Rest on the Caspian Sea – 2022: Astrakhan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

Caspian Sea recreation 2022, prices, reviews, features. Bases of rest on the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea and its coast is a favorite destination for tourists. It is accessible to many, because the borders of the sea cover the territory of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and some other parts of Russia – Dagestan, Kalmykia, Astrakhan region.

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Unfortunately, beach vacations on the Caspian Sea in Russia are not as developed and are inferior to the Black Sea. But at the expense of natural resources there is potential, and tourists who came to rest on the Caspian Sea, more than once return there. What are the differences between the Caspian Sea and rest in 2022?

Caspian Sea

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Rest on the Caspian Sea in Russia: fishing

This place has long been noticed by fans of fishing , because the region is known for its valuable fish. From here for sure did not come back with bad catches. Catch a meter long pike-perch? You are welcome! Because of the peculiarities of the water, the Caspian Sea is home to many different species of both marine and freshwater fish. It is said that the fish in Astrakhan bites even on a rusty nail.

One can go fishing all year round – rent a small house at a recreation center of his choice on the Caspian Sea. You can rent a boat there, but many resorts offer them free of charge for their guests. Besides standard fishing it is worth trying underwater fishing – it’s quite easy to get all the necessary equipment on the coast.

It is better to choose a resort on the Caspian Sea, where they offer a maximum number of services and help in case of difficulties. For example, in Astrakhan region in demand recreation base “Dardanelles” where there are comfortable rooms of different classes. The cost of a trip here will cost about 7000 rubles for a three-bed room with three meals a day. But have patience – in rainy weather the road is hard to reach and it is better to warn the owners so that if necessary they can help to get there.

Caspian Sea, rest in 2022, natural riches

This place has a really unique nature . You can understand this by visiting the Astrakhan International Biosphere Reserve, where nature is protected in its pristine form, and it delights with its beauty all year round. The Caspian Sea’s calling card is the incredible fields of lotuses on the Volga. They bloom from late June to mid-September. Eco-tourism is also popular here – there are ecological paths along the bridges deep into the lotus bushes.


With the beginning of the hunting season, holidaymakers become significantly more – the most avid hunters gather from all over the country for their prey. In autumn, there are a lot of river and sea birds – their large number allows them to reproduce quickly without disturbing the natural balance. All the above opportunities make recreation on the Caspian Sea entertaining for different categories of tourists, even the most demanding.

How to organize a vacation on the Caspian Sea 2022 without a travel agency

If you for various reasons have decided to refuse the services of a travel agency, it will have to calculate a number of organizational moments. Of course, from this holiday on the Caspian Sea 2022 will not be worse, so you get even more freedom of action.

The first thing to decide is the way you plan to get here. The most expensive way is by plane to Astrakhan or Makhachkala. The main advantage is that it is the fastest way to the coast.

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Flights are available from major Russian cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Kazan. From Astrakhan to the camping site on the Caspian Sea you can get there by bus and minibus.

To find an accommodation without intermediaries is possible on the site of daily rent. We have mini-hotels, apartments, rooms, camping sites, houses, apart-hotels.

Caspian Sea

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If you’re nearby, consider getting to the Caspian Sea coast for your 2022 vacation in your car . Don’t forget to take your vehicle registration certificate, driver’s license, and MTPL policy.

Such a way is good for convenience, as well as the ability to adjust the route of travel. This allows you to see more of the wonderful nature and local attractions. The only thing to consider is the cost of gasoline – for each car they differ depending on the model. You can also hitchhike.

Another inexpensive way to get to the Caspian Sea in Russia is by train. From Moscow and St. Petersburg they go in the direction of Astrakhan daily. The cost of a ticket in a coach is about 3,000 rubles. Travelling in compartment will cost more – about 5200 rubles. It is better to book seats on the train in advance, in summer an influx of passengers in this direction increases. Do not forget to take return tickets right away to go home as planned.

You can also rest in Astrakhan with a tour. Consider these hotels: Grand Hotel Astrakhan 5*, Victoria Palace 4*, Novomoskovskaya 4*, Azimut Astrakhan 3*.

Where to stay: choose different options

The most budget option, where to spend your vacation at the Caspian Sea in 2022 is an auto-camping . On the Caspian Sea there are many places where you can pitch a tent. This is an option for those who love nature and are not too fussy in terms of amenities. In Astrakhan region there are whole tent cities for camping lovers. They have their own hangout and their own buzz.

Recreation bases on the Caspian Sea

More than 160 recreation centers and boarding houses are ready to welcome tourists on the Caspian coast. Many of them offer you to book a vacation voucher in a couple of months even. Their total cost varies depending on the level of accommodation provided and the number of services. Usually the cost once included food, but it is better to specify this nuance in a specific recreation center on the Caspian Sea.

Rest on the Caspian Sea

Rest on the Caspian Sea

(Photo: © Julia Volk /

Lodging in the private sector

A budget option for a vacation at the Caspian Sea is to rent a private sector. You can rent a room or a whole house. The hosts try to be as hospitable as possible and offer room cleaning and meals. You can discuss all your payment options with them directly. A significant disadvantage of this rental – rent a place to stay will only be possible directly on the spot, because the contact details of private citizens are difficult to get on the Internet travel sites. But on the other hand if you are satisfied with all conditions and comfort – next time agree in advance with a private agent – most importantly do not forget to take all the contacts.

Hotels on the Caspian Sea

There are not so many hotels on the Caspian coast as vacation bases. But this does not affect the quality of services. Room reservations are available for customers, so you can plan your vacation in advance. Small chain hotels are ideal for family vacations.

Rest on the Caspian Sea in 2022, prices

If you’ve chosen to rest on the Caspian Sea on the camping site, then most likely the meal is already included in the price and you don’t have to waste time to come up with where to eat. On the territory of bases there are dining rooms where cooks will make the menu and prepare delicious meals.

Berendeyevo the kingdom of waterfalls near Lazarevskiy

On the coast there are many cafes and restaurants from morning until late at night, where you can go for a bite to eat. On average, a set lunch will cost you 200-500 rubles, depending on the level of the institution. If you want to save money as much as possible, then no one cancels self-cooking. But there is no need to waste your energy and take a lot of products with you because the local markets always have affordable prices and a good choice.

Many holiday camps on the Caspian Sea have an area with a barbecue and smokehouse. Here you can cook the caught fish and smoke the catch to successfully bring it to your native land.

Rest on the Caspian coast: Features

Rest in Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea

This part of the coast is not the best option for beach holidays in Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea. This region has few fully equipped and modern beaches . For the most part, there are dense thickets of reeds, which makes this area ideal for fishing. There are more than 100 different species of fish in the water, including sturgeon. Campgrounds are located in the Volga delta, and you can get to the Caspian Sea by boat. Diving is well demanded here and there are many kinds of other entertainment. Scooter rides, jet skis and catamarans will diversify the Caspian Sea vacation in 2022 on the water.

As for the prices of holidays on the Caspian Sea in 2022, accommodation will cost from 600 rubles per day for two people. To eat have to spend about 200 rubles in the dining room and from 600 rubles for lunch in a cafe. Tourists are offered sightseeing programs, the cost of which differ in duration and richness of the program. If the review of the city guide services cost from 200 rubles for a trip to the Reserve will have to spend from 600 rubles.

It is worth seeing the Astrakhan Kremlin, the embankment, the merchant mansions of White City, Swan Lake, the bridge of lovers, the musical fountain, Sarai Batu and the Akhtuba River. Fishing is so widespread here that even grandmothers sit with fishing rods, don’t be surprised.

Going on vacation on the Caspian Sea in 2022 in Astrakhan, take into account the nuances of the area. In summer, the temperature is quite high and can reach up to +40. Because of the high humidity there are a lot of gnats, especially from late May to July. So it’s better to take extra protection against insects.

Rest in Astrakhan

Recreation in Astrakhan

Accommodation Prices in Astrakhan – 2022
Hotel Granat 3* 1900 rubles
Park Inn Astrakhan 4*. 2400 rubles
Zolotoy Zaton 4* 2600 rubles


There are many sandy beaches in this region. There are many good camping sites on Caspian Sea, especially large choice in Makhachkala, Kaspiysk and Iberbash. There are many things to see in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. There is also a special architecture and a lot of famous sights. Be sure to take an excursion to the Holy Dormition Cathedral and the mosque “Yusuf Bey Jami” – from the guides you will hear interesting stories of their creation and development. We recommend to go to Kaspiysk, which is famous for its mosques, and to visit the Seaside Park with unique plants.

Among the city’s business cards are also the Svyato-Kazar Church and the Museum of Local Lore. In Dagestan there is also an ancient fortress Naryn-Kala, which is covered with legends.

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Recreation on the Caspian Sea, reviews

A big minus for those who came to rest on the Caspian Sea in 2022 in Dagestan – weak infrastructure and level of service . At least, this is evidenced by the reviews of tourists on the sites, but it is better to see everything with your own eyes. Also, many people are deterred from traveling to this region by the opinion that it is not peaceful and there are constant conflicts.

Because of the small influx of tourists, the prices for holidays on the Caspian Sea here are less than in the hyped resorts. Accommodation will cost from 300 to 1500 rubles per day for two. Lunch can be from 500 rubles, but in restaurants will be a little more expensive. A variety of tours are offered for 600-750 rubles – in their large number everyone will find something for themselves.

Makhachkala, rest on the Caspian Sea 2022, prices
Azimut Kaspiysk 4* 3900 rubles
Hotel Makhachkala 3* 1700 rubles
Hotel Monto 4* 5500 rubles
Hotel prices in Derbent – 2022
Krasny Bak 3* 2500 rubles
Hotel Arbat 4* 2000 rubles
Golden Beach 4* 3800 rubles


There are a lot of popular resorts in Kazakhstan for those who want to come on vacation to the Caspian Sea. The most popular among them is Aktau. This city has a good infrastructure – a lot of modern beaches and embankments, nightclubs and cafes. Despite the fact that the coast is stony, there are completely sandy beaches. The city corresponds to the status of a resort and provides all the necessary conditions for even the most demanding tourists.

In other cities, for example, Atyrau and Kuryk, not so many tourists, mainly this is associated with underdeveloped infrastructure. But such cities attracting their attractions – Charyn Canyon, Gagarin Museum, sightseeing platforms multicolored mountains of Aktau, Saur and Karabulak gorges.

Prices for holidays on the Caspian Sea in 2022 in Kazakhstan are average – rent for a day starts from 600 rubles, and dinners in cafes from 200 rubles. Excursions are for every taste and purse with prices to match – an average of 300 to 750 rubles.


Azerbaijan has many popular resorts for those who come to rest on the Caspian Sea in 2022 – Baku, Nabran, Lenkoran . Here the beach season lasts from May to September. Water entertainment is available for tourists – diving, water-skiing, scooters. The Caspian Sea is very shallow and can be compared to the Sea of Azov. On the coastal zone is a large number of hotels of different levels.

The largest number of vacationers in Baku, especially in its old part – the Baku Acropolis. Definitely worth a walk along the Seaside Boulevard, it is beautiful, well-groomed, growing palm trees, cacti and pine trees. In addition to rest on the Caspian Sea, tourists are offered excursions to local attractions – Maiden Tower, Juma Mosque, Flame Towers, the palace of Shirvanshahs. The capital of Azerbaijan has recently begun to actively develop, because of this the city is often compared to Dubai. There are amusement parks, water parks and all around the city there are restaurants and cafes. Very tasty Azerbaijani cuisine: kofta, piti, shakerbura, baklava. For lovers of nightlife in Baku there are clubs.

The infrastructure in the popular resorts of Azerbaijan is well developed and there are all the necessary conditions for tourists. Is the only inconvenience bring the way to the country – the train from the Russian capital to go about two days, and the flight by plane will cost more.

Speaking of prices, they are an order of magnitude higher than in other parts of the Caspian coast. Only lodging will cost from 1200 rubles per day for two people, although meals at affordable prices – from 200 rubles in a cafe. Excursion accompaniment from 1000 to 6000 rubles, but the programs offer memorable and intense. In general, the prices correspond to the quality and comfort, but also on vacation on the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan you can save money. To do this, it is better to take a tour in advance, where the price includes services for which you do not have to pay extra on the spot. Tourists in Azerbaijan are treated well as guests. And a guest in the Caucasus is a sacred thing.

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Rest on the Caspian Sea in 2022 is different in its diversity – here your favorite corner will find any tourist. The most important thing to decide what holiday is more to your liking: fishing, beaches, mountains or nightlife.

Prices on the Caspian Sea 2022: for rest, tickets, accommodation, entertainment, food

Caspian Sea prices


Knowing the prices of the Caspian Sea will help you plan your budget best. In this article, we’ll look at the cost of flights to your vacation spot, hotel accommodations, food and entertainment.

Caspian Sea and its resorts on the map

Rated as the largest enclosed body of water in the world, the Caspian Sea washes the shores of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The resorts are located in the southern part of the Russian Federation, separating Asia and Europe.

If you can’t see the map, CLICK HERE

Average Caspian Sea Tour Prices

Even during the warm season, prices for Caspian Sea resorts are very favorable if you purchase a complete package from a tour operator. This includes: transportation to and from the place of rest, accommodation, as well as sightseeing programs.

Seaside Park in Baku Caspian Sea

Ferris wheel in the Seaside Park, Baku

Consider the prices of tours to the Caspian Sea in the table:

City Addition to rest on the beach Cost (per 1 person)
Makhachkala Excursion on mountains. From 15000 rubles for 2 days
Baku City tour From 19000 rubles for 4 days
Dagestan Excursion on mountains. From 19000 rubles for 3 days
Aktau Walking tours to interesting places From 250000 rubles for 8 days
Astrakhan Excursion to Derbent and Sulak Canyon From 55000 rubles for 7 days

Table 1. Cost of vacations at the Caspian Sea resorts

Find a ready tour to the Caspian Sea

To buy a trip to the Caspian Sea at the right price, you only need to make a couple of clicks. Online, travelers can quickly order a tour. Having set the best dates and price for a Caspian Sea vacation in 2022, you will only need to confirm the reservation by paying for it.

Average airfare to Caspian resorts

The best way to get to Caspian Sea vacation spots is by plane. It takes minimum time and costs very profitable in financial terms.

The following airlines offer flights to the Caspian Sea resorts:

Departures take place from different airports:

  1. Moscow – Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo.
  2. St. Petersburg – Pulkovo.
  3. Ekaterinburg – Koltsovo.
  4. Rostov-on-Don – Platov.

Planning a vacation on the Caspian Sea in Makhachkala, Baku and other resorts in 2022, it is important to consider the price of the flight. They depend on the distance and the time of departure.

Consider the average cost of a flight to and from the resort:

to Astrakhan to Makhachkala Baku
from Moscow from 8000 rubles. from 14000 rub. from 27000 rub.
From Saint-Petersburg from 11000 rubles from 17000 rubles from 30000 rubles
from Ekaterinburg from 13000 rub. from 22000 rubles from 34000 rubles
From Rostov-on-Don from 9000 rub. from 25000 rubles from 20,000 rubles.

Table 2. Cost of flights to Caspian resorts and back

Low fare calendar for the current month:

Find cheap air tickets to Caspian Sea

When choosing a Caspian Sea vacation, it’s important to know the average price of a flight in advance. This will help you save time when ordering your ticket online. You can book a seat on the plane right now by selecting the most favorable price and making a payment.

Rest "all inclusive" in Anapa. Prices for tours - 2022

Prices for hotels on the Caspian Sea

The average prices of holidays in hotels by the sea of Kaspiysk are quite consistent with the quality of services provided. Among them there are options as with the system “all inclusive”, and more budgetary.

In each hotel tourists are welcomed hospitably. And the nearby natural attractions will not let you get upset while staying in the room.

Riviera Caspian Surf1 Hotel Caspian prices

Apartments at Riviera Caspian Surf1, Kaspiysk

Hotel accommodation prices during Caspian Sea vacation in 2022:

Hotel Price (per 1 adult per day)
“Azimut From 3,200 rubles
“Arena From 3000 rubles
“Villa Voyage From 10500 rub.
“Riviera Caspian Surf1 From 2000 rubles
“Brizol From 5000 rubles
“Svidomnamore Dh” From 26000 rubles
“Green Apart” From 3500 rubles
“Sweet Garden Hotel From 2000 rubles

Table 3. Hotel Prices on Caspian Sea

Find a hotel on the Caspian Sea

Choosing the best prices for holidays on the Caspian Sea does not take much time. You can choose and book a hotel room right now. All you need to do is to indicate the desired dates and choose the variant you like and pay for the reservation.

Prices for private accommodation on the Caspian Sea

Accommodation in the private sector during a vacation at the sea in Kaspiysk is a very good solution. It allows you to save money, but at the same time provide yourself with a comfortable temporary accommodation.

Makhachkala embankment Caspian Sea

Lunar Beach Embankment, Makhachkala

Prices for rent in the private sector in the Caspian Sea resorts in 2022:

Address Type/number of rooms Price (per day)
Baku, Khasan Seyidbeyli str. 28 Apartment, 1 room 1000 rubles
Baku, Uzbekskaya St. Apartment, 2 rooms 1800 rubles
Makhachkala, Karaman-2, 523 9th line Cottage 6000 rub.
Makhachkala, ul. Mirzabekova, 62 Apartment, 2 rooms 3000 rubles.
Kaspiysk, Prigorodnaya str. 5G Apartment, 1 room 2300 rub.
Astrakhan, st. Kommunisticheskaya, 8 Apartment, 1 room 2300 rub.
Astrakhan, Savushkina St., 6K Apartment, 2 floors 2,040 rubles

Table 3. Prices for private rent in Caspian Sea resorts

Average prices for beach vacations and entertainment at the Caspian Sea

You have to have a rest with benefit and passion. Therefore, Caspian Sea resorts offer travelers favorable prices for entertainment and leisure in 2022.

This spending should be counted even before you go on vacation, because you can only explore the ancient architecture and admire the scenery for free here.

Catamaran holiday prices Caspian Sea

Excursions and Entertainment

Caspian Sea resorts offer favorable prices for entertainment during your vacation on the beach and in the surrounding area:

Boat rent From 600 rubles.
Rent a boat with a motor From 3500 rubles
Fishing tackle rental From 300 rubles.
Fishing with a gamekeeper From 2000 rubles
Wood-fired Bathhouse From 1500 rubles
Kite/surf rent From 500 rubles for free; from 3000 rubles – training for 1 hour
Catamaran rent From 150 rubles per hour
Gyro scooter rent From 500 rubles per hour
Excursions From 1500 rubles per person
Cruise From 2500 rubles per person

Table 4: Prices for entertainment at Caspian Sea resorts

Prices for vacations with children on the Caspian Sea:

Waterpark From 500 rubles
Water attractions From 150 rubles
Zoo From 200 rubles
Park rides From 50 rubles

Table 5. Prices for children’s entertainment Baku Water Park DalgaDalga Water Park, Baku

Meal costs at Caspian resorts (price per person)

Lunch at a rest house From 450 to 600 rubles
Dinner at a cafe From 700 rubles

Table 6. Prices for meals at the Caspian Sea resorts

Rest on the Caspian Sea is considered profitable, and the prices listed in the article are a direct confirmation of this. Spend your vacation or weekend as comfortably as possible, calculating the costs in advance, every tourist will be happy.

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