Rest on the Azov Sea in the summer of 2022: where better

Rest on the Azov Sea in 2022.

Against the background of its “neighbor” Black Sea, the Azov Sea looks modest: small and shallow. There is no majestic mountains that adorn any landscape. Instead there is the steppe, blown by the winds. But it is these features are appreciated by tourists who choose to rest on the Azov Sea.

Its average depth is only 7 meters, and by the shore and does not exceed one and a half meters. Therefore, the water here is warm, there are no high waves and large storms – for this local beaches are loved by families with small children. And thanks to the windy weather, local resorts have become the center of kite and windsurfing in Russia. If you have long wanted to learn how to chase the wind, cutting the water surface, choose a vacation on the Azov Sea, in 2022 there are sailing and kite schools.

Fans of fishing come to the coast. Experts say that the fishing here is excellent: beluga, sturgeon, sturgeon and other species of fish bite well.

But the main advantage is probably the opportunity to get away from the crowds, the noise and the hustle and bustle. Compared with the Black Sea resorts, there are fewer tourists, and therefore the prices are much lower. Rest on the Azov Sea in 2022 will cost twice cheaper than on the Black Sea.

In the villages there are no expensive hotels and restaurants, but there are wide sandy beaches, stretching as far as the eye can see, and crawling over the horizon, clean air, cozy cafes with home cooking. Clean warm sea and steppe wind blowing sails and kites to the delight of fans of outdoor activities.

Weekend in Rostov region: with taste, with sun, with the energy of the steppe!

A trip to the Rostov region is a great idea for a short, but very bright trip. The waves of the Azov Sea and boundless lavender fields, the color of the Don Cossacks’ settlements and Sholokhov’s places, boat rides on the leisurely Don and many gastronomic discoveries await the tourists.

Popular resorts

Yeisk: A paradise for kitesurfers and children

Despite the fact that Yeisk – the northernmost resort town in the Krasnodar region, the geographical location has given it the features for which this place is loved by tourists. Warm and shallow Azov Sea and beaches with soft sand are attractive for families with small children. And for the steppe wind, which often comes from the land, Yeisk loved by fans of kite and windsurfing.

Kerch: See the ancient city and swim in two seas

Kerch, Russia’s oldest city, is famous for its rich history, sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. In Kerch, everyone will find something to their liking. Take a tour to the ancient settlement, visit Mount Mithridates, swim in the Black and Azov Seas and be sure to try the local Crimean Tatar cuisine.

Taganrog: the failed capital, home of Chekhov and Ranevskaya

Taganrog is associated with the names of people who have left a significant mark on national history. It is worth coming here just to see the miraculously preserved house, where Chekhov was born, walk around the places where the great writer visited. Here Pushkin wrote the famous lines from childhood: “A green oak tree by the Lukomorye”, Arkhip Kuindzhi and Pyotr Tchaikovsky have been, lived and created here, Emperor Alexander I spent his last days here, and the monument to another emperor, the founder of Taganrog Peter I, looks at the waters of the bay. Provincial, but at the same time a famous city will captivate visitors with its southern flavor, warm Azov Sea, stories from its eventful history.

Where is it

The Sea of Azov is located in southwest Russia. It washes the coast of Rostov region, the northwestern part of Krasnodar region, the north of the Kerch Peninsula and the eastern coast of Crimea. To make it easier to navigate, look at the map and find the Black Sea. Do you see a small body of water above it, almost closed by land? This is the Sea of Azov. It’s easy to recognize it by the Taganrog Bay, cutting deep into the coast almost to the Rostov-on-Don. This is where the Don River flows into the sea.

Skalisty bereg Enotourism Center

Oenotourism Center “Rocky Beach” is located near Anapa – in the village Varvarovka. Tourists are offered here excursion programs that include a walk through the vineyards, acquaintance with the possibilities of gravitation production, descending to the shops and barrel storage facility, tasting of drinks. There is also an exclusive evening excursion program, where you can watch the stars through a powerful telescope on the terrace of the unique building of the winery.

Where to rest on the Black Sea - the best resorts in Russia

Beaches of the Azov Sea

Wide and clean, the beaches of the Azov Sea are sandy, in some places there are small pebbles and coquina. Entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is covered with soft sand – just like on the beach. The eastern part of the coast is dotted with estuaries – small “lagoons” separated from the sea by sand bars. The depth in limans is very shallow, so the already warm water gets even warmer.

The spit Dolgaya with shell beaches is a natural monument. Photo:

If you have chosen to rest on the Azov Sea, be prepared for the fact that not all beaches are equipped with cabins for changing, toilets and showers. Fully equipped beach areas are in Eisk, villages Golubitskaya and Dolzhanskaya, in the village Kuchugury. Here during the day are on duty lifeguards, a lot of water entertainment, you can rent a sun lounger.

On the Azov coast there are favorite places for kite-surfers and windsurfers: the beaches of Yeisky district, Dolzhanskaya village and Dolgaya Spit – on the east, the town of Shelkino and Mysovoye village on Kazantip Peninsula – on the west. People come here mainly to ride kites, so the infrastructure is focused on recreation: kite schools and equipment rentals.

The Azov Sea is famous for its wide and clean sandy beaches. Photo: Because of the constant winds Azov resorts are beloved by kitesurfers. Photo: People who know a lot about fishing say that on the Sea of Azov there is good fishing. Photo: Shell rock on the beach looks very spectacular. Photo:

When to go

The Azov Sea is the shallowest in the world and the warmest among Russian seas. Just because of the shallow depth it warms up quickly. Already in May, the water temperature reaches a comfortable +20 degrees. And if the month turns out hot, and even more. If you’re planning a vacation on the Azov Sea at the beginning of the summer season, choose the resorts of Temryuksk district: the village Golubitskaya and villages Kuchugury and Peresyp, where the water gets warm faster.

The best time for a vacation at the Azov Sea is from June to August, when the water is at its warmest. Photo:

The nature of the coast is a steppe, there are no mountains and little vegetation. Summers in the region are hot and dry, with little precipitation, so you can enjoy sunny and warm weather throughout the season. Air temperature during the summer months reaches +28 … +30 degrees, but at the seaside the heat is not felt because of the frequent strong winds.

Azov Sea cools as quickly as it warms up. The reason is the same: the shallow depth. In the first decade of September the water temperature drops to +18 … +20 degrees, at the end of the month to swim is already cold.

The best time for recreation – from the beginning of June to the end of August. During this time there is no sudden cold spells, which means that for the whole three months you are guaranteed warm sea and hot southern sun in the bright blue cloudless sky.

Hotels of Palmira Group: Unwind with comfort

Palmira Group is a Russian company, which successfully specializes in management of hotels and cultural heritage sites. All objects in their portfolio correspond to the modern trends of quality and comfortable recreation. They offer hotels for relaxed family vacations at the seaside in the Crimea, hotels for business trips and tourism in the big city and resorts just a few kilometers away from Moscow.

Rest with children

Resorts of the Azov Sea is the best suited for recreation with small children. Along the coast, the depth by the shore is small – about a meter, very warm water and smooth sandy bottom. In these “frogs” love to splash and play with sand kids. Entrance to the sea is flat, the depth increases slowly and very gradually – sometimes an adult has to depart from the shore for a few meters to swim. But precisely because of this feature the Azov Sea is appreciated by parents of small children: you can safely let your child into the water.

Arboretum - the green heart of Sochi. Ticket price, photos, tips

Warm water, shallow depth and no waves – the Azov Sea is suitable for recreation with children. Photo:

Older children are already bored just swimming, they want entertainment. Most of them in well-developed resorts. For example, in Yeisk there is a water park “Nemo”, an oceanarium “Shark Reef” or a dolphinarium. The latter two are located directly on the city beach “Kamenka”. On the beaches of Yeisk and Yeisky estuary a lot of traditional water amusements: driving on “banana”, separated children’s areas with slides, trampolines and playgrounds.

In the village Golubitskaya entertainment for children is even more. Here is a dolphinarium “Nemo”, a zoo “Lukomorye” and the largest on the Azov coast water park “Sea Reef”. Nearby is an ethnographic park “Ataman”, dedicated to the history of the Cossacks. Here arrange excursions and master classes, invite guests to the holidays and festivals that take place in the park every week. Another couple of interesting places to go with children are the crocodile farm and the lotus valley in Akhtanizovsky estuary.

Other Azov resorts have less entertainment for children. But everywhere there are playgrounds and unpretentious attractions for kids. In the village Dolzhanskaya with children you can go on a horseback ride around the area, and in the village of Kuchugury little tourists will enjoy the amusement park “Emelya” and the planetarium “Aquarius”.


On the Azov coast there are many sources of healing mineral mud. Photo:

The Azov coast has two natural features for which hundreds of people come here for treatment every year – the climate and mineral mud. Thanks to them, local resorts treat respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, nervous system disorders, skin diseases.

On the east coast of the Azov Sea is the largest and most famous in the region sources of mineral mud: Lake Khanskoe 40 kilometers from Eisk and Golubitskoe near the village of the same name. Famous are also mud volcanoes in Temryuk district: at Cape Pekla near Kuchugur, Tizdar in the village of Za Rodina and Miska near the town of Temryuk. At these resorts there are sanatoriums and resorts, whose doctors, using mud of different chemical composition and degree of mineralization, deal with many acute and chronic diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system. In addition to therapeutic, muds have a cosmetic effect.

Fresh sea air combined with dry and warm steppe air, coming from the mainland, makes the Azov coast an excellent climatic resort. Many resorts specialize in climatotherapy, which helps with respiratory diseases.

Unique in terms of treatment can be called the village Sennoy on the shores of the Taman Gulf. There is a lot of algae in the coastal waters. They interfere with swimming, so on equipped beaches they are removed, but in the wild they quietly grow from July to September. These algae affect the composition of water and air, making them healing and useful for strengthening the immune system.


It is a special pleasure to come on vacation not only to sunbathe, but also to fish. Your catch on the Azov Sea can be taran, bream, garfish, asp and other fish. You will come in the evening, spend time with your fishing rod or spinning and then you can cook freshly caught fish for supper. Delicious! In the Crimea, Krasnodar Krai and Rostov Oblast, the fishing regulations are different, so you should know what you can catch and what you are fined for.

Where to stay

Unlike the Black Sea coast, there are no luxurious 5-star hotels on the Azov coast. But this does not mean that you can’t find good accommodation here. Mini hotels, guest houses and private sector owners offer their services. In many ways this is even a plus: first, the cost of living is lower than in the “star” hotels, and secondly, almost everywhere there are summer kitchens, where you can cook your own breakfasts and thus save money on food.

The average cost of a double room in a mini-hotel or guest house at popular resorts is 1500 rubles per day. This price does not include breakfast. Rooms are furnished simply, but they have everything you need, including a refrigerator and air conditioning.

In the resorts of the Azov Sea there is a very modest budget accommodation, and hotels more expensive. Photo:

Cheaper would be to rent a room in a private home – on average, 500-600 rubles per day. If you come for more than a week, bargain: the longer you plan to stay at the resort, the lower the cost of housing will be.

Dzhankhot. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

If you like nature and hiking romance – choose camping. These are special sites where you can pitch a tent. The cost of a tent site is on average 350 rubles per day. The good thing about camping is that it’s not a spontaneous campsite, but an organized area. There’s a canteen with electricity and internet, showers and toilets that are regularly cleaned. Tourists can cook on their own or order food. If you don’t have your own tent, the campground can rent one. Usually they also provide grills and other tourist supplies.

Choose the best accommodation on the Azov Sea

Rest on the Azov Sea is an option when you want to go on vacation, and the budget is quite small. In summer, the prices for accommodation, food and entertainment are the same as in other seasons. Prices are available and infrastructure is well developed.

Where to have a rest on the Azov Sea

Where to have a rest on the Azov Sea

I tell you about rest on the Azov Sea in the summer of 2022. The pros and cons of the resorts from personal experience. Learn about the seasons, recreation conditions and the best accommodations.


Yeisk is the largest resort in the Krasnodar region on the Azov Sea. We liked it for the abundance of greenery, industrial port landscapes, long sandy-shell beaches and panoramic views, Eyska spit and first-class sunsets, and the opportunity to watch the successful and not so maneuvers kitesurfing. In addition, it is considered one of the best places for summer holidays with children in Russia. In general, Yeisk is not an impersonal and boring resort of our south, but quite a lively and interesting city, which has something besides the beach, shooting galleries and stalls with chebureks. See our review of Yeisk.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ It’s sunny, warm and almost never rains.
  • ✔ Warm sea and good sandy beaches.
  • ✔ Inexpensive vacation.
  • ✔ Dolphinarium, oceanarium and other children’s entertainment.
  • Kitesurfing, windsurfing, yachting, parachuting.
  • ✔ Green parks for walks.
  • ✔ Therapeutic mud.


  • ✘ Very shallow sea, but a plus for kids.
  • ✘ Remoteness from airports.
  • ✘ The beach season is shorter than the Black Sea: from early June to mid-September.
  • When the wind blows, the water in the Sea of Azov becomes muddy because of silt and sandy suspended matter.
  • ✘ In addition to active recreation at sea, there is little entertainment for young people.

Central beach of Yeisk at sunset. Kitesurfer enjoys relaxing and honing his tricks.


Dolzhanskaya is quite a small resort, but a curious one. The main building is at a distance from the sea, and only rare guest houses are close to the shore. Area semi-wild and steppe, and on the way to the sea you will find only grass, empty roads and sand.

The most interesting thing in Dolzhanskaya is a beautiful spit, going into the sea, sunsets, black cormorants, giant jellyfish, silence and that same feeling of foreign beach relaxation, which is not present in our other resorts! On a spit well and quietly, it is time to include Bob Marli. It is interesting that this beach vayb I caught only in the Dominican Republic, listening to the saxophonist, watching the sunset and drinking “Mojito”. In general, if you want a quiet rest on the Azov Sea, you are here. Take a look at our review about Dolzhanskaya.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Ecologically clean place.
  • ✔ Inexpensive vacation.
  • Long sandy beaches.
  • ✔ Silence and privacy, because people are minimal.
  • ✔ Kite and windsurfing.
  • ✔ Firth with healing hydrogen sulfide mud.
  • Sea fishing.
  • ✔ It is possible to relax in a tent – saw several.


  • ✘ The infrastructure is very poorly developed.
  • ✘ It is better to go by car.
  • ✘ The prices in the stores are overpriced.
  • ✘ There are no attractions and entertainment, except for sports.
  • ✘ There are jellyfish in the water – I don’t know if they sting, but I didn’t venture into the sea.

Where to relax in the Krasnodar region

On the Dolzhanskaya spit you can potyuleniem under an umbrella, and try your hand at kite-surfing or windsurfing.


We went to the Azov Sea village with funny name Kuchugury several times. Earlier it was a backwater, but now the resort has grown. The beaches here are good and long – golden crumbly sand with flecks of beautiful shells. The sea everywhere is shallow, well heated and the entrance to the water is gentle, but there are strong waves. In general, it’s a good place for a budget and relaxing holiday at the Azov Sea, especially with children. True, entertainment in the village is not much – this is not Anapa with a sea of children’s attractions.

Honestly about the Malyi Utrish. Reviews of rest and prices - 2022

Kuchugury is far from airports, railway stations and main roads, so come here mostly on their own by car from all over Russia. Especially many tourists from the North and the Urals. Read how to go by car to the south of Russia.

The main minus – the Azov Sea sometimes looks muddy because of the waves. But in August-September with the onset of darkness you can swim among the glowing plankton! It is beautiful and unusual, try it. See our review about Kuchugury.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Shallow warm sea.
  • ✔ Goldish sand with seashells.
  • ✔ Inexpensive vacation.
  • ✔ Mud volcano with medicinal mud.
  • ✔ Glowing plankton.
  • ✔ Frolicking in the waves.


  • ✘ Infrastructure is not as developed as in the larger resorts.
  • ✘ Shallow water is uncomfortable for adults.
  • ✘ There is no beautiful nature – only steppe around.
  • ✘ The water because of the waves can be muddy.
  • ✘ Long and inconvenient to get to.


Golubitskaya is a village exclusively for a quiet holiday with children at the Sea of Azov. Moreover, with children under 10-12 years old, for which there is plenty of entertainment. But adults will be bored. There is even no embankment, where you could walk.

Stanitsa stretched along the sea, which is very uncomfortable. Add to this the hilly relief. If you want to have a rest on a plain with a more convenient layout of the settlement, choose Kuchugury.

Compared to Yeisky, the sea is deeper, but the waves are more powerful because of the frequent winds that blow, as in Kuchugury. Water because of that is turbid. Beaches are wide, long, sandy-shelly.

According to reviews, in recent years in Golubitskaya been a lot of jellyfish. They appear around mid-summer, when the water gets as warm as possible. Swim with jellyfish uncomfortable, they sting.

In general, this is not a bad place, where in the summer of 2022 you can rest inexpensively on the Azov Sea, but you should not expect much.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Generally inexpensive vacation.
  • ✔ Long sandy-shelly beaches.
  • ✔ Vacation with small children.
  • ✔ Quiet vacation.
  • ✔ Frolicking in the waves.
  • ✔ Water park.



Calm and sparsely populated village, suitable for a quiet holiday with a glass of local wine. Children will be bored, because there is little entertainment for them – for them it’s better to go to Golubitskaya. Reviews of the village are polar: one writes “horror”, and for someone it’s a place to reset. We went here for a day from Kuchugur, to dilute the beach holiday cultural and look at the house-museum of Lermontov. In the village there is also an archeological and wine museum, a fortress and “Ataman” – a reconstructed Cossack village, which many people are delighted with.

The beach in Taman is pebbly and sandy-sandy, many do not like it. I too had a negative impression of the beach: at the end of August brought a bunch of algae on the shore, which smelled terrible. Read more about rest in Taman.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Inexpensive vacation.
  • ✔ Quiet rest.
  • ✔ Wine.
  • ✔ Cultural entertainment.
  • ✔ Mud volcano Karabetova Sopka.
  • ✔ Close to the Crimea, you can go there too.


Anapa is an alternative to the Azov Sea. There are sandy beaches, shallow sea and a lot of entertainment for children. Read articles about the resort:

Where to rest on the Sea of Azov in Russia

Bathing in the mud springs of Taman. Photo: Irina Mit / / CC BY-SA 4.0.


Taganrog turned out to be curious and even special. It’s quite different from the southern seaside towns: here you can feel the intellectuality and history all around you. And although the sea laps nearby, there is no hint of resortism in its center, as if the city is above it. There are interesting museums, interesting excursions and a good drama theater. So if you like cultural and excursion rest, Taganrog will suit you – come for 2-3 days. Read our review about rest in Taganrog.

Inexpensive vacation on the Azov Sea – it’s about Taganrog, but here in terms of beaches the city loses heavily even to the neighboring Eisk, not to mention the Black Sea resorts. If you want to swim in the clean sea, you’re definitely not here.

The 10 best hotels in Anapa with heated pool

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Inexpensive vacation.
  • Cultural and sightseeing rest.
  • ✔ Chekhov and Ranev places.
  • ✔ Water sports.
  • ✔ Sandy beaches.
  • ✔ Easy access to the city.



If you want to vacation in 2022 in a quiet place with no crowds of tourists, look out for a small green town on the east coast of the Azov Sea. Primorsko-Akhtarsk is the choice of lovers of secluded and family holidays on the Sea of Azov, and at the same time very inexpensive. Entertainment is not a lot, but they are. As usual in such places, someone is delighted with privacy, silence and comfort, and someone considers the city boring, calls it “sovkom” and forbids to come, preferring to go abroad.

The equipped Central beach is covered with a mix of sand and fine pebbles, which is very pleasant to children. If you like wild beaches, go to Achuevskaya and Yasenskaya spits. The sea is shallow and warm. Learn more about Primorsko-Akhtarsk.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Relatively inexpensive vacation.
  • ✔ Quiet family vacation.
  • Warm shallow sea is good for children.
  • ✔ Water sports.
  • ✔ The beaches are sandy and shell.
  • ✔ Few tourists even in season.
  • ✔ Excellent fishing.
  • ✔ Waterfront.
  • ✔ Therapeutic mud.
  • ✔ Beautiful sunsets.
  • ✔ You can see lotuses on the tour.
  • ✔ Farm products at the market.


Read about holidays on the Black Sea:

Attractions and interesting places in Primorsko-Akhtarsk


Like almost all the Azov Sea resorts, Schyolkino is a small village that is well suited for an inexpensive vacation with children. It is located in the Crimea, near the protected Cape Kazantip, so the clean sea and clean air is guaranteed! Entertainments are few, but the surrounding area is very scenic and can do windsurfing and kitesurfing. Read about rest in Schyolkino.

It is worth going for:

  • ✔ Ecologically clean place.
  • The sea is clean and shallow.
  • Budget rest.
  • ✔ Quiet family vacation.
  • ✔ Sandy beaches with a touch of shell.
  • ✔ Blue healing clay in the bay of Shirokaya.
  • ✔ Wild beaches.
  • ✔ Luxury sunsets.
  • Beautiful nature.
  • ✔ Few tourists.
  • ✔ Excellent fishing.
  • ✔ Water sports.
  • ✔ You can go to other resorts in the Crimea.


When to go on vacation to the Azov Sea

Azov resorts are located on the border of temperate and Mediterranean climate. At the end of April the air temperature is +16 … +18 ° C. Sea is still cool +14 … +15 ° C. Even in May, when the number of tourists increases noticeably, it is still too early to swim, because the sea water is only heated to +18 ° C.

Beach recreation at the Azov Sea starts in early June. It’s already very warm +25 … +27 ° C during the day. The sea water is also warm +20 … +22 ° C, and the beaches are getting crowded.

The peak of the holiday season is in July and August. At the height of summer in the Azov resorts is a real heat. During the daytime the thermometer column passes over +30 ° C, and at night it does not fall below +22 ° C. The sea has a comfortable temperature of +25 … +26 ° C. It’s a real treat for swimmers!

Velvet season begins in September . Azov Sea is shallow, so it cools down faster than Black. At the beginning of the month it has a temperature of +24 ° C, and in the end of +19 … +18 ° C. In the first decade of October is still swimming, but then the beach season comes to an end. Azov resorts are empty.

How is the rain? From April to October, the coast is sunny. In May and June there are up to 5 rainy days, and from July to September precipitation is a rarity. But often the winds blow and raise waves.

Holidays on the Azov Sea like tourists who can not tolerate high humidity. The dry steppe climate and fresh breezes from the sea are useful for everyone who is often ill with colds, has problems with the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs.

Advice . If you want to relax with your baby in 2022, come to the Azov Sea before or after the summer heat. June and the beginning of the velvet season – the first half of September are ideal.

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