Rest in Sochi in July 2022. Weather and prices

Weather and rest in Sochi in July 2022

Sochi in July – it’s endless beaches, the gentle sound of waves, fresh fruit and incredible sunsets. And at the same time, it’s stuffy, humid, crowded and queues wherever you can and cannot go. But only outspoken optimists and pessimists look at Sochi in such a polarized way. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.


Yes, for a holiday in July in Sochi, there is everything. Even the coolness! After all, in order to enjoy it, it’s enough to go up to the mountains, where even in summer you can’t do without a jacket. But there are also a lot of people – both in the center of Sochi, and in Adler / Hosta / Kudepsta.

But it is not our job to dissuade you from going to Sochi in the summer. On the contrary, in this article we will tell you what to do besides the beach. What events and concerts are planned in Sochi in July. On what excursions to go and what to see. And those who are confused by the crowd, and without us will decide whether they need such a summer vacation or not.

Excursions in Sochi.

The most interesting excursions are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start your acquaintance with Greater Sochi from Rosa Khutora and the panoramas of Krasnaya Polyana. From Akhtyrsky Gorge and Skypark to the observation sites of Krasnaya Polyana. And go on a full day tour “All the colors of Abkhazia. The program buried in the green Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Lake Ritza and a cool Blue Lake.

The Weather in Sochi in July

It is believed that Sochi in July – it is hot and the sun ∼ 10 hours a day. And, of course, this is not so far from the truth. However, due to high humidity, even at the height of summer, the sky of Sochi is periodically covered with haze. And mornings often meet with fog. And most of all the effect of the “overcast sky” is noticeable in the mountains. It is there, from viewing platforms, you can observe the peaks covered with white “veils”.

Weather in Sochi in July
June 17° to 25° 6 days
July 20° to 28° 6 days
August 21° to 29° 6 days

Solar activity in Sochi in July is high. The air temperature during the day rarely drops below 30 °. And even at night the long-awaited coolness should not be expected. The thermometer at 19-21 ° is a good luck.

The sea temperature of ∼ 25-27 ° also leaves no doubt that summer is in full swing.

It rains rarely in July, but by comparison it rains twice as often as in the Crimea. After all, Sochi’s subtropical climate makes itself felt. And note that in summer at Krasnaya Polyana resorts there may be showers from 10 to 12 days out of 30. Not to say that in hellish heat – it is just a misfortune (sometimes a good rain for happiness). But at planning excursions it is necessary to mean it.

As for clothes, hardly anyone will have doubts about sandals, shorts and t-shirts. The nuances to be aware of, again, concern the mountains. There absolutely necessary s/z glasses, s/z cream (at altitude burn faster than at the beach) and … warm clothes. At the altitudes from 1400 m to 2320 m it is noticeably cool.

Christina Taranova: “At the beginning of our vacation in July we found ourselves in the rainy season in Sochi and there was nothing much to do at the beach. There were strong waves, and the sea was dirty because of it. The wind also spoiled everything. But as soon as the sun looked out, there was stuffiness, heat and desire to swim. Therefore it is impossible to give any advice about the weather in Sochi, it is unpredictable.

What to do and see in July 2022

It is customary to begin your acquaintance with Sochi with the seafront, the Seaport building and the magnificent Arboretum. After that comes the turn of modern sights, the main of which is the Olympic Park. It is interesting to visit the Museum of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. At the entrance guests are welcomed by Olympic mascots: a smiling bear, a cunning leopard, and a small hare compared to its 8 meters tall cousins.

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Fisht Stadium in the Olympic Park.

A new Museum Center was opened there, combining under one roof the Leonardo Museum (the greatest Italian painter), “Tesla” (Austro-Hungarian scientist, to whom mankind is largely due the invention of electricity) and the USSR Museum (his slogan “Welcome to childhood!”).

What events and concerts are planned in Sochi in July 2022?

  • On July 1, Diana Arbenina and the band “Night Snipers” will hold a concert in Sochi . Tickets starting from 1 500 rubles. Venue: Red Arena in the gaming zone Krasnaya Polyana;
  • From 1 to 4 July in Sochi, the performance of the “National show of Russia “Kostroma” . For the first time a grand summer show from Moscow is coming to the southern capital. Artistic director and choreographer: Yuri Tsarenko. Ticket prices from 1 000 rubles. On stage at the Winter Theatre (2 Teatralnaya St.);
  • Throughout July, “Sochi Park” invites you to see Tatiana Navka’s Ice Show (beginning at 19:30; closed on Monday). Every day except Thursday we invite you to see Nikulin’s Circus show “Ordinary Wonders” (beginning at 14:00 and 17:30). Both performances are included in the cost of the ticket to the amusement park;
  • Every Saturday of July Sochi Skypark invites everyone to the festival Skypark! Live 2022 . Musical parties in the open air near Akhtyrsky Gorge. Plus laser shows and light projections. Starts at 18:00, tickets starting from 1 500 rubles. Learn more at;
  • Every Saturday on the main square of Rosa Khutor young guests from 3 to 14 years old are waiting for the event. There will be competitions on running, scooter and tricycle for the Cup of Hutoryonok-2022. Gifts, diplomas and medals are waiting for the participants.

If you get tired of the heat and subtropical humidity in Sochi in July, it’s time to go up into the mountains. This is an amazing period when you can see snow-covered peaks, green slopes and blooming meadows of rhododendrons at the same time!

Private Sector in Gelendzhik by the Sea - 11 apartments from 1400 ₽

Pros and cons of Sochi in July 2022

Bohemica: “Having been to Sochi in July, came to the conclusion – this is the first and last time! The heat is terrible. It is stuffy, due to a large number of cars the air is polluted. Neither in a hotel, nor on the seafront, nor on the sea there is a feeling that you on vacation – as if in a big megalopolis where the resort even does not smell…”.

Sochi in July

Weather in Sochi in July allows you to sunbathe and swim

Sochi in July – is it worth to go? Weather, water temperature, prices for tours 2022, the cost of independent travel? What to do and what to see in Sochi at the peak of summer, where to go in the suburbs – found out

Sochi is the main! Because Sochi is the biggest and the best equipped resort in Russia! In summer it attracts holidaymakers like a blooming meadow for bees. Which on the one hand should not surprise, but on the other – sometimes irritating.

Sure enough: you are drawn to the warmth, sun and sea, dreaming of a quiet tranquil holiday. And then it turns out that a similar thought, it turns out, came to mind a lot of other people . They thought that, in the middle of summer, a Russian resort suits them much better than Turkey, Tunisia or even Cyprus.

And if you think about it, it’s quite logical! After all, the weather in Sochi at the beginning of July, and even at the end, does not compare with Antalya. The humidity, of course, is high, but the air temperature is not so overwhelming. And in the evenings you can come to your senses and accumulate strength for the next vacation day.

Therefore buy tours and book rooms in resorts for July and August are usually started immediately after the New Year. Demand at this time is still small, most are interested in the May holidays. However, the year 2021 was different, because the season was nearly “eaten” by coronavirus and the corresponding restrictions.

It was expected that in the summer in Sochi and other resorts of the Krasnodar Territory masses of tourists would come. At first it will be a stream of those who are not afraid to buy a ticket to a sanatorium. And then – and independent tourists!

And so it happened! But the resorts had to show extra documents for checking into the hotels. Or to look for a place in the private sector.

Will it be so this year? It already is!

But the tourists got used. And there is nowhere else for them to go. So there should be a lot of holidaymakers!

And given the rise in airfare, many will go to Sochi by car. Even from Moscow, let alone other Russian cities!


Excursions in Sochi and surroundings at a discount of 10-50%. From 600 rubles per person.

The Weather in Sochi in July

If one word – hot. With two – very hot! Therefore rest on the local coast at the peak of summer is not for everyone.

Daytime air temperature is stable in the range of +30-35 ° C. And the sun is scorching already at 10 am, so that even the adepts of African suntan will change their minds to stay in an open place.

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According to statistics, July in Sochi is the sunniest month of the year. It does not rain much. And those that do happen, have a distinct thunderstorm nature. And it only defuses the overly hot atmosphere for a few hours.

Along the way the streets are flooded and sometimes the rivers overflow!

  • The July flooding in the midst of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, for example, was impressive even on television!

However, it is common to forget about the disaster the next day. Because after a few hours there is nothing to remind about it: the sun shines, the sea shines, the pebbles burn!

Most of them are on beaches. Minority – on foot mastering Agurskoye gorge and Eagle Rocks. Or other places of Caucasus Nature Reserve, the good thing that there are many!

The nights are usually lighter: the atmosphere cools down to +22-25 ° C, giving resort guests hours of bliss. And the skin – a chance to rest from ultraviolet.

In the evenings, when the heat dies down, the southern city comes alive. If any resort family after 21-22 hours sinks into a calm half-dream, in Sochi the real life begins.

The fun unfolds in a spiral. And by the time it’s time to wake up and trot to the beach, active vacationers just fall asleep.

Water temperature

The sea in Sochi is heated to +24-25 ° C by early July. By the end of July the water temperature reaches tropical numbers: +27-28 °С.

It is comfortable to swim at any time. The early “birders” will probably find that the water is pleasantly invigorating in the morning – if you manage to wake up and go to the beach at 6-7 am. But it is not cold for sure!

The ban on visiting the city beaches after 20 and up to 8 o’clock, carelessly introduced in the summer of 2016, is not even remembered today. The measure turned out to be extremely unpopular and was cancelled almost immediately.

Lots of people on the beaches in Sochi in July

Prices 2022

If you set up mostly on a beach holiday, then focus on the level of 60 thousand for a week trip for three people from Moscow. Adepts of active recreation, wishing not only to get a tan and swim, but also climb the mountains in the surrounding area, will have to pay more – from 35-40 thousand per person.

And if in the first case the flight is included in the price, in the second – no!

A week trip to the sanatorium in Adler costs from 55 thousand for two people. With full board and medical procedures.

A room for a couple in a guest house or family hotel in Sochi will cost at least 3,500 rubles per night in July. At that price its area will be minimal – no more than 15-17 “squares”. And the distance from the sea is on the verge of the tolerable – 15-20 minutes on foot.

But the amenities inside, such as air conditioning, shower and toilet, refrigerator and TV, are present, the proportion of poorly equipped housing in the resort inexorably shrinks in view of high competition.

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Wi-Fi is usually included in the price of the proposal, as well as parking, if available. Pool has become a common convenience today – not only many hotels, but even guest houses have them.

We recommend PrimaVera pension, which has almost ideal price-quality ratio.

Yes, it is dislocated a little bit far from the center of Sochi. But it has its own swimming pool and a garden. The sea is in 10 minutes walk, nearby there are a couple of chain stores.

There is a restaurant, “continental” breakfasts are served on request.

It is worth to pay attention to “quiet” hotel Romanov on the Kurortny prospect. Possessing a similar set of conveniences and also notable for a very moderate price appetite.

Very inexpensive VeryHotel, which guests like not only the convenient dislocation, but also the cleanliness of the rooms. However, its rooms are extremely small – from 10 m2 .

Often modest in area and rooms in a more expensive hotel complex Sochi-Magnolia, “standard” – only 14 meters. But it is ideally located – just 10 minutes from the sea and literally in the center of the resort.

Private sector in Sochi sometimes allows you to save a little money. If you are willing to take a certain risk, which exists when agreeing a deal with an unknown person.

From 4 000 rubles per day will have to give for a separate apartment in a panel house in a known proximity (5-10 minutes) to the sea. A 1-bedroom apartment can sleep up to 4 people, a 2-bedroom apartment – up to 6-7.

For 5,000 you can rent a 2-room apartment with a kitchen and a dining area. Or a room in a hotel, located closer to the central part of the resort.


It is not too far-sighted to expect to save money on food in comparison with Moscow. Therefore, if you are offered breakfasts at a price of 200-250 per person per day, or three meals a day for 800-900 rubles – feel free to agree.

Of course, some guest houses have separate or shared kitchens, which allows you to cook yourself. Fortunately, there are chain stores in Sochi: Lenta, OKey, Magnit, Pyaterochka.

The prices there are practically the same as in the capital! But the same cannot be said about Sochi markets: there prices for fruits and vegetables are higher than in Moscow.

What to do

The number of entertainments in July Sochi will upset a sensible tourist – there are too much temptations! It makes sense to know where to go before your trip in order not to spend too much. And to find a budget that you will not go beyond.

Water parks and…

These attractions are hard to ignore when you come on vacation at the sea. In Sochi it is also difficult to make a choice! However, apparently, it is better to choose the one that is close by.

  • In 2022 the above-mentioned institutions will probably open in early June.

“Mayak” in the city itself is small, but “AquaLoo” in the nearby village of Loo is bigger and more interesting. However, they say, and it is more dirty. And only the most hardened people would risk to eat anything there.

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Quite good “Amphibius” in Adler. Exceptionally good: the Sea Star and Nautilus – in Lazarevskoye. Ticket prices do not vary much.

Sochi Riviera Park on the whole can be ignored, despite the dolphinarium, children’s attractions and historical aura. As well as the Arboretum – that is if you’ve had enough of it or never been interested in flora in all its manifestations.

But you should not miss the opportunity to frolic in Sochi Park, whose rides are new, modern and still delight children and adults alike. Negative reviews about this modern leisure center (located in Adler) are almost impossible to meet so far.

About the Olympic Park with its interesting museums and formula race track has not been mentioned only by the lazy guidebook. These sights usually top the list.

Truly speaking, if it’s over +30, you don’t want to listen or even just look around admiring the scale of sport venues and achievements of athletes.

What to see in the vicinity

It is much better to go to the wooded mountains, to “33 waterfalls” and beyond. Walks in gorges and rafting on rapid rivers are traditional entertainment in Sochi. Invigorating and memorable because of immense physical effort!

The mountains near Sochi in July

Some tourists, in spite of the heat, head deeper into the sea – they want to see the famous Krasnaya Polyana and “European level” resorts. But in the height of summer, only a minority dares to get away from the sea.

Tell you the truth, to explore the “atmosphere” a sightseeing tour, crowned with a climb to Akhun is enough. The highest mountain on the coast!

  • From the tower on the top you can perfectly see everything around: both the sea and the Caucasus Mountains!

For those who love adrenaline there is the only one in Russia Skypark. It is situated south-east of Sochi over the Mzymta River in the Akhtyrsky Gorge. It seems to be not very high – 207 meters at maximum point – but butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach.

It is only when you walk along the lattice suspended structure. Those who tried the high altitude swings or decided to jump down on the bungee jump, right, have so many impressions that it is impossible to tell.


Even at the end of July, one-day trips to Abkhazia are still in demand in Sochi. It is just curious to take only 1 day to get to Pitsunda and New Athos, to see what summer Gagra has to offer.

Few people get to Sukhum – still too far. And here are Lake Ritsa and waterfalls – even if not Geg… by minivan with air conditioner… Why not?

Practical advices

  • Road, distance, travel time by car in Sochi
  • How much does it cost to rent a car with a departure to Abkhazia
  • Where can I rest near Sochi


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