Reviews about rest in Shchyolkino – 2022. Prices and tips

Shchyolkino: vacation tips

Photos of rest in Shelkino

We tell you about vacation in Shchyolkino in Crimea in 2022: reviews and tips from tourists, when to go on vacation, where the best beaches. Prices for hotels, food, entertainment and excursions. Pros and cons of the resort.


When to go on vacation in Shchyolkino

Shallow Azov Sea warms up faster than the Black Sea, so the bathing season in Shchyolkino begins earlier than on the South Coast of Crimea. You can swim in Shchyolkino from May. At the end of spring the air is heated up to +20. +22°С. The sea is still cool +18 ° C, but it is already bathing.

The main flow of tourists comes to rest in Shchyolkino in the Crimea in June. During the day the thermometer rises to +24. +27°С. The sea is warm +22. +23°С. At the end of the month it gets really hot, and the daytime air temperature often exceeds +30 ° C. The weather is hot until the end of August. The heat stays until the end of August. The sea water is very warm at +26. +27°С. It rains rarely.

With the advent of autumn in Shchyolkino begins the velvet season.The air temperature drops to +22. +25 ° C, the sea – to +22 ° C. Beach entertainments end in October when the sea water cools down to +16. +17°С. It is already cold to swim!

Advice . If you can not stand the heat, come to rest in Shchyolkino in the Crimea in September. According to reviews of tourists, in the fall at the resort is not crowded, and prices are much lower than summer.

Reviews about resting in Shelkino in the Crimea

The main flow of tourists comes to rest in Shchyolkino in the Crimea in June. Photo: Guus Krol / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

How to get there

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Shchyolkino is located in the southeastern part of Crimea. From Moscow and St. Petersburg to the southern coast of the Azov Sea is convenient to arrive by car. The road from the capital (1600 km) takes 22-24 hours.

Туристы, которые выбирают общественный транспорт, приобретают “единый билет” до Керчи. Они доезжают до Краснодара или Анапы, пересаживаются на автобус и через Крымский мост попадают в Керчь. Отсюда до Щёлкино ходят рейсовые автобусы. Узнайте все про “единый билет” в Крым >>

Kerch as a test: a storm at the crossing

Advice . Buy a plane ticket to Simferopol and arrive at the resort by cab or shuttle bus (180 km). True, the drive is long – about 4 hours.

Details about rest in Shchyolkino

Prices for lodging in Schyolkino

Look for private lodging and hotels with discounts on Hotellook. Here are the main rules of searching hotels.

The city is not large, and it is easy to get around in 15 minutes. Compactness has a significant advantage – from any accommodation is not far to the beaches. There are several hotels, guest houses and recreation centers in the resort. In recent years there has been an active construction on Cape Kazantip. Landlords are renting apartments in blocks of flats to tourists.

According to the tourists’ comments a lot of people spend their vacation in Shchyolkino in the Crimea near the city – in Zolote, Semenovka, Kurortnoe, Novootradnoe, Yurkino, Kamensko and Yakovenko. These small seaside villages have more budget accommodation.

Prices for a standard double room in Shchyolkino in high season, in rubles:

Recreation center 2800
Guest house 1500
Guest house 1200-2800
Hotel without stars 1200-1600
2* hotel 1300
3* hotel 2400
Hotel 4* + breakfast 5850

Advice . Rent a cottage in Shchelkino in the Crimea for a vacation with children or a group of friends. According to tourists’ reviews not bad options can be found near the sea. Here is a house for four people with all conveniences and a kitchen for 3500-3800 rubles.

Rest by the sea in Shelkino in Crimea

Swimming pool in the hotel “Riga” (Photo: / Hotel “Riga”)

Prices for food in Shchyolkino

In the summertime there are more than 40 eateries, cafes and restaurants at the resort. The average check in a fast food restaurant is 400 rubles, in a cafe – 500 rubles, and in a restaurant – 1000 rubles. Tasty and inexpensive food in the cafe “Dancing Dolphin”, “Veranda”, Pomodoro, “Sakura”, cafe-dining room “Orange” and the bar “Crown”.

Prices of food and drinks in Shchyolkino in 2022

  • borscht – 60 rubles;
  • noodle soup – 60 rubles
  • hodgepodge – 165 rubles;
  • dumplings with broth – 160 rubles
  • okroshka – 130 rubles;
  • shashlik – 150-220 rubles
  • pot roast – 230 rubles
  • Cheese cakes with sour cream – 100 rubles
  • pancakes – 50 rubles
  • omelette – 60 rubles
  • scrambled eggs with bacon – 100 rubles
  • desserts – 100-200 rubles
  • cocoa – 65 rubles
  • coffee – 80 rubles
  • juice – 30 rubles;
  • tea – 20 rubles.

Advice . To save money, rent an apartment, an apartment or a house with a kitchen and cook yourself.

Holidays in the Crimea in November 2022. Weather and prices

Beaches and Sea

Shchyolkino – the only Azov resort with deep-water beaches. Many people like the fact that even in the peak season in the city is not as many vacationers as on the South Coast of Crimea.

According to tourist reviews for 2021, the most popular beach is the City Beach. It is 3,5 km long and 20 m wide. It has coastal cafes, toilets and changing rooms. Sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun are few. The coast is strewn with sand with small barnacles. The entrance to the water is gentle and there are no rocks and pits on the seabed. The water is getting very deep at 20 meters from the shore. The water that washes the Cape Kazantip does not stagnate and does not bloom. The sea is clean and clear, so it’s very comfortable to swim!

Holidays in the Crimea on sandy beaches

Beach in Shchyolkino. Photo: Tiia Monto / / CC BY-SA 3.0.

The popular beach “Tatarka” is located in the Kazantip Bay. It is less long and well groomed, and is almost undeveloped by commerce. “Tatarka is loved by windsurfers and tourists who like secluded rest. The depth starts 30 meters from the shore. The only disadvantage is that it is harder to get here. There is no public transport to the beach, so tourists come to swim and sunbathe in private cars or cabs.

Tip . The length of sandy beaches in the city area exceeds 25 km. Here it is easy to find a nice wild beach and relax by the sea all alone!

Map of beaches in Shchyolkino and Mysovoye


A young developing resort in the Crimea offers a lot of entertainment. According to reviews of tourists on vacation in Shchyolkino in 2022 you can do windsurfing, kiting, boat trips around Cape Kazantip, paintball, horseback riding, hang gliding and fishing in the sea.

On the beaches of the resort there is volleyball, riding quad bikes, catamarans and “tablets”. Little tourists are happy to frolic on water slides. There is a yacht club, a soccer field and a tennis court.

Tip . If you come to vacation in Shchyolkino in Crimea with a child, go to the playground in the center, visit the luna park and the aquarium.

Attractions near the beach in Shchyolkino

Excursions in Shchyolkino

Nearby, on Kazantip, there is a natural reserve. It preserves picturesque landscapes, rare steppe plants, red-listed animals and birds. Small bays are surrounded with limestone rocks. On the cape are the remains of an ancient Greek settlement that existed here in the IV-III centuries BC. In the reserve it is allowed to walk only on the well-trodden paths.

The route on the Crimea: a great journey

In addition to hiking at Cape Kazantip, during vacations in Shchyolkino in the Crimea tourists enjoy going on excursions. According to reviews, the most popular are:

  • a trip to Feodosia;
  • Excursion to Kerch;
  • mud volcanoes and lakes Bulganak sopochny field;
  • Therapeutic muds of the lake Chokrak;
  • Ak-Monak quarries;
  • Arabatskaya Fortress.

Tip . If you like hiking, go to Aktash Lake. A drying salt water reservoir is located south of Shchyolkino. It is 8 km long and 3.5 km wide. Its maximum depth is 3 m.

What to see in Shelkino

Not far from Feodosia, right by the road, you can see the salty pink lake Adzhigol.

Tourist Reviews about Rest in Scholkino

Is it worth going to rest in Shchyolkino in 2022? Those who have been there, leave positive reviews. Tourists see a lot of advantages of the resort:

Shchyolkino. Crimea – reviews

Hello, friends! Without any hint of a fairy tale tell you how I first visited the Crimean land, and in particular the town of Shelkino.a separate pleasure was to get to him by car on the Crimean is an amazing structure of our days. There is some excitement at the sight of him.You go and enjoy it!

English queen avatar

This review I decided to write for those who are going to have a rest in the Crimea, but was not here and can not decide where to stay. I will say at once – not in Shchyolkino, you can read no further, and go google about Sudak or Yalta, as this is where in the Crimea is worth spending time to stay…

Aglaia avatar

In 2019 my family and I spent a wonderful week on the coast of the Azov Sea, in a place called Shchyolkino. I will tell today about the city, about its surroundings and beaches, I will show delightful photos and outline the prices for food and lodging.

MaryKolos avatar

This year we decided for the first time to go south from Nizhny Novgorod. We chose a small town Shchyolkino. People spoke very highly of it, especially the beaches. And the beach on vacation for us is almost the first in the list!

Cat in tights avatar

Azov Sea is somehow on the sidelines of the attention of Crimeans, and mainland tourists also prefer the Black Sea expanses. Living in Crimea for a long time, I have never been to the Azov Sea and the Eastern Crimea, so I was interested to conquer these places.It was decided to visit the city …

Holidays in the Crimea in June 2022. Weather and prices

Munchkin bird avatar

Hello all! My love for recreation in the city of Shelkino began in 2015 and has not faded over the years. At that time I have been to almost all Crimean resort towns and famous overcrowded beaches, so it was difficult to surprise me in the Crimea. However, it happened!

ShaitanKa avatar

Hello travelers! In the cold Ural winter I save my dreams of a summer vacation, reviewing options, making the itinerary. I want to share my impressions about the Crimean village of Shchyolkino.

Yule4ka001 avatar

Hello everyone! I want to tell you about our first family vacation with a child! For a long time decided where to go, as a result chose a small town Shelkino (Crimea). To get there there is possible in several ways. 1. By car. 2. Plane to Anapa or Simferopol (then about 200km to Shelkino), 3.

miss____violett avatar

Hi all! We were in Shelkino in September last year. We were here just three days. It’s a small and quiet town on the coast of the Azov Sea in the Crimea. It is not the most popular among tourists and not very well known. Shelkino beach extended, sandy-shelly beach. There is enough space for everyone.

Marussia4214 avatar

Good time. Visiting Shchelkino. Shchyolkino in August 2019, with a child 3 years old. The sea is ideal for children, warm, shallow, sandy beach. There are trampolines, mazes, small attractions for children. In the cafe reasonable prices, the average check 250 rubles per person.

Squirrel avatar

Holidays in Shchyolkino last year, late June-early July, but the impression is so magical, that I still want to share them. Our family is large and not among the wealthy, so I chose for us to vacation without registration of passports.

Blondinka0001 avatar

I want to write about the wonderful city of the Crimea Shchyolkino and the village Mysovoye (they are quite near) rest there two years in a row) My young man vacationing there with my parents practically all my childhood and here we went there together) days by train and here we sat on the bus and go to the right place) the first thing I …

Two years go to vacation in cars in the city of Shelkino, located on the peninsula Kazantip in the Eastern Crimea, not far from Kerch and Theodosia. The city is located on the Azov Sea. The sea is shallow and warm, so there are many people vacationing with children.It is possible to remove both comfortable apartments and cottages.

Museum "Glade of Fairy Tales" in Yalta

Today I want to share with you my mixed reviews about rest in a boarding house Azovsky. Before a trip to this boarding house decided to read reviews, I wish I hadn’t done that, only I got upset. And in vain. Much of what I read was not justified.

Reginacogut avatar

This year we had our second vacation in the Crimea. My first review of a budget holiday in the Crimea with children can be read here . But the summer of 2018, we decided to indulge ourselves in more comfortable conditions, and after n. Nikolaevka, a week rvakuval at the Azov Sea in Shelkino “Riga resort spa”.

I suggest you an honest account of the vacation of our family (two adults and a son 10 years) in Riga Village Resort in Scholkino from 25.04.21. to 30.04.21. (five days). The number of residence 71. Went to pay attention to this hotel for contextual advertising. Reviews at the time did not strain.

English queen avatar

I love to have holidays in Russia, and abroad. From my experience, I can say that there are indeed decent hotels in Russia with quality service, service. But this review will talk about the hotel “Villa Campari” about which, unfortunately, I can’t say that.

Murka1990 avatar

We stayed at this hotel in June 2021. From May 29 till June 25 2021 we had a long stay at this hotel.

UpInTheSky avatar

We vacationed in the village of Morskoye a little over a week, and this sunny corner of the Crimea came to our liking. In this review, tried to give a structured account of our experiences from vacationing in this quiet and hospitable place.

Eduardo Escobar avatar

Introduction The events that happen in life are intentional or accidental. If not the distribution of Count M.S. Vorontsov land in Yalta for construction, how would now look city, or was not a city at all, and was a village.

Redwood avatar

Holidays in Sudak in July 2022 ➤ To the Crimea by car, what can be seen in Sudak and its surroundings ➤ Is it safe to go to the Crimea in 2022 summer?

Hi all! This summer we decided to vacation in the Crimea and choosing a place to spend our vacation, we decided to visit Sudak. Studying the information, I liked that both in Sudak itself, and in nearby places there is something to see. Since it is completely beach vacation is not about us.

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