Rest with children in Sudak 2022 – 7 best hotels in Sudak

Where to stay with children in Sudak

For the money a great hotel, a good breakfast (although my wife not so much – her proyulema). Next to all the places to stay. Air conditioning in the battery – balcony coolness.

Hotel in the city center, old Soviet construction, the rooms are spacious but not very cozy, the area to accommodate two people seems excessive. I walked to the restaurant on the ground floor and it was not too bad.

Do not want to get into a dispute, but i have stayed at the hotel for a total of 18 days from December 1 to January 15 and have never had interruptions with hot and cold water. To write about hotels especially I do not like

Best Hotel in Sudak! Food is good and not expensive. A complex breakfast costs 250 ₽ pool clean. There is a soccer field and a tennis court.

V hotel ROMANTIC lived 11 days, delicious food, clean pool, polite staff to the sea to go about 15-20 minutes. In the evenings there are a few hedgehogs that are not afraid of people and eat almost out of hand.

There is everything you need in the rooms: “kandey”, refrigerator, TV. By the pool deck chairs (did not lack). View of the castle aaaabaldenny. The staff is friendly and polite. No own parking is bad.

No pool heating but in the middle of June water warmer than the sea, Parking at the hotel no, but you can leave a car near the fortress (+ 400 p per day) A good coffee shop at the entrance

Stayed at the hotel in early September 2018. Beautiful hotel, very nice. The cuisine is all homemade and very tasty. Still want to go back to this setting. Enjoying it-beautiful fortress, the air is beautiful

Very nice, cozy hotel. It was really nice and neat. Single rooms are small, but they have everything. Polite staff. Checked in at the end of the season, the price pleasantly surprised. Near the bus stop.

Yusupovsky Palace

Great views from the veranda, spacious modern rooms, decent service, friendly, unobtrusive staff. Tasty food in the cafe at the hotel.

Children’s playground worthy! The staff are all friendly! Staff were friendly, made us feel welcome, and know that we were there when we arrived.

Different kinds of coffee drinks! The coffee machine was just fire! Hot chocolate for children, in addition to compote and juice. Once we went to the dining room nearby, we regretted it.

There is not even a desire to go somewhere separately to eat, although there is an excellent dining room on 3 floors, there at rush hour, with an excellent children’s corner. Everyone is very polite and friendly.

Explained why I remembered (thank you for the kind words. It was very nice and touching!). Towels by the pool! Loyal to the animals! Nothing to complain about!

We stayed at the hotel from August 10-15, 2020. Room view of the mountain, lived on the 4th floor. There is a paid laundry service, ironing board, iron for the residents. We had dinner in the hotel restaurant once.

Went from September 1 to 9, 2017. A good place for a family vacation. Rooms are comfortable, always available hot and cold water, in the Crimea is not unimportant. 4 minutes leisurely stroll, to the seafront about 15 minutes.

Of the pluses: Not a bad place, a cozy hotel with everything you need in the room for the rest, friendly and sympathetic hosts. There is a kitchen for cooking and a small pool. Of the minuses:too far to the sea 15 minutes.

For a fee you can use the washing machine. The pool is, but very small. The room is clean and the hotel is clean. There is a large home cinema.

A bit expensive compared to other hotels of this type, in August 2018 a standard room cost 3000-3100, and in other places you could find for 1600-2000, with the same conditions and area.

This hotel is of an average level! The hostess is friendly, but with her own cockroaches. Bathroom was on the second floor, everything in the room, balcony one for all (large). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be ordered.

How much does it cost to go to the Crimea - 2022. Let's do the math!

What a great hotel! I recommend it to everyone! The staff is friendly and the service is great! The design of the hotel was a delight, inside and out! It had a heated outdoor pool (the jacuzzi is warmer), and an indoor pool that’s perfect for young children!

I would say this is a great hotel. Breakfast and pool are great. Walking distance to the sea. The spa is amazing. Would recommend to anyone. Nice duplex rooms overlooking the Fortress and the pool.

Great hotel! Great restaurant! Did not use the beach, pool. It would have been even better if it had a parking lot nearby. Worthy of its 4 stars.

“In hotel all is sustained to trifles, a place of an arrangement – the most cosy in Sudak, quiet area for family rest! Do you want to meet with “show business stars” you in the Holiday Hotel!

Most class hotel of those that were on our vacation. Our room was overlooking the pool. Every day the room was cleaned, the staff was very friendly, helpful.

The restaurant was very good and the waiters were very polite. We especially liked the pool, both for adults and young children.

The hotel has internet access but the signal in the rooms is poor. The hotel grounds are well maintained and there is a seasonal outdoor pool. The hotel restaurant has an a la carte menu, and offers set breakfasts and dinners by arrangement.

To recap: from the request for accommodation for the group, processing documents, and directly to the meeting of the guests, the staff worked professionally, competently, accurately.

They agreed lists in advance and accommodated the whole group without any delays. The room facilities are not new, but they are neat, the rooms are large, the bed linen is clean, slippers and two towels are provided.

The hotel is very well located and the layout is very attractive. The hotel cafe deserves a special thank you. For an additional charge you can soak your bones, after endless walking around the fortress.

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If you have small children then near the dining room is a small children’s corner, the little girl there for half an hour hung out while we quietly had breakfast. Also, the area liked the hotel.

We had a family vacation at this beautiful hotel at the end of June 2020. Immediately liked that a lot of greenery, there is a recreation area, playground, a beautiful fountain with turtles

Lots of greenery, tables and chairs under the roof, gazebo, fountain. There are a lot of greenery, tables, chairs, gazebo, and a fountain.

Stok bad copes, washed, and the water does not go. room has not changed, they said that all occupied, and maybe so. wanted to go together with friends September 6, but on that date there was only one room, which we took unfortunately

I would not recommend the 1st floor. The room has a temperature of 16 degrees and acts like a fan. The breakfasts to me liked, as in a kindergarten. Milk porridge, cheesecakes, casseroles.

If we had not moved to the first floor, maybe my review would have been different. But where we lived this is of course ppts. i think the owners should put in order number 13 in the first place

7 best hotels Sudak for recreation with children

Rest with children in Sudak

The colorful Sudak captivates with its rocky coastline, majestic Genoese fortress and beautiful scenery. Find out what tourists say about rest in Sudak with children and which hotels are ideal for family holidays by the sea.

Hotels and Private Sector in Sudak

Reviews of vacations with children in Sudak

Sudak is located in south-eastern Crimea and is famous for its warm and mild climate. High mountains reliably protect the city from the winds, so there are no sudden changes in temperature. The resort has sandy and pebbly beaches.

Convenient housing for your holiday with children in Sudak in 2022 is enough: you can choose a cozy guest house, rent a house in the private sector or stay in the hotel “all inclusive”.

Rest in Sudak - 2022. Prices and our review

Sudak has a lot of natural and historical attractions – the Genoese fortress, nature reserve in the New World and the Golitsyn Trail, Cape Meganom and Alchak-Kaya. Families with children love to have fun in the water park and go on boat trips.

The main disadvantage of Sudak – mountainous terrain. Move with small children is not everywhere convenient. In July and August at the resort, as elsewhere in the Crimea, it is hot. In addition, in the peak season in Sudak comes a lot of vacationers. There’s literally nowhere to fall!

rodman01: “The sea water in Sudak pleased the transparency and pleasant temperature. Goggles and a mask came in handy, children enjoyed diving and underwater sightseeing.

Olya and Yalo: “Evening Sudak looks special. The promenade here is chic, but packed with people. Very crowded. Many entertainment programs for children and adults.”

Rest with children in Sudak

Attraction with virtual reality glasses in Sudak

Soldaya Grand Hotel & Resort 4*

In the top hotels Sudak for a comfortable holiday with children is a modern hotel with service “all inclusive”. The hotel is situated 450 meters away from the center of the resort and sandy-pebbly beach. Adults swim in the indoor and outdoor pools with heated water. For children there is a separate shallow pool, playground, children’s room and a special menu in the hotel restaurant. Animators entertain the younger guests every day.

Barcelona 4*.

The beautiful Spanish-style hotel has an excellent view of the Sudak fortress. You can walk to the beach in 10-15 minutes. There is a swimming pool in a cozy courtyard, and on the territory there is a soccer field with artificial turf. Love biking? You can rent bikes and travel around Sudak with your family!

Rest with children in Sudak

Hotel Barcelona

Villa Fellini 3*

If you want in Sudak to relax with children in a hotel with a swimming pool, we advise to stop at the villa “Fellini”. In the evening the pool is beautifully illuminated, so you can swim even after sunset. You will enjoy a buffet breakfast, well-groomed green area and a good playground. To sandy-pebbly beach “Malibu” 10-15 minutes walk.

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Hotels in Sudak for recreation with children

Villa Fellini


This cozy guest house is located at the foot of Cape Alchak, a 15-minute walk from the city center, sand and pebble beach and a water park. There is a restaurant that serves delicious dishes of Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine. Do not want to spend extra money? Book a family room with a kitchenette and cook your own food. This is a great option for a budget rest with kids in Sudak in 2022!

Rest with children all inclusive

Guest House “Aquatel”

Novyi Svet

Those who need a hotel with meals for rest with children in Sudak recommend this popular hotel. It is located not in Sudak, but the neighboring village of Novy Svet. The beach is 900 meters away. Choose a spacious family room or a separate house with all amenities. Large area is fenced – no strangers!

Cheap hotels with children

Novy Svet Hotel room


The guest house is located in the historical center of Sudak, 15 minutes from the beach. At the playground young tourists make new acquaintances, draw, read and play fun games. Bright decoration of buildings and rooms is made in ethnic style. In the decor used colorful ornaments, natural stone and fresh flowers. Children feel like in a fairy tale!

Rest with children in a hotel in Sudak

Authentic street of the complex “Esthete”.


Everyone who is looking for a cheap option in the center of Sudak, we advise to stay in this guest house. It is located 300 meters from the main square of the city. Nearby there is an amusement park, water park and several budget cafes. On the territory there is an observation deck, where you can perfectly see the resort development and picturesque coast.

All Inclusive Rest in Sudak with Children

Guest House “Ladybird”.

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