paradise.

Rest in Belokurikha in sanatoriums and resorts

Sanatorium Edem (Photo: / Sanatorium Edem)

Hotel “Belovodye”

On the territory of the resort hotel 4* there is a water park and a spa center. The Center for Restorative Medicine employs therapists, gynecologists, psychotherapists, hirudotherapists, neurologists, reflexologists, pediatricians and nutritionists. The cost of the course without meals and accommodation is 1500 rubles per day.

The price for a double room with breakfast is 5,480 rubles per day.

Olga: “It’s a great hotel for family holidays. You can spend a whole weekend without going out, and do not get bored.

Useful pic:

Hotel room (Photo: / Resort Spa Hotel Belovodye with Aquapark) Children’s pool in the hotel (Photo: / Resort Spa Hotel Belovodye with Aquapark)

Hotel-sanatorium “Belokur”

According to reviews, a wonderful vacation and reasonable prices for treatment in Belokurikha in 2022 are offered in the hotel-sanatorium “Belokur”. Its specialists treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, sexual ailments, improve immunity and anti-stress programs. Thalassotherapy with algae costs 2550 rubles and deep relaxing massage costs 2000 rubles.

Double room with three meals a day and treatment costs 9 thousand rubles per day.

Tatyana: “One of the big pluses of this hotel is the availability of water procedures in any weather.

Swimming pool on the territory of the sanatorium (Photo: / Sanatorium Belokur) Treatment with leeches (Photo: / Sanatorium Belokur)

Sanatorium “The Pearl of Belokurikha

A new balneo-climatic health resort is one of the best places to rest in Belokurikha. Doctors help with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, peripheral nervous system, respiratory organs, bones and joints. Stay with meals and accommodation costs from 3600 rubles.

The price for double standard room with breakfast – from 4900 rubles per day.

Natalia: Good location, the center, walking distance to all major attractions of the resort. All clean and new furniture.

Therapeutic treatments (Photo: / Pearl of Belokurikha) Sanatorium “Pearl of Belokurikha” (Photo: / Pearl of Belokurikha)

Business-hotel “Russia”

Altai sanatorium guarantees excellent treatment and comfortable recreation in Belokurikha for adults and children. Its doctors help in diseases of urogenital system, skin and subcutaneous tissue, bones and joints, nervous system, endocrine system, heart and blood vessels.

Chiropractic treatment of joint diseases costs 600 rubles and traction stretching of the spine 400 rubles.

The price for double standard with breakfast – from 6900 rubles per day.

Inga: “Excellent clean and comfortable rooms. Outdoor pool heating, friendly staff.

Sanatorium building (Photo: / Business Hotel Russia) Jacuzzi (Photo: / Business Hotel Russia)

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