Rest with tents on the Sea of Azov: in campsites and in the wilderness

Where to relax with a tent on the Sea of Azov

Rest with tents on Azovskoye Lake

The most budget rest on the Azov Sea is in a tent. Find out where you can pitch a tent wildly and which campsites are considered the best.

The best campsites on the Sea of Azov

Campgrounds on the Sea of Azov are equipped summer campsites for car campers, nature lovers and anyone who is willing to spend their vacation almost without comforts. You can safely park your car, pitch a tent or stay in a cabin, use the toilets, fresh water and showers in the guarded area.

Depending on the infrastructure, they charge from 300 to 900 rubles for the entry of a passenger car. Prices for accommodation in a tent at the Azov Sea campsites start at 200 rubles per day.

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“A Place under the Sun”.

Comfortable camping for recreation with tents on the Azov Sea near the beach is located in the village of Taman, on Karl Marx Street, 40. Tourists are accepted from 7:00 to 21:00. It is not necessary to book in advance. For parking the car is charged 500 rubles, and per person – 100 rubles. There is no natural shade, but you can wait out the heat in the gazebo. If the bad weather starts, you can always move under the roof – the hosts rent rooms with a kitchen and a neat double cabin for tourists. Sunsets over the Taman Gulf just excellent!

Anna Kozlova: “The view of the sea is amazing, its descent to the beach on the stairs down. Of the amenities: barbecue, kitchen with tables for lunch, sinks, shower / toilets, electricity, water. Quiet and comfortable. Roses are in bloom, grapes are growing. Pleasant hosts.

“Azov Beach”

Camping is located on the Primorskaya Street in the village of Kuchugury. The protected area lies right next to the Azov Sea, and here you can stay with your tent. The price for accommodation – 250 rubles for adults, 150 rubles – for children from 7 to 14 years old and 100 rubles – for children from 2 to 7 years old. You can have meals in the dining room. The descent to the sea is gentle and short. The only minus is that there are not enough trees.

Dmitry: “I liked the presence of free places under the trees, toilets (toilet, but cleaned every day), showers and water technical and potable. 50 from the sea. If you’re not picky about comfort, you can relax with your family at sea. All the more so, that in Kuchugury with such conditions no other campsite.

Rest with tents on the Azov Sea

The exit to the sea. Photo: Camping Azovsky bereg


“Oasis” is a great place to come with your tent on the Azov Sea! The camping is located on the protected territory, on the beach of the village Achuevo Slavyansky district. Tourists are offered summer houses for 4 people and space for tents. You can park a car for 250 rubles, stay at the cottage for 1700 rubles and get 200 rubles for a day without the car. You can also rent a pedal boat – 500 rubles per hour, a water scooter – 300 rubles for 5 minutes and a children’s quad bike – 300 rubles for 5 minutes.

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OksDey: “Beach Oasis try to keep clean, but apparently it is not always possible, people throw something, and the sea constantly, something throws up. The sea is shallow, not always clean. To get on the clean sea it is luck”.

Where to go camping on the Azov Sea

Tents at the campsite. Photo: Oasis camping.


If you’re looking for a well-equipped camping site on the first line, come to Peresyp, on Kalabadka Street, 54A. The camping has a closed area, a parking lot with a guard, fresh water, toilets, summer showers, gazebo, barbecues, swings, and children’s slides. The stall sells ice cream, ready-made lunches, chips, mosquito repellent and inflatable laps. “Yuzhny” is a place where it is nice to relax in tents on the Azov Sea with children. They charge 500 rubles for the entry from the car, and 200 rubles for a tent.

Elesha: “The place is quite decent, the toilet is disinfected, shower round the clock, gazebo, swings, mushrooms on the shore – everything is included. Those wishing can rent a bungalow for 2 beds. I liked it very much! Clean beach, administrators adequate.

Camping on the Sea of Azov

Gazebos for rent. Photo: Yuzhny camping.

“Recreation World”.

Camping on the street Kurortnaya, 79/4, in the village Golubitskaya good for everyone who dreams of a budget holiday in the center of a popular resort. Within walking distance of the dolphinarium, exotic park, Ferris wheel, zoo and circus. Loud and fun! To the sandy beach – just 100 m. In 2022 the prices for accommodation in tents on the shore of the Azov Sea remain the same – 200 rubles. Parking costs 150 rubles. In the tent area there is a summer toilet and shower.

Victoria: “Excellent camping. Rested in a tent. A separate exit to the sea, to the sea 2 minutes. Clean beach, normal depth. The campsite itself is awesome, with a table and barbecue in free use. The toilet is a toilet, not a hole like the others. The staff are friendly and very helpful.

Reviews about rest with tents on the Azov Sea

Access to the sea. Photo: Camping “World of Rest”.

Where to have a rest savage

On the Azov Sea there are places where you can have a good rest with tents wilderness. Surf, beach and no one around! We advise to go to:

  • Cape Stone, Kuchugury
  • Achuyevskaya and Yasenskaya spits near Primorsko-Ahtarsk
  • Tuzla Spit
  • Wild beaches near Jeisk
  • wild beach Golubitskaya
  • Wild beach near the village Za Rodina.

All places except Golubitskaya village wild beach are free of charge. In Golubitskaya entry to the sea by car costs 100 rubles.

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As you can see, comfortable places for recreation with a tent wilderness on the Azov Sea is not so much – the bare beach without trees quite depressing, and on wild beaches there is no water or shade, and even the approaches are killed.

Where to relax in the wild on the Sea of Azov

The beginning of the spit Dolgoi. Photo: AlixSaz / .

Tourist tips

Sometimes they rent tents and tents for 100 rubles a day, but it’s better to bring your own tent.

Pay for accommodation in stages, e.g. once every three days. If you decide to leave when the weather is bad, it’s easier to get your money back.

In some campsites on the Azov Sea tourists are allowed to live with their pets, check the rules with the administration.

Do not use water from rivers and streams! It is unclean because of the sewage and agricultural chemicals. Even for washing dishes make sure to boil water from wells, springs or water supply network in the camping.

Your holidays on the Azov Sea with a tent will be more comfortable if you’ll take a tent. In Azov region there are not many trees and there’s a lack of shade. A tent on stretchers will save from the scorching sun and help in the rain.

In the evening on the seashore you may be attacked by mosquitoes. Take repellents!

On the Azov Sea is good to come in June, it is shallower than the Black Sea, so it gets warm faster. In early summer, the coast is not hot and there are no jellyfish. In the velvet season less people become after 10-15 September. For rest in July, August and at the beginning of September book a place in a camping in advance. Willing a lot!

With a tent on the Azov Sea

With a Tent on the Sea of Azov

The Azov Sea is a resort for every budget. You can go to the Sea of Azov with a standard camping kit, but the trip will bring as many pleasant experiences as a vacation on the foreign coast.

Why is it worth going to the Azov Sea with a tent?

The Azov seashore is perfect for camping. Here there is a place for every taste – spacious sand and shell beaches, pine forests, comfortable campsites and secluded picturesque campsites for a peaceful holiday in the wild.

Azov coast leads a measured tourist life. On the wide clean beaches vacationers feel free, enough quiet places without noisy parties and annoying resort trade, prices for camping and products is much lower than on the Black Sea coast.

Lovers of outdoor activities will also like it here. Tourists can go on excursions to archaeological sites and shipwrecks. In coastal towns work surf-schools – the waves and wind of the Azov Sea are perfect to master kite or windsurfing. Resorts invite their guests to water parks, aquariums, festivals and open-air.

Embankment in Sochi

Azov coast – the best choice for family holidays with children. Due to the fact that the Azov Sea is the shallowest in the world, even in early summer it gets up to 25 degrees, and swim here starting in early May. Gentle bottom and lots of beaches with shallow water allows a relaxing vacation, even with kids. A therapeutic mud volcanoes and lakes will please those who go to the sea to improve their health.

Pluses and minuses of rest on the Azov Sea

In comparison with the popular European and Black Sea resorts, the Azov Sea offers a quieter, measured rest. There are only three major resort towns – Yeisk, Temryuk and Taman, which concentrate entertainment for tourists. Travelers who prefer quiet, secluded beaches, go farther from the Black Sea coast and stay in numerous resort towns.

Going to the Azov coast it is important to anticipate the possible disadvantages of the trip:

  • Because of the warm water in the second half of summer in the sea begins to bloom, the water is turbid, a lot of jellyfish accumulate;
  • The Azov coast is a steppe area, so you have to be more careful to protect yourself from the sun, stock up on umbrellas and tents;
  • Along the coast there is no long road, spontaneous descents to the sea are often unsuccessful, and the route between the nearest village may take a long detour.

Note: the steppes of the Azov Sea are sparse on greenery and natural attractions, but the seascapes in some places get a fantastic view, such as Spit Dolgaya near Eisk, which goes into the sea for 11 kilometers.

Despite the disadvantages, many tourists go to rest on the Azov Sea and return here every year. There are good reasons for this:

  • Warm and shallow sea with wide beaches;
  • the small number of tourists in the resort villages;
  • wild, secluded places with picturesque landscapes;
  • low prices for accommodation, camping, food and entertainment;
  • health-improving environment – remoteness from major cities, clean steppe air, saturated with aromas of herbs;
  • therapeutic mud volcanoes and lakes, thermal waters.

How to prepare for the trip

What should be taken into account if you decide to make a trip with a tent to the Azov Sea:

  • Think through the route in advance – going by car, take into account the toll sections of the highway, and do not forget to lay a route along the coast to your destination;
  • book a campsite in advance – in the high season there may be no vacancies, and it is better to call the campsite in advance and ask about the conditions they offer;
  • pay for accommodation in installments for 2-3 days – so there will be no problems with getting a refund if the conditions don’t fit or the weather is bad.
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FYI: Electric extension cords will allow you to set up your tent in your favorite camping spot, not just next to an outlet.

Top 3 camping sites on the Azov Sea

Kazantip campsite

In the Leninsky district of Crimea, in the village of Mysovoye there is a popular camping for car owners. Nearby is the village Shelkino. Tourists with children prefer to spend their holidays here.

If you prefer calmness and tranquility, camping site Kazantip will appeal to people who like calmness and tranquility. Recreationists always mention a peaceful and cozy atmosphere of the camp. Also campers say the following advantages of the camp:

  • the close location of the beach area;
  • the beauty of the area;
  • affordable accommodation prices (only 100 rubles per day);
  • equipped kitchen, there is an opportunity to cook;
  • availability of wi-fi;
  • the opportunity to make exploratory walks on the cape.

Facilities for visitors are provided, but there is no hot water.

You can get to the place from anywhere in the Crimea if you have a car. Those who don’t have one will have to get to the neighboring Shelkino. Regular buses go here. And then you can walk to the camping. It is only 2 kilometers from the camping site. You can also take a cab.

By the way, the price already includes payment for a tent (sleeping bag) and a car. Entertainment can be found in Feodosia or drive to Kerch.

Camping “Scenery for the film “Scythians”

In the Karalarsky Natural Park there is a quite original camping site. They once filmed a movie about the Scythians here. Authentic scenery remained, and they were used to decorate the camp.

Protected areas are distinguished by their extraordinary beauty. Vacationers come here to enjoy the scenic views, enough fishing and swim, and, of course, make a unique photo shoot against the backdrop of historic scenery.

There are hiking trails through the park. They allow you to get acquainted with all the local natural monuments. There are a lot of signposts that will help you get your bearings.

There are no amusement rides or cafes. If you want to cook on your own, make sure you have enough to eat.

Entrance to the park is free. Public transport goes only to the Zolote village. From here you will move on foot. It is better to rent a car or drive your own car.

Camping ‘Bukhta’.

The site is located in Osovino village at 30 Stepnaya street. You can stay in small houses or bring your own tent. The houses are equipped with everything you need, and the inside is clean and cozy.

There is a dining room on the territory, you can have a good meal at reasonable prices. The store is open, there is everything you need for a comfortable vacation. There is a wi-fi.

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Vacationers note the seclusion of the place, they are happy with the silence and the opportunity to swim in plenty. There are two beaches nearby. For entertainment will have to go to Kerch. You can get there by cab or by private car.

The price ranges from 200-300 rubles per day per person.

The easiest way to get there is from the Kerch bus station. From there you can regularly take a shuttle bus №65.

Here are the top 3 wild places for camping and recreation

General’s beaches

Those who prefer not to use the benefits of civilization on vacation are placed with a tent on Generalskie beaches. Once there was a testing ground, but now it is quiet and peaceful.

You can set up your tent anywhere, no one will ask for money. “Wild” tourists warn that snakes often crawl out on the sand. It is necessary to be careful.

You will have to take absolutely everything with you: food and drinking water, and wood for fire. Take a flashlight with you. It is very dark at night, and there is no lighting.

It is better to get to the place by your own transport right from Kerch, build a route through the settlements of Kurortnoe or Bagerovo. You can also take a minibus №69 from Kerch, the bus goes to Kurortnoe.

Cape Kazantip

If you don’t have transport, you’d better take a regular bus to Shelkino and then get there by bicycle or on foot.

You can find a lot of places for camping on the Kazantip. The main spots for camping are near Tatarskaya Bay, Russkaya Bay and the ‘Retrolet’ hotel.

You can visit natural sights, take a walk along the coast and go fishing. The sea here is shallow. Many travelers come with children.

Karalar Park.

This is , the entrance to the territory is free. The park is washed by the sea on one side and the steppe expanses spread out in the other. The closest populated area is Shelkino.

There are no stores and cafes in the protected area. You will have to take all necessary things with you. There is a small town in the northern part of the park that was left after the shooting of the film “Scythian”. You can go there to take interesting photos.

There are no fresh water springs in Karalar Park, you need to take care of the supplies yourself.

Tourists are mostly accommodated on the coast next to the sea. The beaches are clean, sandy. An ideal place for those who want to be alone with nature.

Without personal transport, the way will turn into a real overcoming of obstacles. Take a bus in Kerch, which goes to Novotradny, and then ride a bike or use the services of local residents. They agree to give tourists a ride to the place.

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