Rest with children in Evpatoria 2022 – 7 best hotels

7 best hotels in Yevpatoria for recreation with children

Rest with children in Evpatoria

A beautiful city on the Black Sea coast is considered a wonderful children’s resort. Learn about the best hotels in Evpatoria for holidays with children in 2022 – from all-inclusive to inexpensive hotels. How do the tourists speak about Evpatoria?

Hotellook and Suto – hotels and the private sector

Reviews about rest with children in Evpatoria

The main plus of the Crimean resort – a good sea and excellent beaches. Water in the west of the peninsula is the warmest in the Crimea. Beaches Evpatoria ideal for recreation with children: sandy shore, gentle entrance to the sea and smooth bottom. Water is clean, near beaches a lot of fry, and in the port often swim dolphins.

The depth increases very gradually. It is very convenient to swim here for the elderly and children, especially those who still want to learn to swim.

Evpatoria has a mild climate. The air is much drier than on the Black Sea coast of Caucasus. True, in July and August in the Crimea is quite hot.

At a popular resort cheap public transport. There are no problems with baby food, pharmacies and cafes. Parents like that there are a lot of entertainments in the city and its surroundings. Playgrounds, amusement rides, water parks and a dolphinarium are suitable for kids. Older children can enjoy the historic monuments, excavation sites and museums.

Lorena Mil35: “I like Evpatoria. The air here is special. Not in vain it is considered a children’s resort, with a focus on treating diseases of the respiratory system.

Lenok96: “We took bicycles with child seats. The cost of 400 rubles + 50 per child seat. Passed for three days Evpatoria along and across.

Rest in Evpatoria with children

The beach in Evpatoria (Photo: Aleksander Kaasik /

Ribera Resort & SPA 4*.

A hotel with resort treatment is a great choice for a vacation with children in Yevpatoria. In 2022 the luxurious spa center offers programs to improve the health of babies up to 5 years old. There is a private sandy beach 50 meters from the buildings. Meals are not as diverse as in Turkey, but the food is delicious and hearty. The hotel has children’s animation, a shallow pool and playground. Pay extra and an experienced babysitter will look after your baby!

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Ceval 4*.

1.5 km from the city center there is a hotel in the Eastern style, which is often chosen for holidays with children in Evpatoria. Tourists are accommodated in comfortable rooms with air conditioning and heating. If you need a crib, they will bring it for free. To the sandy and pebble beach Solaris – 600 m. Sun umbrellas and sun loungers are chargeable. Keep in mind that during the winter months the prices at this hotel are half as much as during the summer.

Park Hotel Romanova 3*.

This is one of the best hotels for recreation with children in Evpatoria with food “all inclusive”. It is located in the sanatorium area of the resort. To the sandy beach – 10 minutes on foot. On the territory there is a children’s playground and a small zoo. When the sea is stormy, tourists swim in the pool. Meals – buffet, and for the kids prepare a delicious meal on the children’s menu. The hotel restaurant always has fresh fruits and vegetables, fish dishes, freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas. Excellent conditions for comfortable stay for the whole family!

Union 3*.

Hotel in the center of the resort – a real find for those looking for a good hotel with its own beach for a holiday in Evpatoria with children. On the shore is arranged a shady awning and laid paths, which are convenient to get to the beach with a stroller. The hotel is all new, there is a laundry. In the dining room tourists are fed à la carte.

Rest with children in Evpatoria

Room at Union Hotel

Greenwich 2*.

If you want to relax with children inexpensively, stay in this hotel. He is not in Evpatoria, and in the neighboring village of Zaozerne. To the healing lake Moynaki – 500 m, and to one of the best beaches in the Western Crimea – 1 km. The hotel has its own swimming pool and comfortable rooms with kitchens. On the territory there is a trampoline, a sandbox with toys, children’s scooters, balls, volleyball court and carousel. The disadvantage is that you have to walk about a kilometer to the store and bus stop.

Yusupovsky Palace

Golden Fish

In this guest house can also have an inexpensive vacation with children. However, to the center of Evpatoria and the attractions a bit far – about 3.2 km, but close by a wonderful sandy-pebbly beach. In the territory there is a playground for children. Holidaymakers advise to take only breakfasts, and have lunch in the dining room, which is located on the beach Solaris.

Aquatoria 2*

According to reviews of tourists, on this recreation base you can have a good rest with children. There is a wide sandy beach 150 m away. Tourists like the green well-groomed territory, polite staff, a large pool with sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun, children’s playgrounds and swings. For an extra fee in the room will set the crib. It takes 10 minutes to get to the center of the city.

Accommodation with children in Evpatoria

Territory of the recreation center “Water area”.

Best hotels in Evpatoria for recreation with kids

The world’s southernmost winter track is located in the UAE. On the descent use 6000 tons of artificial snow.

Hotel Evpatoria

Ribera Resort&SPA hotel, Evpatoria

Astra Center Hotel, Evpatoria

Hotel Miras, Evpatoria

Donna Rosa Hotel, Evpatoria

Helga Hotel near the sea, Evpatoria

Hotel Trehgorka, Evpatoria

Hotel California, Evpatoria

Hotel Na Eskadronnoy, Evpatoria

Hotel Liana, Evpatoria

TES Hotel Resort & SPA, Evpatoria

Sanatorium Golden Beach, Evpatoria

Hotel Imperia, Evpatoria

Guest House Tsar Evpatoria, Evpatoria

Hotel Dreams Lake, Evpatoria

Sanatorium Druzhba, Evpatoria

Boarding house Storm, Evpatoria

Cottage complex Moskovsky Beach, Vitino, Crimea

Mini hotel Sun Valley, Zaozerne, Crimea

Korona Hotel, Evpatoria

This page contains the best options for accommodation with children in Evpatoria. Hotels and resorts offer the most comfortable accommodation and a lot of services for recreation and entertainment for both adults and youngest guests.

We have specially selected those hotels and resorts Evpatoria, which gathered the greatest number of positive reviews and have the highest ratings among the many proposals.

Families really like to relax and spend time in those places where only highly skilled and attentive staff who can help in any unforeseen situation.

Educated nannies and cheerful animators can look after your child and captivate his attention with interesting games.

Presented hotels in Evpatoria have a protected area, as well as comfortable sleeping arrangements for children and their parents. The presence of cribs, playgrounds and safe rooms are key criteria for choosing a hotel.

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We understand how important it is for you and try to take into account all your wishes in an optimized search.

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