Results and winners of the photo contest

Results and winners of the photo contest

We name the winners of the travel photo contest, sum up the results and share our impressions.

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Now it’s time to determine the winners of our photo contest .

For a month, day after day we have been looking through hundreds of photos of travelers who have been to many different places in the world and decided to share their pictures with the readers of the website about independent travel – We sent a lot of pictures to the contest from which we selected the most vivid, expressive and inspiring ones. You can view all the entries by clicking on these links:

We selected one winner in each of the four categories. The winner of the fifth nomination “Audience Choice” was determined by voting in our VKontakte group.

The winner in the “Faces” category

It is Ilya Grigoriev (Moscow).

Choosing the winner in this category was one of the most difficult – all the photos sent in the Faces nomination were damn good! But, no matter how you look at it, you had to choose a winner. We’re glad we included this category in our photo contest and were able to see so many great pictures.

You can see all the photos of the participants in the “Faces” category here .

Ilya Grigoriev has shown us the inhabitants of India in a capacious and all-around way – in his photos we can see children, teenagers, simple workers, monks and old people. The photographer was able to overcome the distance between the person being photographed and the photographer himself. Ilya Grigoriev’s close-up shots skillfully depict emotions and give us a glimpse into the soul of the people in the pictures. His subtle play of looks and coloring of characters make every picture lively, deep and multifaceted.

We should also note that Ilya Grigoriev had several good landscape photographs and a great shot of Hong Kong.

Winner in the Urban Space category

That goes to Leonid Seeker.

You can see all the photos of the participants in the Urban Space nomination here.

Each city is unique and therefore it is extremely difficult to compare photos from different cities. It is always a question: is it the beauty of a city or work of a photographer that makes a photo good? The Urban Space nomination received a large number of photos, many of which can claim to be the best and make their author the winner.

Contest: 30,000 rubles for a dream trip!

Leonid conquered us first of all with his photo of Moscow (Moscow City):

The author managed to capture in the space of one frame two layers of reality at once, two sides of the Russian city. Typical five-storey buildings of the dormitory district are how we are used to know our cities (whether it is Moscow, Kaliningrad or Vladivostok – any city we see as such). In turn, the high-rise buildings in the background, appearing like a vision out of dense fog, are a symbol of a dream city, a city of the future growing up, a dream that Russia longs to turn into reality. With its biplanarism and contrast, this photograph of Moscow is a splendid example of a photograph of urban space, capable of telling the viewer about the city it captures.

I can’t help but notice another photograph by Leonid Seeker – a shot of St. Petersburg at night in winter:

Leonid also sent good pictures for the “Inspiration” and “Landscape Photography” nominations.

The winner in the “Inspiration” category

Tatiana Tokmakova is the winner.

Choosing the winner in the Inspiration nomination was a daunting task. Each photo that was selected and posted on the website is able to inspire and encourage you to travel. There is a sense of excitement and admiration in each photo. In each of these places you want to be right now! In the pictures we see people on top of mountains, on the edge of cliffs, on ships and high in the sky – where only our travelers have not been!

Anyway, all the participants of the photo contest in the Inspiration category are winners. You only need to look at the pictures to see that – all the photos show only happy people, and therefore winners.

You can see all the photos of participants in Inspiration nomination here .

Tatyana Tokmakova sent us a light and subtle photo, taken on top of the Caucasus mountains:

And also a beautiful photo with a lonely figure on a cliff in the sea near Sudak:

These inspiring shots are what make Tatiana the winner of the nomination.

The winner in the “Landscape Photography” nomination

Kristina Sobur is the winner.

To see all the photos of the participants in the “Landscape Photography” nomination click here.

A novelization of traveler Alain Bombard's book, "Overboard on Your Own Will."

Choosing the best landscape photo was as difficult as the best photo of the urban space: there are so many beautiful places and good photos that it is just impossible to compare!

Montenegro in Kristina Sobur’s photos seems to be some kind of fairyland, where one really wants to be. These pictures show only forests, lakes, rivers and mists – no trace of human presence. The rivers in these pictures are the bluest, the trees the greenest and the mists the thickest – perfect landscapes that you never tire of admiring.


Winner in the “Spectator’s Choice” category

As a result of a week-long open viewers’ voting Alisa Ledyaeva became the winner. Her photos received the largest amount of likes, and the most “fruitful” was this photo from the “Inspiration” category, which was taken in Shchelkovo (Moscow region):

The winners receive a set of two brand-name notebooks by SGT.Paper (“Voyage” and “St.-Petersburg”).

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants for great photos! May your journeys continue!

Results of GPA 2022 | Global Photo Awards

GPA 2022 results | Global Photo Awards

The organisers of the Global Photo Awards (GPA) have recently announced the names of the 2022 winners.

This is the second edition of the competition and there are already a large number of photographers taking part, including some quite famous ones. Besides the general winners, the organizers are also choosing nominees for photos taken separately in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Global Photo Awards’ mission: To create a platform where anyone with a passion for photography can submit their work and be recognized. We strive to select the best photos from authors all over the world.

Works were submitted by authors in two categories: People and Nature.

The winners of the GPA 2022 in the People category are

1st place

© Zay Yar Lin (Myanmar) “Mangrove Fisherman. 1st place in the “People” category | GPA 2022

A fisherman and his son work in a mangrove forest on Inle Lake in Myanmar. This traditional method of fishing is still used today, and the fishermen work all day to earn very little income.

2nd place

© Samuel de Román (Spain) Art of Madrid. 2nd place in the “People” category | GPA 2022

A woman looks at her phone as she walks along the gallery during the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair.

Photo contest #Nature-Formula-Health. The prize - air tickets to Slovenia!

3rd place.

© Istvan Kerekes (Hungary) “Alexandru”. 3rd place in the “People” category | GPA 2022

Alexandru is a shepherd near Romania’s largest fertilizer plant in Târgu (Mures, Romania). This chemical plant pollutes the environment, and people have lived here for many decades.

GPA 2022 winners in the Nature category

1st place

© Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (Spain) “Dragonfly. 1st place in the Nature category | GPA 2022

Closeup of a dragonfly with water droplets.

2nd place

© Panos Laskarakis (Greece) “Glorious Hunting”. 2nd place in the Nature category | GPA 2022

The wild look of a lion through the carcass of a buffalo from an impressive hunt the day before. This is wilderness where anything can happen to maintain the perfect balance.

3rd place.

© Sankar Sridhar (India) “Pillar of Rain. 3rd place in the Nature category | GPA 2022

The high-mountain cold desert of Chantang in Ladakh, India, receives only 2 inches of rain per year. And when it does, the clouds spectacularly unfold to wet the moisture-hungry earth.

Winners in each category received $3,500, second-place authors received $1,000 and third-place winners received $500.

Global Photo Awards 2022 shortlist

People Category.

© Debdatta Chakraborty (India) “Kebabia. People category shortlisted | GPA 2022

Khyam Chowk Street is located in the city of Srinagar, India. During the day it is the most ordinary little street, but as soon as evening comes, the street vendors start working, heating up their coal ovens and filling the air with the aroma of mouthwatering kebabs.

Note: This work was also the overall winner of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2022.

© Hardi Budi (Indonesia) “Empty. Shortlisted in the People category | GPA 2022

A doctor friend of mine works at a children’s hospital. During the coronavirus outbreak, he had to work 14-16 hours almost every day. And he once told me that he very often felt extremely devastated, especially when he lost a patient.

© Sujon Adhikary (Bangladesh) The Floating Bed. Shortlisted in the People category | GPA 2022

The life of a boatman in Sadarghat, in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, is not easy. They carry passengers across the Buriganga River from sunrise until deep into the night. Some of them can’t even afford to go home and have to spend the night in their boats.

Best landscape photography: the entries in the photo contest

© Steff Gruber (Switzerland) “Life on the Water. Shortlisted in the “People” category | GPA 2022

More than a thousand families live in floating houses in floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. I was struck by their simple but hard life, characterized by deprivation and constant danger.

© Daniel Haeker (Germany) “Change. Shortlisted in the People category | GPA 2022

Her name is Suma, and I’m fascinated to see what she looks like after all the rather aggressive body modifications she has subjected herself to.

© Alain Schroeder (Belgium) Children’s Thai Boxing. Shortlisted in the “People” category | GPA 2022

In Thailand, children start participating in Thai boxing competitions as young as 6 years old. The stakes are brutal and the pressure on young athletes is serious. For poor kids, Thai boxing is a chance for a better life and a chance to help their families financially.

Note: This was also the winning entry in the Istanbul Photo Awards 2022.

© Alex Politis (France) “On Screen”. Shortlisted in the People category | GPA 2022

This picture was taken in the first days after the end of the Covid-19 restrictions. Despite the cold and windy day, people just needed to get outside and experience normal life again. Since before all they had to do was look out the window like they were looking at TV.

Category “Nature.”

© Christie Goldstein (USA) “Flexibility. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

This is an authentic photograph of a beautiful elephant. The reserve gives these animals a home and often rescues them, otherwise they would simply not be left alive.

© Marcello Galleano (Italy) “A magical setting at the Pole. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

A morning in Hudson Bay, Canada. A newly awakened young polar bear is lazily enjoying a soft snowfall. Watching his habits, I managed to capture him in surreal silence and at an extreme temperature of -26 °C.

© Alexey Sachov (Ukraine) “Changes in the mood of the sea. Mobius”. Shortlisted in the category “Nature” | GPA 2022

Looking at the picture, the viewer sees the waves as living sea creatures. Which, like all living creatures, can be good, bad and mischievous.

© Beatrice Wong (Hong Kong) “Primordial. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

Shot from a light aircraft over the coast of Iceland, where rivers flow down from glaciers and cut into the landscape, creating an ever-changing network of intertwined rivers. They resemble the roots that give life to the harsh and frozen land.

Inspiration: photo contests participants' works.

© Nathan Myhrvold (USA) Tiger Territory. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

Ranthambore is one of India’s protected areas, home to endangered Bengal tigers. The tigers patrol their territories, furiously fending off other tigers.

© Panos Laskarakis (Greece) “Eye of the Forest. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

A surreal location in the realm of centuries-old oaks in the shade of the hot summer sun. One of several pristine locations in northern Epirus in western Greece.

© Jake Mosher (USA) Grand Tetons. Shortlisted in the Nature category | GPA 2022

On June 17, 2021, I climbed to the top of Table Mountain at 11,000 feet to capture the Milky Way over Grand Teton. I was delighted by the incredible sight of an aerial glow in the night sky, so bright it almost cast a shadow.


© Robin Yong (Australia) “Sisters. Africa | Ethiopia | GPA 2022

© Damian Correa (USA) “Celinda’s Morning”. Africa | Botswana | GPA 2022

© Romain Barats (France) Hostile Country. Africa | Botswana | GPA 2022


© Rilind Modigliani (Argentina) I am Kronos the Child Eater. America | Argentina | GPA 2022

© Marcello Galleano (Italy) “Royal Portrait of a Cougar”. America | Chile | GPA 2022

© Omar Ghrayeb (USA) “Junkyard. America | USA, Minneapolis | GPA 2022

© Peilin Ni (Taiwan) “Bamboo Art in Taiwan. Asia | Taiwan | GPA 2022

© Michiko Otomo (Canada) Peaceful Coexistence. Asia | Japan | GPA 2022.

© Yue Zheng (UK) “Dining Table. Asia | China, Shanghai | GPA 2022

© Rohit Rattan (UAE) Silent Grace. Asia | UAE | GPA 2022

© Soumya Ranjan Bhattacharyya (India) River Life. Asia | India, West Bengal | GPA 2022


© Nikolai Zimin (Russia) “A Spaniard from Russia”. Europe | Russia | GPA 2022

© Peter Zarkob (Spain) “Beach Day”. Europe | Spain, Juelva | GPA 2022

© Jan Janssen (Netherlands) “Papa”. Europe | Ukraine, Jalovichi | GPA 2022

© Annemarie Jung (Luxembourg) “F. Europe | Luxembourg | GPA 2022

© Oleg Zhulin (Ukraine) “People and Birds”. Europe | Czech Republic, Prague | GPA 2022

© Hasan Baglar (Cyprus) “Time of Dance”. Europe | Cyprus, Nicosia | GPA 2022

© Dana Yamini (Sweden) Henrik. Europe | Sweden, Stockholm | GPA 2022


© Romain Barats (France) Intensity. Oceania | French Polynesia | GPA 2022

© Hannah Charlton (Australia) Bush Luxury. Oceania | Australia, New South Wales | GPA 2022

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