Reviews about Spain in Alicante. Holiday tips – 2022

Alicante – tourist reviews

Reviews about Alicante, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Spain) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Alicante is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

If you come to rest on the Spanish Costa Blanca, the acquaintance will begin for you with the city of Alicante, because this is the only locality on the coast, which has an airport. But I went to Alicante and purposefully, and I can say that this town is interesting not only the possibility to land on the plane.

What to see in Alicante

Although the city has only been around since the 1960s, it was founded before Christ by the Carthaginian general Hamilcar, father of the famous Hannibal. There is a Roman archaeological complex Lucentum, and buildings from the time of the Moors, and other ancient buildings. To get an idea of the city, you can take a bus ride for about 6-8 euros with an audio guide. The bad news is that the Russian audio guide in 2013 was not exactly (as now, I can not say), the good news is that this bus can be used to move around the city. For example, to get to the main attraction of Alicante – Santa Barbara Fortress.

So, from the sights of Alicante I personally remember the following:

  • Santa Barbara Fortress. It is located on top of a mountain overlooking the city, and looks extremely spectacular. Entrance to the fortress itself is free, but you can get there in three ways: on foot (the only free option), by bus or by elevator. The latter option is aimed primarily at people with disabilities. The fortress is interesting first of all because of the views – both on it and from it to the city. There are also mini-museums inside the fortress, but, in my opinion, it is not worth going up there.
  • MARQ Archaeological Museum. It occupies a large building, styled as a Moorish palace, and contains artifacts ranging from prehistoric skulls to fans from the century before last. In addition to the classic exhibits, the walls of the halls are covered with video installations dedicated to the period to which the findings in the hall relate. In addition, each room has interactive information stands and it seemed to me that the amount of information there would be enough for a separate book. The only drawback: there is no information in Russian.
  • Quay. This is a modern visiting card of the city. It is a sequence of several boulevards, planted with trees, among which are not only banal for the resort town palm trees. Some of the boulevards have sculptures and monuments, but I remember most of all the mosaic in the form of waves on one of the sections. By the way, the entrance to the elevator that leads to the fortress, goes out just on the embankment.
  • San Fernando Fortress. It is, as they call it, a second-rate attraction. Since I love castles and fortresses, I visited it of course, but whether you should do so is the question. The fortress is on a small hill, and entry is free, as it is to the Santa Barbara grounds. I noted with regret that the walls of the bastions are painted with graffiti, at the same time, it is difficult to call the fortress completely abandoned: there are numerous antennas on its territory, and on one of the premises even hangs an air conditioner. In general, if you want a non-pop Alicante – welcome! Fortress is located almost in the center.
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But of course, this is not all the attractions of Alicante. There are other museums, and an old market, and a bullring near which there is a sculptural group depicting a picador on horseback, chasing bulls. In general, it is interesting to walk around Alicante, but for sightseeing it is better to spend 2-3 days.

Pluses and minuses of Alicante for tourists

Well now let’s look at the city in terms of infrastructure.

Let’s start with the pros:

Close to the airport. And it’s pretty convenient in and of itself.

  • There is a train station. This gives extra freedom to move around the country compared to other towns on the Costa Blanca, where at best there are bus stations. From Alicante you can take a train to Valencia or Madrid.
  • The system of external and internal transport in general. In addition to the train station, Alicante has several light rail lines, which lead to other cities on the Costa Blanca. This is a great alternative to regular buses. The light rail stops at the amusement park Terra Mitica near Benidorm.
  • Shopping. Unlike most resorts on the Costa Blanca, in Alicante you can expect to buy mid-level brand clothing, which in the summer season, as a rule, discounts. By the way, there are several boutiques even in the local airport – in particular, the Spanish brand Desigual.

And now the disadvantages:

  • Narrow and quite crowded beach. At the same time I almost did not notice the hotels in the central part of the city, overlooking the first line. In general, for a beach vacation Alicante is not so good as other cities of Costa Blanca.
  • Food outlets. There are noticeably fewer of them in Alicante than in the resort cities of the coast. In addition, during the day many of them are closed for siesta, and during walks around the city this can be a problem.
  • At the attractions there is no information in Russian. This point I have already voiced above. Without a knowledge of English at least at a minimum level, all pleasure of seeing the sights of Alicante will be purely aesthetic.
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Who should go to Alicante?

First of all, this city is good for those who come to the Costa Blanca to travel to other cities in Spain, and the beach is seen as a complement and is not going to hang out there all day long. For these people the town itself seems beautiful and interesting and thanks to the railway station it is faster and easier to get to other towns from Alicante.

If you want a quiet family vacation, consider staying closer to the outskirts of Alicante than in the center. In this case, especially with the Spanish siesta, the city may even be preferable to other Costa Blanca resorts.

There are plenty of great resorts in Spain. If you read my review to the end, you’ll find out what you can do in Alicante that you’ll love.

Like any girl, I love to go shopping. I bought gifts not only for myself, but also for my friends. In Alicante I bought beautiful ceramic plates, a coffee maker, a fan, olive oil, jamon, which my dad would really like. Well, and me)))

Such a huge selection of souvenirs that the eyes are running wild.

Spain has always been famous for its local food. I enjoyed trying the paella, which is served in every cafe. Be sure to try the Spanish wine. It has not only a great aroma, but also excellent taste.

Be sure to get to the ship, which is called the “Holy Trinity”. Inside is a club, restaurant, bar and museum. You don’t have to visit these establishments. You can just take great shots next to the ship.

The island of Tabarka pleased with its seafood. You can taste them in the coastal cafes. Waiters hand out flyers right on the street to attract the attention of tourists.

The island has a beautiful beach where you can rent deck chairs. The water is so clear you can snorkel and swim while spotting the colorful fish.

Time flies quickly in Alicante. I didn’t want to go home. But I’m sure I’ll definitely come back a little later.

The sights of Spain. What is worth seeing?

My Alicante vacation in June-July 2018

I sincerely believe I was in the right place at the right time.

In contrast to the larger cities, the place is quiet, people are friendly, friendly to tourists, the prices are affordable. You can have a snack in a cafe for 5-6 euros, for 10-12 euros you can have a proper lunch. In the market I found a lot of fruit at reasonable prices. Of exotics – Japanese medlars and fresh figs, just in season.

The temperature was under 30 degrees, the sea warmed up, stormed quite seldom.

San Juan Beach in Alicante

San Juan bonfires: grandiose action in an unhurried province

In addition to the comfortable beaches, I was lucky enough to enjoy the main highlight of the city – the large-scale Hogueras de San Joan festival! Giant puppets and papier-mâché installations are placed everywhere, each dedicated to a different theme. It’s well worth the trip to walk around and see the artwork. On the night of June 24th, locals and tons of tourists take to the streets to see huge paper statues being burned.

Paper installation in the center of Alicante

July sales in Spain or a shopaholic’s paradise

Immediately after the end of the Bonfire, the season of total discounts begins. If you are a true fashionista, July is the perfect time to combine vacationing at the sea and shopping. Personally I had a blast – I enjoyed the sun and refreshed the closet.

So, the trip pleased:

  • Magic beaches, warm sea;
  • Abundance of fruits, their availability;
  • The spectacular folk festivals;
  • Full suitcase full of clothes, bought for ridiculous money.

In a word, vacations are perfect!

Spain’s highlight – Alicante

If you will be traveling to the south of Spain, then you must visit the city of Alicante. For those who do not really like noisy, crowded places – it’s just a treasure trove. There is an atmosphere of harmony that is inexpressible in words. I am in love with these cozy and cute streets of the city, surrounded by greenery at every turn – this must be what Paradise looks like.

Alicante has an incredible flavor, it seems to be a mix of several cultures. The feeling that you have plunged into an Arabian fairy tale – a huge number of places and rooms for tea, an amazing variety of oriental sweets, and even for fans – smoky hookahs. Sometimes you just forget what country you are in.

When traveling in Alicante be sure to visit Guadaleste, a beautiful and pretty town with many interesting museums. I recommend to visit the house-museum and the fortress, from there you have a stunning view of the mountains and the lake – the soul blossoms from such a gorgeous scenery. By the way, this place has a large number of souvenir shops with all sorts of souvenirs: from key chains and magnets on the fridge to unique handmade items. Although I must write that the prices are not small at all, as in big cities. Still, it is a great place to buy something special and unusual as a memento of your trip to Spain.

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I also recommend going to the Plaza Gabriel Miró . You will be surprised by the trees that grow there – well, just fabulous. Giant-sized branches scattered throughout the garden, they are held by iron supports, so that the branches continue to grow, not break.

When in Alicante be sure to visit: the Santa Barbara Castle – where you can enjoy incredible views from the observation deck; La Nora restaurant – only local food is served here, try the paella – it is a highlight of this place; the Santa Cruz neighborhood – I love this place simply because you can wander through the quiet and charming streets of the Moorish Quarter.

Hotel reviews in Alicante

– Great location at the junction of beach and city – Good breakfast with great sea views – Spacious room Minuses : – Room photos do not match reality – Rooms are dark and old – Read more

Could not find any pluses! What didn’t like : The hotel is very dirty, in the elevator, in the hallway. The room after cleaning stickers disinfected, but the room is dirty, in the shower lay wisps of other people’s hair. Breakfast. Read more

Great location, sea, restaurants, within walking distance. The apartment was clean and the sea was visible from the balcony. I have the disadvantages, like most spanish apartments, some are broken or clanging. Read more at .

The staff is very friendly, breakfast is good, there is a queue. The walk to the sea is 800 meters, 350 is through the window overlooking the sea. Did not like : no hand soap in the bathroom, only body cream to wash your hands. Read more

Professional and helpful staff, the room was clean, the bathroom had all the necessary supplies (bathing caps, toothbrushes, comb, all sorts of shampoos, etc). The hotel is located. Read more

I do not recommend staying in this hotel unless you want to spoil your mood.We paid for the accommodation in the TV with breakfasts. Checked in August 12 in the evening and the attentive receptionist gave us dinner. That said. Read more

I liked nothing about this hotel except for the view of the sea, just a bazaar and not a hotel. My bad : I had to wait in line for 40 minutes to check in and the room with a sea view room paid 370 euros. The hotel was very quiet and the room had a nice view on the sea.

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Breakfast included lots of fruit, 300m large shopping mall, quiet area. My room was very well looked after and the breakfast was very good with lots of things to eat and drink. Read more

Need to do something about the air conditioning system. Very hot on the second floor, even at night.Little kid suffered for three days. Read more

I will start with the pros:1. Walking distance to the beach 7-10 minutes, to the center 5-7 minutes, to the market 1 minute, to the bus stop to/from the airport 2 minutes (the stop is right next to the market). Read more

We liked the bartenders and waiters. Minuses : 1. we were asked for physical passports, although they are in the application and in the photos. had to take a cab and go get them. 2. were given a room in which someone already. Read more

Great location, great restaurant, private pool Minuses : the windows of our room overlooked the promenade, if you open the window, it was very noisy until late at night. Read more

Breakfast good. Store across the street did not like it : No parking available but very expensive. Read more

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