Rest in June 2022 in Russia: where to go

Where to go in June

When the academic year in schools and universities ends, when the vacation season begins, there is a quite reasonable question – where to go in June 2022. Let’s see where to vacation in Russia at the very beginning of summer, when the days are so long and the nights are so lunar.

Krasnodar Territory

First on our list is a classic of the genre – the Black Sea coast. There is no holiday in June without the Black Sea, as there is no New Year without salad Olivier. We will tell you about New Year’s Eve destinations later, but now it’s time to book an accommodation close to the Black Sea coast in Sochi. Or near the Olympic Park in Adler. Or near the beaches of Anapa and Gelendzhik, where there is also a lot of sun and joy at the start of the summer season.

Where to stay:

We continue to move along the Black Sea and find the Crimea, because such beauty is hard not to find. And not only is the peninsula beautiful, there are also many options for accommodation almost all along the coast. You can live in a guest house, mini-hotel, an apartment or a separate room in the private sector – for reasonable money, of course.

Holidays on the eastern coast of the Crimea is concentrated around the pebble-sand beaches Sudak and Feodosia. If you want a historical spirit, you can go to the Genoese fortress. In the south of the Crimea are located top resorts of the peninsula: Yalta, Alupka, Gaspra. Somewhere not far away is Sevastopol. And in the west you will find Evpatoria, which will please not only you but also your children.

Where to relax:

Sea of Azov.

Thanks to the successes of Russian generals, we have not only the Black Sea, but the Sea of Azov, where to go in June, perhaps even more profitable. In early summer, the coast becomes very warm (usually not below 26 degrees during the day), and there are not so many tourists, so it’s a little easier to look for a place in the sun.

The Azov Sea is based on two whales – Yeisk and Taganrog. And if in the first you can enjoy a variety of sandy and pebble beaches, in the second vacation will not be limited to sand and water: you can visit historical sites associated with Peter I and Anton Chekhov.

Where to go:

Baltic Sea.

The theme of Peter the Great continues to the Baltic resorts. Although he built the fleet here, there is a high probability that he also planned resorts for rest in June – after all, a large-scale personality and thinks on a grand scale. In general, there are some excellent resorts on the Baltic Sea – Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, which are not so popular, but not so busy.

You can admire local green streets, walk along the coast, breathe amazingly clean Baltic air and even sometimes find pieces of amber right on the beach. Not to say that you can build an amber business on this, but the experience on vacation is definitely guaranteed.

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Where to relax:

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St. Petersburg

It was only in Nekrasov’s time in St. Petersburg women were beaten on Sennaya – now there are fountains beating here. The most beautiful of them, of course, in Peterhof. It is a pleasure to admire the parks, palaces and sculptures and other St. Petersburg suburbs – for example, Pushkin and Gatchina.

In the city on the Neva, too, everything is first-rate. Nevsky Prospekt is lively, St. Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedrals are majestic, the Hermitage is diverse, and the horses of Klodt – you know what.

Where to stay:


If you want to replace curbs with kerbstones, and parades – with entrances, you can go to the capital. Here you will find the Moskva River with its river streetcars, museums with their unique exhibits, and an incredible number of other attractions – but you already know all that.

Lodging in Moscow:


The capital of Tatarstan is one of the best cities to go to in June 2022. Tatar culture in this city blends seamlessly with many other world traditions. However, there are more familiar sightseeing and entertainment.

You can always walk around the center of Kazan, appreciate the Suyumbike Tower, the Kul Sharif Mosque and other wonders of the local white-stone Kremlin, wander down Bauman Street, meet colorful personalities there and buy equally colorful national souvenirs.

Where to stay:


The Belarusian capital has a very special energy and curiously combines its European and Soviet heritage. It is interesting to look at, especially in June, when the city gardens and parks are in bloom.

There are plenty of entertainment options in Minsk, which is, after all, the main city of the country. The key city street is Independence Avenue. In particular, there is Red Church – a neo-Gothic temple, which has become almost the main symbol of Minsk. You should also note the unusual Minsk city hall. If you want romance, you can take a walk on bicycles along the Svisloch River.

Accommodation in Minsk:

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Caucasian Mineral Waters.

A trip here is a great way to make sure that Yessentuki and Narzan don’t just exist in supermarkets. In Minvody there are more than 130 springs – of course, from all at once will not drink, but even a few liters of local water will have a beneficial effect on the body.

In addition to mineral springs, you will find green parks, some of which gently sloping high into the mountains. Crystal clear air, favorable climate – do you still have doubts where to rest in June inexpensively?

Where to go:

Dagestan .

This region of Russia has access to both the sea and the mountains – and many tourists prefer the mountains. There stretches canyons, running mountain rivers and waterfalls, beckon mysterious gorges and even ghost villages: in these and for lodging do not pay – come and live until the evil spirits do not drive out.

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Dagestan beaches are covered with sand, and the shore is shallow. The reason is simple: here is the Caspian Sea, which is actually a lake. Of seaside resorts we recommend Derbent – there are ancient fortresses and mosques. This city is 2000 years old – and maybe that’s what Viktor Tsoi had in mind when he sang about the star called the Sun.

The main resorts of Dagestan:


This region is designed for those who do not complain about the beaches and do not like the scorching sun, from which no sunscreen can save you. Karelia, isolated and detached from the rest of the world, is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. Kizhi, Solovki, Valaam, rafting on rivers, hunting, fishing, walking through endless forests – that is what this region is famous for. Karelia will like and history buffs who can see the ancient petroglyphs and stone sanctuaries – the local “Stonehenge.

Where to go on vacation in Russia in June 2023

The first month of summer is pleasing with consistently high temperatures. At the domestic resorts the high season starts, although not everywhere the water is still warm enough. However, the rest in June in Russia is not limited to beach entertainments. You can go to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kazan, go on a tour around the “Golden Ring” or a sea cruise, to touch the natural beauty of the Altai, Karelia or Khakassia. The country is large, and the choice is more than enough – for every taste and purse.

Below we will take a closer look at where to go for a vacation in Russia in June.

Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

In June the holiday season starts in Crimea. The water temperature in the coastal waters will reach +18-20 degrees, which is already quite suitable for swimming. The beginning of summer is not so hot and there is no high humidity. The weather is ideal for those who can hardly stand the heat. During the day the air can get up to +25 degrees, but at night it gets cooler because of the sea wind. It rains rarely, though one should not rule out the possibility of precipitation. From time to time intermittent rains with thunderstorms occur. Tourists, planning excursions to the mountainous areas, should wear waterproof clothes.

Take a note: because of the closing of the airport in Simferopol you can get to the peninsula only by Crimean bridge.

If you’re going on a trip with children, read our detailed material on what to see and where to go with a child.

You can pick up and book a tour to the Crimea here:

The year-round Russian resort, beloved by tourists, welcomes more and more vacationers at the beginning of summer. By the end of the month there will be nowhere to fall on the local beaches. The weather becomes truly summery. During the day the air gets warm up to +22-25 degrees and the sea gets warmer. If the last days of May were warm, then the water near the coast will warm up more quickly, and in June it will be comfortable enough to swim. If the last month of spring was not sunny, the swimming season will start later. Anyway, the water is still not comfortable for children, you can go with them to one of the water parks. Also read, where else to go in Sochi with children.

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Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

In early summer, there is a high humidity in the air. It rains often, but the precipitation is distributed unevenly. In this regard, you should be guided by the current weather forecast.

It’s several degrees cooler in Krasnaya Polyana than at the seaside. You should take it into consideration if you plan to skate on the ski-lift.

You can choose and book a tour to Sochi here:

Resorts of the Black Sea coast

On our site you can read reviews and feature stories about each of them.

Due to the closure of Anapa airport, to get to the Black Sea resorts is possible only through the airport of Sochi and then by land!

Resorts of the Sea of Azov

The Azov Sea warms up faster than the Black Sea, so the bathing season starts a little earlier here. The water temperature on the coast is already +23 degrees – comfortable for swimming, not only for adults, but also for children. Here go first of all family tourists, as local resorts with sandy beaches, shallow sea, a smooth entry into the water, rare waves and a lot of entertainment for young tourists.

The average air temperature during the day is +26 degrees and at night +21 degrees. Due to the low humidity high temperatures are easily tolerated.


Due to the closure of airports in southern Russia, including Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Anapa, to reach the resorts of the Azov Sea is only possible through the airport of Sochi and then by land!

Choose and book a tour to the resorts of the Krasnodar region can be here:

Caucasian Mineral Waters


June – the peak season at the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The tourist sector is working at full force: there are almost no vacancies in resorts, apartments and private guest houses, all cafes and snack bars are open, excursion bureaus organize numerous hikes and bus trips.

The average daytime temperature is +20 degrees. At times the mercury column gets to a mark in +28-30 degrees. At night, at least 10 degrees cooler.

The most popular resort of CMS is Kislovodsk. Also often choose Pyatigorsk for a vacation. You can pay attention to the less lively Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Minvody.

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To choose and book a tour in Kislovodsk you can here:


The most European city of Russia – Kaliningrad – is popular among tourists almost all year round, except for the unstable off-season. Summers in the city are warm and humid. The average daytime temperature is +19 Celsius, but quite often the thermometer reaches 30 Celsius.

With the advent of warm days Kaliningrad is filled with tourists and all hotels and guest houses are already booked in advance. While planning your vacation in Russia in June, remember that this time is chosen for vacation, so take care of your accommodation and tickets for transport in advance.

Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

Consider that in early summer it often rains, showers and thunderstorms. While packing your suitcase, be guided by a current weather forecast.

From Kaliningrad you can go to Jantarny, which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Gdańsk. The local beach is one of the most comfortable and clean in Russia. Here you can enjoy all the pleasures of beach holidays.

To choose and book a tour to Kaliningrad, click here:


Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

On a par with Sochi and Kaliningrad, the capital of Tatarstan is a year-round tourist city. Weather in Kazan in June is relatively warm, but unstable. The air temperature during the day ranges from +16 to +25 degrees Celsius. While planning a trip, study the weather forecast for the coming days.

You can choose and book a tour to Kazan here:


This unique Russian region is famous for its diverse nature: coniferous forests, lakes, rivers and rocks. There are 67 thousand rivers and lakes in the republic, among the latter the largest are Ladoga and Onega.

In June, the weather is sunny, but not too hot. You can walk through the forests, go boating on the lakes and canyons, visit waterfalls of the Ladoga area. June on top of everything else is the time of white nights. The most popular tourist spot is the Ruskeala Mountain Park. He is not inferior in beauty reserve “Kivach” .


Those who are interested in history, will be interested in the ancient petroglyphs, created more than 5 thousand years ago.

To choose and book a tour to Karelia, click here:


Republic of Adygeya, located in the central part of the North-Western Caucasus, is an excellent destination for recreation in nature. Here you can visit the Caucasus Nature Reserve, waterfalls Rufabgo, Khadzhokh Gorge, Mishoko Gorge.

Summer in the flat part of Adygea begins in the first half of May, in the foothills – 10-15 days later, and in the mountains – only in the first half of June. It is hot and dry on the plains and noticeably cooler in the foothills.

Mishoko Gorge

In the republic you can go horseback riding, speleotourism (exploration of natural or man-made caves and labyrinths), rafting, ride jeeps, descend the canyon of a mountain river on foot or by swimming, improve your health in one of the local sanatoriums. One of the most popular hiking trails – All-Union tourist route number 30 – runs through the Alpine meadows along the Main Caucasus Range to the Black Sea coast.

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In connection with closing of the airport of Krasnodar it is possible to reach Adygeya only through the airport of Sochi and further by land!



Baikal is one of the most popular destinations, where you can go on your own with tents and stay in a campsite. What to do on the shores of the deepest lake on the planet? The water temperature in Chivyrkuisky bay, Posolsky gulf and Maly More reaches +22 degrees – good temperature for swimming. You can also go hiking on your own, on bicycles or horses, take a boat trip to see all the Baikal islands, visit nature reserves and national parks (Barguzinsky, Baikal, Baikal-Lensky), go fishing, visit the Ushkany Islands to admire the Baikal seal, try the local cuisine or take a ride on the Circum-Baikal railroad, which encircles the lake.

You can choose and book a tour to Baikal here:


Another region rich in natural beauty is the Altai Mountains. In June, especially in the middle and the end of the month, the weather is pleasant: the air is heated to +20-25 degrees and there is not much precipitation. You may start a short warm season in June. But the temperature oscillations in the mountains are very high and frosts are possible.

Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

Summer vacations in Altai are varied. You can visit the Altai, Katun and Tigireksky reserves, you can wander along the nature trails in the Sailugemsky National Park and in the Uch-Enskiy Nature Park. You can also take a swim in the lakes and reservoirs (Semin baths, Lake Aya, Biryuzovaya Katun and others) and climb the Belukha Mountain.

To choose and book a tour to Altai, click here:


Khakassia has a variety of climatic and vegetation zones. Here you can see as high peaks with eternal glaciers and vast steppes with ancient burial grounds. Summers in Khakassia are dry and hot.

There are more than 30 thousand archaeological sites on the territory of the Republic – burial mounds, ancient sanctuaries, petroglyphs, remains of settlements and fortresses.

Where to go on vacation in June in Russia

Khakassia has many lakes, salty and fresh, steppe and mountain. The most visited are the medicinal lakes Shira and Beloe, known far beyond the region.

Where else to go in June in Russia

Regional residents choose Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are so many sights in both cities that it is impossible to see them all in one trip. However, for those who want to get the most out of their trip, we have written several overviews.

If you’re going to the capital of Russia, read on:

If you’re planning to visit the cultural capital, read:

From St. Petersburg, the direct road to Vyborg , where it is enough to spend a day. You can visit Vyborg Castle and its historic architectural monuments.

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